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Britney Spears is a Beverly Hills Shopper

Britney Spears is a Beverly Hills Shopper

Britney Spears totes around the CC Skye chain fringe “Janey” bag after doing a little retail therapy around Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (January 7).

The 28-year-old superstar just recently dyed her hair back to a darker tone after sporting her trademark blond locks.

MTV just posted six collaborations they think Brit should do in 2010 including ones with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

WHO DO YOU THINK Britney should collabo with?

10+ pics inside of shop-a-holic Britney Spears

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britney spears beverly hills shopper 01
britney spears beverly hills shopper 02
britney spears beverly hills shopper 03
britney spears beverly hills shopper 04
britney spears beverly hills shopper 05
britney spears beverly hills shopper 06
britney spears beverly hills shopper 07
britney spears beverly hills shopper 08
britney spears beverly hills shopper 09
britney spears beverly hills shopper 10

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  • Dan

    Lady gagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D so much win together

  • Me

    NO one…. Britney doesn’t need that to sell ;)

  • PaulinhoO

    Obviously, she doesn’t need any duet to sell singles ou cds!
    but, do you ever thing about a duet with Brit and Lady GaGa or Miley Cyrus?
    It’s will be the single of the year, for good!
    … and a dream! *————*

    Lovee all! <3

  • Go Ask Alice

    No one. She does millions collaborating with her same computers.

    I am not a fan.

  • CanadaGirl

    Poor thing looks miserable. It’s gotta suck being under dad’s thumb again.

  • Sam Lean


  • miley


    I love Britney!

  • Brit#1

    Well, even though Queen B doesn’t need any collaborations to sell, it would be fun if she did somethin with lady gaga, or beyonce, or xtina; but for sure if she did one Justin Timberlake would be totally AWESOME!!!! Anyways, LoVe Brit, can’t wait for new material!!!! PS LOvin the new look!!!

  • shortpeopledate

    She is such a good mother

  • ivanka

    @Sam Lean: MTE


    I honestly see no discernable reason why Ms. Spear’s shops expensive designer collections.

    Every outfit I’ve ever seen put together could easily be a from Wal-Mart and/or Forever 21.

    A complete waste of money.

  • Dooley

    Alvin and the Chipmunks they have the same voice.

  • Tim


  • Lyla

    I hope Britney never colaborate with miely cyrus and lady gaga both suck! Britney doesn’t need those none of them to make a hit Queen B shines by herself!

  • kd

    Lady Gaga she’s my second favourite to Britney.. <3 or Christina Aguilera

  • Brit#1

    @TIM GUNN:
    lol she’s not shopping for clothes dummy! She’s at a furniture store!

  • Popeye

    she’s a low class bimbo with big mental problems

  • Jackman2369

    OH NOOOO….the dreaded purse in front of the stomach trick….looks like Brit is very unhappy….probably PREGO by her mgr., Jason T., & he has refused her marriage proposal (s)…..don’t sweat it, girl, you have done a great job in turning things around for you and your beautiful boys! A good man will come 4 U……

  • tony

    Why do britards always insist she looks good, even when she looks like hell? she is ugly and is built like a man. not cute.

  • Baby

    she is looking really terrible lately

  • =)=)=)

    @PaulinhoO: lol ! same thing here

  • ren

    Lady Gaga or Beyonce!

  • lida

    Justin Timberlake


    “The matter is more complicated. As I know, so 2 years ago by wisch of Paris H. (and unknown US magician), Britney was “connected” with one Lithuanian magician-”ghost”. It was something like the rituals, when one person designates another person to “higher power”. Then Britney was lying naked on her stomach and this Lithuanian “absorbed her, as he was real “holder of those powers”, which was in imagination of those women. And from that Britney got many psychological problems because of “exchanged view of space”. This man (his Website: ) gave previously a very detailed description of the case (he promised that he may clearly demonstrate of all…( “to Restore”). “Few moments” about it… Britney had “from there” subconscious imagination that the surrounding people are very influential. Because of those “veak sense of self” Britney was drowned into a masochistic selfrealisation, had a fearing of public…” etc. etc. ALSO…
    “As for Madonna, Pamela A and few others, so there was the “cases with horses”. At that time I was studying my incarnative opportunities (since Apr 2008). I also was interested in the cases, when the people interprets the animals metaphorically (little “paganic”) . In that case, I can become like in animal’s incarnative element. Then I can to litghtly “to improve” and “to drive” those animal. And more..! In mentioned case, I can “to combine” shortly a man with animal. As if they both have a certain one combined consciousness. In that case human feel that way as he is “synchronized with the animal”. As if they both are in a perfect understanding one’s other, dramatically well aware, sentimental feeling and so one. That was my episodic “participation”, when Madonna and Pamela were at their horses ..:) I interrupt this my “work”, when I saw that in women’s behavior with horses was increased the erotic, sentimental moments..:) I did not want to feel guilty that I become in a creator of situation in which a woman was pushed into bestiality. Because if I would continue to be “accompanied by” and “supported the … There is no doubt that for the woman is a great miracle if happens the “joint orgasm with a such large animal. With my telepathic synchronization” it would seem like a sentimental surprise “gift of heaven” without the big “dirty” special efforts…:) Well, for me it is easily, but… Every mentioned fact can be easily proved. While for you it appears maybe utopic, but… Be sure”
    This was quote from an older texts in website:

  • b

    She should get together with MENTAL HEALTH WORKERS. Because who in their right mind steps out looking like a homeless troll with all that $$??

  • notin but crazy here

    Not 1 of these people would work with her are U serious?? She has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talent. If they wanted a robot in their song hey could do that their self. She needs to collaborate with the mental ward at the nearest mental hospital. Does she have a fricken hole in her FAT chin?? Whats up with the stained up clothing she is ALWAYS wearing??? Just proof that alllllllll the money in the world CANT buy class.

  • Annie

    Britney can do it alone and better!
    Thats why she is the Queen Of Pop!!

  • Firefly

    you people are sick.. and so what she doesn’t know how to wear clothes.. jennifer aniston does? angelina does? katie holmes does? they all wear stupid casual clothes or all those stupid hollyho’s? no i don’t think so.. maybe she’s just like today im going to wear nothing special.. and maybe she can’t dress herself.. so what she comes from a village in southern america, she’s not that hollyho girl raised and f*cked in LA.
    she feels screwed because she has no man in her life that obvious.. you can see the sadness.. a few years ago she was always happy happy.. she’s depressed.. so what? does she have to wear clothes like what? to be a pornstar for the world.. she was and she doesn’t know how to wear it.. but she is talented

    all the money in the world CAN’T buy love and happiness.. that’s for sure

  • bbwfriends

    She is making a strong comeback, so proud

  • Eduardo

    yeah, she coul do it alone, but as i like colabs I think that any pop singer would do, excepting madonna, dont really likr her

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly, she looks so freaking ugly with any hair color
    and her bumble-bee glasses makes her look worse because her forehead looks bigger
    and really her face is not a pretty site 2 look at
    damn, she’s gone down the drain, no wonder the only guy interested in her is her manager or whatever he is

  • Julie

    Britney is great, no matter when and with who. :)

  • yo sista

    she already did a song with lady Gaga, didn’t she? “Quicksand” everybody? Love that song. Can’t wait for Brit-Brit’s next album, she’s very talented & i went to The Circus Tour, A M A Z I N G!

  • yo sista

    @Firefly: ikr? so sick of Brit-Brit’s haters… she looks normal, healthy & real. They be hatin’ no matter what, haters buy a life please.

  • yo sista

    @lakers fan in boston: shut up! just shut the eff up, you sound totally gay “lakers fan” huh?

  • It’s what you want it to be

    Britney is amazing and I think she needs to do stuff with ppl as awesome as her. I’d like to see her do something with christina aguilera just to stir up a little controvercy and to prove to ppl and shut them up about her not being able to sing (which she is an amazing singer), rihanna would be a good one, shakira would be really good, because they are both very sexy women, beyonce would be hot, I agree with lady gaga, I’m not the biggest miley cyrus fan, but I have respect for her succeses and would like to see them do something together too. Really britney doesn’t need to work with other artist, she can sell albums on her own, but you know what, it’d be really cool to see her work with other powerhouse names.

  • It’s what you want it to be

    @notin but crazy here: Ok not that ur the only person here talking crap, but ur comments don’t exactly show class either, and ppl get stains on their clothes, it happens, get over it, and if ur looking that close that’s ur problem. Thanks! lol

  • It’s what you want it to be

    @notin but crazy here: You know what leaving nasty comments isn’t exactly the classiest thing in the world, hate to break that to you, but maybe you need to be schooled on class. And everyone gets stains on their clothes, so what, it happens, get over it. You eat and bleed and piss and poop (lol) like everyone else. You are no better, so get over ur self lol

  • Gagamonster

    LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boschy

    She needs to care of herself