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Angelina Jolie's Late Mom Leaves Grandkids a Trust Fund

Angelina Jolie's Late Mom Leaves Grandkids a Trust Fund

After Angelina Jolie‘s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away in 2007, her estate has been split up among the family members who survived her.

According to TMZ, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh were each left $100,000 in a trust fund. However, that money can’t be touched until they each turn 25!

Because Marcheline‘s will was last updated in 2006, though, 6-year-old Pax and 17-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne weren’t included in the will!

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Credit: Vila/Anderson; Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • wannabe

    If only I had that money for me :(

  • QQQQ

    Jeeze Jared get a grip… The twins are a yr and a half and Pax just turned 6. MB died before Pax and the twins entered the family thus it has NOTHING to do with not updating the will.

  • teri

    Awww how sweet of her.

  • Marissa

    Thank God, they will need the money sooo much.

  • Ha!

    Thank GOD those children won’t end up destitute.

    Um, since when are Knox and Vivienne 3?

  • Tim

    Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!! I love love love her.

  • teri

    I’m sure Marcheline would have left it for all her grandbabies if they were all here at that time. She would have been so proud of Angelina and Brad for being such loving parents to them. I’m happy she was able to see Angelinas biological child Shiloh before she passed.

  • Sasha

    Her will was published when she passed away in 2007 and that 3 children would get $100K each . I don’t know how this is a news. It must be a slow day for TMZ.

  • Jane

    Good for them, and great that they need to be 25 to get it out of the will, so they don’t just spend it unwisely.

  • Katsaridoula

    Angie is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all haters: BURST WITH ANGER!!!

  • aquame

    Yeah, why is this even being reported? Slow news day, indeed.

  • Mileena

    Wow 3 year old twins?!! I must have been in a cave for a while now or got a massive thing in the head…….I thought they were born on July 12th 2008…..oh well….

  • lisa

    Thanks for the post Jared.. but this is really old news.. the fans knew of this over a year ago..

    Angie only had 3 kids when her mother died.. man people will find anything.. It is a lovely gift. I am sure Angie has many other special things from her mother that she can and will past down. The children will not need for anything because of their parents.. As Brad said.. They are leaving everything to them anyway..

  • TV test

    These two girls, they look so alike in two different ways. Big eyes and nice lips. Look at Zahara’s big eyes, she will be a drop dead gorgeous woman one day.

  • angie’s fans

    join true fans of angelina jolie at!

  • teri

    On the subject of Angelianas family, what’s happend to James Haven? Is he doing anything as of lately?


    We know how this works don’t we let’s see now Anna Nicole never
    put her daughter in her will but she got the cashola.. And how
    Heath Ledger never put his own daughter in his will left everything
    to the family but still his daughter got everything..


  • who cares

    peanuts to these brats

  • fran

    Aren’t the little boy and girl cute!

  • gracie

    JJ, where the hell do you get your stories from? The twins 3? Good Lord! the twins were born July 2008 and they are not 3. Please get the kids ages right, last post you also quoted Zees age as 6 and Pax as 4.

  • pokeman

    i am so glad MB got to see her daughter found happiness with a great man before she died. Not that it makes any difference (she loves all her grandchildren) but its nice that she got a chance to see Angie had a bio kid. Anyway, all the JP kids & future JP kid(s) will be well taking care off. who know’s. they might become successful one day and doesn’t need their parents’ money.

  • Majo


  • Lurker

    Jared. dude why is this news? Haven’t we heard about this years ago.

  • Shylow

    100,000 hummm,,How much duz that op-E-ration cost Mr. Chaz?

  • Dawn9476

    It’s news because papers were filed last week. My guess that her will just came out of probate which is why this is being reported again.

  • obviously you do

    who cares @ 01/05/2010 at 12:55 pm

    or else you wouldn’t have been on this thread posting. idiot.

  • hmmm

    that’s sad. She was too young to die and it’s sad that she’s missed out on watching her grandchildren grow up. :(

  • teri

    This must be huge news since all sites have the same thing about this. Do you trolls really think Brad or Angelina or any of us fans would think less of Shiloh if she were gay or straight? You thought wrong because regardless what you wish upon her in that sick little head we will always love Shiloh. Why would these loving parents put their childen in jepordy by dressing them in frilly little dresses for a bunch of pervs such as yourselves? The last time Shiloh wore a dress papz tried to shoot pictures up her dress while Brad carried her, yeah pretty damn sick.

  • teri

    All children are born so innocent untl freaks like you try to distroy them.

  • pokeman

    teri @ 01/05/2010 at 1:22 pm

    ITAW! who cares if they grow up to be gay. there are not the only kids (people) in the entire world are gay. these kids are not even 10 yet and haters already assume they know how these kids will turn out & what their future will be like. GMFB! do we really expect any less from the haters. they will say negative & mean things about this family because they are the JP. Its expected from these idiot haters.

  • gracie

    Does anyone know if Angie is filming today and when they finish SALT reshoot? Some sites are claiming She and Brad will attend the GG? Does any one have any news on that?

  • sharon

    Shiloh and Zahara are gorgeous.

  • lucky

    #22 Majo @ 01/05/2010 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you for the link! She’s amazing and so tough!!!

    Angelina Jolie, like most of us, was back to the work grind Monday, only her job is a tad different than anyone else’s: the A-lister was a bloody mess while filming the upcoming thriller Salt in New York City, during a scene in which she dangled from a Blackhawk helicopter like a Christmas ornament.

  • umm

    Angie is still filming today and it is said tomorrow is the last day of filming. I don’t think they will go GG.

  • African Girl

    All this Gay or no gay talk is getting worrisome, the child is 3 for heavens sakes. We don’t even know what color her hair is gonna be, pls people just let her be.

  • Angie + Jamie

    Poor Marcheline. She wanted so much to be a part of their lives. And Angie wouldn’t even send her pictures. Marche had to cut photos out of tabloid magazines to hang around her room and see how the kids were growing.

  • eliott

    @# 21 pokeman

    I agree. She died peacefully, knowing that her daughter is surrounded by love from Brad & their children.

  • African Girl

    @Angie + Jamie:
    Oh my God! How do you crazy idiots come up with these stuff?

  • eliott

    @ # 36 Angie + Jamie

    Your posts are tedious, you dull little troll.

  • Majo desde Bs As

    Your Welcome!! and yes, SHE ´S AMAZING AND TOUGH!!!!
    I love her

  • Angie + Jamie

    @African Girl…from Angie herself. She’s the one who said it. On TV.

  • pokeman

    African Girl @ 01/05/2010 at 1:54 pm

    i know what this idiot is talking about. she was quoting angie who was on the ellen. angie mentioned that she was a bad mother (jokingly of course) that she didn’t take enough pix of her son Mad (one kid not kids. that was before she met brad) so her mother cut pix of him from the tabloid mags.

  • pokeman

    Angie + Jamie @ 01/05/2010 at 1:57 pm

    just because angie didn’t take ENOUGH pix of her kids it doesn’t mean she didn’t allow her mother to enjoy the grandkids. of course you are a troll you have to make it sound worse than it was.

  • no pics for Mom

    Mothers tend to get P.O.’d when their daughters steal their boyfriends, so Ang had to turn it around and shun her mother as if her mom had done something wrong.

  • Angie + Jamie

    So Marcia Lynn dies in January, without knowing anything about a fourth grandchild, Sang (a.k.a. Pax after Angie changed his name at 3 years old), who Angie turns around and buys in March? That’s a pretty speedy adoption.

  • pokeman

    no pics for Mom @ 01/05/2010 at 2:05 pm

    or angie + jamie

    calm down Ian. so, your book didn’t do well it doesn’t mean you have to bring your BS on this thread.

  • African Girl

    @Angie + Jamie:
    Is English your second/third language or are you always stuck on dense coz those are the only reasons you’ll misunderstand what she said.

  • eliott

    @no pics for Mom:

    You seem to be an expert on this subject, Daughter of a Hollywood Legend. How does your mom feel about you & Daddy?

  • pokeman

    eliott @ 01/05/2010 at 2:09 pm


  • hmm

    @Angie + Jamie: what is wrong with you? You spend your time watching Angie’s ellen interview? and now you are using Angelina’s mother as a way to trash Angelina. You are mentally ill and obsessed with Angelina.