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Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe shows off her super thin thin frame in a teeny black bikini on a beach in St. Bart’s on Thursday (January 7).

The 38-year-old celeb stylist has been vacationing since Christmas with her husband/business partner Rodger Berman. Rachel tweeted, “[I'm] laying low in St. Barths. Dinners with friends. Battling bronchitis. Hopefully sun will heal me. :( ”

Rachel‘s protruding rib cage was apparent on the red carpet back in December 2008.

Get well soon, Rachel!

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194 Responses to “Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!”

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  1. 51
    mika_says_hi Says:

    maybe she has an eating disorder because when she was on the red carpet, it looked like her skin wasn’t good and her hair looked a bit unhealthy even though it was styled.

  2. 52
    Allie Says:

    Oh. My. God. Rachel Zoe is in dire need of hospitalization, medication, nutrition, and other words that end in -tion that will help her get healthy. She is a terror to look at and it’s so very sad. Poor, poor Raisin Face.

  3. 53
    Swansong Says:

    Gerard butler is shown with a few extra pounds and the media and fans circle around him like sharks. Pics of him hit the headlines with titles like; “From Hunk to Chunk”…and the snarkfest begins. And people wonder why so many celebs starve themselves to death. I feel very bad for this young woman. Her body image has been warped by Hollywood’s ridiculous standards of beauty.

  4. 54
    wellthen Says:

    holy ****.

    get help.

  5. 55
    ivermom Says:

    Well, we are gonna have another dead one in the headlines again soon. She looks nasty.

  6. 56
    eliza Says:

    These are such disturbing pictures. I hope someone convinces her to get help soon.

  7. 57
    Ele Arroway Says:

    This is the discrepancy with models and real women, although she is a very extreme case, models are so much thinner because they look good IN clothes, they are clothes horses that show off a designers work. Whereas most real women look good WITHOUT clothes – a woman is much sexier in a bikini when she has a figure. Its a sad state of affairs that this woman is a role model who dresses young hollywood actresses, they really really don’t want to look like this at 38, which by the way is how old I am and I can honestly say, even with those little extra bits of wobble on the thighs, I am so much more comfortable in my body than this poor woman.

    I agree that if she were in the “real” world, she would have been hospitalised a long time ago.

  8. 58
    Ronda Says:

    Could somebody get that Woman a biscuit?

  9. 59
    [marie] Says:

    Sweet Jesus.. Get this woman a cheeseburger..

  10. 60
    Naima Says:

    Jared you could have chosen better words than “showing off.” This is disgusting and a horrible example to young women out there who follow fashion and trends. You shouldn’t have even posted these negative images on the blog, the woman is clearly sick to do this to herself.

  11. 61
    lavender1960 Says:

    The one thing that bothers me when people make comments of too thin people.

    How do we know these people aren’t dealing with a sickness other than anorexia or bulmia? Sometimes people have health issues they have quite rightly kept to themselves, like cancer, and of course chemotherapy can have the opposite effect, people bloat up on the steroids but trust me they ain’t eating cupcakes, they are lucky to hold any food down. But they still try to live their lives even in the publc eye.

  12. 62
    Oliver48 Says:

    Give the girl a cookie…

  13. 63
    oy Says:

    38 years old with the body of an 85 year old who can’t swallow solid food. I now know why she doesn’t have taste in clothing. She hasn’t tasted anything in ages.

    Rachel needs a trip to Sprinkles.

  14. 64
    black beauty Says:

    people like this need to be boycotted and kicked out of hollywood

  15. 65
    rachel m Says:

    38?? No way is this woman 38. She looks older than my grandma.

  16. 66
    anna paris Says:

    oh please, this is horrible. I bet shes even got bad breath. Go straight away to mcdonalds or somewhere else and get some energy my god we are telling you for your own sake!

  17. 67
    Mari Says:

    This is the most unattractive woman I have ever seen. She needs to start eating healthy and enough food. This is a terrible look. Hope she can look at these pictures and realize this for herself.

  18. 68
    collegedatingsite Says:

    Wow, she looks great!

  19. 69
    boo hoo Gerry Says:

    @Swansong: The sad fact is that this is just Gerry Butler’s type of gal. He is only seen with women who are stick figure slim and usually in a profession requiring them to be so – in other words – if they want to work they must stay thin. But Butler has a choice – he could be seen or date women of more normal or healthy weight – but he doesn’t, he goes for impossibly thin model types and gives lip service to loving women of all sizes, but he eschews all but the slim model profile. So now he’s hoisted on his own petard and I have no sympathy for him. He is being eaten alive by people critical of his pyhsique. Boo freakin’ hoo Gerry.
    Rachel – hope you have some close friends who love you and will help you see a better image of yourself.

  20. 70
    Cristobal Says:


  21. 71
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    She’s actually smiling for these pics? Eh if she was “ill” and not bulimic or anorexic she would have made any effort to make sure she was covered.

    This mess should be taken down.

  22. 72
    j Says:

    looks like Angelina Jolie

  23. 73
    fer Says:

    Why would you even post this, JJ? Obviously you knew people were going to make fun of her.

  24. 74
    braulio Says:

    i was just watvhing a show on tv, and they were saying she is a bad person like she impulses women to be anorexic , i’m glad she is looking this bad !

  25. 75
    Jill Says:

    Good lord, she looks like she spent six months in a concentration camp.

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