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Henry Cavill: Guys Love Cuddling, Too!

Henry Cavill: Guys Love Cuddling, Too!

The Tudors hunk Henry Cavill opens up to Glamour UK in their February 2010 issue!

The 26-year-old actor shared his views on what guys really want:

We love cuddling, too. Sometimes, after a big night out, you think, ‘I just want a cuddle, we can do it in the morning.’

We think a mental affair is worse. Sending dirty texts and emails is a true betrayal. Men can have an emotional detachment from sex.

We like you giving us a pet name. An ex-girlfriend called me ‘Pussycat’, but it was in Italian so it sounded better!

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  • S3WA

    Guys who don’t like girls?

  • sarah

    Ladies, I believe we’ve found the perfect man. ;)

  • S3WA

    Not many guys would enjoy being called p u s s yy in any form, Italian or otherwise.

  • Oceane

    God he’s cute!

  • Ms Anonymous

    I love this man so damn much.

  • dollhouse

    He’s gorgeous. How is he not super famous yet?

  • chocsoc

    I’d so hit it, too bad he smokes…

  • meh

    aww! he is too sweet. such a gorgeous man.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Didn’t he try out for Cedric Diggory or something before it got to Rpatz?

  • rpatzfan

    gorgeous guy ever! so hot

  • Shane Mack

    Only little sissy Mary’s like cuddling. U.K. males and there soft as2 persona and the soft as2 females who like these sissy’s.

    What is with all these effeminate males and their effeminate ways in the U.K.. What man cares that his female gives him a pet name.

  • lauren

    ahhh i love him

  • Eugenia-O

    What a way to wake up. I think I’ll go back to bed and dream………
    He’s so gorgeous!!!

  • This dude is a Loser

    what man gets or likes a pet name like pussycat, whatever, thank god I am an American.

  • Vera

    So what is the Italian word for pussycat? Anyone know, lol?

  • Lady

    @ #14

    Thank God Henry is British ;) Much more interesting!

    Henry is gorgeous! I love that he is so confident and can admit that he also likes cuddling.

  • lily

    OMG He is SOOO HOT!!!!!

  • Theuth

    Vera: maybe he means “micio” or “micetto”, however is a pet-name for kitten. The word “pussy” in Italian could not be derogatory, there are different meanings…

  • Theuth

    I mean “p.ussycat”! Sorry, they censored me.

  • dirt

    I adore him,I think he should get more airtime on the Tudors!

  • dirt

    Emotional affairs are really intimate! I could handle the physical,the bonding of the soul is devastating!

  • lexy

    He’s a hottie!!!

  • Celia

    He’s so HOT!! I want to marry him!

  • fedita

    in italy we say “gattino”,it means pussycat…
    i remember that i liked him from the first time i saw him but i detest this hair cut!

  • serafina

    Jared, thanks for posting about Henry. I love this man to bits and it’s really a shame he isn’t more famous. Can you also post about CHARLIE HUNNAM? I’m glad he was pictured with Liv Tyler but I really want a post just about him. Thank You!

  • pure-perfection

    Oh, he is sooo adorable!!!

  • Mari

    OMG! I looove this man!
    he’s so perfect

  • dundies

    lol good morning everyone ha :)

  • wendy

    Oh Henry, now you went and said that, i have to forgive the ugly haircut (i know, i know its fo rthe Tudors!). You jus tmight be perfect!

  • Khristi

    @dollhouse: I don’t want him to be “that” famous because we would get an overload of him. I don’t want that-I enjoy him being under the radar. He’s absolutely gorgeous BTW.

  • Jen

    He is definitely gorgeous, but I really don’t believe him with the cuddling thing. In my experience, and those of my friends, it’s just not true. Also, the man has such a stunning face, I wish he’d get rid of all that distracting hair, he doesn’t even need it.

  • rose

    he likes woman of each country lol. hottie.

  • dogloversdate

    I love his show

  • elisa

    another talentless “hot guy”. next

  • http://justjared FOXY BROWN

    I appreciate an honest open man. I would buy this magazine just to read his interview.

  • ivanka

    he was the perfect edward cullen, damn stephany

  • Michelle

    I enjoy the fact that you only posted Henry’s interview, Jared! I LOVE YOUR LOVE FOR HENNERS.

    And for everyone that hates his hair – not to worry! It’s for his next movie role! :D

  • Michelle

    @wendy: It’s not for the Tudors, actually. They’ve already wrapped the 4th and final season of it! It’s for his next movie that’s due to start shooting in the spring.

  • nyob


  • CanadaGirl

    He’s gorgeous, but I like him so much more with short hair. :)

  • Shannon

    i dont know who he is but he’s hot

  • Aitch

    ONly 26! geez, gorgeous! hot! beautiful!

  • cassie

    gash he is just perfect!

  • dating-blondes

    He is great in Tudors

  • amle

    I watch the Tudors and didnt even know who he was with all the hair. so sexayyy :)

  • remember da truth

    Shane Mack, you don’t have to try to sound macho to make women believe you have balls. Or are you trying to impress other guys?

    Most guys grow out of having to prove themselves to other men by being anti-girl. It’s a holdover from 8-year-old boys thinking girls are “yucky” and then still caring more what guys think than girls think when they are teens and in their 20′s….

  • remember da truth

    I’ve found the coolest guys, those not so insecure they are still trying to prove something, have no problem with fondling a woman’s body and being touched and caressed in return.
    It’s not all about wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and those that enjoy touching a woman make the best lovers, too!

    This guy is always fun to watch on the Tudors. It’s a good thing he’s NOT more famous, so he has a chance to be real and enjoy his private life. I hope he gets some film roles, though.

  • remember da truth

    Jen #31, you must be going out with really young guys, or the wrong guys. Try older, or confident, not arrogant guys who are too selfish to think of sex as a mutual experience.
    I keep finding men who want to hold onto me all night while we sleep, and who want to kiss and makeout even if they aren’t up to making love anymore that night. Most guys, if they’ve had too much to drink to perform more than once or twice, are happy to cuddle and still feel you all over.

    There are plenty of them out there! A guy as hot as Henry is hard to find, though!

  • SubSub

    I like his buzzcut a lot more than this, but the curly locks are still cute!

  • pecka

    the main reason i watch the tudors over and over and over….