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Chris Pine: Morning Coffee Run #7 of the Year

Chris Pine: Morning Coffee Run #7 of the Year

Chris Pine looks both ways before crossing the street with his morning coffee on Thursday (January 7) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor was recently spotted at L.A.’s M Café by himself, ordering a teriyaki bowl with black cod and extra brown rice. The same day, Kirsten Dunst ordered the California club sandwich, which features tempeh “bacon,” and also ordered a side of kale and spicy peanut sauce – all washed down with a green lemonade infused with kale.

20+ pictures inside of Chris Pine making his regular morning coffee run…

Just Jared on Facebook
chris pine morning coffee 01
chris pine morning coffee 02
chris pine morning coffee 03
chris pine morning coffee 04
chris pine morning coffee 05
chris pine morning coffee 06
chris pine morning coffee 07
chris pine morning coffee 08
chris pine morning coffee 09
chris pine morning coffee 10
chris pine morning coffee 11
chris pine morning coffee 12
chris pine morning coffee 13
chris pine morning coffee 14
chris pine morning coffee 15
chris pine morning coffee 16
chris pine morning coffee 17
chris pine morning coffee 18
chris pine morning coffee 19
chris pine morning coffee 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Rocky

    he look at the paps now

  • Soundbyte

    Jaywalker!! The man is gonna get hit by a car one of these days if he’s not careful.

  • mika_says_hi

    woah. thats alot of pics for just a guy crossing the road.

  • jb

    lord he’s fine.

  • yeah


    Yeah, he sure is fine

  • cilly

    looks like he understands there’s nothing he can do about it

  • J

    Can someone – ANYONE – tell me why this pasty, scrawny, dorky-looking man’s picture is everywhere??

  • Not

    @J: J, he obviously is not a scrawy, dorky-looking man; however, he is pasty. You forgot to mention that he does ordinary things like the rest of us such as get his own coffee. He’s an ordinary man that does ordinary things.

  • ComeOn

    I like this site but why do you report on him so much?? this is the only website that post any pics of this guy EVER!!!!

  • RR

    Uh-huh…….Yet MORE pics of Chris Pine crossing the street………I think this is the 892736,8927763,9973.99th one, Thanks Jared. :- /

  • ComeOn

    @NOT thats only because he’s not on the A-list yet. If he ever reaches that level he will hire sombody to speak for him (a publicist) and someone to get his coffe for him (an assistant) he just doesn’t have the money yet.. that’s why he “does ordinary things like the rest of us”

  • Emma

    He should date Rachel McAdams. Both gorgeous and classy.

  • gay hankie code

    20+ pictures of him crossing the street? Really? REALLY?

  • Jo

    Er…… is this an advertisement for the M cafe menu?? How does JJ know what these celebrities ate? in such detail?
    Pap pics sure ain’t what they used to be. 20+ pics of Pine crossing the street ?!

  • Jules

    Would not mind him in my bed.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Emma: Great match. She’s a bit older, but gorgeous.

  • @Jo

    He got that from People. Now to answer that, yes its probably from M Cafe because People== PR.

  • cilly

    if something comes from people magazine its usually comes from their pr.

  • catholicdatematch

    Watch out for the spocker

  • ?

    uh, who is spocker??

  • http://deleted Pretty

    He’s gorgeous! :)

  • Am

    Oh hai tiney piney.

  • Sam~E

    I can’t believe Olivia Munn is this dumb. She’s trying to make people believe that Chris Pine bought her diamond earrings (and at a size of 4 carats EACH no less).

    This came off her Twitter from yesterday right after he was papped staring at a Laker girl’s behind while salivating…
    “ – Holy. Crap. Just got amazing diamond earrings!!! Aaaahh, Love.” (there’s a pic of her in the earrings too)
    So the one that ‘loves’ her bought her those…she wants us to believe.

    If she was smarter she would have chosen a pair of cubic zirconias that didn’t suggest the $250,000 he would have HAD to have spent if they were real.

    Wow, his whole Star Trek paycheck spent and all for diamond earrings for you Olivia. You really are one lucky girl. Now we know why he had to wear the same clothes and save up for so long to buy this new sweatshirt…he spent all his hard earned money on you, how sweet.

    You’re so stupid you don’t even remember which lies you’ve already used…you posted the same claim a couple weeks back Ms.Mudd….this is no way to get that validating ‘Mrs.’ that you are so clearly pining for.

    …that Laker girl has a better chance of having a real connection with him cause she’s only showing her ass to him, not making an ass of herself to EVERYONE…like you.

    I’m writing this right to you on JustJared because I know that you are so pathetically desperate for attention that you’re on here tracking his every move and figuring out how you can make it relate back to you. All so you can post about it on your twitter to make people believe that he…what did you call it…’loves’ you.

    PS: You’re getting all this attention that you so clearly crave from HIS fans. We have no interest in the insults you continue to direct at us and as soon as he’s moved on we’ll forget your name like he forgets your number.

  • vainjain

    Geez…why the Olivia Munn hate? This poor woman is getting so much hate because she dates Chris Pine? I don’t know if she’s an attention whore or not (as I do not personally know her) & truth be told, a lot of folks in H’wood are attention whores. He seems to like her so who cares? Anyway, I just find the whole thing amusing. Carry on.

  • cutechurchsingles

    He should sleep around

  • No love

    I have no love for Munn and thnk she’s a famewh***ring skank who has used her twitter to drop hints and also her infantile rants at Pine’s fans are pretty pathetic but this is a bit much. She clearly got the earrings for the PCAs and wore them there and didn’t say she got them from Pine or even actually hint at it.

  • Ummm


    I don’t see how she is trying to say that he bought them for her or anyone else for that matter. I think she does have her own money you know. Don’t like the chick and never have as talent and her don’t go in the same sentence, but I don’t think she was trying to say anyone bought anything for her. A little arrogant to show people your diamonds, but hey.

  • alex890

    i’m just jealous of olivia because she’s dating chris AND in iron man 2! she does seem kind of starved for attention and an interesting choice for someone as handsome and talented as he is…

  • samara


    Maybe if you got laid more often you wouldn’t spend so much time being so angry over other people’s personal lives? Why do you care so much about her earrings or if he bought them with his check from “Star Trek”?

    Not a fan of Munn or Pine, but all of this obsessive, angry “Misery” type behavior is so disturbing. Fans think it’s all about them sometimes.

    Get help, get help soon.

  • @Samara

    Is that you Olivia? No, seriously, is it? Because for someone who is not a fan you sound just like her rants with a tad less vitriol. And if you’re not a fan of either what on God’s earth compelled you to even click the comments for this post?

    Go back to your twitter Olivia. Spread your legs for your fanboys and pretend you’re empowering women. Go on, run along now. Maybe get a good dicking from Pine and stop worrying so much about fans of celebs you don’t like.

  • Tina

    This was a nice little walking post. Let’s keep it that way please. We don’t need to ruin it by being rude to each other or even bringing Ms. Munn up at all as, no offense, this really doesn’t have anything to do with her. Just enjoy the nice view and keep it moving.

  • @Samara

    btw Lisa: reading comments at Just Jared on a pap pic of your boyfriend? You my friend are the one in need of help. Get help, get it soon. Because this? This is a serious level of pathetic.

  • Cleo

    Amen, Tina.

  • Sam~E


    Oh hi Olivia…I knew it wouldn’t take you long..less than an hour to respond…classic. According to you all I need is a good dick to set me me straight right…what a feminist you are. So famous and in demand too that you find the time to come on here every hour. At least I’m on maternity leave and have an excuse…what’s yours.

  • Sam~E

    SHE QUOTED “AHHH, LOVE” as the explanation behind the diamonds. At the very least you’ve got to admit that’s a little more than a hint.

  • No love


    Eh, maybe. I thought it was more of her saying she loved the earrings, like, diamonds are love. I hate the woman but yeah it didn’t register like that. Hilarious though that that appears to be her posting here. What an exciting life she does lead.

  • Tina

    I think she is saying that she loves the earrings. I don’t think it’s that deep.

  • Peta


    ha ha totally agree! Maybe Olivia has a sugar daddy and the earrings are payment for stowing her away for 2 days in an apartment LOL
    Is Olivia mad that there are pics of Pine ogling girls at the Lakers match? makes her look a fool haha so she posts she got diamond earrings from hint hint…….never mentions his name!! Poor Olivia, the PR stunt has fallen apart and she’s still trying to milk the last drop!

    Olivia honey go suck uh, eat a sausage. You’ll feel much better!

  • Sam~E

    Oh my god Olivia, look what People Magazine just posted. Your dreams have come true; you’re famous…

    “Captain Crater Face supports his Bangkok Betty as she spews hate into the face of the few fans he has left that haven’t completely lost respect for him after Condomgate. His next starring role, the sex tape entitled “Tiny Piney Wine & Dine Me & I’ll Put My Fist Up Your Hiney”. The tape is scheduled for release shortly after their break-up and is being distributed by Red Hanky Productions.”

    …sorry if this offended anyone other than that 12 year old asian boy currently on the cover of Maxim. I heard they are featuring Amanda Bynes next. Seriously Maxim, WTF??

  • bebe

    he looks hot. pine is one of those sexiest man alive in the world and talented. for sure.

  • Jack

    wonder if he swings both ways, he looks like he does

  • samara

    You guys are funny, no I’m not Olivia.

    All I can say is, that poor woman should really look into getting some kind of body armor or perhaps a bodyguard, because you guys are flipping crazy. Wow.

    My friend is a big fan of Pine, and showed me this thread today at work for a laugh. She just hopes that Chris doesn’t paint his fanbase with the same crazy paintbrush. I agree.

  • John Shinn III

    the DIVA is back!

  • Abigail

    Love the way he dresses up. Simple but he makes them look so cool. Love him too. :)

  • oy

    M cafe is delish. One of the best restaurants for lunch.

  • Rocky

    @samara: Menteuse, you lie.your friend show you this trend, ya ofcourse, what a strange friends.
    Olivia was at PCA,we lend him the diamonds! it happens all the time…
    look at the pics of her in PCA, she wear the diamonds
    and she was on the top of worst dress.

  • Sil

    Finally. He’s walking again. Back to old habbits :)
    Need more.

  • jaceym

    I’ve got nothing against Munn, she’s punching waaaaay above her weight so well done to her.

  • WS

    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
    Only here there was no love just a publicity stunt that went rotten with condomgate, right Olivia? And all that publicity you hoped to get being Capt Kirk’s girlfriend, gone down the drain. Sh*t! no wonder she is spewing!! If she can ruin CP and get away with it, she’ll do it.

  • hard sell

    Damn, somebody *cough* is pushing Olivia hard over at People.,,20335148,00.html#20723456

    One of these pictures with yet another completely pointless reference to someome that the demographic of people wouldn’t know if they ran her over in their car. Now who is this for? The Z list beard or Pine? Why the constant reminders that he’s supposedly screwing someone no one knows?