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Ke$ha To DeThrone Susan Boyle

Ke$ha To DeThrone Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle‘s debut album I Dreamed A Dream (Columbia/Syco) is the second biggest selling release of 2009 and currently enjoying its sixth consecutive week atop the Billboard 200.

Yesterday, Ke$ha released her debut album Animal (RCA), which is set to dethrone Boyle‘s reign on the charts.

This past week, I Dreamed A Dream sold another 136,000 copies, with a total of 3.1 million copies sold to date. Thanks to hitmakers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, Ke$ha is currently holding the #1 spot on the iTunes Top Album charts. It looks like she’s got plenty of steez (and then some) to topple Boyle on the Billboard 200!


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  • ivanka

    why do u insist with her? perez loves gaga and you love her right?

  • Clark

    I hope so. Fingers crossed for our Ke$ha.

  • jj


  • Kelly

    she can’t even sing live.. sounds terrible… why is music so terrible these days?

  • jenna

    i do not like kesha. trashy.

  • blankety blank

    this girl uses more auto tune then t-pain,shame.

  • andrea

    she is terribly untalented and her music is awful. so many good artists out there never get radio play, and she’s a success? odd.

  • andrenana

    I love ke$ha!! go go go

  • Brenda

    She’s trashy, her music is awful, and her voice even worse.
    No wonder the kids will all buy it.

  • lisa

    team susan.

  • jesse

    why would a girl i never heard of outsell susan boyle?

  • XOXO

    Ok I’m thirteen years old and I just have to say this I am not fond of her music to be honest with you. I think kids my age will buy into anything that has a catchy beat when I actually hear the lyrics,even the music. To me when I listen to a song it’s not can it make me dance?It’s can I relate to it,does it make me feel good. I think without the auto-tune she has lovely voice..But I feel she could do better and who knows with time she could possibly make a good song I would actually like.

  • nursedatingsite

    She looks like Jack Black

  • Sandra

    Even though I may not particularly be a fan of Susan Boyle’s music (but I do love Cry Me A River) there is no denying she is extremely talented and deserves the success she’s getting. Ke$ha, on the other hand, like blankety blank said, uses more auto tune than T-Pain.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i dislike susan i hope she doesnt lose her #1 album
    i dont like her but i respect her for being successful
    and kesha annoys me, i only like 1 song of hers, and overall she’s pretty trashy

  • jj

    dumb silly teenage girls buy this talentless bytches cd

  • xxx

    She has no talent :) Kesha, I mean.

  • lucy

    maybe she’s not thes best (Kesha).. but i love her song!

  • Mel

    every debut album has the number 1 album spot on ITunes the day or week it comes out. That doesn’t necessarily mean its going to outsell susan boyle. ITunes sales account for a very small portion of actual billboard sales. Most people that i know have never even heard of Kesha. They only know the song. I just recently found out how to even prounounce her name. She’s a virtual unknown and im afraid she’s going to wind up being a one hit wonder. Just like whoever that guy was who sang that song “you had a bad day” or whatever it’s called.

  • Toni

    Jared can you pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee stop tring to be perez it’s very annoying. Even though I can’t sand Susan Boyle a little bit, I would hate for her to lose her number 1 spot which she probably isn’t because having a number 1 album oniTunes doesn’t necessarily means you can have a number 1 album on billboard and if she does after that horrid song she has out, I officially lose faith in the music industry as a whole and will forget about today’s pop music as a whole.

  • Toni

    Trying and stand

  • Tara

    She might be #1 at the beginning of January – the lowest sales weeks of the year. She wouldn’t have been close to the top if she released her album at the end of 2009. She has no talent. She’s a studio creation who can’t sing live and has no personality (painting your face doesn’t count). Oh, and she wears clothes from the garbage and steals them from Goodwill bins. Gross. Even Britney has more class.

  • meh

    something about her annoys me. cannot stand that song.

  • Chef Jacke

    They actually look a bit alike, don’t they?

  • asiansdatingsite

    What a cute couple!


    a #1 ALBUM MEANS NOTHING IN the IPod era…nothing IN 2010.


    Every music executive on earth knows this

  • bbwdatingsite

    Love her single tok tik

  • Rae

    Susan Boyle is so much more talented than Ke$ha. Ke$ha only sounds halfway decent when she is using autotune. I’m 17 and people my age only like her music because it is catchy. Anyone who watched Ke$ha’s performance on either the Tonight Show or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon could tell that she has no talent whatsoever. Its really saddening that she gets all the fame, yet is talentless.

  • Mario Moore

    I think that Susan Boyles does not stand a chance against Kesha. That and on Janurary 25, 2010, Susan tried to sing tik tok on the radio and all I have to say is that Susan Boyle needs to stick to her singing and her side of the road