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Amy Grant & Vince Gill Cover 'Good Housekeeping' February 2010

Amy Grant & Vince Gill Cover 'Good Housekeeping' February 2010

Amy Grant and Vince Gill are all smiles on the February 2010 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine.

The couple, married for 10 years, spoke to GH about love, divorce and second chances.

Amy, on whether the media affected her dating life with Vince: “I don’t mean this in a flippant way, but I was so unconcerned by what somebody who I would never meet wrote in a rag. I felt like I had flipped a car over three medians and I was trying to figure out if my children – if we all – still had a pulse.”

Vince, on the way his family was portrayed during his divorce: “When I went through my divorce, there were some things [printed] in certain magazines, and I despised the way it made my kid look. So as a parent, there’s a side of you that just builds a wall and says, ‘You can ask all you want, but you’re not gonna get any of that stuff.’”

Amy, on second marriages: “You get into a second marriage and you go, Oh man, some of those weird dynamics, those were just me, and I’ve just dragged them off to the future! I shouldn’t have been so hard on that first chapter!”

For more from Amy and Vince, check out Good Housekeeping, on newsstands Tuesday (January 12)!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Andrew Eccles/Good Housekeeping
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  • collegedatingsite

    They are so cute together

  • nicole

    she kinda looks like dana delany

  • nicole

    she kinda looks like dana delany

  • laurie

    boring couple

  • Marie

    Talented & beautiful couple, Love happens, glad they are making it work!

  • Go Ask Alice

    And so LeAnn and her love, Eddie, met ,had an affair,and then toldtheir prospective spouses, to hit the road.

    Amy and Vince did the same thing.

    Amy says, google her, when she met Vince for the first time,she knew they were meant to be together. Vince must have agreed.
    How can you say you are in love with a man who is married,beats me.

    I don’t think Janice agreed or knew Amy decided for her with Vince’s help, that Janice ,Sweethart,time had expired at the rodeo.

    (FYI-Janice and her sister’s group/duo was called Sweetharts of Rodeo).
    Amy said backthen that her amrraige to Gary Chap,an was all ready long over. Janice never said if hers was already over. Vince showed the world it O-V-E-R.

    Janice moved on.She and Vince had 1 preteenish daughtrer. Gary Chapman moved over and he and Amy had 3 kids.

    Vince and Amy got their divorces.Got married asap. had a child in the nick of time.

    All parties have moved on.

    Amy, who made the most money , and Gary, who had way less money and some “problems, ” probably got a fat check from Amy and some STFU papers.
    Vince ,no doubt paid off Janice, and maybe gave her some STFU (shut the f*ck up) papers too.
    That is one way to do it. Make your new relationship look all “nice and neat.”
    Move out the old spouses like yesterday’s newspaper.

    Brandi Glanville has moved on. Dean Sheremt has too. Eddie and LeAnn are the sameas Vince and Amy.

    I had wondered if Amy and Vince were still happily a couple. Yep.

    Oh well.

    Karma? You never wish ill on anyone or for their relationship to fall because of how it was put together esp.when you are not oneof the parties involved.

    Country Music world fans and artists treated Vince and Amy then as the best things since the banjo was invented.

    Eddie will be stepping out with LeAnn since they did first redcarpet gig,something the other day in Pasadena…on red carpet, kissing on red carpet, hand in hand.

    Ok,Pasadena, not exactly Acad.CM Awards, etc., but this was a lil preview of what is to come.

    My PERSONAL OP, I think it real shitty to find another while married. I do not care if you famous or not. You feel the marraige is over.Get a divorce and find somebody new every day of the week.
    It is low to hurt your kids and former spouse to be.

    Here’s to LeAnn and Eddie. Check on Entertainment Tonight doing their first red carpet.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Also add, Tricia Yearwood and
    Garth ” I love ya Sandy. I coming home Sandy.Sandy and the girls” Brooks.

    Tricia was ALWAYS #1for him. Why did he not give Old Faithful Sandy who supported him during the lean years, with a fat check, and just marry Tricia, it would have made more sense in the very beginning.

  • shortpeopledate

    What a lucky couple

  • Anon

    Here, here Alice..thanks for saying the truth for all those continue to give LeAnn hell. I just had a discussion with my sister tonight why she didn’t bash a man on some TV show that she watches because he sure cheated on his wife with one of Tiger’s girls.
    Everyone forgets about Vince/Amy, Garth/Trisha. They also forget that LeAnn didn’t have the best role model either in her father, he also cheated her out of her hard earned money. Heck, I’ve wondered about good ole Deen too…what exactly did he do for a living in that marriage? I think LeAnn latched onto Deen or vice versa during a very hard period in her life when she met someone older who would gladly manipulate her too. I don’t feel bad for Deen, he led the good life. What LeAnn did was wrong, but she is not the first..or will be the last either. I just hope the girl is happy and ppl quit dogging her.

  • Anon

    PS..That guy that runs DListed is an azzhole.

  • Rosie

    What a beautiful couple. I’m so glad they have such a successful marriage.

  • SarahB

    Hmmm…interesting to see that they are still together and supposedly happy.

  • oy

    Another singer who sold herself on the being a good Christian thing, then went on to an adulterous relationship. Too bad they didn’t interview the spouses they cheated on and asked what they thought of them.

  • sessi

    @Go Ask Alice: I know what really happened. Amy and gary were having problems long before she dumped him to marry vince. First of all, she married gary when she was way deep in the christian religion. So that means “she waited”. She then goes on to have a successful career as a christian music artist winning many awards and appearing with gary on many awards shows. the christian community swallows them up hook line and sinker and catapolts them to perfect christian couple status. Then one day when amy’s in the music studio she runs into vince who’s working on his vocals. She likes the way he makes music. She also finds out they share a passion in common…GOLF. The rest they saY IS history. she ended up leaving gary who wasnt perfect and had a few quirks and left him to be with vince. she was also 40 years old at the time and had a few regrets-if that tells u anything. Getting with vince was revenge for getting with the WRONG guy.

  • sessi

    P.S. I really do admire amy as a singer. i have all her albums. i have “followed” her career for years.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Agreed sessi.

  • bbwfriends

    I don’t think Christians were happy with her

  • britney

    Another true love story. Amy’s ex was one time a drug abuser, so I know she gave the marriage all she had. He probably cheated on her too.

    Some of these couples are so lucky. They are so blessed to find each other, to find a good person who you are completely compatible with and who won’t cheat on you. That’s what ‘s so common today… cheating.

    Never have I ever worried about Vince and Amy. Sometimes you just know that it was meant to be… like Garth and Trisha. I hope Carrie Underwood is also this fortunate.

  • http://autumn autumn

    I don’t think people are ever going to feel the same way about Amy again. She may be able to fool some people, but not those in the Christian community. It’s not that she was divorced, it’s that she did so many other many decitful things like profess she was a Christian and then start and affair and steal someone else’s husband, not to mention what she did to her family. She even acknowledges that in her GH interview. Just seeing the pictures of her and Vince sicken me.

  • http://Drea drea

    I read the article in Good Housekeeping, as well as other articles about them, and they act like they’re such great people, yet still don’t acknowledge how many terrible things they’ve done. I do believe in forgiveness. I wish they’d stop talking in circles and just admit what they did and stop trying to deny it.

  • http://don drea

    Vince is just gross!

  • tina

    I was just looking @ the article about Peter Facinelli it said he plays the role of Dr. Carlisle Cooper int the Twilght saga isn’t that supposed to be Cullen?

  • Glenn

    Sometimes we make it harder than it is.
    We’ll take a perfect life and fill it up with things we don’t mean
    Dark sides best unseen
    and we wonder why we’re feelin’ this way

    Sometimes I wonder
    If we really feel the same why we can be unkind
    Questioning the strongest of hearts
    That’s when we must start
    Believin’ in the one thing that’s gotten us this far

    ALICE – that’s what Grace is for!

    It’s not a cop-out to make poor decisions. It’s just the thing we ALL need when we do!

    And then the great thing about God is that he doesn’t doom us to a hellish life from that point on, but makes something beautiful out of our ugliness. Amy & Vince are no different than any of us. Great decisions and horrible decisions. Daily! I’m just thankful that God’s grace is there for them just like it’s there for you. And me!!!

    That’s what Grace is for… to help us through it.
    That’s what Grace is for… nothin’ else can do it
    Melt our defenses, bring us back to our senses
    Give us strength to try once more

  • hostinggator

    Great pic

  • trina

    They are both SO has beens. No one cares about them our their love life. Goodhousekeeping needs to stop putting them in it as it’s causing them to loose customers.

  • jamie

    I read their story and it’s disgusting. Their picture makes me want to throw up.

  • david

    Can anyone say YUCK?!!

  • ed

    Yesss they’re boring!

  • layla

    Oh man who cares about these boring people. They are adulterers pure and simple.

  • joanne

    Whatever happened to Amy? Never hear anything about her singing anymore. Strange.

  • justin

    Magazine must be desperate to put them in it.

  • Gary Chapman

    Your knowledge of my life with and without Amy is disgustingly limited.
    You know nothing yet speak as though you do.
    Sad. I took no STFU papers and, in fact, am working on a book which should clear up some of your misconceptions.

  • LL

    I was laughing when I read what Sessi wrote about the STFU papers, considering BOTH Gary and Janis are writing books! I’m always amazed at how you claim Amy and Vince had an affair as though it’s some sort of fact that’s been proven, it hasn’t.

    I don’t know what did or did not happen; I also know it’s none of my business. You all should be minding your own as well. Amy and Vince are happy. Gary and Janis have both remarried. Everyone’s moved on.