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Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions to help kick off the new year!

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom tells People. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life… I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate.”

Kate Clean Slate!!!

“I’m rebuilding,” adds Kate, who wore a purple Rebecca Taylor on the cover. “There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new longer ‘do — HOT or NOT?

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  • Tiger Woody

    that looks insanely stupid LOL. How about going home to your kids and stop trying to be a fame wh0re.

  • C.

    this chick is crazy.

  • Kate Losserlin

    Does this “mom” ever look in the mirror to see what she has become?

  • Abigail

    Uhh. NOT

  • L.L.


  • dana

    I am sure she is photoshopped a bit, but she looks GREAT! Good for her! I hope she keeps trying to stay above all the drama and is able to go on and make a good life for her and her kids.

  • QUE

    but extensions are expensive! will someone please think of the children! john sucks more though. fin. bye.

  • Kate + Mothering Classes

    Kate is NOT the only person in the wortd with 8 kids, so I wish she’d stop acting like the world, especially Hollywood, owes her a living to support them. There are plenty of families who have more than 8 kids, how do the Amish raise all their kids without tv shows??? Kate should know this living in Penna.

  • still fake

    Not a good look for her. It seems so fake.

    If she wanted a fresh start, needs to act more like a Mom than a fashion model.

  • Joe

    She looks stupid…and should move on from wanting to be on the
    cover of People magazine! Just go into hiding and try and become a
    decent parent and forget about your 15 minutes of fame.

  • Bluddo

    Kate and Farrah from MTV’s Teen Mom should hang out — neither of them care about their kids either. Farrah is more concern without going out everynight getting laid and Kate is more concerned with attracting the “p-people” who she claims she hates lol

  • Abby

    This cover looks like a spoof. Give me a break. People magazine is losing its’ credibility by putting her on the cover. Who cares. I agree with #8…..there is a family who attends my church that has eight children. Imagine that!! No help!! They are all very close in age and a beautiful, well-taken care of family on one income! Oh, my……such a concept!!!

  • madi

    I love it!! She looks great.

  • M

    @still fake:

    Why is it ok for fashion models to be moms, but moms can’t be fashion models??

    Why is ok for two airheads like Kendra and Kourtney to have kids, but everyone slams Kate for trying to follow her dream while having kids??

  • Neorules2112

    Wonder If She Wants Another Kid ?
    I Would Take a Drink Of That .

  • jesse

    $10 bucks that Kate will purposely get pregnant or adopt another kid just to get back in the spotlight

  • MAC

    urrrrrrggghh GO AWAY ALREADY!!! i dont give a rat a$$ if you’re starting over

  • Catalina

    Good for her. She needs a new life after being married to that loser for so long. Go Kate !!! Be strong and to heck with all the naysayers !

  • Sadie

    @still fake:
    I’m a stay at home who has always and will always put my kids first and yet I some how manage to find the time to still look like a woman, to stay in shape, do my hair and dress nice. You don’t have to loose yourself to raise your kids right and it’s ridiculous to expect her to not to care about her looks just because she’s a mom.

  • Zoe

    WOW. Makes her look about 5 years younger. She looks hot. Good for her.

  • stop being so jealous

    Stop all the mean comments, she looks gorgeous and deserves to do something for herself.

  • risabella

    Is it me, or did they make her kinda look white trash?

  • TV

    ewe… doesn’t look good. It’s not working.

  • Lillie

    It looks like a mullet.
    I vote no.

  • LGodiva

    Looks like a straw broom. No talen b*tch needs to go away, support her kids, and get out of the public eye. I know other people who’ve raised 5, 6, and 10 kids on one humble salary. She needs to get over these delusions of relevance. She’s not.

  • anon

    Most important, will Jamie like it? Come on out of the closet, Katie.

  • Durkin

    Kate, there is nothing to keep you in the media any longer, so just go take care of your kids. Be the grown-up between you and your ex-husband.

  • anon

    BTW, how does Kate find time to look for romance when SHE HAS 8 KIDS? COUNT THEM, EIGHT KIDS?? DO YOU HAVE 8 KIDS?

  • haha

    Kate Coyne @ People probably lusted over Katie Irene when this “interview” was being done.

  • FaithLynette

    “yes…Yes-s–ss Dearie, hair extensions are going to fix all the problems you helped create for yourself and your children—way to prioritize, go get ‘em girl!!” <>

  • FaithLynette


    hehehehe THAT being said, I believe she flew in on that hair! *grins*

  • Venom

    The extensions look terrible.

  • santos8

    ive always loved kate and the kids i think she looks aaammamzing!!! :D

  • RedPleather

    Well since her talk show plan fell through and the rumor of Kate needs a date show…..Kate teamed up the hooker hair with the hooker heels. Mother Gosselin has to earn a living somehow! Pretty soon, the foobs will come out along with all those mini-skirts and baby-dolls she thinks she looks good in.

  • wellthen

    Funny, i wonder who takes care of the kids while shes off getting hair extensions and posing for magazine shoots, and jon sits in his NYC condo he bought with money earned by exploiting his kids on television.

    Maybe they should stop for a sec and think of what is really important in life. And its not fame and fake tans,Jon and Kate.

  • kev

    reminds me of wrinkled old hags you see at the mall dressed up in mini-skirts with the same hair……at first you take notice and when you get closer ?- deep disappointment…you have just been scoping out a hag who’s older than your mom

  • jdub

    OH HELL NO!!! i didnt mind Kate until i saw this bullsh!t. what is she thinking?!!! she looks like a whole a$$hole!!!

  • RoxyTH

    How gives a Sh !T…FYI she looks like an ugly tranny…Not a good look Kate

  • Saleen

    She looks great!! Love it!!

  • Saudia

    LOL .. really?? Oh gosh these “reality” stars need to get out of the spotlight. Seriously.

  • Billie

    Oh…..leave her alone! What has she ever done to you people? I think she looks great! YOU GO GIRL!!

  • Black Widow

    “Starting Over” …………… victim PLEASE !……

  • NDM

    Who paid for them? Why does she think people care. I am home with a 16 year old who is pukeing her guts out right now. That is what a real mom does. And I don’t have time for hair extensions unless you want puke in them.

  • Amber

    She looks amazing! I really wish people would quit bashing her. It shows obvious signs of jealous!

  • mary


  • Oh Yuk

    Photoshopped out the wazoo…..she really looks like the Grinch

  • paula

    If you want to see what real down-to-earth parents of multiples look like, watch “A table for 12″. This couple has such great chemistry. He still works for a living. And it does not seem to matter so much if the kids get sticky or dirty or what-not. A FAR cry from the “money fame hungry” Gosselins.

  • scam artist

    Kate Selfish Bytch Filled With Hate !!!

  • TopTwitsBlog

    Is frightening an option?


  • Open Toed Shoes

    Is she going to start out the new year with the same thick caveman feet? good luck