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Robert Pattinson: 'Remember Me' Poster!

Robert Pattinson: 'Remember Me' Poster!

Check out the newest graphic from the movie poster for Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin!

The film, out March 12, stars Rob as Tyler, a young man in NYC who’s dealing with the aftermath of a family tragedy and a strained relationship with his dad.

He meets Ally (de Ravin) and finds love – until secrets come out that may tear them apart.

Bigger movie poster inside…

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  • xtina

    awwww they’re so cute 2gether
    this movie will be epic!

  • LoveLeeR

    don’t care

  • Celebfan

    I really want to see that movie!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`i think this will be a good movie. i also don’t think anyone’s gonna go see it.
    his tween fans only wanna see him in twilight flicks.

  • carina

    what a hell?

  • Wakaka

    No interest

  • vanessa

    This looks like a good movie. Rob and Emilie make a much cuter onscreen couple than Rob and Kristen Stewart, and I think Emilie is a much better actress.

  • ewww

    Just waiting for this no talent foot face to go away.

  • Jen

    they look sooo cute together. Can’t wait to see this. Looking forward to it because I thought Rob didn’t have really good chemistry with Kristen in twilight or new moon.

  • samjennings

    this chick has nothing on kristen stewart. wont see it..looks lame

  • Eileen

    Robert Pattinson is awesome! I’m so hyped about seeing this movie. The trailer for Remember Me looks great. And so does Robert and Emilie DeRavin. March can’t come soon enough for me. ;-)

  • ivanka

    i prefer this couple that annyoing “robsten” with tween fans obsessed

  • dabu


    Actually Rob has a great deal of talent. I’m not a Twi-fan, but saw him in The Haunted Airman–and he was fantastic. Saw Twlight and I can tell you he is acting the part of Edward, he is not Edward. YOu only have to watch Haunted Airman to see this man is seriously talented. The Twi-hards don’t care that he can act as they think he IS Edward. He is not. He is a very fine actor.

  • ewww

    You are entitled to your opinion.
    I stand by mine.
    His career will be over after they film the last of the Twilight garbage.
    He has been severely typecast, and he doesn’t have the skill to overcome that baggage.

  • diana

    @vanessa: I disagree. I love Robert and i can’t wait to watch this movie. I’ve read the script and it’s totally awesome. But he and Kristen have a great chemistry on-screen. That’s why people keep gossiping about them. And I also think she is a pretty good actress.

    But he, you gotta love him :) I do <3

  • yeah

    I really want to see him outside of the whole Twilight stuff. He and EDR look very good in the poster, will definitely watch!

  • @14

    “Saw Twlight and I can tell you he is acting the part of Edward, he is not Edward.”
    OK, let me get this straight…you had to SEE Twatlight to understand that this no talent hobo isn’t REALLY a sparkley vampire?
    His time is limited, thank goodness. Just as all the past and future flavors of the month.
    If he is smart, he is saving his money for when the tweens get tired of him and move on to the next heartthrob.

  • jolentini
  • jummm

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….. nooooooooooo.. mira como esa tipa se le mete casi en el ojooooo nooooooooooooooooo ess mioo q se valla a la mierdaaa esa tal emilie 1!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • oxford uni student

    omg i just love him so much! hes absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  • djenar

    oh God rob looks cute, very very very much

  • EAC

    that is the most adorable picture!

  • Ang

    He probably does have tweener fans who are unable to separate real life from fiction probably think that some how Edward is cheating on Bella or some such nonsense. But the fact that there are some fans who can’t separate reality from character is not his fault. It’s a good move for him to continue to work on his craft.

    He’s smart to continue to try to distance himself from the franchise where he can. He should thank his lucky stars that there are only two more of these insipid movies to come. By then the tweeners will be on to something else and hopefully he can build an actual career. As much as the tweeners love their Twilight, there just are as many people who dispise the books and the films would only consider seeing him in a non-twilight film.

  • @24

    One problem that he will have is overcoming the animosity of the more mature movie goer.
    A lot of people are so sick of the CONSTANT Twilight media madness that they associate him with their disgust.
    He has been so overexposed, that not many non-twihards will want to pay to see him in any movie.
    THAT is the problem that he will have to face in the very near future.

  • Suluvzy

    Robert is so talented….no doubt…
    he can act and sing
    i cant figure out why there are some people keeping critising him..
    he just a Child with a huge fame that he can not burden..
    so .love him whatever his character is

  • 89

    The trailer looks interesting, and Chris Cooper is in this movie, so I’m totally there.

  • Neesha

    GODDDD,Rob is sooo beautiful.
    like “uhhhhhhh”
    man I would love him forever…
    ahh Rob I love you!

  • tash

    Lol, someone called him a footface! Wash your mouth out! He’s hot! but it was still funny!

    As for Emile DeRavin, well like someone said earlier, she’s got nothing on Kristen Stewart!

    Rob and Kristen make a better couple and you can see it on the poster! Rob looks hot (like always) but I can’t see the chemistry there, it just looks like a poster which causes little reaction other than “It’s cute.”

    With Rob and Kristen’s posters it’s CHEMISTRY OVERLOAD! You can feel the heat and nerveousness they share and it causes a reaction to people! Their hotness and chemistry is so tangible!

    So, yeah, Emilie’s got ‘squat’ on Kristen. Kristen’ and Rob ‘fit’!

  • bbwdatematch

    I love him!

  • LYNN

    I have seen Robert in four movies now. How to Be, the two Twilight movies and the Harry Potter one. I thought he was funny and quirky in How to Be. In the Twilight movies he is sometimes too serious and a little bit awkward. But then he does seem to act well in them at the same time. Thought he was good in the small part he had in the Harry Potter film. Seeing the Remember Me trailer, I will admit, it looks like to be the best acting I have seen him do. Plus he has signed on to do quite a bit of films this yr. so hopefully he will get away from ‘Edward’, and become a more profound actor who has more stance then his part in the Twilight franchise. I think he will go far. If he picks the right roles.

  • nk

    i will go see this movie . even tho i dont like Emilie lol i actually never liked her . first time ive seen her was in roswell. lol (i loved that TV show .. not her part tho)
    anyway go rob!! love him!

  • louella

    wauw how cute, they would be a cute couple. better than robsten, sorry for fan.

  • Rob – twilight????

    Dear John will be a much better movie. As the book alone is better than Twilight! I’m checking that out as a MUST do and don’t even like chick flicks but like to watch one a YEAR.

    This is only for twilight fans only. Kind of feel sorry for Rob because that’s all people going to remember him for whatever else he does.

    Seriously, check out Dear John on 5th Feb 2010. The trailer alone is better than this one, so are the movie stills! Everything tells me is going to be fantastic but at the end of the day, Rob does have box office hits with the Twilight sagas but don’t watch because of that watch the movie because it’s truly good.

    Sorry, keep going back to Dear John because seen trailers for other romantic movies for 2010 and this is the only one that made me cry which was exciting and strange at the same time.

    Seems like 2010 will be good year for romantics and remakes.

  • natt

    seems like a good matured movie than the fantasy twilight crap.

  • @ewww and #18

    I think Robert will have the last laugh. He is very talented and whether he is able to overcome typecasting and close-minded folks like you is to be seen–but he is laughing all the way to the bank! And he is getting movie offers out the wazoo.

  • lIB

    This looks like it might be good…. good to see Rob out of the vampire mode. Happy to see Emilie’s great acting skills on the big screen and she will be in the last season of ‘Lost’, premiering 2/2.

  • jillian

    He is so cute and she is so pretty. I saw the preview for this movie and it looks reallllllllyyyy good :) i like some action in girl movies so the bloody scene gonna be cool

  • short-dating

    the perfect man!

  • Dark Magican Girl100

    Let me tell you something Twilight is not garbage,but unlike you I think that most people are more into vampires than what you think there are,and I happen to think that Robert Pattinson is very sexy as a
    vampire so just take that n your peace pipe and smoke it.

  • anonymous

    did you know that a show called the vampire diaries is trying to rip off twilight?

  • layla

    lol i love how people comment how they dont care about rob… i mean if you really didnt care i dont think you would have looked and commented on this pic! lol

    yea this is super cute! hot as ever rpatz

  • mary

    that’s such a cute picture

  • emo_twilighter_bitch

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: uh not true. i would be one of those “tween fans” and im still way phyched to see this movie. so maybe u shouldnt assume things and stop grouping us twilight fans into one huge group that all think the same cause we dont. : /

  • Erika

    Perfect, will be the BIG movie in 2010, Robert is a good actor and always make a good job, he’s perfect, like always. Remember me will be a cute movie.

  • Abigail

    My gosh!! He looks so good in the poster!!!

  • Ida

    come on he’s not that hot!!! and he’s nothing without kristen,he became famous with kristen!but he’s good looking at least,I don’t think people wiil see this movie or any movie that he’ll be playing.

  • Ida

    come on he’s not that hot and I don’t think people will see this or any movie he’ll be playing.

  • @ida

    He was famous on his own in Britain, plus did you forget he had a pivotal role in HP: Goblet of Fire?
    The guy has talent, unfortunately Twilight is going to “eclipse” his talent by making him a star.

  • Anonymous

    I think they are looking very romantic in this film. EDR is looking younger than her age, she got a sweet personality and both Rob and her got an amazing chemistry. In the other hand, we can’t see much of his talent as a vampire in Twilight and with Kristen they got an incredible chemistry since Kristen is very pretty and with a dominant and strong personality beside Rob’s boyish attitude, a contrast of both.