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Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions to help kick off the new year!

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom tells People. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life… I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate.”

Kate Clean Slate!!!

“I’m rebuilding,” adds Kate, who wore a purple Rebecca Taylor on the cover. “There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new longer ‘do — HOT or NOT?

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  • becca

    I agree, Paula. “Table for 12″ shows real parents that put family/friends first…not spa-ing, tans, fake nails, cars, clothes or fame-wh0ring #1. When Betty Hayes has a get together with her girlfriends, 50 showed up. How many friends does Kate have, she ran them all off or used them before discarding. The Hayes aren’t neurotic or narcissistic like the Gosselins either.

  • NOT

    A definite vote for NOT! She looked much better with the short do; this is NOT attractive on her at all.

  • flo

    On the local news they said it took 20 hours to make kate look this good, I think a plastic bag over her head would have been better.
    It is a real shame she does not spend the time with her kids and shut her pie hole about how they are handling all of this mess.

  • Sam

    Oh lord – what next from this scrunt? She does look like white trash – glad she’s using her kid’s money to pssss away on herself – again …as usual!

  • barbee

    Hey #43, don’t you know if you just put your puking kid on the laundry room floor you could be out doing the important stuff like tanning, mani/pedi, Starbucks, and now the extensions. That mess looks like a wig that is too small for her big head. Does she NEVER look in a mirror? Everything she tries is looking worse and worser, pretty soon it will be worstish! Does she NOT know that look is okay for onstage if you are a rock star (she’s more like a rock than star). It is NOT a good look for the 34, almost 35 year old mother of twins and tups (you know, that whole bunch, gaggle, flock, herd, whatever of kids she has at the home they worked for with the not-a-nannies). WHO is giving her all this bad advice as to what she should be doing? There is an old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, well, we’d like her out of sight because she’s out of her mind. Say Bye, Katie Irene. The next old saying I want to hear re her is “Kate has left the building” (sorry, Elvis).

  • kendra

    Really?–They are trying to mass market a woman who is disliked by most; who has a small following of lonely women. It’s doomed to failure, people know too much about her at this point..

  • Lauren

    Kate, go away. People don’t care what length her hair is. Who is feeding this woman with the notion that people actually care about her. She is a no talent fame wh*re who is famous because she has a clown car uterus.

  • Ashlee

    Kate looks like crap. She can change her looks all she wants, but she still is crazy Kate. I wouldn’t doubt that she will take fertility drugs again. Kate needs to go away, forever.

  • http://justjared deke

    Noooooooo. She and Jon need to be regular parents and disappear from the limelight. Just go away!!!

  • Shakira


  • dani

    Geez, can’t PEOPLE find someone better to put on the cover. Not buying this issue.

  • rhonda

    please, just go the —- away!

  • VanM

    Kate you look Great long hair…. short hair…doesn’t matter you are a beautiful woman….

  • whatadrag

    Her fake hair now goes with her fake boobs and fake smile. When has she ever smiled like that around her children. ONLY for the camera. Too bad she didn’t spend the money to fix her wonky eye.

  • Kates Support Fans

    Love you Kate!! You look fantastic! All those haters are just jealous slobs.. You go girl!!

  • Me

    @Bluddo: I agree, but in Farrah’s defense, she’s 17 or 18 with 1 new baby whereas Kate is 36+ with eight. Kate should know better.

  • whatadrag

    What would make Kate think she has to deal with Jon’s drama. She filed for and received a divorce. Now she is after Bobby Deen – she really does have big DREAMS. Bobby on the other hand is having nightmares.

  • No BO for Me


    LOL it’s not just you!

  • TikiTommy

    Honestly she has always been verry pretty. Shes always been quite high maintenance Hair , nails , tan etc etc but she looks good especially after getting all that flab cut off her belly and ass. So its all been worth it. Now she looks hotter than she ever has in her life but one problem. You know shes going to open her mouth and speak sometime. Its her big mouth and bad attitude that ruins her.

  • Ava rose

    okay, let me get this straight: she gets front cover of a magazine for getting hair extensions?! That’s really what it is people – the “i’m starting over” headline has been her excuse for the past few months?! She’s been on “larry king”, “the today show”, magazines covers preaching how much of a victim she is, how her kids come first and foremost, and how she’s starting over.


  • Paula

    I’m speechless – that is one of the ugliest hairstyles ever. I did not think anything could be as awful as Kate’s porcupine style, but I was wrong.

  • susan

    She looks amazing! I was no fan on her old hairstyle, but she’s always been a gorgeous woman.

  • Rachel


  • Celebwatcher

    her hair needs more volume. Not a good look Kate.

  • Lillianne

    BLEAH!!!! Go away Kate. Nothing you can do will repair your image as a shrew.

  • itstrueagain

    She looks ridiculous. Your weave isn’t supposed to look like a weave, or worse a wig–and hers does. No matter what she does to mask her body, her lousy personality shines thru. Her poor children will be writing books someday, for sure!

  • teri

    You go Kate, you so deserve to be happy in your new life without the slob and deadbeat. You look great with long hair, takes at least ten years off your age. Please don’t listen to these hags berating you, they are jealous haters with no one one to love them.

  • BettyJean Jo

    Oh I agree teri . If ‘n you kant like sumone then yuse are jellus of ‘em, like my step-foster mother always said.

  • RaisedGreatKids

    Can’t WAIT until her success crushes Jon! Go Kate Go!

  • Lauren

    I love Kate, but those extensions look like a mullet. Grow you your hair for real. Even if it’s just chin length.

  • melanie

    If we listened to what Kate has told us about being a single parent, not having any money–and being one myself with 3 kids–how does she have the time and money for all this pampering and travel? Between work, parenting and the guilt of not being there enough about does me in—there are NO DATES, you don’t even think of such things. She has 8 kids. I think everything she has said has been for the cameras, I feel foolish for ever watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, it was all scripted and lies.

  • lisa

    How about a children’s show for Kate? Starring Red Spoon who beats butt when mommy gets aggravated and distracted from her “career ”
    : b

  • connie

    please make this bitch go.away.

  • hired help

    That wig is the closest Kate has gotten to a mop in 5 years.

  • Donna

    I don’t think women (and men) hate Kate Gosselin because they’re “jealous”. Women are natural nurturers ; it’s simply biological and psychological. When we see someone of our gender mistreat or have a lack of “motherly love” (for ex: putting herself before her kids, conditional love, etc…) it really bothers us. Kate is all talk and SAYS she puts her kids first but look at her actions – that’s what really counts. Also, she’s like that middle child who doesn’t get any attention and when she does, gloats more than she needs to, rubs it in your face, and is furthur motivated by their insecure motives – men are capable of doing this as well and if kate was guy, i’m sure men and women would hate him as they hate her now.

    Women are not “jealous” or “hatin” on kate gosselin for those reasons you claim. Look at Michelle Obama – she’s THE FIRST LADY and although she does go on media outlets and publications, she is a mother first and you can tell it’s what she does. That’s who we admire – a lady who has EARNED where she has gotten today through hardwork, a classy woman who does her job with grace, and a mother who does not neglect her children.

  • butface

    not a big fan but she looks good sorry but she does.

  • Ronda

    Ok this is just sad….Not cute at all. NEXT!!

  • cc

    Want a fresh start Kate? start praying for reincarnation in another life. You’ve been exposed. The act is old and tired.

  • Praise Be

    It’s another Photoshop miracle !

  • Joanne

    LOL! Does she think she is Britney Spears now? She needs a REALLY GOOD THERAPIST!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Melaine,you ARE making it and you are going to make it.

    It seems to me most peopl eare sick of Kate,Jon and the 8.
    I never watched the show.

    Kate and Jon are like herpes,they keep popping up.
    Enough.Jon is broke.A silly mess. Kate is a fame wh’ore.

    I hope this cover sells the least for People.

    Nice airbrushed photoshopped pic.I agree with who said People mag is really going down.

  • gtca

    def not jealous of that florence henderson mullet inspired…thing.

  • whatadrag

    #84 tooooo funny!!!!
    Really, did someone actually tell her that hair looks good?

  • razzle dazzle

    I love the longer hair. I think Kate is great. She’s been through a lot and she’s trying to go on with her life. More power to you, Kate! And I hope she doesn’t read the tabloids. People are vicious.

  • flo

    Dis she get that wig from Kim of the Real Housewives of Atlantaot does she want to be the first Real Housewife of PA?

  • whatadrag

    Kate doesn’t read the tabloids. She has people to do that and make positive comments about how great she looks in a 18 year old hair style. Hooker heels, low cut tops, a bad wig and 8, yes I said 8, children – just the kind of woman every Mom wants their son to bring home!!!!!

  • Tara the cat

    Go Kate kept your cool through Jon boys antics..go for it girl..
    and dont let the door hit anyone who gets in your way…jealous haters included.

  • monica43

    the word “Drag Queen” comes to mind…………………….

    oh, and if i want to see real families and real parents, I will look at my own, thank you very much, not some losers who choose to put their and their kids’ business all over television for money and fame.

  • D

    you can take the gal outta the coal regions, but you can never take the coal regions outta the gal…

  • Spund

    About the only thing relevant about this woman is that the world does not need people to be having 8 frickin kids!