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Amanda Bynes Covers 'Maxim' February 2010

Amanda Bynes Covers 'Maxim' February 2010

Amanda Bynes serves up visions of Valentine’s Day in sexy red lingerie on the February 2010 cover of Maxim, on stands January 19.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress shared about why she posed for the men’s mag:

You want to show the world you’re all grown up? I want to show people who I am. My parents were like, “Does this mean you’re gonna do sexy movies now?” I said, “Well, if they’re done the right way, then maybe!” I mean, I’m not gonna do porn, but if it’s a Leonardo DiCaprio movie or whatever…

Oh, we get it. If a scene involves making out with Leo DiCaprio, then it’s OK? Ha, yeah, then I wouldn’t mind! Point is, it’s time for me to start making my own decisions.

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amanda bynes maxim february 2010 cover 02
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Photos: Matt Jones/Maxim
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  • Nadia

    what happened to her? she’s so slutty now, i miss the old her.

  • pottersfield

    Amanda is looking gorgeous. The pictures are in very good taste.

  • dave

    how sad that this is what a failing actress needs to do to gain attention.

  • tasteful

    I wonder what her mom thinks about this…

  • happy

    At least she’s not putting out sex tapes and naked pictures of herself on the internet.

  • Joanne

    she came out of nowhere. what ya doin now Amanda??

  • your exam

    the interview was completely prepared

  • ivanka

    @dave: AGREED

  • SS

    loved her in She’s the Man

  • Venom

    OMG I want to lick her.

  • Sam

    Amanda Bynes is in Maxim?

    Wake me when it gets interesting.

  • anthony

    Have to agree with #3.. since she really does do nothing these days..

  • Sara

    Well, it looks like one thing that she has done is get a nose job (unless this is just some photoshoppery).

  • alli

    was she hearing herself?
    she says she wants to show people who she is… through the Maxim magazine??!?! That sort of brings the wrong connotation out.

  • Serena

    No offense guys, but she’s 23-years-old and not a teenager anymore. She is just trying to grow up? maybe she wants so show her body? who cares? at least she isn’t sixteen and a slut.

  • collegedatingsite

    I want her in adult oriented movies!

  • Cristobal

    She tries too hard.

  • M

    I think she looks good. If you got the body, why not? Gosh you guys are a bunch of nuns. *lyk OMGz whor!* Seriously grow up.

  • Jenny

    I actually think these photos are very tasteful. She has a shirt covering her crotch for Christ sake! I don’t see one thing wrong with any one of these photos.

  • foczka

    she always look fat :/

  • emele

    She has the face of a p0rn star that’s for sure.

  • Danii

    WTF? I actually liked her and I had my up most respect for her since she always had a good head on your shoulders. I guess NOT so anymore. Ew. What a classless wannabe attention wh#re……

  • lala

    Just because people grow up that means you have to show your body?? What a dumb remark 2 say. Hollywood sure knows how to brainwash people

  • Liv

    Is it just me or does her face look really odd and bloated in real life now? Plus she got the Mariah Carey makeover.

  • alison

    she looks better than she normally does, her face looked huge for a while, it dosen’t look that bad now

  • mixx

    Great……….. another promising actress who is taking the easy route by wanting to sex up her image instead of focusing on acting in decent movies

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Quite funny that back when she was famous she criticized actresses who start showing off their bodies in men’s magazines saying that they’re all grown-up. I guess she changed her opinion now that she has a hard time getting jobs!

  • she shall remain nameless

    I’m sorry but I think she’s so sl***y now, every thing she wears at events shows her trying too hard to be sexy.

  • ally

    She’s really putting out all the stops to prove she’s a big girl now isn’t she? I will take her seriously when she quits posing on these types of magazines and actually acts (well) in a legitimate movie. Posing on the likes of Cosmo and Maxim with your cleavage hanging out and being all “I’m grown up! Take me seriously!” is hardly grounds for anyone to take you seriously much less give you a costarring role in a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

  • jillian


    seriously…she looks like she could be tiger woods mistress # 30..and she was so funny and cute…damn

  • eme

    NOSE JOB!!!!!!!!!

  • roronutz

    she looks hott

  • QG

    @happy: At least she’s not putting out sex tapes and naked pictures… YET!!

  • cutechurchsingles

    She has a great body!

  • Lauren

    Yeah, like she’s really going to be a leading lady opposite Leo…

  • christine

    she looks veryyyy pretty.. what is wrong with the pictures?

  • Al

    god dyam shes so gorgeous!

    love her acting

    keep it up


  • Ewa

    What a shame…I used to like her. Now, she is like everyone else…

  • SarahB

    Well, she’s gorgeous, no doubt, but she didn’t need to do this to prove that she’s grown up now. Just look for more mature roles. I don’t know why women think they need to do this to.

  • idontknow

    at least she’s naturally pretty unlike megan fox. so what if she wants to do sexy photos, most actresses do, she’s in hollywood, she’s not a doctor, is it really a reflection on her if she starts taking sexy photos? the cover is weird, but the second thumbnail is very sexy.

  • ???

    @foczka: she always look fat :/

    Are you a mental patient or just blind? She is baby faced for sure but her body is quite reasonable.

  • Touche

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: Quite funny that back when she was famous she criticized actresses who start showing off their bodies in men’s magazines saying that they’re all grown-up.

    Read more:


  • Perfection

    @SarahB: Well, she’s gorgeous, no doubt, but she didn’t need to do this to prove that she’s grown up now. Just look for more mature roles. I don’t know why women think they need to do this to.

    Read more:


  • oy

    @lala: Yes and whipping out your ta ta’s is being liberated. Didn’t you get the meo?

    The skankification of America is alive and well. Women are buying it hook line and sinker. Men are enjoying the benefits and the entertainment business is raking in the money.

    If the Maxim shoot doesn’t work, she’ll be in Playboy or some scandal within two years.

  • mmef

    First of all, this is not the 2000′s anymore!!! We are now in the 2010′s. I had a crush on her when I was a teenager, back in ’03. I was only a few months older than her. And I’m thankful that she didn’t end up like Britney or a Lindsay Lohan. Unlike Britney or Lindsay Lohan (3 months younger than Amanda Bynes), they went through tragedies like breakups, drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, rehabilitation, etc. It is Miley Cyrus’ turn to live like a teenager and she’s now doing adult things (e.g. tattooing, sex, etc.) before she hits the legal adult age. In the next few years, Miley will pose either semi or full naked in Maxim. Amanda Bynes is ‘slowly’ transitioning in adult roles. We might see her in a drama movie or even an action movie someday. Ashley Tisdale is also taking time transitioning into adult roles.

    We ALL used to be teenagers and you know how it feels like to be one. Youngsters do dumb things before they settle down at an older age.

  • The Dame

    I love that she’s smiling, girls look too serious in men’s magazines.

  • Jazmin

    She looks hot…I don’t really know what or how I feel about it. I like it but don’t like why she did it for. I don’t think she has to do a sexy photo shoot just to prove she’s ready to take older roles but then yet directors/producers are looking for someone that has the age fanbase behind them…this will get her the men/adult fanbase. Just a thought but I still do like her.

  • Mercy Said No

    I don’t agree Amanda please stay Classy. I like the movies you have been in thus far, don’t turn to Slut Ville because you think a Guy is cute.

  • bbwfriends

    I like her smile

  • pottersfield


    your right. She didn’t get to the “she who must not be named” stage yet. Her nu*e pictures are not plastered all over the internet.