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Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Qantas Cute

Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Qantas Cute

Nicole Kidman and her husband, country superstar Keith Urban, carry their 18-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose, through LAX airport after a Qantas flight from Sydney on Tuesday (January 5).

When asked what she loves the most about being a mom, Nic told People, “The selflessness. I love watching them become who they are. Sunday Rose says, ‘Mama, Dada’. People don’t believe this, but she touches her heart for ‘love you’. That brought us to our knees. It still does.”

30+ pictures inside of Qantas cuties Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose

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nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 01
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 02
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 03
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 04
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 05
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 06
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 07
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 08
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 09
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 10
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 11
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 12
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 13
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 14
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 15
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 16
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 17
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 18
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 19
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 20
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 21
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 22
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 23
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 24
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 25
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 26
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 27
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 28
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 29
nicole kidman sunday rose qantas 30

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    Adorable. Looks like Sunday napped the entire way home.

    So nice to see a real family in normal clothes.

    Those starlets in 4 inch heels walking miles through airports look so silly.

  • Matthew

    I wish my girlfriend looked like that after a long azzz trans-pacific flight.

    Nice family.

  • Emma Rodgers

    I saw Nine and I LIKED IT!

    Great fun and a good feeling movie. Glamour personified.

    Would love to have lived in swinging Italy in the early 60′s.

    Everyone in the film was very good. The editing was not so good, but still worth seeing for the musical numbers.

  • tgb

    Nic doesn’t look good recently. Damn she used to was stunning.

  • @matthew

    She probably would if she can afford to travel 1st class.

    Thought they had their own private plane?

    Off to see Bella and Connor?

  • HERE We GO

    The paps will be hiding in the bushes at the end of Kidman’s road to stalk Connor and Belle – AGAIN.

    Luckily, Kidman knows how to ditch them and doesn’t walk down Rodeo Drive with her children or Melrose Avenue or the always staked out Brentwood mart.

    It’s easy to avoid paps on L.A. if you WANT TO KATIE!


    Did they really have to chase trhe family three blocks through a FEDERAL airport.

    Aren’t 3-4 snaps enough?

  • notbusy

    Was it really necessary to use of photo of a tired Sunday making a funny face? Whatever. She is just the cutest thing ever! She is just so curious and adorable.

  • Flyme

    Surely if they flew by private plane (as they often do) they could avoid the paps?

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    What a sad bunch you are! Taking this particular picture out of the group and blowing it up is pathetic, especially when there were some very cute pictures of her. I don’t know who’s paying you – but someday ‘what goes round’ will come back to haunt you. Call it Karma or whatever, you ‘sweeties’ will all get yours.

  • Ought to be a LAW

    The press should be contained within a cordoned of farea and lined up as they did for well over a hundred years. A braicaced area is needed to containthem.

    They should have RULES and lose thoer privildge to enter the airport zone id they break the rules. Fines should also be levied.

    Chasing, pushing shouting, tripping, scaring children, it’s unnecessary , dangerous, and undignified.

    This is NOT freedon of the press, this is an aberation of society.

    They probably took over 400 photos when one would have done fine.

  • @Ought to be a LAW

    Think you’ll find this is how the paps behave everywhere – not just at aiports. It’s in their genes.

  • dating-doctors

    She is so cute!

  • DIDYA Hear the NEW RULES

    International travel is a beast for parents.

    No toys, nothing allowed in your lap for an hour before landing, no toys, books, bottles, nothing.

    No tv, either. It’s contained paddycakes and hide n’ seek for hours, LOL

  • hmm

    @Lizzie: ???????????????????

  • daisy

    Nicole & Keith have never had a private jet. If they fly private, they lease. Like a lot of celebs do. I wish they coudl have gotten out of there withotu the paps because Sunday looks scared in a few. They are really protective & that is wonderful

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    @hmm And you found what I said confusing? How? I’ll be more than glad to reiterate. I find the paparazzi parasites. I also believe the 1st amendment has been abused and needs overhauling. Freedom of speech as defined in 1791 never was intended to cover hate speech or pornography. There is a group studying this at the present. I believe it’s called the state of the first amendment survey reports. By the way, I’m not a conservative by any means and have always considered myself a liberal democrat, but what is going on today in these boards is obscene. When the pendulum swings too far in the opposite direction which unfortunately usually happens remember you have only yourselves to blame.

  • angel

    actually Nicole did have a private jet. When she divorced Tom he have her access to one of his planes to fly the kids to and from to see her r for her to come see them. I guess when she remarried all those privillages stopped! But the kids have access to the plane. They might be using it to leave L.A. since she’s coming. That’s usally what Tom does fly them out so she can have an excuse not to see them! Its not like she wants to anyway. Sorry parent

  • Hatch

    Ick, please don’t tell me this toddler was on a commercial airplane with no shoes on?

  • puffin

    @NASHVILLE HERE: I didn’t realize that they made skinny jeans for babies now.

  • Terri

    @gracie: Do you have a Medical Degree? STFU, about a lil baby who’s been on a plane for over 16 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie
  • Freedom

    @Lizzie: What group is studying this? You really want the Constitution amended because you are offended if someone on here says they don’t like someone’s hair or their dress on the red carpet, or they have been using too much botox? Sweetheart, there are more important things in the world to be studying – perhaps the whereabouts of terrorists!


    Love Sunday’s comfy stretchy little faux jeans. baby GAP?

    Please don’t misconstrue my comment to convey consent that any women should ever wear leggings as pants.
    This look is strictly for babies.

  • http://justjared deke

    I was thinking the same thing about her eyes. I was thinking she looks kinda not with it. She is still cute.


    Our Nicole shops at the GAP all the time. I love the GAP,

    Here they are, my grand-daughter crawls all over in her little strech jeans. LOVES THEM.

    Great as they don’t catch in pedals or trip the baby.
    So soft and stretchy too.

  • yawn

    @DIDYA Hear the NEW RULES: They probably just passed Sunday off to the nanny when she got cranky. I’d lay odds she was on the plane with them and was instructed to stay out of sight just like all the other celeb’s nannies.

  • puffin

    @NASHVILLE BABY GAP: From reading numerous comments on here involving Sunday Rose, it appears that some people have a problem with Suri wearing heels, but it is okay for Sunday Rose to wear skinny jeans “for the budding fashionista”. Her parents have been praised on here for dressing Sunday Rose like a little girl, but instead she really is a “budding fashionista”. Heels – skinny jeans – what’s the difference?

  • katie

    @deke: yeah, poor kid in every pic i’ve seen has a kind of i missed the bus look! lol. we use to say this about my niece when she was a baby because she had a duh! look on her. Even her parents said she looke dlike she missed the bus! lol. The kid’s fine now.

  • jemma

    I sa Ms Nicole Kidman at the airport gate, she was travelling with two nannies and was such a stuck up bitch. Her face was all frozen.

  • my god what’s happening here?

    what’s wrong with you people? what the hell is this? don’t you have a life? don’t you have anything to do? retarded?? retarded is whoeve wastes his life in front of a pc dreaming a life will never have.
    get over it. keith is married with another woman..don’t let off your obsessive jelousy on little sunday or her wife. get a life, go something for your life. keith is doing it with or without your stupid childish morbid comments

  • kacey m

    @jemma: did you see Sunday? was she happy or scared?

  • dani


    If you ever shop for little girl clothes, they always have a variety of jeans for them including the skinny jeans. Don’t quite see the comparison with heels on a 3 year old tho.

  • my god what’s happening here?

    or probably a 18 months old baby girl after 16 hours of plane is a little bit tired? you are retarded..or maybe..slow

    haters are simply pathetic. you don’t make anyone laugh…you should know this.

  • my god what’s happening here?

    in your dreams maybe

  • dabu


    Gee, give us more info. Where were you going that you were at the gate? Where were they coming from? What airline were they on? How could you tell she was stuck up? Did you have a conversation with her? Did she walk by you and not say “HELLO JEMMA?” Of course she has nannies, all the stars do.

  • taco

    OMG Sunday is such a cutie! how she hugs her mum, it’s lovely! nicole and keith are doting parents indeed and nicole is a beautiful woman! she looks spectacular!

  • francis

    love this family, they’re genuine..i prefer them to the fake brangelina.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Darling baby girl.

    She probably just woke up after a plane ride from Australia to LAX.

    I agree with who said one pic was fine or enough and from a distance, but why take so many.
    Isee they are walking out with their suticases.

    That is outside.
    My question ishow does the pap take pics of these people once they pass the gates?
    WIth new security rules over the past 10 or so years, you can’t see your family off pass the gates, so you really just drop them off.
    Does anyone here remember when you could go through secuirty and wait in the wait at the gate with your family/friends and go pick them up there?
    How do the paps get beyond that secuirty checkpointwhich is right at the ticket counters. It is right there.

    Also, you know celebs pay to go to that private clubs/lounge to wait .Anybody can pay to go there. It is somespeacilexpensive deal you pay.
    These paps break the law and TSA and Airport security and Fed. Marshalls let the paps do this?

  • toby

    my god nicole looks sooo beatiful!! i love her to death! she’s a great actress! i liked her very much in nine!

  • puffin

    @dani: Who were skinny jeans originally designed for – not babies/toddlers. Grownups.

  • Dell

    @Go Ask Alice: Good questions. With the latest terrorist threat on the Christmas Day flight, how did the paps get in these parts of the airports?

  • laura

    Poor Sunday looks exhausted.

  • Cute Cute Cute

    Love this family.

    The paps are out of control.

    LAX needs barricades.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Thanks Dell. Also,Imeant past the secuirty checkpoint . You can not go to the gates.

  • Stone

    I saw her lawyer on TV a couple of days ago. Is he ever in for a surprise!

  • Sara

    @puffin: If you don’t kknow the difference you an IDIOT!!!!! Baby Gap & Keds, compared to expensive Boutique Clothes & heels, DUH, NO BRAINER!! Some people just need to wear HERE”S YOUR SIGN AROUND THEIR NECK!!!!!

  • Sara


  • Terri

    @posh: And you would know slow because your kid(s) must be slow and you’re an expert in this Field!!!

  • Steve

    @posh: Keith would be very hurt and disgusted with his female fans that hate on his child and wife, pretty pathetic women who are on this hate mission!!! Shake my head with disbelief!!!!