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Lady Gaga Has Fun In Florida

Lady Gaga Has Fun In Florida

Lady Gaga is seen arriving at a gay nightclub after performing in concert in Miami, Florida on Sunday (January 3).

The 23-year-old “Bad Romance” singer drew quite the crowd while performing in Miami. “There were at least a hundred people standing on the boardwalk on the beach behind the Fountainebleau pool and Lady Gaga’s stage,” a source told the NY Daily News. “People were trying to jump the fence. Some actually made it over and started running before security caught them.”

Hayden [Panettiere] was dancing alongside Kevin [Connolly] and they looked very friendly,” a spy said. But a source close to Hayden said, “They’re just friends.”

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  • T pain

    Lady Gaga is starting to look like a wanna-be as herself..

  • T pain

    * of

  • mika_says_hi

    does anyone agree that it would be impossible to be a popular female singer at the moment because of lady gaga??? anyone is labeled as copying and nobody likes any stile but hers.

  • http://mno carlos

    It’s just a wig.

  • oy

    Is Madonna dying her hair now?

  • missme

    Haha I think this is prob the best I have seen her look. She almost looks normal?

  • julia

    I love her and her new wig! my friend went to this concert! she said it was too short though!

  • =)

    @ Oy : LOL. She really does look like Madonna here

  • =)

    But she also looks like Amy Winehouse… hehehe But she’s pretty and she’s a very talented pop song writer and singer. Hands down

  • Jordan

    i wish she’d showcase her talent not persona

  • Just Stop

    Im Goo for Ga Ga

    And yes #3 everyone compared to Lady Gaga is falling short.. Maybe because she has the voice and the ability to give a great Performance, something only few music artists can offer… Only one up there on that level is Beyonce.

  • Mileena

    I totally agree with you #3! I don’t like this new wig…..She has looked better. I love her though. She’s talented and that’s rare. And she’s so insanely weird. I LOVE it. She’s an adorable freak.

  • Poop

    I don’t like her arm tattoo. Did she dye her hair or is that a wig? My friend says she looks like an aardvark.

  • op

    this woman is a total narcissist. she is everything she said she wasn’t on barbra walters, artificial and craving attention. to know she is arificial just look at some of the outfits first of all, second, look at who she admires, madonna, warhol, etc..people renowned for their superficiality. look at the way she looked before, when she was sining in cafes. she looks NOTHING like the person she resembles now. her hair is dark, long, she almost looks like she didn’t wash it or herself in quite some time. she looks grungy, and her mannerism are completely different than they are now. people who are geniune, who have a genuine idenity to them can change a few things about themselves, but they can’t change their whole set of mannerism from one thing to something completely different and unrelated. unfortunately for her, all she has is image. there is nothing inside. it’s all empty.

  • critter

    What’s with this ugly trannie obsession! she looks rancid, like melted, curdled grot. and that tatt, yuck.

  • Tiffany


    If you think Warhol is superficial, you REALLY don’t know or don’t understand his work.

    Lady GaGa, has already said that she does it for publicity, so get over your self, if you don’t know them, don’t talk like you do.

  • Priscila

    “Lady GaGa, has already said that she does it for publicity,”
    So she is a publicity whore? If only she dressed like that because it means something to her, or because she loves that style,but its for publicity?
    No respect for her, now.

  • Tiffany


    She can do wathever she wants, if I recall, this is America, a free country, she is not offending anyone, if you don’t like ger, do not click in posts about her, that’s simple.

    Gosh, haters are SO annoying.

  • All Women Stalker

    For a moment there, I thought Amy Winehouse got herself new and better skin. Haha.

  • Elena


  • Layla

    @Just Stop:

  • Kel

    She looks so good here!
    Gaga is amazing!

  • Holly

    Does anyone know what her tattoo says??? I think it looks so good on her but I have no idea what it says! lol

  • Pauly


  • candy

    OMG! I love Lady Gaga!!

  • qboi

    Can’t wait for Gaga’s performance at the Grammys this year, You KNOW she’s gonna steal the show (like always)
    Congrats on her 5 nominations!!

  • D

    ****2010 YEAR OF THE GAGA****

  • jo jo

    She is such an amazing talent !

  • Clair

    LG saved my life
    <3 her

  • SLC

    This girl has it all, beauty, brains, talent , success, humble and an amazing vision…
    She is going to rule the world for a long, long time!

  • Nesser

    She looks very cute in these photos, I love the new hair

  • JrocK

    @mika_says_hi: I totally agree! Gaga has raised the bar , Set new standards and pretty much saved pop music, Now every label is trying to “get their own gaga” .. So yeah, we are going to see a lot of “Gagawanna bees” in the near future, This kind of thing happens all the time. i.e Madonna, Britney, Nsync, and who ever else strikes gold.. everyone wants a cut.
    But remember. “THERE IS ONLY ONE LADY GAGA”

  • Chef Jacke

    She looks like she’s in way over her head!

  • firemandatingsite

    Wow, what a looker!

  • CanadaGirl

    Love, love, love Gaga. She’s amazing. I wanted so badly to see her show, but it was sold out. :(
    Aside: Her body is now bangin’ hot. She’s really doing some workouts.

  • gaga is zozo fake

    Lady Gaga is the female version of say, Marilyn Manson. All shock, no substance. Don’t agree? Deal with it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    why is she trying 2 look like her douchebag, perez?
    as always she looks like a dumbass
    like her music, just hate her
    at least it’s not as ridiculous as her other outfits she’s worn

  • Meg

    Lady Gaga was not in Miami on January 3rd, she was in Orlando at the UCF Arena. Either this is Orlando or this is from when she was in Miami on New Years Eve.

  • MMA

    She’s definitely crash and burn material. May God help her.

  • longchamp

    i LOVSES her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bluzulu

    As the money rolls in, the weirdness will fade. She’ll become more and more glamorous, probably get a nose job, start working out incessantly like Madonna and then wind up looking like some hybrid between Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. I think that’s been her secret desire all along. ARTIST MY A$$!!! lol. Who cares though…I like her!

  • Stone

    She’d have fun in a city jail holding cell!

  • short-dating

    She always looks so good

  • yo sista

    mmmmmmmhuh so sick of them fake wigs! Lady Attention-whore-Ga Next!!!!!

  • yo sista

    @Clair: oh honey, then your life must really suck if THIS saved you rolling ma eyes!!!!

  • joao victor gomes da silva

    lady gaga eu queria que vc mandase um poster altrografado por vc por favor bje beijoooooooooooooooooo.

  • Rawr_monster_Rawr

    Cool I thought she didnt go to night clubs ohh well