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Benjamin Millepied: Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend?

Benjamin Millepied: Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend?

Natalie Portman has a new love??

The 28-year-old actress has reportedly been dating 32-year-old Benjamin Millepied, 32, the choreographer of her new movie, Black Swan.

Natalie stepped out with her fellow New Yorker for the first time in public at a low-key New Year’s Eve party in Tribeca.

“She has been subletting Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s apartment and she wanted to celebrate the New Year with a few close friends and introduce them to Ben,” an insider tells In Touch. “They have actually been a couple since the fall, but she wanted to see how serious it was before she started to show him off to her inner circle. She really likes him.”

Black Swan, due to be released later this year, tells the story of two ballerinas, played by Natalie and Mila Kunis. Benjamin began dance training as a child in France with his mother, a dance teacher.

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  • dating-doctors

    She is so lucky!

  • Carrie Bradshaw

    God she has the most irritating smile in the world.

  • tim

    The girl knows what she is doing, he is successful, gorgeous, talented and smart, perfect fit.

  • tim

    She is the most beautiful and talented young actress in HW and she has a perfect smile.

  • me

    jared they are just friends nothing more than that. It was on her website. she would have told people if she had. don’t she suppose be talking to another guy too/ and what with the question mark? You can’t believe nothing those magazine say.She would have said it in a interview wouldn’t she. All are them are her friends Stop putting people togther until you know the true.Its is going to hurt her relationship when she go to work this month for months. She is not like rachel date who date anybody and don’t have a career,And ewhy didn’t said nothng until now its old and what about the pictures she did for elle magazine print that and not this. Why not report on why rachel bilson don’t have her ring on.

  • Julia

    saw him in a Vogue editorial. very handsome.

  • Tina

    @Carrie Bradshaw: Natalie has BEAUTIFUL smile!

  • kroq

    He is quite handsome, but I wouldn’t put much stock in the source – In Touch?

  • fans

    Sorry Benjamin!
    No one is good enough for our Natalie!

  • sandy

    Two creative talented people, not a bad combination.

  • Jane

    Regardless. Ben is beautiful. Holy crap.

  • rick

    BTW, he is French, and OMG what a body paired with gorgeous blue eyes, but for me it is the talent and creativity. He is a gorgeous and talented man.

  • FansofNat

    Be it at intouch and yes they are a tabolid that is trashy this dude has been around with Natalie for more or less 3 months now. My guess is like with her other B/F’s she doesn’t expose her personal life to the press only when they get shots of her with them. I won’t disclaim they are dating very possibly they are she might have mentioned this in passing or he did. Eiither way he is cute and not an actor even better choice. Seems the ratio of Actor/actress dating or marriage tend to fail after so long. Better they date or marry outside the loop good luck Nat hope it works out for the two of you.

  • @fansofnat
  • T.

    reportedly been dating 32-year-old Benjamin Millepied, 32

    how old is he??

  • @T.

    HA HA HA

  • kroq

    He has a resemblance to her ex, Nathan Bogle.

  • anna

    Dont trust InTouch, but the latest candids of her on New Years Eve showed them together so it is at least plausible

  • FansofNat

    He has a good body will give him credit for that better then many men his age.

    I would agree good chance they are usually if these tabloids are not accuate the celebs are the one who confirm it later on so good chance this is legit.

  • Mary

    I need pics to believe this.

  • anna

    @ Mary

    here they are 2 weeks ago, nothing romantic in the pic, but they are def hanging out together

  • anna

    check out go to candids they are pictured together on 24th Dec

  • emma

    there are pics on from Christmas eve

  • FansofNat

    Nat’s good for a few good PDA shots when they are spontaneous if this is the real thing we will definatly see it.

  • MMA

    Maybe one of her “friends” should gently let her know that her new “man” is as gay it gets?

  • anna

    sorry for the double posts folks thought my comments werent getting through

  • WTF

    She is beautiful and gotten even prettier with the years.
    Natalie is a class act. I hope she finds love. Let’s hope he is treating her right.

  • @27 WTF

    Natalie is not the kind of person to take crap from anybody. I am not worried.

  • Stone

    @MMA: Some girls only go that way.

  • @25 MMA

    I guess you can tell that he is gay better than Natalie based on personal experience with him. Right?

  • shoshi

    He is not gay and neither is Baryshnikov. He is French, Baryshnikov is Russian. Most foreign dancers are straight.

  • Anon

    Right. Like Joshua Bell is straight, too, huh? NOT! You do know Natalie speaks a kazillion languages and loves to spend time in France??? I’m tending to think they are good friends like she is with Nathan Bogle, Joshua and some others. There’s a pretty familiar young Black guy, bald headed that she is also close to who is gay, gay, gay. He has been on TV he acts and he does fashion stuff.

  • shoshi
  • @Anon

    Joshua Bell is not gay, neither is Nathan Bogle or Benjamin Millipied. You can think so, but, unless you can provide a link, no one really cares about your personal fantasies.

  • Anon

    He has a girlfriend, and her name is Isabella Boylston and she dances with the ABT. (American Ballet Theater.) She is a ballet dancer, too. This was definitely true a couple of months ago when he took her to the Carribbean. So these “anonymous friends” of Nat’s that the magazines invented are full of merde! I will say they are probably good friends since he has been around the New York dance scene for years. He has his own company and he choreographs commissions for other companies too. Maybe NAtalie is close with him, but it has more to do with her role in the movie and her need to immerse herself in the dance world, than with being in love with him.

  • @Anon 35

    It is possible that he is no longer with his girlfriend who he reportedly took to the Carribbean and is dating NP now. Anything is possible.

  • anna

    well it is def very recent as Nat was pictured with another guy holding hands more than once at the end of Oct so they def havent been dating since the fall, although they could be dating now

  • Anon

    Natty seems to have a “type.” Pretty eyes, dark gorgeous men. Isn’t there a nice sweet guy around who is single, gorgeous blue eyes, dark hair, killer body, and is a fun, smart, adorable guy? Maybe an actor? Hmmmm.

  • handsome

    He is good looking. They are perfect with each other.

  • bbwmatchmakers

    She is tiny, I thought she only dated men from her religion?

  • Anon

    I really don’t think they are dating. Give it a few days. If they are not, than there will be a denial from her publicist. I was impressed with how quick they denied the dating rumors about that guy she is acting with in Thor. She said “Hayelll to the No!” real fast. But maybe that was bcz she really is dating this Benjamin Centipede! LOL! And she didn’t want to upset him with the rumors. I bet he likes to have his own rumors with Natalie. He can be more famous and get more work and more attention if he lets people think they are a couple.

  • kroq

    Anon #41: Banhart put himself on the map by dating Natalie for sure. She certainly wasn’t reclusive with him. We haven’t really seen her with a boyfriend for a while.
    Well we’ll know in due time.

  • Alias

    I guess he likes girls who smoke weed and supports rapists. What a prize And isn’t she a bit short to play a ballerina?

    She is too stuck up for any guy, she’ll never love anyone more than herself

  • Anon

    Wow, this board is really hot! So many people like all the anons and
    Alias (#43) who know Natalie Portman personallly and how she really is and what she really does! WTF is a Banhart??? LOL!

  • c

    Yes like someone said it was christmas eve now she at work in Ireland for four months. She put her work first instead are a relationship with a guy. The magazine was wrong like always about her.She never said she had a boyfriend in newyork just friends

  • @c 45

    She is not in Ireland, she is in NY at Purchace College filming Black Swan. As to dating rumors, he definitely fits her type dark hair, blue eyes, creative, smart, educated, killer body similar to Gael Garcia Bernal, Nathan Bogle, Jake Gylenhaal and even Devendra Banhart.

  • Kate

    @@c 45: Jake is gay, they never dated.

  • Celebwatcher

    That is not Natalies type of guy, Next!

    Read it then weep!

  • me2

    @kate 47
    There are pictures of Jake G bringing her flowers, taking walks, going somewhere in a cab, going to a party together, looks like dating to me. How do you know that he is gay? Reese W. dated him for years, so she does not think he is gay.

    Read what? There is nothing on the web site about Natalie. And yes, he is exactly her type, she has always dated guys like that.

  • Gasol16

    I like Natalie and, think she is so talented for being so young. My best wishes to her and, her new beau. Funny…He kind of looks like a younger Hayden Christensen when, he used to look hot. Now he looks like s&i*! Good for Nat and, let the girl have some much needed fun!