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Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions to help kick off the new year!

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom tells People. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life… I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate.”

Kate Clean Slate!!!

“I’m rebuilding,” adds Kate, who wore a purple Rebecca Taylor on the cover. “There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new longer ‘do — HOT or NOT?

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228 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!”

  1. 1
    Tiger Woody Says:

    that looks insanely stupid LOL. How about going home to your kids and stop trying to be a fame *****.

  2. 2
    C. Says:

    this chick is crazy.

  3. 3
    Kate Losserlin Says:

    Does this “mom” ever look in the mirror to see what she has become?

  4. 4
    Abigail Says:

    Uhh. NOT

  5. 5
    L.L. Says:


  6. 6
    dana Says:

    I am sure she is photoshopped a bit, but she looks GREAT! Good for her! I hope she keeps trying to stay above all the drama and is able to go on and make a good life for her and her kids.

  7. 7
    QUE Says:

    but extensions are expensive! will someone please think of the children! john sucks more though. fin. bye.

  8. 8
    Kate + Mothering Classes Says:

    Kate is NOT the only person in the wortd with 8 kids, so I wish she’d stop acting like the world, especially Hollywood, owes her a living to support them. There are plenty of families who have more than 8 kids, how do the Amish raise all their kids without tv shows??? Kate should know this living in Penna.

  9. 9
    still fake Says:

    Not a good look for her. It seems so fake.

    If she wanted a fresh start, needs to act more like a Mom than a fashion model.

  10. 10
    Joe Says:

    She looks stupid…and should move on from wanting to be on the
    cover of People magazine! Just go into hiding and try and become a
    decent parent and forget about your 15 minutes of fame.

  11. 11
    Bluddo Says:

    Kate and Farrah from MTV’s Teen Mom should hang out — neither of them care about their kids either. Farrah is more concern without going out everynight getting laid and Kate is more concerned with attracting the “p-people” who she claims she hates lol

  12. 12
    Abby Says:

    This cover looks like a spoof. Give me a break. People magazine is losing its’ credibility by putting her on the cover. Who cares. I agree with #8…..there is a family who attends my church that has eight children. Imagine that!! No help!! They are all very close in age and a beautiful, well-taken care of family on one income! Oh, my……such a concept!!!

  13. 13
    madi Says:

    I love it!! She looks great.

  14. 14
    M Says:

    @still fake:

    Why is it ok for fashion models to be moms, but moms can’t be fashion models??

    Why is ok for two airheads like Kendra and Kourtney to have kids, but everyone slams Kate for trying to follow her dream while having kids??

  15. 15
    Neorules2112 Says:

    Wonder If She Wants Another Kid ?
    I Would Take a Drink Of That .

  16. 16
    jesse Says:

    $10 bucks that Kate will purposely get pregnant or adopt another kid just to get back in the spotlight

  17. 17
    MAC Says:

    urrrrrrggghh GO AWAY ALREADY!!! i dont give a rat a$$ if you’re starting over

  18. 18
    Catalina Says:

    Good for her. She needs a new life after being married to that loser for so long. Go Kate !!! Be strong and to heck with all the naysayers !

  19. 19
    Sadie Says:

    @still fake:
    I’m a stay at home who has always and will always put my kids first and yet I some how manage to find the time to still look like a woman, to stay in shape, do my hair and dress nice. You don’t have to loose yourself to raise your kids right and it’s ridiculous to expect her to not to care about her looks just because she’s a mom.

  20. 20
    Zoe Says:

    WOW. Makes her look about 5 years younger. She looks hot. Good for her.

  21. 21
    stop being so jealous Says:

    Stop all the mean comments, she looks gorgeous and deserves to do something for herself.

  22. 22
    risabella Says:

    Is it me, or did they make her kinda look white trash?

  23. 23
    TV Says:

    ewe… doesn’t look good. It’s not working.

  24. 24
    Lillie Says:

    It looks like a mullet.
    I vote no.

  25. 25
    LGodiva Says:

    Looks like a straw broom. No talen b*tch needs to go away, support her kids, and get out of the public eye. I know other people who’ve raised 5, 6, and 10 kids on one humble salary. She needs to get over these delusions of relevance. She’s not.

  26. 26
    anon Says:

    Most important, will Jamie like it? Come on out of the closet, Katie.

  27. 27
    Durkin Says:

    Kate, there is nothing to keep you in the media any longer, so just go take care of your kids. Be the grown-up between you and your ex-husband.

  28. 28
    anon Says:

    BTW, how does Kate find time to look for romance when SHE HAS 8 KIDS? COUNT THEM, EIGHT KIDS?? DO YOU HAVE 8 KIDS?

  29. 29
    haha Says:

    Kate Coyne @ People probably lusted over Katie Irene when this “interview” was being done.

  30. 30
    FaithLynette Says:

    “yes…Yes-s–ss Dearie, hair extensions are going to fix all the problems you helped create for yourself and your children—way to prioritize, go get ‘em girl!!” <>

  31. 31
    FaithLynette Says:


    hehehehe THAT being said, I believe she flew in on that hair! *grins*

  32. 32
    Venom Says:

    The extensions look terrible.

  33. 33
    santos8 Says:

    ive always loved kate and the kids i think she looks aaammamzing!!! :D

  34. 34
    RedPleather Says:

    Well since her talk show plan fell through and the rumor of Kate needs a date show…..Kate teamed up the hooker hair with the hooker heels. Mother Gosselin has to earn a living somehow! Pretty soon, the foobs will come out along with all those mini-skirts and baby-dolls she thinks she looks good in.

  35. 35
    wellthen Says:

    Funny, i wonder who takes care of the kids while shes off getting hair extensions and posing for magazine shoots, and jon sits in his NYC condo he bought with money earned by exploiting his kids on television.

    Maybe they should stop for a sec and think of what is really important in life. And its not fame and fake tans,Jon and Kate.

  36. 36
    kev Says:

    reminds me of wrinkled old hags you see at the mall dressed up in mini-skirts with the same hair……at first you take notice and when you get closer ?- deep disappointment…you have just been scoping out a hag who’s older than your mom

  37. 37
    jdub Says:

    OH HELL NO!!! i didnt mind Kate until i saw this bullsh!t. what is she thinking?!!! she looks like a whole a$$hole!!!

  38. 38
    RoxyTH Says:

    How gives a Sh !T…FYI she looks like an ugly tranny…Not a good look Kate

  39. 39
    Saleen Says:

    She looks great!! Love it!!

  40. 40
    Saudia Says:

    LOL .. really?? Oh gosh these “reality” stars need to get out of the spotlight. Seriously.

  41. 41
    Billie Says:

    Oh…..leave her alone! What has she ever done to you people? I think she looks great! YOU GO GIRL!!

  42. 42
    Black Widow Says:

    “Starting Over” …………… victim PLEASE !……

  43. 43
    NDM Says:

    Who paid for them? Why does she think people care. I am home with a 16 year old who is pukeing her guts out right now. That is what a real mom does. And I don’t have time for hair extensions unless you want puke in them.

  44. 44
    Amber Says:

    She looks amazing! I really wish people would quit bashing her. It shows obvious signs of jealous!

  45. 45
    mary Says:


  46. 46
    Oh Yuk Says:

    Photoshopped out the wazoo…..she really looks like the Grinch

  47. 47
    paula Says:

    If you want to see what real down-to-earth parents of multiples look like, watch “A table for 12″. This couple has such great chemistry. He still works for a living. And it does not seem to matter so much if the kids get sticky or dirty or what-not. A FAR cry from the “money fame hungry” Gosselins.

  48. 48
    scam artist Says:

    Kate Selfish Bytch Filled With Hate !!!

  49. 49
    TopTwitsBlog Says:

    Is frightening an option?


  50. 50
    Open Toed Shoes Says:

    Is she going to start out the new year with the same thick caveman feet? good luck

  51. 51
    becca Says:

    I agree, Paula. “Table for 12″ shows real parents that put family/friends first…not spa-ing, tans, fake nails, cars, clothes or fame-wh0ring #1. When Betty Hayes has a get together with her girlfriends, 50 showed up. How many friends does Kate have, she ran them all off or used them before discarding. The Hayes aren’t neurotic or narcissistic like the Gosselins either.

  52. 52
    NOT Says:

    A definite vote for NOT! She looked much better with the short do; this is NOT attractive on her at all.

  53. 53
    flo Says:

    On the local news they said it took 20 hours to make kate look this good, I think a plastic bag over her head would have been better.
    It is a real shame she does not spend the time with her kids and shut her pie hole about how they are handling all of this mess.

  54. 54
    Sam Says:

    Oh lord – what next from this scrunt? She does look like white trash – glad she’s using her kid’s money to pssss away on herself – again …as usual!

  55. 55
    barbee Says:

    Hey #43, don’t you know if you just put your puking kid on the laundry room floor you could be out doing the important stuff like tanning, mani/pedi, Starbucks, and now the extensions. That mess looks like a wig that is too small for her big head. Does she NEVER look in a mirror? Everything she tries is looking worse and worser, pretty soon it will be worstish! Does she NOT know that look is okay for onstage if you are a rock star (she’s more like a rock than star). It is NOT a good look for the 34, almost 35 year old mother of twins and tups (you know, that whole bunch, gaggle, flock, herd, whatever of kids she has at the home they worked for with the not-a-nannies). WHO is giving her all this bad advice as to what she should be doing? There is an old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, well, we’d like her out of sight because she’s out of her mind. Say Bye, Katie Irene. The next old saying I want to hear re her is “Kate has left the building” (sorry, Elvis).

  56. 56
    kendra Says:

    Really?–They are trying to mass market a woman who is disliked by most; who has a small following of lonely women. It’s doomed to failure, people know too much about her at this point..

  57. 57
    Lauren Says:

    Kate, go away. People don’t care what length her hair is. Who is feeding this woman with the notion that people actually care about her. She is a no talent fame wh*re who is famous because she has a clown car uterus.

  58. 58
    Ashlee Says:

    Kate looks like crap. She can change her looks all she wants, but she still is crazy Kate. I wouldn’t doubt that she will take fertility drugs again. Kate needs to go away, forever.

  59. 59
    deke Says:

    Noooooooo. She and Jon need to be regular parents and disappear from the limelight. Just go away!!!

  60. 60
    Shakira Says:


  61. 61
    dani Says:

    Geez, can’t PEOPLE find someone better to put on the cover. Not buying this issue.

  62. 62
    rhonda Says:

    please, just go the —- away!

  63. 63
    VanM Says:

    Kate you look Great long hair…. short hair…doesn’t matter you are a beautiful woman….

  64. 64
    whatadrag Says:

    Her fake hair now goes with her fake boobs and fake smile. When has she ever smiled like that around her children. ONLY for the camera. Too bad she didn’t spend the money to fix her wonky eye.

  65. 65
    Kates Support Fans Says:

    Love you Kate!! You look fantastic! All those haters are just jealous slobs.. You go girl!!

  66. 66
    Me Says:

    @Bluddo: I agree, but in Farrah’s defense, she’s 17 or 18 with 1 new baby whereas Kate is 36+ with eight. Kate should know better.

  67. 67
    whatadrag Says:

    What would make Kate think she has to deal with Jon’s drama. She filed for and received a divorce. Now she is after Bobby Deen – she really does have big DREAMS. Bobby on the other hand is having nightmares.

  68. 68
    No BO for Me Says:


    LOL it’s not just you!

  69. 69
    TikiTommy Says:

    Honestly she has always been verry pretty. Shes always been quite high maintenance Hair , nails , tan etc etc but she looks good especially after getting all that flab cut off her belly and ass. So its all been worth it. Now she looks hotter than she ever has in her life but one problem. You know shes going to open her mouth and speak sometime. Its her big mouth and bad attitude that ruins her.

  70. 70
    Ava rose Says:

    okay, let me get this straight: she gets front cover of a magazine for getting hair extensions?! That’s really what it is people – the “i’m starting over” headline has been her excuse for the past few months?! She’s been on “larry king”, “the today show”, magazines covers preaching how much of a victim she is, how her kids come first and foremost, and how she’s starting over.


  71. 71
    Paula Says:

    I’m speechless – that is one of the ugliest hairstyles ever. I did not think anything could be as awful as Kate’s porcupine style, but I was wrong.

  72. 72
    susan Says:

    She looks amazing! I was no fan on her old hairstyle, but she’s always been a gorgeous woman.

  73. 73
    Rachel Says:


  74. 74
    Celebwatcher Says:

    her hair needs more volume. Not a good look Kate.

  75. 75
    Lillianne Says:

    BLEAH!!!! Go away Kate. Nothing you can do will repair your image as a shrew.

  76. 76
    itstrueagain Says:

    She looks ridiculous. Your weave isn’t supposed to look like a weave, or worse a wig–and hers does. No matter what she does to mask her body, her lousy personality shines thru. Her poor children will be writing books someday, for sure!

  77. 77
    teri Says:

    You go Kate, you so deserve to be happy in your new life without the slob and deadbeat. You look great with long hair, takes at least ten years off your age. Please don’t listen to these hags berating you, they are jealous haters with no one one to love them.

  78. 78
    BettyJean Jo Says:

    Oh I agree teri . If ‘n you kant like sumone then yuse are jellus of ‘em, like my step-foster mother always said.

  79. 79
    RaisedGreatKids Says:

    Can’t WAIT until her success crushes Jon! Go Kate Go!

  80. 80
    Lauren Says:

    I love Kate, but those extensions look like a mullet. Grow you your hair for real. Even if it’s just chin length.

  81. 81
    melanie Says:

    If we listened to what Kate has told us about being a single parent, not having any money–and being one myself with 3 kids–how does she have the time and money for all this pampering and travel? Between work, parenting and the guilt of not being there enough about does me in—there are NO DATES, you don’t even think of such things. She has 8 kids. I think everything she has said has been for the cameras, I feel foolish for ever watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, it was all scripted and lies.

  82. 82
    lisa Says:

    How about a children’s show for Kate? Starring Red Spoon who beats butt when mommy gets aggravated and distracted from her “career ”
    : b

  83. 83
    connie Says:

    please make this ***** go.away.

  84. 84
    hired help Says:

    That wig is the closest Kate has gotten to a mop in 5 years.

  85. 85
    Donna Says:

    I don’t think women (and men) hate Kate Gosselin because they’re “jealous”. Women are natural nurturers ; it’s simply biological and psychological. When we see someone of our gender mistreat or have a lack of “motherly love” (for ex: putting herself before her kids, conditional love, etc…) it really bothers us. Kate is all talk and SAYS she puts her kids first but look at her actions – that’s what really counts. Also, she’s like that middle child who doesn’t get any attention and when she does, gloats more than she needs to, rubs it in your face, and is furthur motivated by their insecure motives – men are capable of doing this as well and if kate was guy, i’m sure men and women would hate him as they hate her now.

    Women are not “jealous” or “hatin” on kate gosselin for those reasons you claim. Look at Michelle Obama – she’s THE FIRST LADY and although she does go on media outlets and publications, she is a mother first and you can tell it’s what she does. That’s who we admire – a lady who has EARNED where she has gotten today through hardwork, a classy woman who does her job with grace, and a mother who does not neglect her children.

  86. 86
    butface Says:

    not a big fan but she looks good sorry but she does.

  87. 87
    Ronda Says:

    Ok this is just sad….Not cute at all. NEXT!!

  88. 88
    cc Says:

    Want a fresh start Kate? start praying for reincarnation in another life. You’ve been exposed. The act is old and tired.

  89. 89
    Praise Be Says:

    It’s another Photoshop miracle !

  90. 90
    Joanne Says:

    LOL! Does she think she is Britney Spears now? She needs a REALLY GOOD THERAPIST!

  91. 91
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Melaine,you ARE making it and you are going to make it.

    It seems to me most peopl eare sick of Kate,Jon and the 8.
    I never watched the show.

    Kate and Jon are like herpes,they keep popping up.
    Enough.Jon is broke.A silly mess. Kate is a fame wh’ore.

    I hope this cover sells the least for People.

    Nice airbrushed photoshopped pic.I agree with who said People mag is really going down.

  92. 92
    gtca Says:

    def not jealous of that florence henderson mullet inspired…thing.

  93. 93
    whatadrag Says:

    #84 tooooo funny!!!!
    Really, did someone actually tell her that hair looks good?

  94. 94
    razzle dazzle Says:

    I love the longer hair. I think Kate is great. She’s been through a lot and she’s trying to go on with her life. More power to you, Kate! And I hope she doesn’t read the tabloids. People are vicious.

  95. 95
    flo Says:

    Dis she get that wig from Kim of the Real Housewives of Atlantaot does she want to be the first Real Housewife of PA?

  96. 96
    whatadrag Says:

    Kate doesn’t read the tabloids. She has people to do that and make positive comments about how great she looks in a 18 year old hair style. Hooker heels, low cut tops, a bad wig and 8, yes I said 8, children – just the kind of woman every Mom wants their son to bring home!!!!!

  97. 97
    Tara the cat Says:

    Go Kate kept your cool through Jon boys antics..go for it girl..
    and dont let the door hit anyone who gets in your way…jealous haters included.

  98. 98
    monica43 Says:

    the word “Drag Queen” comes to mind…………………….

    oh, and if i want to see real families and real parents, I will look at my own, thank you very much, not some losers who choose to put their and their kids’ business all over television for money and fame.

  99. 99
    D Says:

    you can take the gal outta the coal regions, but you can never take the coal regions outta the gal…

  100. 100
    Spund Says:

    About the only thing relevant about this woman is that the world does not need people to be having 8 frickin kids!

  101. 101
    butch Says:

    In this end, I think karma will take this narcissistic, self-absorbed fake down. I only hope the TLC head honchos go down too.

  102. 102
    Me Says:

    That’s the best photo they had?? Her hair looks like Joe Dirt’s mullet.

  103. 103
    jessa Says:

    i feel a little sorry for kate. note i said “a little”. the hair is a mistake, but her funny “kate do” definitly needs to go. so this in my opinion is a step in the right direction. i feel bad she got burned by a d-bag and is left to raise her litter on her own practically. although she was an emasculating ******…and i can’t blame him for leaving. let’s be so honest, john moved to nyc. not actually a smart move if you want to be an equal parent.

  104. 104
    whatadrag Says:

    I still think if she didn’t have a wonky eye should would have clearly seen (with two good eyes) how BAD that hair looks!!!

  105. 105
    firemenfriends Says:

    Wow, she is so hot now

  106. 106
    Kay Says:

    Its HER hair. Don’t concern me so it shouldn’t concern anyone else.

  107. 107
    butch Says:

    Kate and Jamie are starting to look more and more alike in their style and looks. They might as well come out into the open now, not such a secret anymore. Kate has a whole new group to con out of their money. Most spouses would go nuts if they find out they lived a lie for 10 years…poor Jon, poor kids…exploiter TLC.

  108. 108
    Lauren Says:

    Wow…still throwing up in my mouth at the narcissism of Kate Gosselin.


  109. 109
    gigi Says:

    Ick! She looks horrible! She needs to go home to her kids and stop posting for magazine covers, interviews, etc. Its obvious that she loves the media attention! She doesn’t want to let the fame go! Kate Irene is one crazy woman.

  110. 110
    wonky Says:

    So why does this cover seem so fake and photo-shopped? Did things not go well when they were shooting? Is that Kate’s body and neck even? It is very weird about this picture, even the foobs look smaller.

  111. 111
    wendy Says:

    I like it! Go Kate! I thought that the short haircut was horrible – I prefer this over that.

  112. 112
    blah Says:

    Jon? Jon who? Sounds like Kate fans are hedging a bit in their confidence as to whether Kate will have a clean start…already whining about the past.

  113. 113
    Google Chaka Says:

    Looks like Chaka from “The Land Of the Lost”

  114. 114
    Starting Over? Says:

    Do you mean back to the double wide in the campgrounds watching your father use religion to cheat people out of their money?

  115. 115
    wonky Says:

    Katie– poor middle child, learned well how to cheat people out of their hard earned money. She has scammed her doctors, Jon, her parents back, church members, the public, friends, elderly, fans and her children. Now TLC scams her.

  116. 116
    nepatsfan Says:

    As long as magazines give her covers and folks buy those magazines, reality “stars” like Kate Gosslin will continue to bore and aggravate those of us who feel there is nothng “star like” about these people. She has no talent whatsoeve except the ability to self promote…and she has been and still is using her kids to spotlight herself.
    There are lots of single moms who work very hard in honest, real, everyday jobs and do their very best each day to put their children first. Kate needs to get a reality check…no pun intended.. and stop pushing herself at the public. GO AWAY KATE!!!!

  117. 117
    rhonda Says:

    some of the comments are interesting, a girl named Jamie? bobby deen? I don’t think Paula’s son would be interested in that hag, anyway I hope not!

  118. 118
    notbusy Says:

    She looks great. Now that Jon has showed the world what a loser he is, Kate can hold her head up high and move on with no regrets. I understand now why she had no patience with him. I don’t know how she lived with him for 10 years. Look at the mess going on now with him accusing his girlfriend of trashing his apartment. Jon is a mess. Kate is a strong woman. I do believe a lot of the hate comments online are coming from Jon. He’s jealous because Kate has things going on and he can’t buy a job.

  119. 119
    duh Says:

    Why do you think she got hair extensions? To buy PR and snuff those pesky rumors about her and Jamie. Kate needs to buy a job since she blew the talk show opportunity. Woman wants people to think she is the best mom since the Virgin Mary, but she cannot walk the walk.

    “Sixes love to dress up and pretend they are somebody else….”

    CAN DO KATE, KATE CLEAN SLATE………..NARCISSISTIC KATE Kate said she was the forgotten middle child, never getting attention…sounds like a six year old.

  120. 120
    April Says:

    Honey, if you are going to do extensions…….make sure they don’t look like you bought them at the local dollar store……if she had gone better quality if would look cute, but what she has there is not hot!

  121. 121
    Susan G. Says:

    Her fame was her children. No children?, sorry no more fame. She has nothing to offer.
    and Clean slate? She’s more like a blank slate.

  122. 122
    sara Says:

    -anyone who has seen pap picks of her without make-up, bleecch. she looks to be 45+.stress has caught up with her.
    - they must have really laboured over these photos

  123. 123
    Lulei Says:

    I was hoping that the general public has seen the last of this broad. She would run down Main Street buck naked if she thought she would get her picture in the news. Go AWAY. TAKE YOUR BRATS AND GET OUT OF SIGHT. TAKE CARE OF YOUR UNHAPPY KIDS. YOU HAD EM, NOW DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  124. 124
    nfiuq Says:

    omg they look really cute

  125. 125
    Pathetic Says:

    The woman has had her taste of fame and she’ll never give up the pursuit of more.
    The very last thing she wants is to stay home with her children and be their mom.
    It’s fun to watch her desperation though.

  126. 126
    Annie Says:

    They shoud add the word “attention wh*re” to the dictionary and print her picture next to it!….This woman is so desperate, it’s just pathetic. It’s a shame that she is a mother!!

  127. 127
    Jazmin Says:

    I don’t think she did this for attention. When you get dumped for a younger woman you want to feel like you look good still. It’s depressing. She probably just needed a boost after all the pics of Jon with other pretty woman. Also keep in mind she still has to support her kids. She hasn’t had a real job in years and if I had no job and someone offered me money to pose for a magazine I definately would.

  128. 128
    KC Says:

    Honeslty, it makes her look cheap. It is an embarrassment.

  129. 129
    KateFan! Says:

    Just cut it out with all the mean comments. If you all honestly dont care that she’s back on a cover? then don’t comment! But you do! Cuz you obviously do care if your going to waste time to give this a reaction. Kate doesnt harrasss you about the way you live your lives. And stop holding her to a double standard. I am sure that hardly any of you spend ALL your TIME AND MONEY on your kids! It’s complete BS to expect so much from her. Just let her live her life. Kate has an amazing opportunity here to provide for her children by doing showbiz and staying home with them. Can you imagine what it would be like if she was a nurse and had to provide for her kids. SHE WOULD NEVER SEE THEM. And maybe that’s why most kids these days. The kids that most people raise are rotten, immoral, irresponisble, immature little bratts. Because there parents don’t invest squat in there lives they just drop them off at day care and expect them to turn out okay when there 18. Have you ever considered that maybe they don’t need that new iPod. Maybe it would be better for you all to actually contribute into investing into your children’s live’s like Kate has and is doing with her children and we ALL got to see that on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The mojority of you are all selfish morans. You expect so much of celebritys when you yourselves don’t even come close to meeting any of those standards you hold them to as if you somehow have any right to tell another human being how to live. I know this won’t make a difference and that people like you will continue to this same thing over and over but I felt I should say this to let whoever is reading this know that there are still sane people in this world. As for Kate’s hair there is another shot of her if you google it where her hair looks absolutley STUNNING! she’s wearing a gold dress I beleive. This shot is not so flattering but I bet this was purposley done to help stir up a negative response. Anywhoo. to the original question that was posted. I like her hair. Not that it’s any of my buisness but I do. And I’m happy that she is happy. I mean what kind of vile evil person would deny Kate happiness. Or look down on her for being happy……oh wait. About 3/4 of the people commenting. lol
    -Happy Reading-

  130. 130
    Elise Says:

    Why do we care about HER HAIR — But since it’s all over everywhere — I think it looks like awful — Maybe that’s just a bad photo — She looks better with short hair — just not her previous short hair cut. UGH — Aren’t we done w/the Gosselins yet???

  131. 131
    Elise Says:


  132. 132
    Courtney Utley Says:

    HOTT! I love her, she is such a great role model!

  133. 133
    Cape May Grandmom Says:

    ewe is right! Please Kate – enough already. You are not a celebrity. You didn’t do anything that requires any talent. I admire the new TLC family on Table for 10, the Hayes family. A real family, not trekking all over the U.S.A. on free trips. I feel sorry for Kate’s kids not having parents interested enough to stay home with them.

  134. 134
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    why r magazines continuing 2 feed this famewhore’s appetite?
    i was seriously hoping she’d never been mention again after her showed ended, but this bitzch is still here!!
    and she looks fugs with the that hair, dont like it when chicks wear extensions, be proud of ur hair even if it’s short, 99% of the times it looks better than some weave shiz

  135. 135
    Gail Says:

    People are jealous of her. Why knock someone like that? I mean really. The woman looks great and even if “you” do not think she does, why knock her for liking it? People do not like things about themselves so they find it easier to put down others..???? Is that what makes you all feel better about your own short comings as a human?

    How do we know that she is not a good Mother?? We do not personally know her so why assume she is not a good Mother? White Trash?? That does not look white trash to me, I am thinking it is the real white trash folks out there that are bashing her.. Insane..All of the haters need to take a good look at themselves as a human.. Take a real good look at yourself in the mirror..

  136. 136
    amy Says:

    wow. she looks great. i like the longer hair. i can’t believe you negative people. everyone hated her old hair. geeeze leave her alone lol. it took her years to transform her looks. if i was on tv i would fix my looks too. she is just trying to make the best of her situation. if i could get paid to go on a magazine i would. they probably paid for her hair!! i would much rather see kate on here than those stupid kardashian girls or kendra. what have they done to deserve more respect than kate. NOTHING but be fame whores. kate at least does it to continue the life they had before the divorce.

  137. 137
    Donna Says:

    Kate Gosselin acts as if she’s the first one in the world to have multiples. Wasn’t it the norm back in the day to have 7, 8, 9, + kids? You didn’t see those parents go on magazine covers…

    man, i used to love her and the show but my respect has been going down for her since the truths of their “reality show” have been revealed. Her nasty attitude is just a glimpse of what her manipulative personality is really like. I do give her balls though on being so ballsy. I guess it’s true what they say, if you really believe and imagine yourself and know your dreams will come true, it will happen. In this situation, this media ***** has been on numerous magazines covers, interviews…and it’s all the same material: the “pity me, i’m a victim” talk, “i will do what’s best for my kids and they go first” bit, and the “we’re handling this privately”.

    I don’t understand kate lovers…i’m sure they’re middle children of their famliies wanting revenge and glory, insecure and low self esteem women, dramatic & high maintinence women who be-little men, or victims of “cheating” in relationships…

  138. 138
    dawne Says:

    OMG…………is she still here? What is the matter with People??? Another rag catering to the lowest common denominator???
    This fame ho giveS J. Aniston a run for her money on the fame ho side of life. Those extensions were for a large male Afghan dog, no?


    There is not one sexy thing about this narcissistic shrew; good luck with the ‘dating’ Khate. Putting up with you is one thing, but eight kids, that, lady, is a load of baggage no guy will touch unless he wants to hitch his wagon to the Media Ho Express.

  139. 139
    farmgrl Says:

    Worried about who paid for it? People Mag or TLC paid for the makeover. This is just a precursor for the new show TLC will undoubtedly launch in the spring. Just another freebie for Katie Irene!

  140. 140
    troll Says:

    #129 KateFan!….”selfish morans” , “mojority” etc. etc.
    instant loss of credibility
    but really,we worked hard for that retarded outburst

  141. 141
    MVDCT Says:

    Kate before hair extension = the hottest woman in America.
    Kate after hair extensions = # 7,343,049 on the list

  142. 142
    seriously Says:

    I think it is a photoshopped cover myself. If not, someone should be shot….she loooks horrific.

  143. 143
    duh Says:

    People are sick of Kate Gosselin’s sense of entitlement and “woe is me” on every damn talk show, whining how lonely and broke she is….there are nurses everywhere busting their butts to support their kids and can only dream of of the things Gosselin takes for GRANTED. America is tired of Kate’s BS. Tired of TLC’s shoving her down our throats, tired of tabloids trying to get hits and People magazine kissing her ****. I’m talking to you, Kate Coyne.
    Kevin and Jon aren’t around to take the abuse and heat for Katie Irene anymore, I guess that falls on Steve’s shoulder. Good luck with that. Poor kids to have such a self-adsorbed, fame wh*re mother. Man up, Kate!

  144. 144
    Iris Says:

    Just something else that’s fake about Kate. Kate only cares about Kate. I can’t wait till the Gosselin children write their books about “mommy dearest.”

  145. 145
    LGodiva Says:

    I just wonder how many Barbies were sacrificed for that hideous do – as in “do-NOT”!

  146. 146
    LGodiva Says:


    I did and I look MAH-VE-LOUS Dahling. And I paid for all of it myself with the money I earned ON MY OWN.

  147. 147
    Traci Ann Says:

    Mid-life crisis? It is a non-professional look for her! Next thing we’ll hear is that she is caught snorting coke or something!

  148. 148
    trashywomen Says: Since Rachel and Kate share the same wonkiness, offers from Playboy and taste in hooker-type clothes..maybe they could become friends. They both are two of the most hated women in America.

  149. 149
    proKate Says:

    I think Kate needs a fresh start, and for all the people that say she needs to stop trying to get her 15 min. of fame….really, how long has it been since she has been in the spot light UNLIKE John…..she is a mother and takes very good care of her kids! Oh BTW her hair is beautiful :)

  150. 150
    Elainesc5 Says:

    It’s really, really BAD. Why would anyone want to look like Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

  151. 151
    dan Says:

    are you people jealous much?? didnt any of you so called moms ever have a babysitter for your kids??? maybe her lazy ass ex husband is spending some time with his kids. there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to take care of herself. why don’t you get on every womens case who is tanning and having her nails done? that would probably include at least have of you on here. personally, i think she looks great!

  152. 152
    pevans01 Says:

    Well Dan, if it looked half-way decent I’d say it was worth 20 hrs but this clearly looks like she had the kids cut the hair off their Barbies and paste it on. BTW Dan, .
    Maybe you can be a contest on her dating show. Just be sure to leave your man parts at the end of the driveway

  153. 153
    FattyPie Says:

    # 85 Donna @ 01/06/2010 at 2:10 pm I don’t think women (and men) hate Kate Gosselin because they’re “jealous”. Women are natural nurturers ; it’s simply biological and psychological. When we see someone of our gender mistreat or have a lack of “motherly love” (for ex: putting herself before her kids, conditional love, etc…) it really bothers us. Kate is all talk and SAYS she puts her kids first but look at her actions – that’s what really counts. Also, she’s like that middle child who doesn’t get any attention and when she does, gloats more than she needs to, rubs it in your face, and is furthur motivated by their insecure motives – men are capable of doing this as well and if kate was guy, i’m sure men and women would hate him as they hate her now.
    Women are not “jealous” or “hatin” on kate gosselin for those reasons you claim. Look at Michelle Obama – she’s THE FIRST LADY and although she does go on media outlets and publications, she is a mother first and you can tell it’s what she does. That’s who we admire – a lady who has EARNED where she has gotten today through hardwork, a classy woman who does her job with grace, and a mother who does not neglect her children

    Bravo Donna!

  154. 154
    longchamp Says:

    what the hell was her ‘stylist’ thinking!!? those short pieces over her ears make it look like the back part was just sorta tacked on as an afterthought!

    ….hasn’t this famewh*re’s show been canceled or something already?

  155. 155
    darala Says:


    Does anyone knowhow much it might cost to have that kind of work done on your hair?

  156. 156
    MJam Says:

    I LOVE it!!! I am not too much of a fan, of the show and all but I do know of her and I think she looks great much younger and less down and out! You GO KATE!!!

  157. 157
    chris Says:

    In response to a previous poster who was wondering why it’s okay for Kendra and Kourtney to have babies and it’s not okay for Kate Gosselin. Uhhh, let me think……maybe because they’re NOT *******??? Oh yeah, and maybe because they only have one baby at a time. You know, instead of popping them out like Pez candies.
    Wake up Kate Gosselin, you’re an aging hag trying to look hot. News alert: it’s not working. Miss Piggy wears her weave better than you.

  158. 158
    Britney Says:


  159. 159
    Cathleen Says:

    It seems like TLC should “sell” Kate to Bravo. Then she could move to Orange County and be one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. She is looking more and more like those OJ *****.

  160. 160
    Mariam Says:

    Love it…looks great!

  161. 161
    Mariam Says:

    looks great!

  162. 162
    oy Says:

    The only way extensions could help this woman is if they used them to sew her nagging, b-itchy mouth shut.

  163. 163
    RACHEL Says:

    Whoa. Looked at the pic before the headline? Totally thought it was Tara Reid trying to make another comeback. Doesn’t say much for the “makeover.” Yikes.

  164. 164
    LolaSvelt Says:

    They really put this ugly hag on the cover to talk about her new hairdo, which is also ugly.

  165. 165
    extra wide baby gate Says:

    uugghhh I simply can’t stand her… I don’t even understand why they focus so much on that couple…

  166. 166
    Spangles Says:

    Yawn for the pseudo-celeb capable of absolutely NOTHING but making babies and looking like trailer-trash.

  167. 167
    bbsak Says:

    She looks ridiculous! That hairstyle is for someone 10 years younger with a completely different lifestyle. She’s a mom of 8 with no talent for tv or movies and used up her 15 minutes a long time ago. It’s ridiculous People wasted the cover on her.

  168. 168
    bbsak Says:

    Abby, you’re right; the cover does look like a spoof — in fact, when I look at it I laugh at what looks like a very poor job of photoshopping. IMO, all their work backfired – she looks cheap, trashy, and like the narcissistic fame seeker she is.

  169. 169
    Oy Says:

    She totally looks like Tara Reid!

  170. 170
    hello Says:

    I don’t like it if my opinion counts. It has a mullet look to it.
    Like the Girls Next Door look..
    I do feel for the kids. I don’t know what she’s doing. I guess trying to pay the bills.

  171. 171
    Aspen Says:

    Give the woman a break….8 kids is a lot!! and maybe she needs this to get over the fact that her husband left her for a 22 year old woman…if this is what she needs to do then good for her! Nobody gives Angelina and Brad hell for having a pile of children and having nannys look after them….

  172. 172
    Chef Jacke Says:

    Meds would probably have a better effect!

  173. 173
    anon Says:

    Her extensions might be long but not sexy or even attractive. They are about equal with Britney’s often poorly looking done weaves…but at least Ms B has some talent (some) and real money making ability to make up for it. Please stop covering this woman until she has a reason to object to being papped or covered. Realty check Kate if Angelina Jolie showed up in the same area the paps would knock you over to get to her in a heart beat so spare us the “please leave me alone!” BS.

  174. 174
    anon Says:

    BTW…also spare me the assumption that Im in some way jealous of Ms Gosselin. Please. Intelligen adults can have an opinion without the basis being hatered or jealousy.

  175. 175
    claudia Says:

    she looks so young it fits her

  176. 176
    Ms. Anon Says:

    Yep, she looks so young….LMAO!!

    Check her out where she isn’t photoshopped and sans make-up. Still think she is so young? Kate puts the make-up on with a putty knife.

  177. 177
    asiansdatingsite Says:

    She should date asian men

  178. 178
    nutkate Says:

    Who cares! She should go take care of her 8 kids.

  179. 179
    Catsup Says:

    I don’t watch reality shows so never saw her and Jon in their Kate and Jon makes eight.. Looking at her here she looks a thousand times better than she did with the shorter do.
    I have always noticed from her pics she has a nice thick head of hair so she wouldn’t have a problem deciding on a style and letting it grow in or out ontill she is satisfied with a particular hairstyle.
    I think she has more brains than the husband and will end up being the MAIn caretaker to those children.

  180. 180
    marie Says:

    What did they do with her jowls and double chin?

  181. 181
    anumi Says:

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  182. 182
    kay Says:

    Kate Gosselin needs to get over herself. No one care what her hair looks like. She needs to stop with the photoshoots and publicity stunts and actually take care of her kids. And she needs to stop making herself sound like a martyr, because I know a family with ten kids living on one income and their mom has cancer. So just go away Kate Gosselin!!!!!!!!

  183. 183
    Sheri Says:

    Maybe because I’m so used to her with the short hair, but that new hairdo looks so fake. You can actually see where her shorter, natural hair ends and the “new” hair begins….it’s even a different colour. Poor job on the weave/extensions.

  184. 184
    Julie Perry Says:

    It’s dumb…makes her look dumb…she should just let her own hair grow out naturally and quit styling it the way she has, if she wants a change…geeez. Put a cap on, but don’t do this! It looks so stupid and I’m a fan of hers!

  185. 185
    Former Kate Fan Says:

    NOT. They look terrible and fake. You can tell where the new and natural hair begin and end. A stab at a new Weave isn’t going to bring her back!!! She is getting desperate for attention. Enough with the magazine covers!

  186. 186
    Casey Says:

    I think she’s nuts and a total fameho but she does look pretty.

  187. 187
    hedda Says:

    It looks a damn sight better than the reverse mullet she sported for ages. Big NO on that.

  188. 188
    nojokeva Says:

    Hey Kate,

    There are plenty of women who have divorced for one reason or another, with children and have got along just fine. Get over it, move on and grow up. You are an attention seeker, all the way.

  189. 189
    TEAM KATE!!! Says:

    Kate looks Grreeeeaaat!

    Team Kate forever, baby!

  190. 190
    runnersmatch Says:

    She looks amazing

  191. 191
    Sam Says:


    Sounds more like one of your bedroom fantasies. I don’t think Kate is interested, though.

  192. 192
    JoMom Says:

    Looks nice.
    A side note: I wonder; why do people look as these articles then complain that they don’t want to see these articles.. One would think the complaining people would learn to skip these links.
    It is even more mind boggling to understand why these same complaining people, who don’t want to read these articles, will take the time to make a comment and share how they dislike these articles.
    Go Figure.

  193. 193
    Lynn Says:

    HOT! Kate looks great and I’m glad that she is staying positive and determined to get on with her life! Why does she get so much flack for wanting to work? Her new work has nothing to do with her children. Also she’s not a bad and neglectful mom if she doesn’t name drop her children every two second.

  194. 194
    Karen Says:

    It looks like they glued fake hair on the back of her head. Fake as anything.

  195. 195
    chloe!!! Says:

    Atleast it looks better than what she had.

  196. 196
    Jennifer Says:

    I think that this is a great photo of Kate and her blonde hair extensions are a great refreshing look for her! I think that even though she is a Mom, she is a woman always and she has to have a life too, she has alot on her plate and it is a miracle that she can even function under all of this pressure and criticism. Jon is the villain, not Kate so let her be, it is not for us to judge her life, I say just let her live it her way.

  197. 197
    pony boy Says:

    take them off u look ugly with those on. you need to be spending time with the kids and spend some money on them. it seems like they are geting left out from you and jon. you say its all jons fault, but is it. In the long run it yours to.STOP wasting your and the KIDS $ on yourself. you sould know by now that your 8 yes 8 kids come way before you do with your new hair and cloths.

  198. 198
    smallest 1 Says:

    You look ok but do you realy need them. NO you dont you do not look any thing like yourself you are trying to be some one that you are not. you need to stop trying to get a man by chaning the way that you look. and spend time with your kids not just a few of them all 8 of them. In kat make it more than a hour or two. make it a whole day. spend the weekend with them. try to do this to STOP blaming all of this on JON. it is not just his fault it is both of yours. you say he spent all of your money on a house for him. if that is true where do you keep getting all the money for your new cloths that are not cheap by any means and your new hair styles all the time cause that aint cheap either. go out with the kids all 8 just you and the kids. have fun with them

  199. 199
    whatadrag Says:

    After seeing this photo, I guess it would take 20+ hours to make her look better. Remember the sosugary pics are the real Kate.

  200. 200
    whatadrag Says:

    Kate loves to go out shopping and be photographed with the bigger girls. Sometimes she even takes Madie and Cara with her.

  201. 201
    Karlea Says:

    I agree with # 21!!! Jon was a big, fat, jerkface, A-hole and she deserves a new start, and she looks great with this new haircut!!!

  202. 202
    barbee Says:

    Since the weevil weaves are already in the mag, why hasn’t she been seen on her daily jaunts with the new ‘doo’(fus) hair? Or being typical Kate did she find out on the blogs that the general consensus is they look stoooooopid and rip them out (the heck with the cost that TLC surely paid). Money means nothing since SHE doesn’t earn it. I hope she learns someday that no matter what she does to her facade, it is still just that, a facade! When you’re ugly inside, you can’t hide it by painting the outside. It always leaches out (she should be familiar with leaching).

  203. 203
    B White Says:

    Kate a pet just add water

  204. 204
    Nicole Says:

    She looks horrible! They look so fake! I wish she would go away, so sick of her!

  205. 205
    Faye Says:

    I think her hair looks great!! But I do agree more that she needs to concentrate on the children and the way life is for them now. But I think the change is good, now just give it time to grow out, lots cheaper. Coming from a mom with 5 children, w/ Long hair (naturally) no extensions. I will say that it changes her looks and she does not look as mean with the longer hair. That was her and his problem, she was controlling and mean. My hubbie and I have been married for 32 years . I would never even think about talking him down like she always did on TV. No woman will ever keep a man by doing that. Of course it did not give him an excuse to run around on her either. (part of his problem was being a mamas boy too!) Anyway, A real Man or Woman would never do that to their spouse.
    I am just sad for the children, they are the ones who suffer and will grow up to resent both parents one day if things do not change drastically. I HOPE both parents will grow up real soon for their childrens sake. But she does deserve to go out and try to look better. But $7,000.00!!! , when in 6 months with lots of vitamins etc.. her hair could have been decently long without the extensions. I think of all the hurting folks out there that are loosing houses, can’t get enough food for their families, had no christmas gifts for their kids, and she is spending that much to look good! OH WELL!!!! Kate, just be decent , focus on your kids and don’t worry about hollywood right now!! And next man you get, treat him like a man and not one of your children, even if he occasionally acts like one. But we women can be babies sometimes to and remember that.

  206. 206
    Lesa Says:

    I love her hair. It makes her look for feminine. She is a beautiful lady and a wonderful mother!

  207. 207
    cathy miller Says:

    does her new do change her witchy personality. her short hair was bad enough but the new hair is worse. dosnt she hav better things to spend money on, like food for her children?

  208. 208
    Irish Says:

    @becca: I totally agree with Paula and Becca. They Hayes’ have 10 kids and one is a special needs child. All seem to be well taken care of and loved, not vying for attention like the Gosselins. What a rude awakening the Gosselin kids are going to have when the REAL world catches up to them.

  209. 209
    kat Says:

    The hair looks good however $7000.00. Thats hard to swallow when we see so many suffering families. If Kate wants to do ” Reality” that is her choice. I will say she needs to stop saying “I do it to support my kids” line. If she would just say it pays well and the perks are great. I think she would devolp more respect from people. She wants a big house, nice cars and opportunites. Dont we all want that. Why are we so critical with her. I think after a divorce you want to look good, Most of us lose 10lbs. and buy a new outfit. Kate spends 7k on her hair. Yeah! sounds shallow. Anyway, her kids are cared for and we are not paying her rent or bills so do we really have the right to be so critical. Personally, I would of spent the money differently. Yes it is sad that she didnt think of things like How many kids need wheelchairs or how may kids went to bed without dinner? Yes, the $7000.00 could of been better spent but it is her money and her choice. As Kate matures I think she will think differently and realize that pretty is as pretty does.

  210. 210
    2tall Says:

    My mother had 16 children and when my father left her sh did not go crying around for people to feel sorry for her. She got a job and worked very hard toraise us. I think Kate now looks like Jon’s girlfriend! There are 2 sides to every story and quite frankly, I have had enough of both sides!!

  211. 211
    ilove-Kate plus 8 Says:

    stop the mean comments guys your all just jelous why dont u people go look in the mirror she deserves it.she is on the right track to a new life with her beautiful kids excpeciallly aiden he is so adorable. All though all of her kids are. i cant wait till your newshow comes out Kate Plus 8 omg i cant wait…!!!!! well kate i hope you get the best for you and your kids..I cant wait for your new show!!!

  212. 212
    Donna Ball Says:

    Years ago, I was a single mother of 2. There is life after divorce ! Give the lady a break, she did earn a salary on Kate plus 8, and she can darn well do what she wants with it. Kate, what I saw was a frugal person with coupons cutting. Do not be so judgemental about people remember the saying abut people in glass houses ? She has a heart, and does a great job with her kids. I do not know anyone with 8 kids, I had only 2 and it was a struggle. Please let the lady pamper herself, since she is the caregiver, and always has been, I have no comment on her ex. He will regret this one day, I know this for a fact, since my divorce was over 35 yrs ago, my ex regrets it.

  213. 213
    Donna Ball Says:


    I agree with you totally. I do think there are those that are so jealous. Let her get on with her life, and she looks great with long locks. Please pray for those who vomit out all these negative comments, again its the green eyed monster syndrome. If TLC paid for so be it, she was employed by them for 6 years or so.

  214. 214
    Donna Ball Says:


    Dahh…that is why you have a remote for your TV. Or get your lazy butt up and change the channel. This includes anything on TV that you do not approve of, change the channel. That is called ” Ratings” and this show has been on for so long, apparently they had good ratings. So again use your remote instead of your mouth.

  215. 215
    Donna Ball Says:

    @TEAM KATE!!!:

    #190 I agree with you, and many other positive commets !!

  216. 216
    Jessica Says:

    @Kate + Mothering Classes:

    Stop being ahhhh HATER… Kate looks amazing with her new look.. You wish you looked like her so stop commenting garbage online..

  217. 217
    Jessica Says:

    Kate looks amazing!!! funny how there’s a bunch of F**king haters here.. Be happy for her, she’s moving on after they cheated on her and yea she’s a mother of 8 beautiful kids and am proud that she’s moving on in life… She’s a great mom and a great WOMEN.. so before judging someone look at yourself..

  218. 218
    shaydarade Says:

    okay im sick of everyone calling her a diva!!!! she and jon got a divorce, right? so why does that make her the bad guy?? she did nothing wrong!!! shes just a divorced 34 year old who loves her kids more than the world. so what if she wanted to continue the show? she did it for the kids. and now she quit it for the kids! its about the kids! not the fame!!! anyone who is a true fan of the show can see that she’s in it for her children and nothing else. the press and magazines are just looking 4 anything to make $$$ off of her by makeing her look bad! i personaly think she is a wonderful mom!!!

    and as for the hair, i say it looks great!!!

  219. 219
    Celeb Watcher Says:

    She looks good. Too bad about her personality. Stop going for surface things and work at being a better person.

  220. 220
    OMG! Shut up low lifes Says:

    You people really need to get a hobby you obviously dont know what its like to be cheated on I totally get why kate wants to change her appearance she wants to try and make herself feel better and trying to move on with her life and start over and try to forget that man that she was married to for a decade and dated for however long it was before marriage its time for her to move on and the extentions look nice on her but maybe getting better quality extentions would benifit her even more i would know because im a cosmetologist

  221. 221
    MiddleGround Says:

    It baffles me to read comments from all of you who hate Kate and think she needs to quote ” go away”. If you dont like her so much and wish she’d go away, why do you take the time to bash her, or read the stories? If you want her to go away, ignore her.

  222. 222
    Carol Says:

    Heard a little of her being her complaing self while getting the extentions. No change in the personality, which makes her still a rude, self,centered person. Maybe she could just get a pole & make some money.

  223. 223
    BoomBoom Says:


    I totally agree with Sadie! You people that think having children requires you to give up your life and stop taking care of yourself are ridiculous! There is *NOTHING* wrong with taking time to take care of YOURSELF, and just because you take the time to take care of yourself and look good does NOT IN ANYWAY make you a negligent parent! Kate looks AMAZING as always!!!

  224. 224
    Greeneyes32 Says:

    Uhm…where were her kids for the 20 hours it took to do this! More upkeep? Where will she find the time with 8 kids…I barely have time with 3!

  225. 225
    Hanna02 Says:

    WOW! Those look great, she looks so DIFFERENT, crazy.. shut up all you guys that are making fun of her, shes trying to start over, get off her back. I think she looks great! lata hatas

  226. 226
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  227. 227
    Kelly Says:

    I think she looks great! A definate HOT!

  228. 228
    platforme Says:

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