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Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe shows off her super thin thin frame in a teeny black bikini on a beach in St. Bart’s on Thursday (January 7).

The 38-year-old celeb stylist has been vacationing since Christmas with her husband/business partner Rodger Berman. Rachel tweeted, “[I'm] laying low in St. Barths. Dinners with friends. Battling bronchitis. Hopefully sun will heal me. :( ”

Rachel‘s protruding rib cage was apparent on the red carpet back in December 2008.

Get well soon, Rachel!

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  • sweetness

    she’s a celebrity stylist and now you get why 90% of actresses look like skeletors… just imagine she is paid to influence how actresses look and dress, Actresses are insecure from the outset and rely on this skeleton’s advice…
    sad twisted minds of women in hollywood.

  • to 87

    She’s thin, many people are, and those of you leaving negative comments are probably gool ol overweight… Don’t be haters, and don’t judge

    my grandfather disagrees strongly with you. in 1945 he along with others in the united states army liberated a german death camp. she looks exactly like the women, some of them barely alive, they found. understand this; some of these women died after liberation. why? because they had been starved by the germans. it was all my grandfather and the other men could do to keep many of these poor women alive. so please, do not sit there and tell us that rachel is thin. she has gone beyond thin. this girl needs medical help now!

  • cathy

  • Karen

    All I can say is that she looks a lot older than 38! just goes to show you that being that emaciated is not attractive—–to anyone.

  • lillieb

    omg! that’s horrible, she’s the one whom talked nicole richie into being so thin, it’s just not cute.. why?

  • sweetpea

    oh my gosh that is disgusting. I hope she get’s some major help.

  • Eva

    I hope and pray that the people who are close to her will make sure she gets help immediately. A friend of mine died from anorexia.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughhh that’s nasty
    now that’s a clear case of a person suffering from an eating disorder
    she looks just like a skeleton
    dont no who she is but i feel bad for her

  • Oh Dear

    @Geez –
    Yes, Rachel’s face might not be sunken in like most anorexics, but people who have naturally fatty/fuller faces can be skeletons in their bodies while maintaining normal looking faces. I was like that when I was anorexic. At a normal weight, Rachel’s face would probably be very round. Her body is screaming out for nutritional & caloric help, but the full face is deceiving. (On the opposite end, some people have naturally skinny faces, so morbidly obese people who would’ve had long, skinny faces at a normal body weight actually have more proportionate looking (oval) faces when their bodies are fat.
    Plus she’s had fillers like Restalyne injected in her lips, and she has the $$ to put youth-enhancing fillers in her cheeks & above the jawline just like Madonna has done to obtain a healthy, youthful image. Don’t be fooled…Rachel is dying. Her metabolism is so malnourished that it is probably eating her organs and muscle tissue (including her heart) for energy due to lack of calories. The body feeds on itself in extreme deprivation.

  • Maisie

    OMFG! She looks like she was just liberated from Auschwitz! This woman clearly suffers from body dysmorphic disorder.

  • Angela

    God, she looks like my grandmother. I can’t believe she’s only 38 years old. It really shows what make-up and great lighting can do for someone. I will never understand why looking like you just staggered out of a concentration camp is something to strive for. There’s a happy medium between fat and thin, it’s called average.

    Still though, I have to take a moment to mock the folks defending this starving refugee look by saying the people who find it unattractive “must be” fat. LOLOLOLOL. That table can be easily turned. Indeed, but their adamant “protest too much” defense we can clearly infer that they just may be self-starving bulimics suffering from the same self-delusion of attractiveness and health that this poor zoe chick suffers from. Haters? Hardly (and really, that’s a term a 12 year old tween uses when you don’t like her favorite boy band, not a health issue) How about that instead of Haters, we’re Realisticers in that we know ill health when we see it?

  • sunnie

    I hope she bought a pre-arranged funeral plan….save her family the trouble of having to put one together within the next year…. or maybe even days by the looks of things…. :’(

  • sunnie

    and also….who swims in a Mu-Mu!!

    Must be sad to live a life where you can’ t even enjoy the freedom of a vacay in beautiful, warm and sparkling waters.

    i do! i LOVE the carribean, coastal waters of the ocean etc….and wear a BATHING SUIT!!!!! not a mu-mu dress!! what a SAD life — she’s doesn’t eat….or swim…what a prison!!

  • So obvious

    Anorexic much???

  • jami

    can you say, anorexia??

  • dana

    that is so sad ….. because eat is the best thing in this world!!!

  • VILE

    This woman has bo taste in clothing ether. She is a whoree to trends, has no style.

    Talks like Paris Hilton. A vapid nothing.

  • Alisha

    Looks like someone needs to eat a hamburger As soon as possible!

  • fresh

    Someone give her a burger. STAT.

  • firemenfriends

    She is my ideal woman





  • Eve

    Whoever this is, she needs help quickly. She probably looks in the mirror and thinks she needs to loose 100 pounds in time for summer. It’s very sad, what Hollywood and New York does to these girls psyches.

  • J

    This is the stylist that made Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan superskinny! Take a look at her. She obvioulsy wants to be skinny and wants her clients to be skinny and unhealthy too!!!

  • Renske

    OMG she looks so unhealthy! You can’t compare her to Victoria. I truly believe Victoria is thin because it’s in her genes. Of course Victoria works out and she eats healthy but Victoria had always been that thin. I can’t believe that Rachel is 38 years old! She looks in her mid 40!

  • Jeff

    Omg, that’s pretty shocking. Can’t believe she’s criticizing other people.

  • ageless

    38? 48?? 50s? not even…that looks like the body of a 98 year-old, near death grandmother. Yuck .

  • Deedz

    LORD HAVE MERCY. Someone feed her stat.

  • Usi

    Remembers me about the ads in 80′s for German Agro Action just that this is not Africa and she is not to poor buy food.

    But since she is already grown up it is her life to look like that. SHE is the one who is to blame. She is no child or uncertain teenager. When she do not want to eat no one can force her anymore.

    Beside, no wonder her body cannot repel that lung infection. Hopefully it isn’t chronic yet and she get rid off before becoming so. If not she will have a very nasty dead.

  • Unknown


  • Sunshine

    Why isn’t her husband, parents or her personal assistant helping her!! Some one better hurry before she ends up like Brittany Murphy…

  • Bob the Skeleton

    She’s hot !

  • Angel_Eyes

    Anorexy :(((((

  • Ugg london

    This is very beauty article, I like it, thank you!
    To the word you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

  • bla85

    Looks as if we may one day be reading about Zoe having a heart attack brought on by having anorexia.

    Actually, if she got some breast implants she would look like most actresses nowadays.

  • sad

    This is very sad. I want to know how people here know that no one is trying to get her help. Anorexia is a very serious mental disease. It starts out as a diet but once you reach a certain point, your brain doesn’t make rational decisions anymore and you don’t see yourself as others do. At this point I don’ t think she can get out of this alone, she has to have others help her. Once stricken with an eating disorder, no matter how much, you never truly get over it either.

  • Hotmama

    Just watching he reality tv show you see how she does not take care of herself. She’s always running around working 80 hours + per week and then she wonders why she’s not feeling well. That’s what happens when you think you have to work 80+ hours in a week to be successful.

  • Joanne

    OMG, it’s the return of SKELETOR!!!!! Rachel Zoe looks like an 80 year old hag! C’mon Rog…….can you say INTERVENTION?????? This is totally disgusting….especially if she (and the people around her) thinks the way she looks is good.

  • Ariel

    OMG, she needs to eat! She looks very sickly and not at all in her 30s. She looks way older than mid 30s.

  • Taylor

    You know what is the saddest thing of all? She is successful. Has a hit show (for the Bravo niche). Has faithful clients. Has an amazing place in LA. And a great sense of humor.

    …Yet she obviously suffers from an eating disorder (and maybe Chron’s disease). BUT THERE IS NO REASON for her to carry on like this.

    I hope she finds a way to get better.
    I did, after 4 years of bulimia–and never looking this thin, i was 135 pounds infact and im only 5’1).

  • jenny

    I don’t feel sorry for her. She took plenty of young women and tried to make them look like her by getting them to stop eating. She’s an anorexia monger and I say she deserves to look like a disease is eating her from the inside.

  • Failerella

    she’s 38, she just LOOKS 58 because she’s so shriveled up.

  • nikki

    this is nasty, not even attractive. she needs some help and right away

  • Maurice

    Her husband should be force feeding her. Bronchitis? She needs to be worried about her eating disorder.