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Zachary Quinto & Tyler Shields: Chateau Night Out

Zachary Quinto & Tyler Shields: Chateau Night Out

Zachary Quinto and his BFF photographer friend Tyler Shields enjoy a guys night out at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Friday night (January 8).

The 32-year-old Heroes actor is featured in Tyler‘s year-end wrap-up video for 2009, which you can watch below. Also featured: Brittany Snow (with boyfriend Ryan Rottman), Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola, Matt Dallas, Zelda Williams, Simon Rex, Thomas Dekker, and Anna Kendrick.

Tyler Shields: Wrapping Up 2009

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto and Tyler Shields‘s Chateau Night Out…

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zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 01
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 02
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 03
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 04
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 05
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 06
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 07
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 08
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 09
zachary quinto tyler shields chateau marmont 10

Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
Posted to: Tyler Shields, Zachary Quinto

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  • sadie

    BFF! lol Jared!

  • angeles

    Zach looks like such a hot mess.

  • Cheiftan

    that video was disturbing!

  • amusedPolish

    Haha, great video and it featured Muse’s song Butterflies& Hurricanes :D

  • Not A Tourist

    These pictures where Tyler is hanging way back? Rigggghhht!
    BFFs, jared, Everyone shouod know by now, that no good comes from hanging out at the Chateau. They have lots of random drug parties there, and always have. it has a well earned reputaion going back to when Jim Belisuhi’s brother, John, died there doing drugs.

    Just keep in mind that Britney Spears has been hanging around the Chateau and a lot of other H’wood hotels and she doesn’t need a room, baby. That’s where the drug hook-ups happen. People go there to party and get high.

    Tourists go there for dinner.

  • Stacie

    I like seeing Zach out and about in Hollywood even if its at the sometimes troublesome Chateau. He’s still Dreamy . Thanks Jared . I can’t wait until the new Star Trek 2 comes out June 29, 2012. I’m holding my breath until then.

  • Mary

    Is Zachary wearing sparkling silver belt or am I seeing things?

  • Carmen

    Is that his boyfriend? I heard he’s gay.

  • lisa

    this video is pure awesomeness!!

  • fedita

    i heard he’s gay too…and i’m pretty sure he’s his boyfriend…maybe i’m wrong but i feel this…

  • So Judgemental

    Tyler is dating Vampire Diaries starlet Candice Accola and is good friends with Quinto.

    So whether you are feeling it or not.. thems the facts Jack!

    Loving Quinto’s outfit.. adore that man no matter who he pads his bed with!! Sexy as can be.

  • YJ

    BFF, sure. If by BFF you bean Best F***buddy Forever.

  • addds

    Awwww MATT DALLAS and JAMIE ALEXANDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love kyle xy

  • Healther

    I’ve been to the Chateau twice but clearly have missed the scandals :( and the Quinto. Is Zach BFF’s with everyone? LOL… every time he is seen with someone they are referenced as his BFF.. I don’t think so ;)

    Tyler does have a girlfriend, this is true. Guys can hang out with each other and not be gay. My brother is married and has a baby on the way but goes out with his guy friends, he has 3 really close ones.. so clearly according to Hollywood standards he is sleeping with them too.

  • Sara

    @Healther: LOL :D The funny thing is, every guy Zach’s seen with is considered his “boyfriend.” What?! Two guys can hang out together and not be gay?

  • Healther

    That is true too :) People are silly sad to say…

  • scarlet

    They look like they got caught doing something wrong..

    I like zachary.. cool.. why should it matter in this day and age if he is gay. millions of people are.. he would have some great company.. I don’t care one way or the other. He is a very talented man..

  • Lindsey

    awesome video

  • my3cents

    I think they’re just having a bromance.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    I think he is gay.

  • campussingles

    What a cute couple!

  • Wo_Ow !!!!!!111one

    awesome video
    a bit weird but worth a view.
    Tyler Shields is a great photographer,
    He’s also written about how talented Thomas is on his website

    Thomas Dekker with ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ co-star Rooney Mara attended the Premiere of the Weinstein Company’s ‘Youth In Revolt’ at Mann Chinese 6 on January 6, 2010.
    more in here jjj
    Now, he has black, short hair. Looking good <3

  • Wo_Ow !!!!!!111one
  • Stacey

    ….I smell a sex tape in our future!

  • firemandatingsite

    I think they should reciprocate with many delicious desserts at the end of their third date

  • Jenna

    Josh Hutcherson is on the video!! Where can we find these pictures?

  • may

    whos the guy who is wearing a white shirt with a black tie and is shooting the girl with the black bikini top with something red.. HE IS HOTTT!!!

  • proactive

    @may: i think it’s colton haynes. he’s an aspiring actor and rumored boyfriend of zq.

  • Healther

    Is there any guy who is NOT a rumored boyfriend of Zach? I mean the guys own brother was a rumored boyfriend LOL.. because if I didn’t laugh at it I would probably cry.. or not.. but it is still silly.

  • Anabelle

    You go to the Chateau Marmont to be seen. And Tyler is not ZQ’s boyfriend. Just a very good friend. :)

  • amtj2008

    Actually the Chateau marmont has awesome wine, and decent food. The place is very accessible to paps which is why “famous” people are always getting their pictures taken there. I heard that there are people who work there that calls the paps when a celeb come in. Also if I had to go off “most” peoples logic, there is no way a self-respecting gay man would dress like Zach.

  • jjgg5

    Why are people who are not hypocritical and detrimental to the community being “outed”? This is wrong. That what right wing radio and tv hosts do.

  • angeles

    I saw on another site that they were papped the same night heading into the Crown bar. Wow, Tyler ( I would assume it’s Tyler) is really dragging him to some real toolish and pappish types of places, first Bardot, now Crown. Been to both, wasn’t that impressed. Also been to Chateau, didn’t see anyone doing drugs or OD’ing, but maybe I was peeking through the wrong keyhole j/k.

    Oh yes and by toolish I mean it’s filled by your typical HW crowd, wanna be’s and bleached blonde spray on fake tanned skanks. Hoping Zach went to Crown just to get drunk or get laid (or both).

  • amtj2008

    @jjgg5: It sad that a person has to be “outed”. What worse is a “gay advocate” trying to “out” somone who may just be a supportor and who may not even be gay. Yeah the crown is filthy, seem like only wannabe models and actresses hang out there, and in the light they all look the same. ZQ seems like an average friend, one day we crap you want to do and the next, its my turn.

  • Healther

    The last time I was at the Chateau a very handsome gentleman bought me a vodka tonic… I was treated very nicely for not being a celeb :) I like it. I’d go back…

    Zach does seem a bit more laid back then some of his other Hollywood friends, like he would rather be somewhere quiet and not into the whole HW scene, but that is just what I get sometimes, a vibe so to speak. However, I would assume for his career he has to play the game and go to toolish places sometimes!

  • Kris

    Tyler linked this page on his facebook. Doesn’t that seem a bit self serving? Like he is looking to name drop a bit more when it comes to Zach? As though he is saying “hey look at me I am friends with ZACH QUINTO!” Sighs…

  • angeles


    He does that a lot, I think he calls Zach, the Quinto or something like that.

  • Kris

    It makes him look like he likes being friends with Zach because of his celebrity status and not for Zach himself. At least to me, but what do I know?

  • shortpeopledate

    I hope he likes the spocker

  • So Judgemental

    He linked it because it showed the video mish mash of all of his video pictorials.. more of his work at his website..

  • amtj2008

    Well think about this, HW is all about who you know. Of all the people TS shot, Zach is the most famous. Zach is extremely awesome and if you were friends with him, you would probably tell people too. Zach is a gemini(like me), when we meet people we like, we’re sort of friends for life. Often time this includes trying activities that we would not normally do in regular life. Zach (also like me) is half Italian and I am very loyal to my friends, I always help them when I have the means. Zach appears to have met Colton hayes at the U2 concert and probably introduced him to TS. Thus, TS gets business and Colton gets a job. Every dude Zach hangs out with is not a bf, both TS and Colton have stated they are straight.

  • 8888

    Personally I think Zach can get a hotter guy but maybe he’s good in the bed.




    love this man but he look sad.

  • samantha

    he`s totally gorgeous obviously but apparently nobody is good enough for him . so seriously , like, don´t waste your time.

  • Butterfly

    The person making wild claims about drug use at the Marmont has either never really been there, or has only ever been there with those whose lives are “all about” drugs.

    Old patron of the Marmont here, and I’ve never, ever seen anyone using drugs, openly, in public. The place was, in fact, pretty “yesterday’s news” for a lot of years, and has only recently gotten it back together.