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Blake Lively to Star in 'Green Lantern'!

Blake Lively to Star in 'Green Lantern'!

Blake Lively will star as the female lead in Green Lantern opposite Ryan Reynolds!

Production on the film begins in March, and the film’s release date is set for June of 2011, Variety reports.

It was announced back in July that Ryan had won the title role in the film.

Blake, 22, can be seen on Gossip Girl each week on the CW and recently shot the feature film The Town in Boston with Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm.

Congratulations, Blake!!

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  • gg

    love her!!!

  • shamrock

    CONGRATS to Blake!!! Excellent choice for this film. She can work this film and make it worth the view with her appearance, acting, and entertainment for all audience members. I’m really happy they decided to select her for the part. It is a very GOOD FIT~

    Ben selected her for THE TOWN and he knows that she is an upcoming* with a lot of potential and strong future ahead of her.

    All the best~

  • BLAKE’s #1 fan


  • Kim

    That’s so great! I’m really happy for her. She’s a great actress and definitely deserves it.

  • good

    THANK GOD they didn’t pick Jen GARNER who was going for the same role…uh, Jen you’re 40 and the character’s 27. Good for Blake!

  • anon

    What was that Lainey Blind about a casting couch? Hmm..

  • missy

    I´m so happy for her :D she deserves it, go Blake :)

  • Celia

    They just killed that film. They could’ve gone with anyone with some kind of talent and they choose this girl?
    I don’t like it.

  • Celia


    I know right. I guess she slept with the right person.

  • flutters

    The Lainey blind was clearly a reference to Harvey Weinstein who’s got nothing to do with Warner Bros which is the studio for Green Lantern. If that blind is even true it said that Harvey was trying to prevent the girl from getting her big break as a lead in a big movie. IF that was even true and he was targeting Blake then he failed.

    I don’t know if this is the right casting though. Doesn’t strike me as a movie I’m all that likely to see though I like Greg Berlanti as a writer.

  • Yup

    Thank YOU FLUTTERS for correctly quoting the blind item for the people that want to believe it is about Blake. Anyway GOOD FOR HER.

  • Grace

    That casting couch sounds more like Hayden Pannettiere anyway. Really where has she been in movies. No where and all she does is try.

  • diva

    Her Body got her the job trufax! she likeable on screen and I guess that’s what they were looking for

  • cutesinglesinthecity

    She has a gorgeous body!

  • Ect

    Blake is a great choice she’s perfect for the part and has loads of screen charisma and talent something Ben Affleck spotted when he cast her in the Town. I agree #5 jen garner is too old for this role, it must be hard knowing she lost out to the girl her husband was having fun flirting with.

  • Donkey Kong

    Garner is only 37, #5.

    A few pics of Affleck and Lively laughing together and they MUST have been flirting, #13?

  • …love Maegan

    she’s looking more stunning than ever …did she plump up that top lip or what? I’m usually against that but it just made her a 10. …she’s actually a good actor too.

  • Helen

    I am so proud of her,she is perfect.

  • Whoever

    Thats a stunning picture of her!

  • ditto

    oh no i wanted eva green for the role !

  • a

    not gonna watch now

  • ivanka

    they only hired her because of her plastic body, i was expecting someone with talent for hottie ryan..

  • Lucy

    Are you serious?! That’s great!

  • Jo

    Sooo happy ! Congrats for Blake, she hasn’t been hired only for her plastic, but she has talent ! So proud of her !

  • sugarnspice

    Not only is this an amazing picture of her, but I am so happy for her! Finally we get to see her in some REAL roles! Congrats Blake and best of luck to you!

  • fgzf

    @anon: For Realll, ikr. I think there are better choices.. i think she slept with a producer.

  • fgzf

    @anon: For Realll, ikr. I think there are better choices.. i think she slept with a producer.

  • Tina

    I’m so happy for her and I hope she proves those haters wrong.

  • Allie

    I first saw Blake in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and I thought she was a great actress. Her role in Gossip Girl is getting kind of bleh, but she has been doing some movies which I look forward to seeing. I hope she does well in the role because people are certainly rooting for her to fail.

  • meh

    Congrats! tho i hope she didn’t have to sleep with someone to get that role. if she got it all on her own, kudos! and suck it harvey.

  • Adriana

    OMG, this is great, I am SO happy for her!! :-)

    And she definitiely didn’t slepp with anyone to get the part, she’s madly in love with her boyfriend, and would never do something like that. Give her a break, she’s a good actress, she deserves it :)

  • Cristobal


  • Jess

    OMG,Congrat her.She deserves it .

  • anna

    She is a terrible actress! I wonder who she is sleeping with to land these roles?

  • lexy

    Congratulations to Blake! She’s awesome and deserves much success!!!

  • WTF

    She gives off a slutty vibe, and she’s pear shaped- too wide on the bottom, too masculine on top (2 sacks of silicone don’t really change that).

  • gag reflex

    Some dude at Warner Bros. just got laid. Congrats on “winning” the job Blake.

  • WTF!?

    Out of all the talented girls in Hollywood, I am SHOCKED and APPAULED that Blake Lively got a role in this movie. The ONLY thing this girl is good for is flaunting her body in revealing or as I like to call them-Sl*tty dresses.
    There’s DEFINITELY something weird happening here. Either she slept with someone to get this role, or she is close friends with someone on the casting committee. Because lets face it…..Blake SUCKS.

  • ganymede30324

    Good for her! Spandex and few lines to slur will suit her talents!

  • Chloe

    ….what? Oooook, not watching it now.

  • marla


    At least Jennifer Garner was known for her hit show. Blake supposedly “Charismatic “pr essence failed to raise the rating for their show in CW
    She has no talent . She’s just another dime dozen blond starlet who infested Hollywood since the dawn of that industry.
    I don’t know why a big franchised want to gamble on her unless she blowed somebody from the higher ups. Most starlet gets to have a chance at being notice when they give in to the demands of the lower anatomy of the industry’s grand pubba

  • wendy

    WOW this is HUGE for her, she looks stunning, and will be perfect for a film like this.

  • marla


    Harvy Winstien is not the only perverted bigwig of Hollywood. dear there are a lot of those scoundrel in Hollywood in fact most of them are. In Blake Lively’s case it’s so obvious that she did. For one thing She can’t carry an audience judging from the poor low rated and barely breathing show she was still in. As for her boyfriend I’m wondering why I don’t see them peedeeaying in any pictures anymore and why do I only see Blake going solo on the red carpet this days?

  • Blake Lively

    She will do well in this role look what Jessica Alba did in Fantastic 4
    She was basically a nobody when she did that movie and look at her
    today.. As for Ben the did not flirt at all in the parking lot..!!! Jen Garner was probably not up for the role …she would not take it ..she said that
    she is done with Action Films..


  • Um, hm

    Hollywood Reporter wrote that Blake was initially considered too young for the role, but producers were impressed with her role in BEN AFFLECK’S The Town.

    Guess who else was up for the part? Yep, Jennifer Garner (and Keri Russell).

    Jen may have trapped Ben into marriage, but Blake was still able to work what she had to beat her.

    Karma must SUCK for Jen Garner- ROTFLMAO.

    Here’s the article for the crazy obsessed fan who won’t believe it:

  • marla

    @Um, hm:
    Don’t believe all what you read dear. No one’s going to admit the true reason why she was hired for this role. This is a franchised movie. no one really need an ultra Oscar talent worth for it. My understanding is they usually hire starlets who had box office and tv rating appeal at least.
    Blake has none of those. She can’t even overturned the bad rating of her own TV show.

  • Lara

    Well, Blake being hired for this movie is an example of how some producers or directors only hire actresses because of their looks. Ms Lively is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood atm with just one facial expression and the “ability” to bore viewers to death.

  • Jess

    So many haters here.
    Blake can act ,she’s great in Pippa ,she’s great in her all movies .
    You haters always judge her acting in Gossip Girl
    She will be awesome in Green Lantern.

  • hong kong

    @good: So what if she was not chosen? And Jen is 37 not 40, but still a great actress not like Blake, the useless blonde “beauty”

  • hong kong

    besides, Jen said she will take a break this fall, so she wouldnt be in it anyway…