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Christina Aguilera Covers 'Marie Claire' February 2010

Christina Aguilera Covers 'Marie Claire' February 2010

Christina Aguilera strikes a pose in front of a grand piano in the February 2010 issue of Marie Claire. Here’s what the 29-year-old mom shared with the mag:

On maturing in showbiz: “In this crazy business, it’s so easy to build up a lot of walls and a lot of bitterness. And it’s just no way to be… “[I can now use softer tones] that maybe I’ve been afraid to do in the past, to allow myself to go to a place of ‘less singing.’ I’m more vulnerable and more strong at the same time.”

On motherhood inspiring her to be lighter in her music. “I had a really hard time being light before. I’d get a little weird about it being too cliché. My first record was very clichéd pop – what everyone else wanted. [My second album Stripped] inspired by a lot of pain. [My third, Back to Basics,] /still had some sort of relation to my past. [My new album] is just about the future – my son in my life, motivating me to want to play and have fun.”
Christina‘s new album is called Bionic, due out in March. The first single reportedly is a hip-pop track called “Glam,” produced by Tricky Stewart.

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  • Pining for Chris

    If she needs to wear make-up then she should wear it like this; makes her look younger. I also prefer this skin tone for her – enough with the fake tan!

  • Dina`

    She looks much better without that awful red lipstick.

  • xcv

    Can’t wait new album. Go Xtina.

  • shias fan

    when will she go away? ugh just never have liked her. so annoying.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I totally agree ITA with Dina and Pining.
    The thick ruby red lips, over outlined eyes, not a good look for Christina A.

    Gosh, she looks so young and fresh on the Marie Claire cover. She does not look like other self.
    The heavy makeup look was good for stage during the 2nd cd. She just kept on wearing it.
    She should really keep this look.

    I like what she said about her albums. Hard to believe she has only 3 cds.

    I like her too like Nicole Ritchie as 2 who really evolved and made good real lives for themselves that they have to love, protect , and own. Hopefully they will stay that way.

  • Jordan

    this is just getting sad now

  • Mary

    Looks great. New album and movie in 2010. I’m so excited

  • Daliya

    Go, Christina! the best singer!

  • nursedatingsite

    She looks great as always

  • alex

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Yeah, I like her ‘cos she is not drama queen and keep her private life private. As much as possible of course.

  • lil

    As much as she tries to convince us otherwise i still think she’s a bitch
    a talented bitch but a bitch nonetheless

  • hmm

    I love her. I think she’s a true artist. I know some people didn’t like her album back to basics but that’s some of her best work. I still love “save me from myself” that is a great song. :) I think she’s over sings because she had something to prove. she had to prove that she had vocals and she wasn’t Britney spears.

  • Mike

    Wow, she looks really good! I’m so hyped up for this album, I cannot wait :)

  • caxposed


    I’ve been behind Christina through it all… when she decided to be a brunette, redhead, wore her red, black, blue, glitter lipstick, had bronze, orange, tanned, super tanned skin, but THIS is the look she should stick with. Can’t wait to get my hands on this issue, and DUH, can’t wait to hear the new album!

  • mar


  • mika_says_hi

    she looks great!!

  • Holly

    I am extremely excited for her album & her move. Christina is very real and just an amazing talented. She looks incredible on MC’s cover, and though I didn’t mind the red lipstick, this look is way better obviously! I hope she keeps it light, soft & barely-wearing makeup look throughout the rest of 2010. It really suits her.

    This is going to be Christina Aguilera’s year; I can feel it!

  • ahaha

    LAME!!!! This biatch is trying wayyyy to hard to be like britney and lady gaga but she’s gonna fail tremendously! first of all britney is gonna be putting out her new album later this year which i hear is gonna be something of EPIC proportions, and right now lady gaga is having a lot of success with bad romance. Is gonna be extremely hard to try and top these two immense artists.

  • sally

    She’s amazing and she looks beautiful can’t wait for her new album

  • Eve

    This girl is the real deal, an amazing vocalist. I think vocally she blows all these other girls away and she doesn’t have many peers in her age group (I’m talking pure pop music including Beyonce). I enjoy her earlier stuff (stripped is my favorite) and I’m looking forward to her new album.

  • chelsea

    it shouldnt be too hard to top britney as britney is a no talent S*L*U*T, and has to rely on autotune way too much, as for gaga, she could be competition for christina but everyone has to remmeber that chistina was one of the first outrageous and unbelievable artists to ever hit the charts, so this will be christina’s year, despite what all the haters say. to be honest the only competition Xtina will have is no one because Xtina is ina league of her own at this point, she is up their with all the great divas. (Mariah, whitney, toni, celine etc…)

  • just sayin

    Britney should retire. Britney is nothing but drama. I don’t see how anyone will willingly pay to see Britney ever again after her last tour. Lip singing / lethargic movements and basically a one woman circus act. Only the die hard insane Brit fans are still in her fanbase at this point

  • Mileena

    I’m happy to see that most of the comments above are from fans like me =) Usually, she has so many haters……Whatever. I LOVE Xtina. She’s my idol. She looks indeed better that way without the red lipstick (it suits her but she wore it too much during her Back to Basics era). I’m so looking forward to this album. I bet it’s gonna be amazing. I can’t understand why people love to hate on her and dare to say she copied Gaga…..I mean WTF, she was there a decade ago! She’s been famous for ages…Gaga is new. Pfft. I know Gaga is talented too but not as much as Xtina is. They’re in completely different leagues. Xtina is the best. I can’t wait for her come back album and her movie Burlesque!! I love you Xtina!! You are gorgeous!

  • Afrika

    Xxx-tina, go home and try again.

  • bohoo

    she is the nastiest wannabe diva, she tries too hard and she’s always late to the game which is currently owned by beyonce, britney, and lady gaga! this biatch should retire already, cuz when did her last song even go to #1? or had a hit ? or broke any records? she may have a good voice but her personality sux big time! i would rather buy a britney album than a screaming whorre like xtina!

  • Mileena

    By the way….Xtina wore super sexy and outrageous outfits in her Dirrty era and people, who was Lady Gaga at the time? Oh yeah, an unknown girl singing at some places but couldn’t get to be famous until she decided to be as weird as possible to be noticed. Xtina was famous even before expressing herself through those scandalous outfits….

  • xxx

    She is an absolutely amazing singer and her music is so inspiring……
    Will never stop loving her :) a true talent.

  • lexy

    Christina looks great – as usual! She’s so talented. Can’t wait for the new album!!!

  • katkat

    Sweet! Can’t wait for the new album!

  • duh

    a wannabe diva is a chick that thinks she’s all that but can’t sing a damn. christina can be a diva cause she has the voice to back it up.

  • mayer

    She looks perfectly beautiful more than amazin’… She is a true artist. She always changes for a new music that not many other artist can do. That’s why i love her. And of course i can;t wait for her new album. I like all the previous albums from her with so many elements of muzic

  • mayer

    lol…. Britney.. A Lip-syn singer even at the beginnin’ of her career… She should retire. Who care abt this untalented girl at this time?

  • alison

    she’s lookin good

  • ditty


  • Linda

    Why do I get the feeling that MOST of these comments are by the same Craptina fan?? lol, That’s just sad! this hag needs to retire.

  • alie

    Ummmm Nice Gaga shoes, Nice Gaga hair, Nice piano in the back (a la Gaga)
    She is so desperate ….
    I didnt even know she was still around

  • Khristi

    I just love her talent……you idiots can get on this site and spew all of the copycat BS that you want to spew because it doesn’t change facts. Christina was doing image changes and singing incredibly way before Lady Gaga (I’m a fan BTW)-Hell, Madonna has made a career out of referencing certain ideas, images, topics and she did it with not a tenth of the talent that Christina displays. I say good for her and I can’t wait for the new album.

  • XtinaSux

    Why is she in front of a piano all of a sudden?? omg! lol!!!! She is so lame

  • Gagaloooooooooo

    LMAO!! Is He/She serious?

  • will

    You call HER talent? Hahahaha!!!! Why? all she does is “sing” and she doesn’t even do THAT well. IMO.
    Gaga is a true artist, not this “copy cat Johnny come lately”
    Just Stand her in front of a mic and put peanut butter on her teeth …
    Gaga is the whole package.
    Christina is pop fluff

  • Cory

    She looks exactly like Lady Gaga in the “Video Phone” Video.
    What a B!tch

  • MMA

    I’d give her $2, but that’s it, not a penny more.

  • Tim

    Christina a natural beauty and these photos finally prove it…I don’t know why she hid it under all that clown makeup all these years…Its also sad that in 11 years she has only 3 Cds.Christmas and Spanish albums don’t count. Christina could have been HUGE!!!

  • Lynn

    I’ll take over singing over singing like a Robotic Chipmunk any day!!!But please no Vocal Warm Ups Christina it takes away from the song…Will someone tell be why Britney gets call out for lip syncing but Beyonce gets away with not even pretending to sing. Saw her on a rerun of Mtv VMAs today dancing to Single Ladies its crazy how little she sings.

  • WTF

    First Natalie Portman, and now Christina.
    Will you stop making women wear pantless clothing?
    It’s not sexy to show the thickest part of the thigh and hips, even if you are as thin as Natalie and Christina.

  • Stone

    @MMA: I’ll go in halves with you!

  • me

    I think she was punked by Marie Claire. She couldn’t look anymore like a Lady Gaga wanna be.

  • Anita

    That looks like a Fn Tranny, what a disgusting pig.

  • chelsea

    lady gaga wishes she was christina aguilera because lady gaga i mean tranny gaga is such a poser. christina was around way longer than gaga and has a hell of a lot more talent than tranny gaga. tranny gaga is such a loser for stealing xtina’s thunder and copying her style. so all you gaga fans can suck it, because this is a xtina post so if u dont like her dont bother commenting.

  • Come on

    @Tim: Dude, These pictures are AIRBRUSHED to high hell!!
    Go find the pictures of this Tranny on New year’s eve at Teo, And see how “beautiful” she is! Hahaha!
    Yeah, no , she is the ugliest person alive