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Johnny Depp: People's Choice Awards 2010

Johnny Depp: People's Choice Awards 2010

Johnny Depp wins top honors and accepts the Favorite Movie Actor Of The Decade award at the People’s Choice Awards 2010 held at the Nokia Theatre on Wednesday (January 6) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old was honored by Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

After accepting the award, Johnny acknowledged his fans for winning the award.

“The only reason that any of us are up here is because of you,” Johnny said.

15+ pictures of Johnny Depp receiving the Movie Actor of The Decade…

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  • Pan


  • Celebfan


    love Johnny and Sasha Baron Cohen

  • ivanka

    hottie hello:)

  • Anna


  • lostyaz

    Holy God…this man is the best sexiest actor alive…he is the SHIZ
    canNOT believe he was in Barbados…walking on the same soil as I…and i DIDNT KNOW!!! good thing for him i wouldve gone in stalker mode LOL

  • KAW


  • dp

    god – this is the truest thing – this is Depp’s decade.
    no other actor of his generation can touch him.. every other movie star of his generation is the ‘next” this or that, or reminds people of some of the other hollywood star – but Depp is one of a kind. he does it without an ounce of ego which is remarkable given how famous he is.

  • Pan


    Very well said.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..i hate when rich people try hard to look like shiit. look at brad pitt, dude naturally looks like shiit. depp, he tries way tooo hard.

  • xxx

    Holy cow he’s looking good for 46. But I agree with in famously cool… why does he purposely try to look like a hobo when he gets paid 20 million per film?

  • Joy

    because that’s who he is and he doesn’t give a sh!t
    congrats depp!!!


    Horrific bad taste, not in clothes, in manners.

    He was the guest of honor at an event being honored by his fans.

    No excuse for bad manners.

  • Gorgeous , great actor, real… What else could you ask for. Love him

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Joy:’re right. that’s why he wears so many accessories. ROTFLMBAO more than all the women there. `ahahahahaha..

  • videotape

    johnny forever!!!

  • Seriously

    Is he attractive? Maybe I should go to my dumpster and alley-ways for guys like him.. I’m sure I can find better.

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    Latest rumor is Depp might be backing out of The Tourist for Pirates. Time will tell.

  • Melika

    Johnny is the best !

  • Kerri

    The only actor in Hollywood I think might actually have a normal sense of self and life is Johnny Depp. Contrast him with any number of blowhards who think they’re mission is to save the world. Um, even if that’s your goal – STFU about it. Do your work and be a nice person. That’s what I think Depp does.

  • remember da truth

    Johnny Depp — HOT and COOL at the same time!

  • pup

    Completely deserved.

  • pearl rose

    We do love Johnny, sorry Hugh, we love you, too, just that there’s Johnny forever.
    Congrats to Sandra, you go girl!

  • Hanna

    He looks really good! But I dont like his long hiars :D
    and is it true or makes just me the seem, that his face is looking skinnier!?

  • oy

    Johnny is great, and deserves the award, but the holey jeans and greasy hair need to be retired already.

  • Anna

    Johnny!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • hannah

    he looks…intoxicated? and i think he skipped the makeup artist today, still a beautiful man, and certainly a fantastic actor.

  • meh

    Love him. Such a humble, kind, cool guy.

  • Tara

    Yea, I’m so glad my favorite actor won! Johnny truly IS the man of the decade! An honor very well deserved! He’s such a real guy…humble and truly grateful for his success and appreciative of his fans. That’s why he’s my favorite actor. More people in Hollywood should follow his example. Johnny is the coolest guy on the planet…and the HOTTEST!!! Congrats Johnny!!!

  • Baby

    I didnt know he was that old geezz

  • British

    I love Johnny and his I don’t give a shit attitude but that hair must go! I love how he had it at the Venice Film Festival a few years back before he started to grow it. MMmmmm, he looked stunning that night. A well deserved award though – he’s definitely my Actor of the Decade. As much as I do love Hugh!!

  • jd luv

    depp is so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noticias de famosos

    I am happy for Johnny! he deserves it. I’m looking to leave his new movie to view it.

  • Kar

    hot damn

  • Macdonaldeieio

    Sacha Baron Cohen gave an honest truthful introduction that’s why it was so funny, funny to hear the truth so truthfully.

  • is it bad

    is it bad, johnny depp makes me wanna do him things ??!!! his tooooooo sexy. that guy tries tooo hard to look bad, but it never works !!! it makes me like him even more !! his such a badass, the rips jeans, the shirt semi open lol, omg im in love all over again as i was w/ him during POTC. i feel like watching public enimies. ( ppl say he looks sexy there) … im sooo happy he won… i though for a min robert was gonna win, but nOPE, it was johnny , seriously it was a total surprised since robert have been popular this years. i like both, but johnny has more talent and has work harder. and his movies are better lol. well im happy that he won !!! cant wait for his upcoming movies :DDDD

  • Anjana

    Congrats Johnny well deserved Award.He Looks Hot no Matter in the most worst way he may have dressed ,Still Can’t stop Loving Him .

  • >:(

    Sacha is mine, hoes.

  • Chef Jacke

    He the man!

  • leila

    he so deserves it! he really is the best actor of the decade
    love you!!

  • Blopp

    always thought he was a phony
    but now that he’s obviously undergone plastic surgery, he’s proved it once and for all

  • anonymous

    So deserved, Johnny! You remind of so many special people in my life since 2003. Since that 1st Pirate movie, I’ve watched all of your movies in theaters and I’ll always be inspired by your work. You have no idea how special you are to me. I completely agree that Depp is ten times better than any other actor or actress in the business. Nobody can touch him.
    He’s a fan favorite everywhere. He’s doesn’t care what he looks like, which I admire. He’s a great father, brother, son & boyfriend/ fiance, whatever. I’ll love him forever as an amazing actor.

  • tenamoore

    Johnny johnny johnny is all i can say how good dose he look and he is 46 wow :)

  • ELLY

    love u johnny…

  • Saudia

    yay ! I’m so happy. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor. Seriously, no one does it better.. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • geekloversmatch

    Such a cool dude!

  • Celia

    I LOVE him!! Johnny is AMAZING!!!

  • Why?

    A naturally handsome and talented guy but I’m sorry, he looks like crap in those “Salvation Army” clothes. Don’t understand his need to be seen as the unconventional rebel-tramp all the time. Time to adopt a more mature attitude now Johnny. You ain’t in your 20′s and it’s just not ‘cute’ anymore.

  • Jaliah

    So, he did have plastic surgery after all. His neck looks quite large and the curtain hair doesn’t really mask it but he is a hollywood star so I guess he has to do whats best for the on screen look.

  • natalie

    im scared teenages girls vote for robert again again but thank god johnny win.he is deserving.johnny is not only muscle guy he is carismatic,talented and down earth actor.cong johnny.i love him.

  • runnersmatch

    i love his smile