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Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Elle' February 2010

Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Elle' February 2010

Jennifer Lopez sounds off on staying true to herself no matter what in the February 2010 issue of Elle magazine, where she’s also the cover girl!

The 40-year-old entertainer said that growing older has only made her better. “I’m a more heightened me, if anything,” J.Lo said (via NYPost).

“Everything I wanted before, I want twice as much now. And that doesn’t mean material things.”

“Being an artist doesn’t start because you’re 21, and it doesn’t end because you’re 51,” she continued. “You are who you are until the day you die.”

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  • Jared

    she looks great in the cover

  • bel


  • wendy

    STUNNING cover, man she can rock the camera, paparazzi or porfessional, the woman has it!

  • pretty young girl

    OMG I love the 2 dresses. She looks good

  • ermm:

    Its called airbrushing

  • mary

    Gorgeous !

  • Vera has no Brain

    Beautiful. She is one Hot Mamma!

  • dawne

    omfg; look at her body in that cheezy catsuit NY’s eve and then this airbrushed version………..I am so sick of magazine giving us unreal content!! This is not about JL, I could care less about her, it is about women allowing this to be done to them; message is, you are still not good enough for general consumption, readers out there have abnormal body images for their stars because the stars put more emphasis on body image than talent…… for the Jolie’s and Streep types who care more about their craft than pleasing a bunch of unempowered women who are shallower than a mud puddle.

    That is no more JLO’s body than it is mine. Stop oooh, and awing over something that doesn’t exist. Go to youtube and see a demo on airbrushing a star……… is scary. She’s forty……no even a hint of a laugh line………..just a joke. What do we want, Stepford sisters or do we want to take our just place running the world.

    Seems we are going in the wrong direction, ladies.

  • Tina

    Interesting dresses.

  • Will

    “Its called airbrushing”
    Yes, but
    you should check out her paparazzi pictures – Lopez does look great for her age.

  • Chef Jacke

    The airbrush guys (or girls) deserve bonuses!!!

  • gracie

    Airbrushed, it doesn’t even look real because you know she is not that thin. She even has long neck. She is a beautiful woman but this is not the real JLo.

  • fashionista

    Thumbs up from me. She’s in GREAT shape and has a fab life. Photoshop is to be EXPECTED on any magaine cover. The covers are fantasy and not reality. It’s like a painting. If we wanted reality people would not be buying fashion magazines, they would be buying Newsweek.

  • jonasbro

    SOOOOO many haters. Jlo looks amazing and is beautiful in person and in pictures. Keep on rocking JLO….u the baddest in the biz and i can’t wait for the new album. JLO IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    She looks better without photoshop because she is gorgeous and you can´t deny it

  • Lisa

    Deserves the “photoshop” award for 2009!

  • Rocky

    Poor thing. She is so over with and won’t leave the stage not even when she falls down. Go home JLO you have no career and you did not deserve the pseudo-career you finagled for yourself in the 1990′s but that decade is as dead as you are.




  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok all mags photoshop and airbrush.

    I used to like her, hersongsand movies.
    She made some good dance songs and good movieslikeMaid In Manhattan andTheMother-In_law, TheWedding Planner.

    JLo is kind of over.

    She says everything is heightened and she wants three times as more now? She wants 3 MarcAnthonys. 3 kids.3 ownerships in 3 NFL teams?

    She finally got the man she wants and 2 healhty kids,Be happy. They have tons of money.Make good light movies,and sing less dance songs. Those don’t work for her anymore. Those are for the Brintey’s, Miley’s.

  • dating-doctors

    She is such a good mother

  • nat

    I’m not saying she doesn’t has talent, because she does. But she hasn’t been able to evolve. Her album doesn’t suet the stage she is currently at, she is a mother and a wife, she is not longer a twenty-something single woman. She needs to do things that are age accordingly and that suet the stage she is at.

  • jesse

    looks stunning
    stop hating!

  • sarah

    40 years old and she’s so incredibly souless and phoney. And yes she does look stunning, airbrush can do that for you. It’s amazing how just a few days earlier in her sausage suit dipped in glitter she looked a whole lot bigger. I tried to be a fan of hers at one point. There just comes a time when you realize how full of shit someone is and your done. She’s just one of THE most disingenuious celebrities I’ve ever seen. Sorry to her fans.

  • mm

    Looks don’t count anymore, she’s shallow it’s disgusting!

  • Tobie

    Well, that’s all anybody can say about J-LO “she looks good for a 40-year woman who had twins”. That is repeated over and over again by her fans and the media because there is NOTHING else to say about her. What has she recently accomplished artistically? She has a song out and she can’t even sing that LIVE. She’s been lipsyncing all over the place. The ONLY reason she wore that catsuit so the talk would be “‘SHE LOOKS GOOD FOR A 40-YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO HAD TWINS”, and take attention away from her pathetic lipsyncing!

    Pity, she wasn’t praised for any growth in her vocal ability, or how she sung her heart out on stage, or how the public just loves her new song, or even that her dancing was spectacular and skilfull. All the headlines read JLO’s BODY LOOKS GOOD as if she’s the ONLY and woman on the face of this earth that got their shape back after they had twins.

    Goodness, they could have put Kate Gosselin in a catsuit, slapped a wig on her head and let her lipsync and dance around on stage like a 20-year old and it would all be the same. Kate’s got her shape back and she had 8 KIDS!! lol!!

  • mario

    She looks amazing (not a new thing). When she started she wasn´t a 20´s hottie, she was 30 and something years old. She didn´t need to be younger to look incredible and conquer the world. Now she has a lot of new projects upcoming. Sure this is going to be her year

  • mikee25

    Agreed Mario, this is going to be her year!!! Jlo is amazing and people love hating on her for no reason. This is a woman who worked extremely hard to get herself out of the bronx and become and icon for latina women and curvy women. Whatever happens to her career now, no one can take away all the money she made and her accomplishments..She is amazing!!!

  • lexy

    Good God – now this woman is calling herself an “ARTIST”!!! Suddenly I guess she considers herself in the same league as other “artists” like Nicole Kidman or Kate Winslet…maybe Alicia Keyes or even Lady Gaga. Thanks for the laugh Jennifer!!
    Why wouldn’t she look good for a 40 year old woman who just had twins? Was she out there working a 40 hr job until her due date? No. Does she clean her house and do laundry or go to the market like other pregnant 40 year old women? No. Does she have other kids or family members to look after? No. Is she trying to take care of the twins by herself and managing a household while her husband is working?? No. So why wouldn’t she look good??

  • mario

    how do you know she doesn´t take care of her children or do this or that?sorry but you sounds STUPID
    I don´t know if she is the same person because some comments are the same stupid thing and makes no you actually know what she does in her house!

  • MMA

    I remember when she had back, now she trying to have front. Hell, I’d be happy with head!

  • anabella

    She looks great on these photos. And she may not be the best artist out there but she is a good business women and that is why she have her millions, so good for her.

  • oh my

    Incredibly gorgeous. For being irrelevant and a has been, she sure does get more than her fair share of magazine covers. Jealous haters:P

  • COsTaSsSs

    Jen is gorgeous!!!and to all the haters….an album is coming out if you don’t care don’t buy it it won’t bring down to her success…!!get over it you’re jealous cuz she can do what she can do in her age….admit it…grow up….

  • Stone

    She looks like the kind of girl I’d call a cab for.

  • bbwsocialnetwork

    I like big bums

  • Alison

    #25 – spot on!

  • danny

    the woman has it? bullshit! look at her arms, very photoshopped!

  • brandy

    #32 and 33 must sip the same kool aid she does, in what alternate universe is this woman anywhere near the top of the food chain. Perhaps you should go to billboard, she’s nowhere on it.

  • modapark

    jennifer aging seems to have now.


    going back to her original dark brunette color is the smartest thing she’s done in years.

    that ‘on the 6′ blonde-esque hair is ova. lighter colored hair only ages you after a certain point.

    paging…ni-cole kid-man.


  • Jen


  • kkeys

    Come on, it’s not just airbrushing! Her body has been shrunk to half it’s size on that cover. Who do you know who’s torso is the width of her head? Someone went crazy with the “liquify” function in Photoshop. I’m baffled that anyone is commenting on how good she looks — it’s like a disproportionate, overly made up cartoon of a naturally good looking woman. Lame!