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Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin: Hair Extensions for the New Year!

Kate Gosselin gets hair extensions to help kick off the new year!

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom tells People. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life… I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate.”

Kate Clean Slate!!!

“I’m rebuilding,” adds Kate, who wore a purple Rebecca Taylor on the cover. “There’s no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new longer ‘do — HOT or NOT?

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are you people jealous much?? didnt any of you so called moms ever have a babysitter for your kids??? maybe her lazy ass ex husband is spending some time with his kids. there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to take care of herself. why don’t you get on every womens case who is tanning and having her nails done? that would probably include at least have of you on here. personally, i think she looks great!

Well Dan, if it looked half-way decent I’d say it was worth 20 hrs but this clearly looks like she had the kids cut the hair off their Barbies and paste it on. BTW Dan, .
Maybe you can be a contest on her dating show. Just be sure to leave your man parts at the end of the driveway

# 85 Donna @ 01/06/2010 at 2:10 pm I don’t think women (and men) hate Kate Gosselin because they’re “jealous”. Women are natural nurturers ; it’s simply biological and psychological. When we see someone of our gender mistreat or have a lack of “motherly love” (for ex: putting herself before her kids, conditional love, etc…) it really bothers us. Kate is all talk and SAYS she puts her kids first but look at her actions – that’s what really counts. Also, she’s like that middle child who doesn’t get any attention and when she does, gloats more than she needs to, rubs it in your face, and is furthur motivated by their insecure motives – men are capable of doing this as well and if kate was guy, i’m sure men and women would hate him as they hate her now.
Women are not “jealous” or “hatin” on kate gosselin for those reasons you claim. Look at Michelle Obama – she’s THE FIRST LADY and although she does go on media outlets and publications, she is a mother first and you can tell it’s what she does. That’s who we admire – a lady who has EARNED where she has gotten today through hardwork, a classy woman who does her job with grace, and a mother who does not neglect her children

Bravo Donna!

what the hell was her ‘stylist’ thinking!!? those short pieces over her ears make it look like the back part was just sorta tacked on as an afterthought!

….hasn’t this famewh*re’s show been canceled or something already?


Does anyone knowhow much it might cost to have that kind of work done on your hair?

I LOVE it!!! I am not too much of a fan, of the show and all but I do know of her and I think she looks great much younger and less down and out! You GO KATE!!!

In response to a previous poster who was wondering why it’s okay for Kendra and Kourtney to have babies and it’s not okay for Kate Gosselin. Uhhh, let me think……maybe because they’re NOT *******??? Oh yeah, and maybe because they only have one baby at a time. You know, instead of popping them out like Pez candies.
Wake up Kate Gosselin, you’re an aging hag trying to look hot. News alert: it’s not working. Miss Piggy wears her weave better than you.


It seems like TLC should “sell” Kate to Bravo. Then she could move to Orange County and be one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. She is looking more and more like those OJ *****.

Love it…looks great!

The only way extensions could help this woman is if they used them to sew her nagging, b-itchy mouth shut.

Whoa. Looked at the pic before the headline? Totally thought it was Tara Reid trying to make another comeback. Doesn’t say much for the “makeover.” Yikes.

LolaSvelt @ 01/07/2010 at 4:26 am

They really put this ugly hag on the cover to talk about her new hairdo, which is also ugly.

uugghhh I simply can’t stand her… I don’t even understand why they focus so much on that couple…

Yawn for the pseudo-celeb capable of absolutely NOTHING but making babies and looking like trailer-trash.

She looks ridiculous! That hairstyle is for someone 10 years younger with a completely different lifestyle. She’s a mom of 8 with no talent for tv or movies and used up her 15 minutes a long time ago. It’s ridiculous People wasted the cover on her.

Abby, you’re right; the cover does look like a spoof — in fact, when I look at it I laugh at what looks like a very poor job of photoshopping. IMO, all their work backfired – she looks cheap, trashy, and like the narcissistic fame seeker she is.

She totally looks like Tara Reid!

I don’t like it if my opinion counts. It has a mullet look to it.
Like the Girls Next Door look..
I do feel for the kids. I don’t know what she’s doing. I guess trying to pay the bills.

Give the woman a break….8 kids is a lot!! and maybe she needs this to get over the fact that her husband left her for a 22 year old woman…if this is what she needs to do then good for her! Nobody gives Angelina and Brad hell for having a pile of children and having nannys look after them….

Meds would probably have a better effect!

Her extensions might be long but not sexy or even attractive. They are about equal with Britney’s often poorly looking done weaves…but at least Ms B has some talent (some) and real money making ability to make up for it. Please stop covering this woman until she has a reason to object to being papped or covered. Realty check Kate if Angelina Jolie showed up in the same area the paps would knock you over to get to her in a heart beat so spare us the “please leave me alone!” BS.

BTW…also spare me the assumption that Im in some way jealous of Ms Gosselin. Please. Intelligen adults can have an opinion without the basis being hatered or jealousy.

she looks so young it fits her

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