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Ellen Pompeo Doesn't Mix Friends

Ellen Pompeo Doesn't Mix Friends

Ellen Pompeo is dressed in black as she heads to a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 9).

The 40-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, where she shared that her daughter Stella will turn 4 months this Friday (January 15).

Ellen admitted that while her co-stars threw her a baby shower, it was only a “work baby shower.”

“There are different groups of friends and you can’t mix them,” Ellen explained. “It’s a whole awkward weird thing. You know how girls are!”

Jimmy likened the situation to the Middle East. “There’s warring factions and all sorts of things!” he joked.

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo heading to a photo shoot…

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ellen pompeo mix friends 04
ellen pompeo mix friends 05
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  • Chris

    Looking fabulous!

    Now this is a great outfit. Not like the one she wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

  • PF

    Charming. Does she ever spend any time with her baby? Nanny is raising that kid.

  • alison

    nice outfit for a 40 year old mom! btw havng a baby at 40 is too old

  • Dunkin Kong

    How come she has yet to bring her baby out of hiding?

    Is she that ugly?

  • Ana

    Love the outfit. And her on JK. She’s hilarious.
    She isn’t showing her baby because she doesn’t want you people to criticize her little girl and have privacy for both. Let her be.
    By the way, lots of judging for someone that you don’t know. I’m sure you all are perfect parents and people, right?

  • CL

    Agree with #2, she doesn’t seem to spend time with her baby.

  • MIA

    Everyone turns into the perfect person here by judging those they don’t know based on exactly nothing.. so much hate in your hearts, how sad. what a pathetic life you must lead. The thing is all those with bad comments, most probably one person or two with different names; are all children who have yet to know anything about life. And with this wonderful attitude and judgment towards others; you are heading into a wonderful wonderful life. Karma is a bitch people. spread love. Don’t judge and GROW UP. what comes around goes around, that’s all I’m saying. (yes even written words while your hiding behind your computers thinking you are safe) God sees you. Love & respect your God, respect people as you want to be loved & respected.

    Love the outfit
    love the pictures
    shes looking really amazing these days
    and how exciting, this means new interview to come? new photoshoot= new mag cover?? I hope so
    thanks jj

  • Andrew

    WOW she looks great. I absolutely loved her on Jimmy Kimmel.
    can’t wait for Thursday for the Ellen Show and now a new photoshoot too. this is just perfect. She IS the Grey in Greys Anatomy and I am so happy shes back on top of it all.

  • nina

    I like her

  • nina

    They’re fixing the wall of the house I see. I wondered what she was doing you can see part semi done.

  • Peter James

    She looks GORGEOUS. can’t we get to know which magazine or what photoshoot?

  • eran

    What I want to know is where to get her shoes. They are amazing. I don’t like the ones they suggest when you click on get the look.

  • life



  • Liz86000

    She looks great!

  • life

    I found these pics on twitter:

  • kamy

    Ellen is fabulous in this dress and with the jacket she totally rocks in this outfit :)

    The photoshoot is for the cover of April Self mag, Joanna Schlip, the artist maker of the shoot put a pic on twitter

  • kamy

    I wanted to write artist make up :p

  • Carry

    I love her jacket, I love her dress, I love her shoes,I love her Givenchy bag, I love her sunglasses. Ellen is flawless.
    She has the total look, she’s gorgeous.

  • Charlene

    alison @ 01/09/2010 at 11:31 pm nice outfit for a 40 year old mom! btw havng a baby at 40 is too old


    You’re an ass, you know that?
    Having a baby a 40 or older – although more risky as women get older – is sometimes a good thing, it means that there’s a good chance those women will be more mature mothers than you seem to be and can be better mothers since they”ve lived their own lives and learned valuable lessions. That’s way more preferable to having a child at say, 16, which i guess is your main ambition in life.

    And as to her outfit. She’s totally rocking it. It’s not at all inappropiate. I assume you’re too young to realise that just because you’ve hit 40, doesn’t mean you’re immediately sentenced to a lifetime of wearing floor-length floral skirts and high-necked, long-sleeved blouses. If you want to make bitchy remarks about age-appropriate clothing, take a good look at that trash-bag that is probably your idol-for-life, Miley Cyrus.

  • lexy

    She’s such a b!tch…it’s so obvious she’s hating on Katherine H for actually being able to be both a TV AND movie star (and let’s not forget drop dead gorgeous)…not to mention an Emmy winner!! I saw her on Punked and she was so obnoxious. She should be happy she has any friends and a job. Her movie career was going no where fast until Grey’s came along. And thankfully her co-stars are great actors so you don’t notice Ellen’s lack of skill as much!! She needs to take some of her earnings and go to the dentist and have her teeth fixed. She’s no Lauren Hutton!!

  • Madeleine

    @MIA: WORD.

    @PF: Seriously? God I’m so sick of people judging based on a couple of pics taken within like one minute. How the hell do you know what she does the rest of the day? You have no facts at all and therefore no right to judge her. You’re just hiding behind a computer, having such a miserable life that you have to bash others to make them look more bad than yourself. It’s pathetic. Go see a shrink, that’s my advise. Others, who you don’t even know, shouldn’t have to suffer because of you.

  • Ellen Pompeo fan

    Ellen Looks AMAZING!!!!
    and can’t wait to see the Cover with Ellen! :D
    tnx for the pics JJ

  • Peter James


    lol @ lexy … bitter much???
    you are one sad little tiny small person. you do realize that ,don’t you.

  • Daren

    Love love her. she is soo rocking the look.

    That is on fab amazing woman. this is for the April issue of Self magazine. cover and interview. its all over twitter. with a pic of Ellen with her makeup artist and the photgrapher I think after the shoot.

    GORGEOUS. Keep the ELlen love coming.
    thanks JJ

  • Daren


    Awesome.. way cool thanks man

    I found these pics on twitter:


  • Ana


    That’s some funny stuff. Yes, KH is the best thing that walked on this world and EP is so jealous of that. LOL. Please. If KH is actually good then…I guess the end of the world is really coming. Or you have very low standards. Either one.

  • dating-doctors

    So her friends from the rap world don’t mix with friends from the tv show, i wonder why?

  • Grey’s fan

    Great pics she looks amazing

  • Casper

    yeah…sure…..there must be a real reason to keep her baby in hiding for what? 4/5 months?

    We are all gonna find out what the kid looks like eventually.

    Celebrities are such idiots (most of them)

  • Grey’s fan


    yeah and you’re the smart one…
    go on living thinking that… it will do you good.

    poor poor soul

  • FT

    She’s too adorable and sexy here, love the little dress, love the whole look. Ellen rocks.

  • FT

    She’s too adorable and sexy here, love the little dress, love the whole look. Ellen rocks.

  • Tara

    LOVE this lady. nice outfit.

  • Tara

    def gonna get the April issue of Self. Ellen on the cover is brilliant. I hope we get a great interview with it.

  • Sami

    To poster # 30

    Why does it effect you so much? Who cares? Most of these Hollywood dumbos select this kind of lifestyle and only have themselves to blame. Also, don’t understand your nonsense you posted. I see you are “Grey’s Fan”. I guess you are an obsessed fan as well and can’t separate reality from a t.v program. now, WHO is the poor poor soul? Ha!

    I am sure that other poster you commented on could care less and is just adding his/her two cents on JJ. Nothing more. It also sounds reasonable. But, you know what? I doubt this poster is going to lose any sleep over this….except for poor poor YOU!

    Get a real life…….It could do you good.

  • Greys sucks

    Ellen doesn’t mix her friends because she doesn’t have any. She is a b!tch at work and her co-workers hate her and she thinks she is to good for her old friends now she is an actor. Ellen will be dead in the water when Greys finishes and I always thought she was to ugly to be on TV let alone in the movies. I agree 40 is to old to start having children, late 20′s – early 30 is more age appropriate. There is a reason why women don’t produce as many eggs past 35, it is your bodies way of reducing the chance of pregnancy because you are getting to old.

  • mani

    #36 seriously…
    I have no words to describe you or #35 most probably the same person anyway. get a life…really.. it will do you good.. lol
    even though reading your stupidity and ignorance is amusing.

    thanks jj
    Ellen is awesome

  • DJ Fran

    She’s getting a new cover WOW
    GREAT NEWS she is looking HOOOT
    love her
    keep the Ellen love rolling Jared. thanks

  • DJ Fran

    Daren thanks for the extra pictures. She is amazing. always love more Ellen news and pictures.

  • DJ Fran

    ops sorry I mean life

    I found these pics on twitter:


  • 238

    Gorgeous lady inside out

  • liam T.

    love those pictures

  • Suzi

    Looking good Ellie. I applaud her for keeping her baby under wraps. Would you want your tiny baby with a camera in her face?