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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Mary Poppins Family Fun

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Mary Poppins Family Fun

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes treat their adorable daughter Suri to evening out at the Ahmanson Theatre to see the LA engagement of hot musical, Mary Poppins, on Wednesday (January 6).

This is the second time Suri has seen the world’s most famous nanny on stage. Katie brought her to see the Broadway production in August 2008 during NY rehearsals for her own Broadway debut in Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons.

Famous friend David Beckham took his three sons (pictured below) recently to see the show in LA, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie saw the Jan. 3 Broadway matinee with their four oldest children. Stars Amy Adams, The Jonas Brothers, Jude Law and Cate Blanchett also brought family and friends to the Broadway production over the holidays.

Also pictured here: Ashley Brown (stars as Mary Poppins) and Gavin Lee (stars as Bert).

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Photos: Fran Curry/Disney Theatrical Productions
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  • its robo-bride

    They can never pass up a chance for a photo op can they?

  • rachel

    awww tom smile is lovely. and katie looks healthy!

  • teri

    This family makes me ill.

  • Mary

    Two freaks using a kid for press.

  • Donkey Kong

    Right, #1… That’s why they haven’t been seen in two weeks.


    Everyone KNOWS Cruise spends every Christmas at his Telluride ski mansion.

    They are such FREAKS, sorry, but if Suri requires a bottle, stuffed toys, and a baby blanket, then
    …………………………………she shouldn’t have 19 pairs of heels and wear make-up EVERYDAY.


  • freaks

    hate these freaks.

  • don’t be mad, donkey K

    Is Suri wearing makeup? I don’t mean to trash Tomkat but something is odd about them. A little girl of just 3 doesn’t go out wearing heels and makeup all the time like she’s a teenager… the heels and makeup is okay for dress up at home. It’s Just my opinion, Donkey Kong. I think they are a decent couple but tom looks like a total Lesbian.

  • Celebfan

    cute family!

  • Lisa

    doest suri ever wear a coat? always see her sleeveless ,no coat but mom and dad are dressed for cold?

  • sara

    Why is Tom holding that little street urchin?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I don’t get them, but they are not for me to get.

    I agree with everyone here.

    People raise their kids as they see fiot.

    Connor and Isabella….away in NYC? At Scientology Center?
    Sent somewhere?

    Or could they have been with Nicole and Keith?
    You hope so…she and Keith and theirbaby was is in L.A. this past week for people’s Chopice Awards.

  • Pat

    Too me it looks like KH is just a little too young looking in the picture so I think this is a fake picture. Or they have put a old picture of her in place of a picture of her now. Does anyone else think this?

  • what’s up?

    Once again Suri is dressed in summer attire? I just don’t get it, it is cold no, no FRIGID in NY and Suri is dressed for summer with nothing on her arms. While mom and dad wears sweaters, scarfs, jeans and coats!?

    She must be one hot blooded child.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Lisa, that is the million dollar question.Also, ina theater, it is always on air.condition. AmI correct. Like a studio, things ,equipment has to be kept cold.

  • what’s up?

    Okay, my mistake they were in LA not NY.

    Still doesn’t explain why mom and dad are dressed warmly and their baby is not. Anyway, to each their own.

  • Donkey Dong

    #1 No it seems they can’t
    #3 I wanna puke also
    #4 yep
    #9 You need glasses

  • lol

    Katie looks old and has her freaky smile on while Tom is giving his gay smile and why is the young woman (as preferred by her mother) in a summer dress while her parents are bundled up?

  • pr person


  • jana

    wow lots of negitive jealous people on this site, i think this is cute

  • Jane

    Put a warm clothes on that kid!!!!!
    It was in the 60′s in L.A. yesterday.
    Tom is wearing a turtleneck yet he lets his
    kid in a summer dress.
    Child Abuse!!! shame on them!

    there is no way that kid was not shivering as usual.
    I wish the authorities could intervene.

  • Dana

    THE FREAKS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missy

    Gimme a break Jane. The 60′s is not cold, and these photos were taken inside. How do you know they she didn’t wear a sweater before going outside?
    They’re a beautiful family. Katie in particular looks great.

  • Just a spoon full of sugar

    All the haters are out again.

    If you despise them so much, why read about them and leave nasty comments? Move on. Life’s too short.

  • its robo-bride

    @donkey dung

    Seems to me I remember you saying that they couldn’t avoid the paps. That there was NO WAY they could avoid the paps. Obviously when they want to they can. Unless you actually think they stayed home for two whole weeks and never left the house? I don’t think so.
    So this means, when they want to avoid the paps, they can. And when they don’t want to–voila PHOTO OP with the little pet princess.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    katie’s hair is growing longer , she has gone back to looking the way she used to….just so lovely and healthy.
    love this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VIP

    Love how they use Chris Klein’s child for photo-ops.

  • robyn


  • Jazz

    Here comes the circus again. Xenu, beam me up! HATE THEM!!!!!!

  • Ha-Ha

    Obviously the Beckhams don’t want to be seen with them either……who can blame them?

  • danielle

    Actually I hate to say this, but Katie looks like she is hatching another xenu spawn.

  • Travel Blogs

    bit hard to avoid press I guess

  • Carol

    She has that ” I love my turkey baster” look about her. I wonder whose kids she’s going to pump out next time. Maybe Chris Klein will pony up again? Because everyone knows tiny gay midget WON’T be the father!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE! Ha-Ha!

  • sped

    Kris Kiline huh? I thought it was another one of her ex’s kid. To be honest I think Suri looks like both her parents.

  • jolentini
  • Sunshine

    Nicole will be so jealous if she is.

  • emma#2

    Suri is looking more and more like Tom , the older she gets, she has his blue eyes.

  • Rosalinda

    I also think Suri needs a coat. But I never hear she’s sick or anything. Is she a superkid who has a super metabolism? DOn’t you think we would all know if she got sick? So maybe she doesn’t need coats that often.

  • ellie’

    Here are all the haters again … Love the Cruise family.. Tom is a great actor…and how cute all the stars are bringing there little ones to Mary Poppins… was my favorite show…

  • Poor Suri

    Still stimming.

  • dabu


    Why would Nicole be jealous? She has an absolutely wonderful man in her life now that totally adores her and isn’t selling her out for a cult.

  • spicylily, Thailand

    Suri Cruise ……
    I’m not sure whether she is lucky or unlucky to be Tom Cruise’s baby.
    - Never see her play with other kids.
    - Mostly see her in SUMMER dresses , no matter how cold or hot the
    whether is. The air-con in the theatre is cold even for adults, let alone for the kids.
    - She still holds the blanket & bottle ?
    - Wearing make up and high heels. I have to wear high hells for my work but I hate it because it’s not always comfortable if you have to walk and run al lot.
    Somebody, please tell me this little girl is having a proper KID’s life ?

  • Donkey Kong

    She should have whatever her parents feel like she should have, #6.

    How does a lesbian look like, #8?

    What’s wrong with you, #11?

    Right, #12 and #16.

    As preferred, #18? She said that ONCE-two YEARS ago?

    Why don’t YOU just call them then, #21?

    They CAN avoid if they take great measures that I wold deem absurd and over-the-top, #25. But I’m just not going to accuse them of alerting the paparazzi when one of the most famous couples in the world is simply outside in public on broad daylight where half the population has a cell phone.

    These past two weeks they probably kept their kid at home and traveled only to work.

    How is that obvious, #30?

    Exactly, #38. So everyone should mind their own kids.

    So does Holmes and how do you know Cruise sold Kidman out for a cult, #41.

    It wouldn’t matter what anyone told you, #42. They don’t know TomKat.

  • dabu

    Because Nicole’s HIGH RANKING auditor LEFT the cult and basically said that the cult orchestrated the divorce. Andrew Morton after interviewing dozens of folks also concurs. And other lower ranking scientolgists have also concurred that David M was upset that Nicole was not supporting the cult whole heartedly and that Tom made a choice. Choose Xenu and thetans over his marriage.

  • emma#2

    If you people paid attention you would have heard Katie say that she wanted to share in Toms interests that is why she went into scientology. You don’t have to be an avid supporter. Nicole Kidman was obviously involved in it.
    Duh, Cruise dumped her for Penny Cruz , everybody knows that. Can’t blame everything on scientology use you brains sometimes
    And no I’m not a scientologist and don’t care less for it , but I hope I’m smart enough to make some of my own conclusions instead of those made by people who give the impression they live with them and know everything in their lives, like they live under the same roof, come on people!

  • slambang

    Suri does not look happy at all. I really think there may be something wrong with her.

  • Marie

    The high-heel, make-up wearing Brat & her Gay so-called Dad, Robo-mom, All Creeppppppppppppppy!!!

  • btw

    whatever happened to TomKat’s “friendship” with the Beckhams? I remember when the Beckhams first moved to the state, those freaks were showing up at the games and throwing parties for them along with the fellow freaks, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. I guess that was another photo-op for them.

  • dian

    The Cruise’s seem like a nice happy family and that little Suri is just a cutie pie

  • natalia

    Katie is back …lookin mighty good Like the longer hair

    Nice family…cutie pie kid. Team Cuise!!