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Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions to help kick off the new year!

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom tells People. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life… I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate.”

Kate Clean Slate!!!

“I’m rebuilding,” adds Kate, who wore a purple Rebecca Taylor on the cover. “There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new longer ‘do — HOT or NOT?

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228 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!”

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  1. 126
    Annie Says:

    They shoud add the word “attention wh*re” to the dictionary and print her picture next to it!….This woman is so desperate, it’s just pathetic. It’s a shame that she is a mother!!

  2. 127
    Jazmin Says:

    I don’t think she did this for attention. When you get dumped for a younger woman you want to feel like you look good still. It’s depressing. She probably just needed a boost after all the pics of Jon with other pretty woman. Also keep in mind she still has to support her kids. She hasn’t had a real job in years and if I had no job and someone offered me money to pose for a magazine I definately would.

  3. 128
    KC Says:

    Honeslty, it makes her look cheap. It is an embarrassment.

  4. 129
    KateFan! Says:

    Just cut it out with all the mean comments. If you all honestly dont care that she’s back on a cover? then don’t comment! But you do! Cuz you obviously do care if your going to waste time to give this a reaction. Kate doesnt harrasss you about the way you live your lives. And stop holding her to a double standard. I am sure that hardly any of you spend ALL your TIME AND MONEY on your kids! It’s complete BS to expect so much from her. Just let her live her life. Kate has an amazing opportunity here to provide for her children by doing showbiz and staying home with them. Can you imagine what it would be like if she was a nurse and had to provide for her kids. SHE WOULD NEVER SEE THEM. And maybe that’s why most kids these days. The kids that most people raise are rotten, immoral, irresponisble, immature little bratts. Because there parents don’t invest squat in there lives they just drop them off at day care and expect them to turn out okay when there 18. Have you ever considered that maybe they don’t need that new iPod. Maybe it would be better for you all to actually contribute into investing into your children’s live’s like Kate has and is doing with her children and we ALL got to see that on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The mojority of you are all selfish morans. You expect so much of celebritys when you yourselves don’t even come close to meeting any of those standards you hold them to as if you somehow have any right to tell another human being how to live. I know this won’t make a difference and that people like you will continue to this same thing over and over but I felt I should say this to let whoever is reading this know that there are still sane people in this world. As for Kate’s hair there is another shot of her if you google it where her hair looks absolutley STUNNING! she’s wearing a gold dress I beleive. This shot is not so flattering but I bet this was purposley done to help stir up a negative response. Anywhoo. to the original question that was posted. I like her hair. Not that it’s any of my buisness but I do. And I’m happy that she is happy. I mean what kind of vile evil person would deny Kate happiness. Or look down on her for being happy……oh wait. About 3/4 of the people commenting. lol
    -Happy Reading-

  5. 130
    Elise Says:

    Why do we care about HER HAIR — But since it’s all over everywhere — I think it looks like awful — Maybe that’s just a bad photo — She looks better with short hair — just not her previous short hair cut. UGH — Aren’t we done w/the Gosselins yet???

  6. 131
    Elise Says:


  7. 132
    Courtney Utley Says:

    HOTT! I love her, she is such a great role model!

  8. 133
    Cape May Grandmom Says:

    ewe is right! Please Kate – enough already. You are not a celebrity. You didn’t do anything that requires any talent. I admire the new TLC family on Table for 10, the Hayes family. A real family, not trekking all over the U.S.A. on free trips. I feel sorry for Kate’s kids not having parents interested enough to stay home with them.

  9. 134
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    why r magazines continuing 2 feed this famewhore’s appetite?
    i was seriously hoping she’d never been mention again after her showed ended, but this bitzch is still here!!
    and she looks fugs with the that hair, dont like it when chicks wear extensions, be proud of ur hair even if it’s short, 99% of the times it looks better than some weave shiz

  10. 135
    Gail Says:

    People are jealous of her. Why knock someone like that? I mean really. The woman looks great and even if “you” do not think she does, why knock her for liking it? People do not like things about themselves so they find it easier to put down others..???? Is that what makes you all feel better about your own short comings as a human?

    How do we know that she is not a good Mother?? We do not personally know her so why assume she is not a good Mother? White Trash?? That does not look white trash to me, I am thinking it is the real white trash folks out there that are bashing her.. Insane..All of the haters need to take a good look at themselves as a human.. Take a real good look at yourself in the mirror..

  11. 136
    amy Says:

    wow. she looks great. i like the longer hair. i can’t believe you negative people. everyone hated her old hair. geeeze leave her alone lol. it took her years to transform her looks. if i was on tv i would fix my looks too. she is just trying to make the best of her situation. if i could get paid to go on a magazine i would. they probably paid for her hair!! i would much rather see kate on here than those stupid kardashian girls or kendra. what have they done to deserve more respect than kate. NOTHING but be fame whores. kate at least does it to continue the life they had before the divorce.

  12. 137
    Donna Says:

    Kate Gosselin acts as if she’s the first one in the world to have multiples. Wasn’t it the norm back in the day to have 7, 8, 9, + kids? You didn’t see those parents go on magazine covers…

    man, i used to love her and the show but my respect has been going down for her since the truths of their “reality show” have been revealed. Her nasty attitude is just a glimpse of what her manipulative personality is really like. I do give her balls though on being so ballsy. I guess it’s true what they say, if you really believe and imagine yourself and know your dreams will come true, it will happen. In this situation, this media ***** has been on numerous magazines covers, interviews…and it’s all the same material: the “pity me, i’m a victim” talk, “i will do what’s best for my kids and they go first” bit, and the “we’re handling this privately”.

    I don’t understand kate lovers…i’m sure they’re middle children of their famliies wanting revenge and glory, insecure and low self esteem women, dramatic & high maintinence women who be-little men, or victims of “cheating” in relationships…

  13. 138
    dawne Says:

    OMG…………is she still here? What is the matter with People??? Another rag catering to the lowest common denominator???
    This fame ho giveS J. Aniston a run for her money on the fame ho side of life. Those extensions were for a large male Afghan dog, no?


    There is not one sexy thing about this narcissistic shrew; good luck with the ‘dating’ Khate. Putting up with you is one thing, but eight kids, that, lady, is a load of baggage no guy will touch unless he wants to hitch his wagon to the Media Ho Express.

  14. 139
    farmgrl Says:

    Worried about who paid for it? People Mag or TLC paid for the makeover. This is just a precursor for the new show TLC will undoubtedly launch in the spring. Just another freebie for Katie Irene!

  15. 140
    troll Says:

    #129 KateFan!….”selfish morans” , “mojority” etc. etc.
    instant loss of credibility
    but really,we worked hard for that retarded outburst

  16. 141
    MVDCT Says:

    Kate before hair extension = the hottest woman in America.
    Kate after hair extensions = # 7,343,049 on the list

  17. 142
    seriously Says:

    I think it is a photoshopped cover myself. If not, someone should be shot….she loooks horrific.

  18. 143
    duh Says:

    People are sick of Kate Gosselin’s sense of entitlement and “woe is me” on every damn talk show, whining how lonely and broke she is….there are nurses everywhere busting their butts to support their kids and can only dream of of the things Gosselin takes for GRANTED. America is tired of Kate’s BS. Tired of TLC’s shoving her down our throats, tired of tabloids trying to get hits and People magazine kissing her ****. I’m talking to you, Kate Coyne.
    Kevin and Jon aren’t around to take the abuse and heat for Katie Irene anymore, I guess that falls on Steve’s shoulder. Good luck with that. Poor kids to have such a self-adsorbed, fame wh*re mother. Man up, Kate!

  19. 144
    Iris Says:

    Just something else that’s fake about Kate. Kate only cares about Kate. I can’t wait till the Gosselin children write their books about “mommy dearest.”

  20. 145
    LGodiva Says:

    I just wonder how many Barbies were sacrificed for that hideous do – as in “do-NOT”!

  21. 146
    LGodiva Says:


    I did and I look MAH-VE-LOUS Dahling. And I paid for all of it myself with the money I earned ON MY OWN.

  22. 147
    Traci Ann Says:

    Mid-life crisis? It is a non-professional look for her! Next thing we’ll hear is that she is caught snorting coke or something!

  23. 148
    trashywomen Says: Since Rachel and Kate share the same wonkiness, offers from Playboy and taste in hooker-type clothes..maybe they could become friends. They both are two of the most hated women in America.

  24. 149
    proKate Says:

    I think Kate needs a fresh start, and for all the people that say she needs to stop trying to get her 15 min. of fame….really, how long has it been since she has been in the spot light UNLIKE John…..she is a mother and takes very good care of her kids! Oh BTW her hair is beautiful :)

  25. 150
    Elainesc5 Says:

    It’s really, really BAD. Why would anyone want to look like Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

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