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Sunday Kidman-Urban: So Long Sydney!

Sunday Kidman-Urban: So Long Sydney!

Nicole Kidman carries her daughter Sunday Kidman-Urban as they prepare to leave Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (January 5).

The 42-year-old Australian actress and her family attended New Year’s Eve party with friends in Sydney. They also spent a day at the zoo, where Sunday, 18 months, was able to feed giraffes.

Nicole will be a presenter at the Golden Globes this year on January 17 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will air on NBC. The award show will be hosted this year by Ricky Gervais.

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    I saw Nne, Goodman’s perfectly cast and is wonderful in NINE.

    So is Dench. Nine is a B- film due to editing and a bad writing.

    I read over a dozen reviews of the film before I went and not one says a bad thing about Kidman. Not ONE. I read the big ones, NYT’s, Post Etc, the one’s that count.

    Only one ever said, Kidman’s talent was wasted on the project. That is a compliemnt to Kidman. All who singled out Kidman in a review praised her for nailing the role of Claudia.

    We realize you have NO Life and an obsessive compulsive need to post negative spin on the Internet about several actors, but we have the Internet too.


  • ????

    @Sue’s A Liar:

    Yes that’s right Katie was in Australia filming for months with suri Tom always visited them without the older kids in order to not see their grandfathers. now idiots will say she was filming in Melbourne and Nicole’s Parents living in Sydney.well tom hired a private jet to visit his friend in New Zealand and its another country not a city in the same country.

  • clueless

    Tweet Tweet


    You KNOW you grew up with only one parent, you know that court’s manage custody by splitting the holidays and/or rotating them Each and EVERY year.

    We all know the Urban’s and Kidman’s are Catholics and the Cruise’s are Scientologist’s

    We all know Christmas is not recognized by the late great Sci- F- writer as part of the galactic truth.

    We all know the Urban’s go to mass every Sunday and took lil’ Sunday to the Special Children’s Mass in Sydney.

    We all know Cruise would do anything to keep his children away from a Catholic Mass. He stated such on Dateline, his family does NOT worship other religions, ONLY Scientologists, he also stated very bluntly Katiie is NO LONGER A CATHOLIC. Actually, he said, “Kate”.

    Kidman had the children for Thanksgiving, a non-religious holiday. No threat to Cruise control.

    Now, everyone calm down and read a BOOK. Learn something. Religion, Law, Logical Reasoning, or Psychology are my suggestions, they will help you better understand the world.

    Heck, even read the bio of Scientology founder Be warned it’s a long and amazingly frightening.

    Then return here, look at the happy family and the sweet baby.


    Check this site:

    Anyone who reads these sites for even ten minutes will never berate Kidman again. How much time have you wasted on JJ this week alone? Read something important.

    Remember the divorce was final in 6 mths, but she fought for custody adn control of her children in court for over a year after that.

    NO ONE beats the cult in court no one. They own the judges, blackmail, even the IRS gave up. All the facts are on the site, then you can link to the Federal Court Documents, they destroy.

    The only hope is to wait until your children turn 18.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    “Looks are within the eye of the Beholder” – I think that baby is absolutely adorable. I love the way she looks at the paparazzi (I’m going to stop calling them ‘paparazzi’. it’s too exotic. From now on they shall be referred to as ‘camera creeps’) like they’re some kind of vermin. I have a feeling Sunday is going to learn from her parents to cut through all the foolishness and attempt to live her own life. Keith has his share of obsessed female fans who really stalk him, and can’t say enough hateful things about Nicole. On the other hand, he’s the object of hateful remarks from jealous fans of other country performers. Poor Nicole has so many factions who feel they have to have their say against her, I don’t know how she even leaves the house. It’s time for laws to be established as to what people can say on these boards. No matter how much these celebs earn, no one should have to put up with constant insults from these misfits.

  • What


    Laws against freedom of speech? I hope you’re joking. Yeah, ,there are sick people out there who will criticize unfairly whomever they choose – day after day – for years on end – but you can’t pass laws against freedom of speech. This is America. Take those people and their stupid comments for what they’re worth – nothing. It makes them feel important to even talk about celebrities. No skin off anyone’s back. Ignore.

  • Chris

    @Whamo: Loser!! You wish you were as HOTT as Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday is very cuter!!

  • Steve

    @Durkin: Thank God, their publishist propbably told them how Much they are hated, and stop parading their BRAT!!

  • Durkin

    @STUPID POSTERS: Nicole Kidman, on her own will, married Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman, on her own will, brought children into a marriage while her husband was a member of Scientology. Obviously, she had no objections. Nicole Kidman was given legal joint custody of those two children. She obviously gave it up, otherwise, her ex-husband is in violation of the legally filed documents. If she brought him back to court for violation of the custody, her case would have been in her favor. Oh that’s right, the kids were the ones to decide where they wanted to live. Obviously, they picked the parent they liked better. PLEASE do not play Nicole Kidman as the victim here. Isabella and Connor are the victims of a bad celebrity marriage. And please stop with the name calling – are you 12 years old?

  • notbusy

    Durkin,The Cruises don’t belong to a real church and they don’t celebrate or believe in Christmas. They vacation until the holiday is over and then they come out of hiding.

  • @stupidposters

    “Remember the divorce was final in 6 mths, but she fought for custody adn control of her children in court for over a year after that.”

    And I suppose you just happened to be sitting in the court room taking verbatim notes that day? Please, oh please share the full gory details with us.

  • clueless

    read E! they are experts on everything Nic. I think they were in the courtroom.

  • Dana

    @Durkin: DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Durkin

    @Dana: At least I know how to spell dumb ass – doesn’t say much for you does it?

  • notbusy

    Durkin,you don’t care anything about Bella or Conor. You’re just obsessed with attacking Nicole. The E! Boards no doubt sent you here to be nasty.

  • @clueless

    I laugh my t**ts off at the rubbish that comes off this site without going looking for more crap! Obviously everyone on here spends a lot of time there too as people keep refering to it! I never knew about it until you kept mentioning it.

  • Bella

    Sunday Rose is so cute

  • Durkin

    @notbusy: Nobody sent me here. Is it just Kidman’s fans that have this Hitler-like mentality? Nobody can form their own opinion. Everyone must love Kidman or else you get names thrown at you. Are you defending other celebrities on here as well?

  • @durkin

    Gotta agree with you – but then show me a thread that doesn’t have its idolizers and bashers.

  • notbusy

    Durkin, your’re obviously from E or urbanmyths. I’m not obsessed with attacking celebrities that I don’t like. I just ignore then, maybe you should do the same.

  • notbusy

    Let me repeat that for durkin… I IGNORE celebrities that I don’t like. I don’t waste my time reading or commenting about them. You don’t care anything about any of Nicole’s kids.

  • @Durkin

    Bella and Connor were both adopted in Florida, the headquarters of Scientology. Could their natural parents have been Scientologists? Maybe terms of the adoption included their being raised as Scientologists? I don’t know. Do you?
    Tom was in the COS when he married Nicole, but he wavered for awhile until he was courted anew by David Miscavige. He became a staunch advocate right before he divorced Nicole. Former Scientology high-ups said the divorce was orchestrated by the group because Nicole didn’t buy into their beliefs.
    Having been educated as Scientologists for years, isn’t it possible Connor and Bella consider Nicole a suppressive person? Have you read about disconnection? Take some time to find out about it before you condemn someone for deserting her children. Maybe they have deserted her.

  • Durkin

    @@durkin: Precisely my point, and I’m a believer in freedom of speech and voicing your opinion. Do you live in America? Nobody should tell anyone to shut up when it comes to something as ridiculous as a celebrity – what they are wearing, what they are doing, where they are going, etc. Don’t like someone’s personal opinion – accept it for what it is and move on like an adult.

  • think

    I don’t love Kidman, as a matter of fact, I think she got where she is today solely on her looks – not acting skills. She’s not the only one. She is a pleasure to look at.
    However, the attacks are unwarranted and mean spirited. Everyone makes mistakes and we all get wiser as we get older. NK doesn’t deserve the attacks I’ve seen on here.
    When you meet your creator, how will you justify your attacks?

  • @notbusy

    You obviouslu don’t always follow your own advice, as I’ve seen you making negative comments on the Cruise family threads.

  • @notbusy


  • KeithsWords

    And I thank you for my heart
    I thank you for my life
    And I thank God for grace and mercy
    And that you became my wife
    I’m seeing for the first time
    The stars, the sun and moon
    But they’ve got nothing on the power
    Of this love I have for you
    And I thank you, I thank you

  • Durkin

    @@Durkin: Again, they are children, and their mother should have done something about it. She knew what would happen. It looks like she set up her own children to fail and get hooked into the claws of a cult. And this is now the children’s fault?

  • KeithsWords

    Run run runnin’ I was runnin’ scared
    Always lookin’ for a place to leave
    And I couldn’t seem to find where I belonged
    ‘Til she took my hand

    We can make this work out baby
    I know it’s true
    I can’t picture myself with no one but you
    And I think I got it right this time

    I can’t picture myself with no one but you

    I can’t picture myself with no one but you

  • KeithsWords

    Well I know there’s a reason
    And I know there’s a rhyme
    We were meant to be together
    That’s why
    We can role with the punches
    We can stroll hand in hand
    And when I say it’s forever you understand

    That you’re always in my heart
    Always on my mind
    And when it all becomes too much
    You’re never far behind
    And there’s no one that comes close to you
    Could ever take your place
    ‘Cause only you can love me this way

  • KeithsWords

    Don’t fear it now we’re goin’ all the way
    That sun is shinin’ on a brand new day
    It’s a long way down and it’s a leap of faith
    But I’m never givin’ up ’cause I know we got a
    Once in a lifetime love

  • notbusy

    #76 A.K.A durkin, you have no clue where or what I comment on! You liar. I avoid the Cruises unless their nutty fans like you are attacking Nicole.

  • @notbusy

    First of all, I’m not durkin!
    Secondly, either your’re lying or there’s another poster on this board with the same name as you. All I know is that I’ve definitely seen someon name “notbusy” making negative comments about the Cruises.

  • @durkin

    Durkin, does my accent give me away?

    I am actually from outer space, watching this with intense amusement.

    You all take it so personal and are so convinced YOU ARE RIGHT!

    No one knows who’s right and who’s wrong – it’s all just idle gossip to while away the time. Just remember “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”.

  • Durkin is a Jerkin

    Durlkin is one on those militant hate nutjobs. Nothing he posted is accurate or even makes sense.

    Pointedly, his posts can be refuted in a minute of Google research or with a Law Degree. A fool.

    How can somoene live in modern day America and not understand the rules of joint custody is astounding.

  • Dell

    @KeithsWords: Written by Steve McEwan and John Reid

  • Dell

    @KeithsWords: Originally written by John Shanks

  • Dell

    @KeithsWords: Wasn’t this revised because initially it was recorded that he THOUGHT he got it right this time, but on his GH album he realized his boo-boo?

  • AutumnM

    This has to be one of the most miserable kids i’ve ever seen. It seems like she never smiles. Anyway, Sunday looks a lot like Keith.

  • Dana

    @Dell: Great Song, Keith is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Urbans!!

  • Americans well educated?

    1. who says Durkin is a “he”?
    2. you may not know this but the “ww” in www . means the internet is worldwide and goes beyond America. I think you will find the rules of joint custody are understood in most of the Western world.

  • Chef Jacke

    She must’ve gotten down on her knees and kissed both of the nanny’s feet when she got back to the house!


    That little tot is as smiley as the day is long, a chatterbox too.

    What some don’t realize is that when you see a tabloid shot, the child is being flashed from a dozen or more men flashing lights at her and shouting her name LOUDLY to make her face the camera.

    The baby is confused and wary.

    Luckily, she’ll be back home in a few days, no more nasty paparazzi, except for the one at Starbucks.

  • notbusy

    #84, I don’t care two cents about the Cruises. They bore me. You couldn’t pay me to sit on here writing paragraphs of hatred about the Cruises. If you think you have all names memorized, you need to get a life.

  • firemandatingsite

    Watch out for the aliens!

  • KeithsWords

    Thank You was written by Keith – his words – his true feelings. Have you read the back of his CD’s? His heartfelt expression of love and thanks for his wife are touching. What more does it take? He loves her completely.

  • KeithsWords


    Yes, he initially wrote it at the beginning of the relationship and after a couple years he felt the need to update: correct.

  • Donkey Kong

    Quit blaming him for everything, #54 and #73. And stop being so paranoid.

  • MMA

    Apparently she snuck some booze aboard!