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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Midtown Mates

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Midtown Mates

Angelina Jolie and longtime love Brad Pitt, who’s still sporting a goatee, hold hands and run some errands together in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday night (January 6).

On Monday, Angie hung out of a helicopter over Long Island’s Bethpage while shooting a scene for her upcoming film Salt, set for release in July. The entire Jolie-Pitt clan has been in town for it!

FYI: Angie is wearing a grey charcoal coat, sunglasses and black suede boots — all from Ferragamo. She also toted around a Loewe “Amazona” Bag in Gold Suede. Brad is wearing 4 Stroke jeans, the Warsaw style in Arrestyourself.

10+ pictures inside of Midtown Mates Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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brad pitt angelina jolie midtown 01
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Credit: StClair/Winslow; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • marina

    still together and looking good, so sophisticated here.
    cheers to fans!!

  • nancy

    Thank you Jared

  • PSA

    Nice to see them mixing work with pleasure.

  • an oldie

    Great couple.

  • adriana

    wowww… Angie is so beautiful close up. love her handbag…

  • CanadaGirl

    Doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder? I would love them more if I saw the less.
    *waiting expectantly for the JA silliness to start*

  • nfiuq

    seriously why don’t they ever wear anything but charcoals and blacks? classy and sophisticated, yes, but it’s a shame to not live life with any color.

  • Orchid

    A new thread, and I’m here!

  • julie

    love this couple

  • ;)

    She looks really nice. Why is brad there ? the only reason he has the beard is so that people will keep talking about him. he hasn’t filmed a movie in years and he needs to keep himself in hte news someway somehow


    Stunning!! Brad the man, leading the way. Love them!! Looks like Angelina’s hair is as long as ever – don’t think she got it cut that much. I love her with long hair.

  • nan

    Is that Brad and his mom?

  • ;)

    Btw, I really like that she does her own stunts in movies. the daily mail has pix of her right now on their site.


    To people asking — the People’s choice has for days been showing Brad Pitt – so he must have won. Not saying he’ll be there. But showing the person typically means for this cheeseball show anyway, that they’ve won. Also showed the twi kids. Who they didn’t show, maniston.

  • Nasty Beard

    God knows what’s crawling around in that thing

  • Missing Twins

    Are The Twins In the Trunk?

  • lulu

    I thought Brad had left them after the “photo op ” with their kids ?


    Nice couple!

  • Orchid

    That’s the coat she wore to see Mary spoonful-of-sugar Poppins.
    Same bag too.

  • shelly

    I never realized before but Angelina does have a big pair of man hands.

  • Celia

    Love them!!

  • Angie Mask

    Angie’s face is filled with botox. Her face looks like a mask.

  • PSA

    @Missing Twins

    Yes they’re in the trunk, same way your brain is in the sewer. Any more questions?


  • califan

    Gorgeous couple as always.

  • sweetie

    Angelina looks beautiful. ;-)

  • eliott


    “Doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder? I would love them more if I saw the less.”


    Back at cha, Canada Girl. Now go spend some time on someone else’s thread.

  • eliott


    “Is that Brad and his mom?”


    Speaking of moms, Nan, please go get your mother. She’s passed-out in the gutter again.

  • pokeman

    PSA @ 01/06/2010 at 7:52 pm

    i love the JP fans. LMAO!! they look so hot together. suck it haters. scream your @ss off.

  • it’s like this


    They are in NYC, look at the people around them in pretty much the same colors.

    And maybe they just like those colors. They don’t show little handprints so much. LOL

  • Jo

    Have they really been together for 5 years?

    its going to be 6 years if they don’t break up in 2010

    so they’ve been together for 5 yrs right?


    PT check your email.


    Yes brad and ang have been together five years,tomorrow is the fifth annivesary of pitt and aniston calling a dead-end to their marriage,how time has fly

  • sharon

    Brad and Angie look gorgeous.

  • Orchid

    I like that bag!

  • Missing Twins

    I’m just inquiring as to where those poor twins are because I’m genuinely concerned. Angie calls them blobs and Brad, that dumb stoner, knucklehead, may have forgotten about them. I’ve met him on a social level and the man was pretty (till Angie, the whore, sucked the hot out of him), but not as bright as I’d hoped. We all knew he could be easily manipulated.

  • angelina’s shadow

    I really admire Angie’s devotion to the absence of color.

  • amy

    she doesn’t look happy, what’s up with her. Crazy. Over-exposed I wish they would go back overseas. It’s easy to look like you are together when you aren’t married. Brad only staying for the kids to protect them from their crazy mother.

  • Lena

    YAWN!!! Can Morticia and Gomez just go away….total has beens!!!!

  • yay

    Tomorrow is 5 years anniversary that Brad dumped Maniston. Brad and Angelina rule.

  • Danny

    Beautiful and she still the one that makes Mr. Pitt Heart leaps

  • Sofia

    Great Couple!


    Lets hope aniston doesn’t do anything crazy tomorrow,she’s already on edge about turning 41.

  • roronutz

    oh they look good. ugh brad please shave though

  • lylian

    Bringing this over from the previous thread:
    @Reshoots mean Bomb Movie!:
    WOW RE SHOOTS?? When Jen did RE SHOOTS you all went nuts saying “hahhaaaa a stinker, that’s when someone has to re shoot”
    Ok, JP lunatics, Why is she RE SHOOTING??????
    Sweetheart, I don’t know why Angelina is reshooting scenes. But I have noticed that the scenes Angelina is shooting have not been shot before as these are NEW ACTION SEQUENCES to ADD to SALT.
    But for once, a losie has raised a good question. Why is it that Angelina’s reshoots herald a big hit but dedn’s reshoots are because her movies are BAD??
    Could it be that conclusion is just due to illogical biased hero worship on the part of JP fans as alleged by you??
    Or could it be that conclusion has to do with a well deserved reputations that Angelina and Dedn Jen has built.
    Consider: of the last 8 movies which dedn starred in and released since 2005, 6 of them were rotten under the Rotten Tomatoes scores. And in particular, the movies which Dedn herself led (rather than be in part of an ensemble) such as Mis management, Shite Happens, Derailed, Rumor Has it, The Break Up were ROTTEN and Dedn herself received mediocre to bad ratings as an actress.
    In contrast, ALL the movies which Angelina starred in and released since 2005 were FRESH in rotten tomatoes, including the movies she led – Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted, Changeling and A Mighty Heart.
    So, perhaps its because Angelina has a BUILT UP A REPUTATION of making good movies and Dedn has the opposite reputation – ie, a reputation for making boring, same old rom coms/rom dramas.
    Perhaps its because Angelina has in the last 5 years been nominated for SAG and CCA and GG (2 times) and Oscar (1 time) and Dedn’s only contribution to the arts is to PRESENT at the Oscar (2 times) and the GG (1 time).
    Dear me, so many possible reasons why it is that Angelina’s Reshoots, if they are that, ADD TO THE ANTICIPATION of SALT so that most critics have SALT on the Must see list of movies for 2010 and Dedn Jen’s movies are on the “Oh golly gosh, not another one Dedn Jen movies” List.
    Well, thank you for raising your question. I had fun speculating. But the proof, as always is in the pudding. When the movies are released, only 2 things matter, (1) Critical Acclaim (for the movie and the acting) and (2) the Box Office Performance (USA and world wide). And for that, we all just have to wait and see.

  • jorge

    Why do you always bring JA in Angie’s thread. I you so hate Angie why don’t you leave her thread and concentrate your energy in JA’s thread praising her hairness. But you can’t help yourself ‘coz you’re so owned by Angelina. Come on admit it.

  • jorge

    I = If

  • DarkDepressingClothing

    Give ‘em a break. Angie and Brad are showing their solidarity with the poor victims in this world while breaking the bank . awwwww

  • cee

    The trolls are here earlier and earlier. Just like the tabs they are looking so ridiculous. Brad and Angie are amazing and they know it.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Jen Aniston, Age 20, Flirted with Howard Stern in Lost 1989 Clip
    In 1989
    — long before Friends, Brad Pitt and all the rest — Jennifer Aniston was an unknown actress who’d just entered her 20s. To raise her profile, the Hollywood hopeful made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show as a “NutriSystem success story.” (She had recently lost 15 pounds on the diet plan, which was a sponsor of Stern’s radio show.) Howard Stern and his crew replayed clips of that vintage appearance — one of the earliest featuring the future star — on The History of Howard Stern: Act III, a Sirius XM radio documentary series that looks back on Stern’s life and career on radio.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Angie looks great.

  • dawne


    If you want to see them ‘less’ what in the fcuk are you doing here? You really are addicted.