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Ke$ha Feathers Conan O'Brien

Ke$ha Feathers Conan O'Brien

Ke$ha rocks the socks off the audience at The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday (January 6) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer performed her smash hit “TiK ToK,” which is currently the #1 song on iTunes. And what’s sitting right below? Oh, Ke$ha‘s new song “Blah Blah Blah” featuring 3OH!3!

After Ke$ha‘s performance, she showed Conan what was studded on her t-shirt: CONAN + K$ = BFF. And then Ke$ha attaches a feather onto Conan‘s head for sh–s and giggles.

“I feathered Conan!!!!!” Ke$ha said after taping her performance. “SUCCESS!!”

Ke$ha Feathers Conan O’Brien
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  • hello

    that’s how you pronounce it??

  • James


  • lindsay

    Ahaha while i was reading this, I’m listening to tik tok

  • lindsay

    Oops grammar mistake. I meant I *was* listening to tik tok

  • Ava

    Gross she needs to brush her hair or put some products on that mess.

  • layla

    yawn…exact same performance from Ellen

  • Venom

    Looks like someone is trying to be Lady GaGa.

  • bing

    i like kesha and all but come on, her moves are exactly just like what she did in ellen down to a point… can’t she come up with some random moves or something??? like be spontaneous on stage… geesh

  • w3ad

    #7 I agree with you

  • peaches

    and the funny thing is,that at the first moment i thought,
    that the girl next to..Kesha,is GAGA!)

  • omg

    like a little child. not very professional

  • Sara

    lady gaga wannabe

  • Just Stop

    I agree with Sara Gaga wannabe…

  • SubSub

    I co-sign with the others. She’s definitely a cheap knock-off of Lady Gaga. It could not be more OBVIOUS



    She’s kinda nasty n all I mean Ke$ha!
    And her band uuggggggggghhhh!
    But she’s funny and her music is good but not live!

    I hate Lady Gaga and I like Ke$ha so there have to be a difference!

  • pop86

    I love Tik Tok but Ke$ha is clearly a one-hit wonder. Give the girl a break and let her enjoy her moment by September she will be history.

  • RodneyClint

    Ha, same thing most said about Gaga when “Just Dance” was really popular. I hope she lasts just to prove all you nimrods wrong.

  • yo sista

    she can’t sing….. and this song s beyond lame.

  • sophie

    her voice is annoying
    and the song sounds a little bit like “just dance” from lady gaga

  • Chef Jacke

    It’s a sad commentary on the current state of society.

  • lisa

    hahaha so bad its almost good!!

  • amy

    again- that was so awful. what is that move she is doing? the kicking thing? honey- learn to dance. or better yet— just go away.

  • Wakaka

    too repetative

  • SubSub

    wow. I actually watched the video just now & never heard this song before. She is god awful. “Wake up feeling like p. diddy,” “swagger,” & “po-po” made me LOL.

  • anna

    I though it was pronounced keesha! she looks like the twin of brittany murphy in this vid with awful clothing! but I LOVE the song!

  • blankety blank

    600,000 idiots out there

  • SarahB

    Gosh, she looked and sounded just awful! Sad this is the kind of music that is so popular. Will admit the song is a little catchy, though.

  • ck_always

    She actually sang live really well. Most people just use playback the entire time.

  • Status quo

    Blame the record companies…..

  • jdub

    no, her name is pronounce exactly the way Conan said it.

    this girl is wacked!!! and she looks funky as hell. love her songs tho

  • hookupbbw

    She is so attractive

  • Jen


  • weeerd

    i do adore her music, and she can sing at times! but it feels like she’s trying to copy lady gag’s fashion style.

  • me

    #28 no she didnt sing live
    Gaga sings live, and she’s amazing, she has real talent whereas this “ke$ha” thing sucks so much. $ in her name shows how lame she really is

  • Qboi

    Well, At least we know she can’t sing now…..Yikes! That was really really BAD!
    I had to turn it off.

  • Dan

    She looks like she got dressed in Lady Gaga’s old throw away clothes. from 2008

  • funderpants

    What is this mess? It’s like the rent-a-choreographer from Bring It On directed Tardy for the Party on whippits after pleasuring himself to pics of Lady Gaga, with none of the limited charm of the originals. What a suckfest.

  • Oceane

    Something was really off on her performance. Def needs to not wear those leggings and pants combo NEVER again..

  • Sara

    She looked like she was lip-synching on TV or singing along to a really loud backing track. Ughhh. Ashlee Simpson wannabe. I’m not a huge Lady Gaga fan but you can’t even compare the two. Lady Gaga can actually sing live and she doesn’t try to fool you when she uses a backing track. She can also perform the heck out of a song. This girl is purely a studio creation. Disappear soon please. Thanks.

  • ahh!!

    @Venom: totally agree with you. how lame is that.

  • ahh!!

    @pop86: she better.

  • ahh!!

    haha! it looks like shes trying to skank.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Sara: TOTALLY.
    She’s like the low rent version of Gaga. I sense zero longevity.

  • runnersmatch

    I thought they cancelled Conan

  • lakers fan in boston

    ok, im pretty over her
    1. because she’s super trashy
    2. tik tok annoys me now
    3. her music is pretty much trash overall
    4. jared’s constant promotion of her, plz stop trying 2 be like perez, i dont understand why u wanna be a douche blogger like him, ur already on the road 2 become him with ur promotions of certain celebs and lately ur new years party, plz dont become him, no1 likes him

  • Ginger

    Well, see, if ya think about it….many artists don’t change their act or look when they first come out because they will confuse too many people. No, they have “a look”. Her look is straight out the trailer on psychedelics.

    I find it funny all people can do is reference the person of 2009 to compare Ke$ha to…I don’t see any similarity, except beats and they are blonde with hooky songs?

    but dear gaga had no real striking single look, this Ke$ha girl is being presented as someone consistent in their Hip Hop act……which I prefer.

    Is she the greatest thing since sliced bread? Naw, but she is a heck of alot better than someone who thinks they are making high art by humping inflated dolphins. This chick knows she is lucky, she acts appreciative, and she barfed in Paris Hilton’s closet! I like someone who is humble and knows they are making music for people to have fun to. Ke$ha is great.

    Oh, and I am sure her team didn’t make that girl look like gaga on her right… just happened…..

    go get ‘em honey.

  • maj

    the song is okay, however, her back up singers sing more parts than her… at least lady gaga sings everything

  • bbwdatingsite

    I love her make-up

  • natasha


  • monique

    i thought that she had a black name… o well me kesha….imma cool her keisha!!!!