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Katy Perry: Engagement Ring Revealed!

Katy Perry: Engagement Ring Revealed!

Newly engaged couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand arrive back in London at his Hampstead house on Saturday night (January 9). On the way in, Katy showed off her sparkly new engagement ring. Pretty!!!

Katy, 25, and Russell, 34, got engaged on New Year’s Eve in India, where he proposed to her in a tent at the foot of a mountain.

Yesterday, Katy tweeted, “I love you @rustyrockets (awwwww…barf).” (@RustyRockets is Russell‘s Twitter handle.)

15+ pictures inside of Katy Perry‘s engagement ring…

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katy perry engagement ring 01
katy perry engagement ring 02
katy perry engagement ring 03
katy perry engagement ring 04
katy perry engagement ring 05
katy perry engagement ring 06
katy perry engagement ring 07
katy perry engagement ring 08
katy perry engagement ring 09
katy perry engagement ring 10
katy perry engagement ring 11
katy perry engagement ring 12
katy perry engagement ring 13
katy perry engagement ring 14
katy perry engagement ring 15

Credit: Almasi; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • casey

    WHEN ARE these two GOING to say GOTTA, cos this has to be the biggest JOKER ever.

  • CanadaGirl

    Why, oh why, is he getting so thin. I love him, and I hope he’s staying clean!
    They are cute together (although she’s not my favourite).

  • bebe

    I totaly agree with u, this is a big joke

  • Laura

    It’s being confirmed then. They make a cute couple and I hope Russell can stay faithful :)

  • marisa

    he’s gross and tacky. she’s better than that.

  • xxxx

    This will not last. They have been dating for four months. How could they know each other for four months and know that they should spend the rest of their lives together…. its all for publicity… katy hasn’t had a song out for a while so thats probably why they did this… to keep her name in the press.

  • Avid Fan

    I have to admit that’s a beautiful ring. I wish her all the best and if this guy does anything to hurt her I will personally hunt him down myself LOL ;)

  • Kelly

    He is hilarious and probably amazing in the sack

  • lakers fan in boston

    the more i think about the more this losers deserve each other
    she’s stupid for thinking it’s gonna last long and him for going so fast with it
    this wont last long at all, i think i predicted max 3 yrs after the marry, and that was a conservative guess

  • Loretta

    Both of them are attention whores.

  • Loretta

    @lakers fan in boston: I know right? They’re perfect for each other. She’s as hungry for attention as he is.

  • Minisha

    Haters to the left, please.

    I wish the paps would leave Russell and whatsherface alone.

    Maybe then Russ can concentrate on getting together a podcast. And working on that documentary.

    I’m going through withdrawals here…

  • VNY

    I like them both but…it’s too fast. Way too fast.

  • GoBack

    I’m not hoping for them to fail (frankly i could care less) but i think i would break up my lady for tweeting me something like that. Either call me and tell me or just tell me to my fast

  • GoBack


  • Trina


    I’m not sure it’s for publicity. But, you’re right, you can’t know a person after only a few months. It takes years to really know a person. They are still in the infatuation phase of their relationship. That will fade within a year. If they still like each other after that, then it would be time to think about getting engaged.

  • Allie

    Well according to,,20335901,00.html Katy Perry may be pregnant, so maybe that’s why they’re rushing into things…he wants to make an honest woman out of her.

  • @trina

    If you doubt it’s all about publicity, check out the People website. Now Katie is tweeting innuendo about being pregnant. Guess the engagement wasn’t enough attention for her.

  • I hate attention seekers

    Can these two be any more desperate for attention?

  • Monica

    She’s not much of a singer, he’s not much of a comedian, so really, they can wallow in their cesspool of suck together.

  • pup

    Her eggo is preggo.

  • Auntie Alice

    “… and they lived happily ever after.” Why? Because they really love one another and you nay-sayers (yes, you!) are a bunch of joyless cynics. Or is positive thinking too much to ask? Oh behave!

  • b

    @Monica: <<Perfectly put.

  • cheyenne

    mm just to let yall know that this is a freak show of the last years ok if they have a kid it will be like well honry 2 yearold with betty boop lookz

  • Avid Fan

    You know I understand that Katy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to insinuate that she’s only getting married to have her name in the papers is just plain idiotic IMO. Speaking of Idiotic, what’s with all these pregnancy rumors? It doesn’t even make any sense, she has a new Album coming out this year in which a tour is bound to follow, why would she choose to have a child now?

  • Allie

    @Avid Fan: To some people Avid Fan, having a child and starting a family with your future husband is a little more important than touring for your album. And who says she chose to have it? She has a strong Christian background, so maybe she’s pregnant and doesn’t believe in abortion or maybe she and Russell planned to have a baby. There’s no way to really tell, but to think that she would choose a tour over a possible child is plain idiotic…

  • Liz

    I smell divorce bells in about a year!!!

  • bohemeballerine

    I like Katy Perry but this whole relationship with Russell is so obviously a publicity stunt :(

  • Julia

    WOW!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL RING!!! I am so happy for them!! I wish them all the best!!They are adorable and great!

  • Isa

    she’s pregnant?????i see the bump :/

  • CookieDough3

    @Allie: What?! OMG! Well, guys, see the funny side of things, If he takes forever to say I do at the altar, she can just break out in song singing, “Hot N Cold” Lol, I really hope that she’s not pregnant. Oh God, Alliee!!! Why did you say that?!!?!?!? Ahh!!! Now you got me thinkin’ lol.

  • CookieDough3

    and this is why you play it safe!! hahaha i really hope shes not pregnant guys.

  • CookieDough3

    and this is why you play it safe!! hahaha i really hope shes not pregnant guys.

  • bebe

    aww, that’s sweet and they are very cute couple. the best for them.

  • fabp

    missing you tons on CBB Big Mouth, RB!!!…nothing like your trademark – “i pull down my trousers – namaste!!!”

  • cookie

    eeeewwww have a fun fling but don’t marry it katie, he has been everywhere and in everyone in the uk. they will get married, he will be cheating on her within a year. you don’t take men like that seriously.

  • Avid Fan


    Okay first off Allie even if your “strong Christian background” argument held any ground here which it doesn’t, Why would Katy be engaging in premarital sex then?

    Second Katy right now is at the peak of her fame and in high demand by the industry so she’s going to add to the stress with having a baby? Something she has the whole rest of her life to decide on? It’s not practical.

  • dating-doctors

    He knows how to please a woman and I bet she really likes letting him give her necklaces

  • Kiki

    Well, I know him, and he can’t stay faithful for that long…. anyone who’s gone through therapy for sex addiction *twice* (at least) isn’t going to settle down after 4 months. And I have to admit, I became sceptical after reading Katy’s comment about ‘I get a lot of public attention, he gets a lot of attention, together we’re going to get loads’ (sic). He’s doen short term romances before, and they usually fade after a few months. Who knows, maybe now its come out that she’s not pregnant, it will fade? Who can say? But, as the old adage goes, any publicity is good publicity, right?

    Oh, and Kelly? He’s not that great in the sack, as it goes, much too selfish! :(

  • Mike

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  • Jake

    DAMN IT! She is getting merried? Damn she was hot… Looks like imma goona have to win her over after all.