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Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe shows off her super thin thin frame in a teeny black bikini on a beach in St. Bart’s on Thursday (January 7).

The 38-year-old celeb stylist has been vacationing since Christmas with her husband/business partner Rodger Berman. Rachel tweeted, “[I'm] laying low in St. Barths. Dinners with friends. Battling bronchitis. Hopefully sun will heal me. :( ”

Rachel‘s protruding rib cage was apparent on the red carpet back in December 2008.

Get well soon, Rachel!

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  • wendy

    And then people bitch, and complain that Victora Beckham is this insanely thin woman, comparing to Zoe she is fat. This is just unfalttering, very very much.

  • LeviKlein

    What in the…?!

  • Me

    EWWWW! eat something!!! That is soooo unhealthy

  • leeloo

    omg, feeling sorry for her!

  • d

    that is so disgusting and not cute at all. SHE NEEDS TO EAT!

  • sweetie

    That is so sad. :-(

  • Jordan


  • Annah

    That woman needs a help!!!!

  • postwatcher

    More like 48?

    Someone give her a feeding tube….like stat or she is going to end up like Brittany Murphy!

  • 738245

    well that’s not really flattering..

  • pooor , poor woman. Posh spice doesn’t even look this bad. I don’t understand how these women get so thin without the husband standing up and saying enough you need help. The husband should be ashamed.

  • wtf

    OMG!! I feel sorry for her! She should get help

  • St.Manuel

    Come on JJ, why are you posting this?
    she┬┤s only skin and bones…

  • Jen

    disgusting. She needs help, like NOW.

  • Marjike

    This is disgusting. She is a 38 year old woman who has starved herself to look like someone in a third world country, or someone who has just come out of a concentration camp.
    It just makes her look sickly, and a lot older than 38, I would have guessed late 40′s.

  • slambang

    That’s one of the NASTIEST things I’ve ever seen! Holy s**t!

  • skeleton

    Rachel Zoe needs to eat some pig fat. That’ll fatten her up.

  • tom

    I do not know who she is but she is gross.

  • r.

    Yeah, food would probably be more helpful than sun. Derr.

  • RR

    38 !?!?! B!tch please……Try 58.

  • nananaaa

    just NOT pretty…

  • shoes4life

    Wow, I mean wow! This is when you really hope these photo have been altered.

  • ava

    RR, I agree! She looks at least mid 50s. That’s what anorexia does to the skin, makes it look twenty years older. Look how jowly she is. Da*mn!

  • pottersfield

    My God! this poor woman. What is she trying to do ? Kill herself. She needs help fast.

  • Chrissy105

    Ewwwww that is DISCUSTING…someone needs to help her!!!!

  • jennifer

    WTF? Eat you skinny B****!!!

  • dee



  • Channy

    Uh, I think I’m gonna throw up!

  • jules

    Why is her husband not helping her?

  • africa

    does her husband have another mistress?

  • Sheri

    OMG…that is really sad. She is a walking skeleton. And to think the camera adds 10 lbs. supposedly…what must she look like in person?

  • riley

    How can she say she does not have an eating disorder, just look at her!

  • marisa

    oh, omg i literally gasped out loud when i saw this. i hope she gets help fast because that is not from an everyday diet. please get help rachel! your body is being disrespected, it’s begging for help!

  • adrianna

    OMG jared why why ???

    WTF how can her husband have sex with bones ???!!!!!!!!!
    she can even show her whole body cuz she knows she’s going to scare the people on the beach

  • Go Ask Alice

    I think she is divorced.

    Problem I have is NOT with her. NO. Not at all.

    Problem is her family,friends, producers of the show, her staff,no one has met and said the obvious and thatis Rachel is bulimic and /or anorexic and how are they going to intervene and put her in touch with help.

    Problem I have is not so much with the sick person, Zoes, who thinks she is a Plus Size Woman like, is that she cannot see how sick she is. Why is her parents not putting her in treatment?
    Staff? Her doctors if she has had a recent doctor’s visit?

    Clearly this girl is anorexic and or bulimic.Is she a crack head?I don’t think so. Coc’ nose,maybe. Maybe she is on coc’,
    My God,you can see her bones.Yea,she looks nasty..

  • Melissa

    OMG!! That is awful. I’m just wondering, we see how bad the top half is, but what is going on with the buttom half that she doesn’t want us to see??? Scary!!

  • ninja

    wow… all i can say is wow this is grotesque

  • Go Ask Alice

    Melissa, I was coming back to saynthe same thing. You are so right. Chances are she probbaly did not expose her bottom half on purpose.

    Pelvis bone,hip bone,sagging buttocks ,very ill person there.

  • ivanka

    @wendy: i agree , victoria is healthy, this woman i dont know is SICK

  • CanadaGirl

    Poor thing… she needs some help as she has an obvious eating disorder or something else……

  • BO

    starved yourself for fashion….how f@cking sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fer

    She looks sad. I think shes got nervous bulimia. I feel sorry for her because she needs more attention

  • Mai

    this is just horrible, wow she looks repulsive. Her breasts look like skinflaps :/

  • jdub


  • justme

    Bones are supposed to be on the inside gurl.

  • beeyatch

    Disgusting. I hate Hollywood and especially all these retards who think the concentration camp victim look is acceptable. This woman’s family and friends should be ashamed of themselves for not saying anything.

  • Ali

    this is a result of hollywood and fashion pressure – the need to be a size 0 and have the body of an 8-year old girl. If she doesn’t get help, she will get very ill. I agree that her family needs to step in right now.

  • Carrie Bradshaw

    If she were a ‘normal person’ (i.e. not in the limelight) she would have been forcibly entered into a treatment clinic for eating disorders. Some of the people in those places are horrifically underweight yet actually look healthier than her.

    She won’t live very long if she maintains that figure. Her heart will fail.

  • hoa

    Her husband/business partner should spoil her even more ew!

  • Ilia

    Ouch, who is this anorexic person?