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Liev Schreiber: I've Kind of Fallen For Scarlett Johansson

Liev Schreiber: I've Kind of Fallen For Scarlett Johansson

Check out this first look at Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber together in their latest effort, Broadway’s A View From The Bridge.

Officially opening Jan. 24, the play tells the story of a longshoreman from Brooklyn (Schreiber) who is obsessed with his niece (Johansson).

“I’ve just been really impressed with her composure,” Liev told EW of Scarlett, who’s making her Broadway debut in the show. “Broadway is a pressurized situation and we’ve had a really short rehearsal period….She’s really evolved so much, especially over the last two to three weeks.”

“I’m blown away by her,” Liev added. “I’ve kind of fallen for Scarlett.”

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Photos: Joan Marcus
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  • Celia

    He better not let Naomi Watts hear him say that.

  • Itchy Pants

    by far the prettiest actress in Hollywood

  • fallen

    me too, liev, me too. who wouldn’t fall for her?

  • Corey

    Saw this show the other night! It’s FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Liev is right. I fell for Scarlett Johansson too!

  • xxx

    @Itchy Pants:

    But it is not natural. She has had her nose and cheeks done as well as some other facial surgery.

  • CanadaGirl

    Beautiful, stunning woman. If I were to look like any actress it would be her or Megan Fox.
    I like Liev, but would I choose him or Ryan?…… umm….. Ryan :)

  • mickey

    Naomi Watts must be thrilled to hear that.

    As for ScarJo, good for her. Maybe this means she has learned how to act…or that Liev has fallen for the physical assets that have blinded so many from the fact that ScarJo has no acting ability whatsoever.

  • Bell

    Scarlett J wasn’t pretty to me when she arrived on the scene. I saw her singing on Regis & Kelly, and she didn’t look a bit like her old self. She’s definitely had a lot of work done, so she’s still not a pretty girl in my view.

    Liev better watch out. He’s had babies with Naomi, but lots of times those relationships fizzle eventually. Living together does not make a relationship work. Recent news has Scarlett arguing with Ryan, so I hope Liev isn’t trying to make a play for her.

  • wow

    not a very smart statement to make about another woman. “falling for someone” is a very strong statement. hope naomi watts has thick skin.

  • soccerdatingsite

    His hands are all over her chest

  • laura

    I’ve never thought Scarlett Johnansson was beautiful. Naomi Watts is much more attractive than Scarlett.

    If I could look like anyone it would be either Michelle Williams (actress) or Kate Winslet.

  • WTF

    He is impressed by her “COMPOSURE”?
    Is she a contestant in a beauty pageant? Is she a model?
    She is a mediocre actress with o.k. plus face with a lot of plastic surgery, and big breast that she likes to flaunt.

  • s

    Isn’t Scarlett a little bit too old for this “Lolita” kind of character?

  • sweetness

    He’s unattractive..and his choice of words lacks senstivity for Naomi.

  • Ewa

    sweetness @ 01/07/2010 at 10:39 pm He’s unattractive..and his choice of words lacks senstivity for Naomi.

    Agreed… What a rude thing to say when you have a partner…

  • =Logan=

    she cant act

    he finds her big boobs, big lips and curves attractive.

  • lily

    Why did he say that? I like Naomi!

  • springs_qween

    Naomi Watts might want to think twice about her future with Liev. Might not be as solid a relationship. Too bad, another Hollywood couple downfall? We’ll see….

  • Amy

    I’ve listened to him perform a few lines of Shakespeare three rows in front of me in a tiny college theater. He’s brilliant.

    And I don’t think he means it in any romantic way. Naomi can rest easy.

  • monique

    wow….next week they gonna be sleeping 2gether…if ya dont want ryan scarlett bring him 2 me…

  • ComeOn

    As a guy I like scarlett, However I have to agree with most of youu SHE CAN’T ACT AT ALL….

  • Spangles

    I really don’t think Liev means it in a romantic way at all. She seems waaay to young for him.

  • Baby

    she is so so pretty

  • SUcka for love

    this little chump is a sucka for love kind of herb, the type that falls in love real quick. Corny dudes in America fall for anything plastic and blonde. Lame nerds,

  • idontknow

    she seems young for him, but that may be what he likes. poor naomi she keeps picking losers, first heath cheated on her now liev is making these statements. there is no way to take, i’ve fallen for her than in a romantic way. what a jerk.

  • Naomi Watts

    @laura: Naomi Watts is much more attractive than Scarlett.

    Read more:

    Naomi is a far superior actress.

  • gravy

    The surgeries she’s had are the worst surgeries in the world, since nothing has changed. It’s very ironic how the people who pretend to experts on plastic surgeries are the ones that believe bullsh*t gossip magazines’ purposely misleading “she had this and that done” before & after pics. Ever wondered why these magazines never use actually comparable photos of celebs? Photos with similar make up, similar lightning, taken from similar angle and most importantly with same kind of facial expression. No, they use photos that are as different as possible so that they can write up some bullsh*t, because thanks to you, bullsh*t sells.

  • whoaaaa

    okay…watch in a few weeks we will hear about them having an affair or she and ryan reynolds will be getting a divorce..MARK MY WORDS.

  • yeah


    Yeah I think so too, comments can be taken out of context and misunderstood. This is hopefully what happened here, Liev and Naomi together look pretty solid.

  • ScarJo = DitaVonTeese Fans

    ScarJo and Dita Von Teese fans are one in the same….. females

  • Aitch

    Just the words a wife wants to hear!!!

  • Aitch

    @ScarJo = DitaVonTeese Fans:

    Oh so not true.

  • Patty

    That’s very sweet of Liev to say ^_^! Unlike most people here, I think they do have chemistry and will look good together in the play, or if they work in a film together.

    They’re both happily married so I don’t see anything wrong on Liev’s words.

  • Jason32

    What big boobs do you people keep talking about? She is size 34c which is average and looked bigger in the past because she has a small frame and would wear pushup garb. Now Selma Hayek,her I would describe as having big bazooms.

  • soi

    Give it a rest he didn’t mean it so literally. Just giving the girl a compliment.

  • Jaliah

    The photos I saw of SJ were comparable – side by side simlar lighting and exact same pose – she has had everything blown up on her face (including cheek implants cause you can’t grow them) except her nose which was noticeably thinned. It was a vast improvement but if she hadn’t had that work done no-one here would be saying she was anything other than mediocre. She is entirely blown up and noses don’t get smaller I’m afraid and her nose is now considerably smaller than when I saw her in The Horse Whisperer.

    PS Gravy # 27 I don’t ready mags or interested in gossip sites etc except this blog. Are you her mum?

  • yeah

    He could have used so many other words to compliment her, but he used those words. shame shame…

  • Jason32

    Are people really that stupid? The guy was referring to her posture in the way she handled herself for being on the stage for the first time when he said he has fallen for her. His statements will supposedly strengthen the characters in this play as thats what its about. Read the plot of the play. Its about a man that falls for his 17 year old niece.
    This is also a way they get more people to come to the show. Liev knows broadway and what it takes to be successful there. His statements were nothing more than that. Show biz is such BS .

  • Uh-oh

    Are he and Naomi married? If not, I’d be a little worried about the future of this relationship if I were her. If they’re not married, his only ‘commitment’ is that they made babies together.

  • gravy

    @Jaliah: I’ve had this conversation so many times. Your post is so transparent. You’re just repeating what you once read from some blog, instead of actually searching for good photos and and studying them yourself. Blog or magazine, same thing in this case. I’ve done my research. I could post couple of very good comparison photos here right now, but unfortunately links are not allowed in these comments. So you just have to trust my word. Too bad from your point of view, I guess.

  • Jason32

    @Naomi Watts:

    I agree 100% and plus,she is a real actress.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she does look pretty hot in that pic
    i havent seen pics of her in a while
    what i really want is for her 2 show off those boobs, they’re amazing

  • Marieme


  • idontknow

    @ScarJo = DitaVonTeese Fans:

    no they are not, i love dita von teese, but i have never liked or understood the appeal of scarjo

  • Aitch

    Ditto for me on this.

  • Jason32


    Scarjo is a boring actress. I mean I like someone like julia roberts or penelope cruz that can dramatize a scene. Johansson just doesn’t do that and thats why she has been weak since LIT. Besides,I don’t think she ever carried a show to real success where she was the lead character. Remember the nanny diaries? Good example!

  • leah

    did he forget he’s married with kids?, what a sorry skum, for someone as homely as he is, he should be thankful and kissing the ground his wife walks on instead of acting like a 13 yr old in middle school boy, and he should thank the blondes’ husband hasn;t kicked his a–.

  • a

    never liked her never will

    cock sucking no good talent white trash whore

  • Jason32

    @lakers fan in boston:

    How do you know they are amazing if you never seen them?

  • kitkat

    Liev is truly brilliant…& i am SO glad he is being recognized as the superb actor he has always been…& I believe what he has said was taken WAY out of context. He seems to be a devoted partner to Naomi and a wonderful father to their little boys.