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Adam Lambert: Ferras' #1 Fan!

Adam Lambert: Ferras' #1 Fan!

Adam Lambert comes out to support his good friend Ferras AlQaisi at his music showcase at Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood on Saturday (January 9).

“This might be one of the best nights of my life. :)” Ferras tweeted after performing some new songs from his upcoming album. “Thanks for the support. My heart is filled with love!!!!”

Also in attendance: Lindsay Lohan (pictured below) and Taryn Manning.

15+ pictures inside of Ferras’ #1 fan Adam Lambert

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adam lambert ferras 01
adam lambert ferras 02
adam lambert ferras 03
adam lambert ferras 04
adam lambert ferras 05
adam lambert ferras 06
adam lambert ferras 07
adam lambert ferras 08
adam lambert ferras 09
adam lambert ferras 10
adam lambert ferras 11
adam lambert ferras 12
adam lambert ferras 13
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adam lambert ferras 15

Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • karen

    I hear it was a great show last night at the Hotel Cafe with Ferras, Alisan Porter, Ely Rise and others. Adam is so sweet to come out and show support to his friends. Just by being there, he drew in new fans that otherwise wouldn’t have heard the great music.

  • lily

    errr… Jared, you may need to correct your reporting man. adam was there to support Alisan Porter too. she’s his close friend as well. adam tweeted both Alisan and Ferras two days before the show.

    Other than that, Adam is a very sweet guy I must say :D

  • Sara

    Adam looks hot, but what is Ferras wearing???

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    ..i thought that was kelly osbourne. ahahahahahahaha..

  • Amanda

    Aw, they looks so freaking good! And Adam, OMG you are so skinny. Maybe eat something?

  • Lynne

    Adam looks amazing in this picture!

  • Jenn

    I think Adam is really closer to Alisan Porter though both are good friends. Strange how the press makes a big deal about Ferras and forgets to mention Alisan. Regardless it was really nice of Adam to support his friends. I know he can’t go anywhere without the press hounding him, but in this case it was good for Alisan and Ferras. Adam looks stunning as usual!!

  • hahaha

    @#4: me, too!!

  • Julie

    Adam looks so HOT!! He is always so sweet to his fans too. Lucky Alisan and Ferras to have such a good friend. I know it isn’t easy for Adam to get out in LA.

  • Pandora

    He (Adam) is such a cutie (among lots more good stuff).

  • Mari

    I like that he is so suportive of his friends.

  • Mary

    Nice to see Adam hanging out with friends.

  • Dear Just Jared

    Adam was there for his friend ALISAN PORTER as well as Ferras.

    Alisan BLEW THE ROOF OFF, him and Adam are closer than Ferras.

    Dane Cook and a ton of others were also there.

    Lohan sat herself next to Adam, she’s such a leech lmao. Been trying to get next to him since last year, bleh. I know Adam’s VERY non-judgemental but I hope he doesn’t befriend her ever.

    A few crazy entitled stalker fans were trying to turn the night into the Adam show but he was sooo, so polite and patient.

    The whole vibe was so warm and heartening and inspiring.

    He’s an amazing person for promoting his friends, selling more tickets for them, then spotlighting them instead of getting up on the stage, out of pure love. They shone. He’s f-n wonderful.

    He really is a genuine, loyal guy as everyone says, as all the other Idols said.

    And, it’s voices like Alisan’s that need to be heard instead of all the generic autotuned pop brats we have in the charts. That’s JMO.

  • Mia

    I attended! God such an amazing night. Sorry about your life if you weren’t there.

    Alisan is LEGIT. Girl can saaaaaaaaang, oh my lord. Her voice and music deserve to be heard by so many.

    The night was so cozy and fun. I left feeling all warm inside haha.
    If my heart felt full I wonder what Adam’s felt like, you could see how proud he was of his friends, he was glowing.

    There was a moment where a fan overstepped her boundaries slightly by going over to him and his friends’ table and trying to sit next to him, ugh I was cringing. But his reaction was super charming and polite, he told her her turquoise necklace was gorgeous and kissed her hand, and I don’t know what else he said but she finally left and went back to her table lol.

    I loved how Adam let his friends shine on their own instead of making the night about himself by getting onstage or hogging the spotlight.

    This guy is surrounded by so much love and talent.

  • kingston

    woah. way to seclude the main act of the night just jared.
    alisan was/is incredible and also much closer to adam than ferras. not sure why you made this into a ferras post…

    there were a lot of acts, all seriously amazing. real singers and musicians.

    alisan sang a lot of songs and also did the most fabulous cover of gaga’s speechless before singing aftermath with ferras and ely on piano

    here’s a bad quality vid of aftermath

    you can see adam throwing one of his sparkly boots in adoration lol, it’s a cabaret/theatre tradition when you really really like a performance

  • J

    Ferras looks like Kelly Osbourne

  • Kaley, 24

    @Amanda: NO he is not too skinny. He looks perfect at this weight. Unless he collapses onstage and is not healthy, he shouldn’t put on weight. He looks gorgeous.

    I’m going to cut cheese out as well haha.

  • BPM

    Lamberts a great guy gotta say. Genuine, funny, protective, fun yet somewhat parental. Tall as hell. Hes friendly but chill and laid back that sits well with me. Hope fame doesnt affect him.

    Seems to me Lyndseys trying to turn over a new leaf. She kept asking people if she was in their way.

  • bright eyes


  • London, UK

    I’m moving to LA.


    Wow. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Alisan Porter, girl stole the night and has known Adam since childhood.

  • lol

    “Ferras’ no. 1 fan”?

    I think you need to change your title JJ.


    My title was supposed to say OH not Oh no You Didn’t, that just came up in the bar. But that still makes sense.

  • gamerdatingsite

    Wow, what a cute couple

  • James

    It was interesting to see Kim bootylicious Kardashian walk straight over to the Paparazzi and soak up the attention, whilst Adam Lambert went round the back with his best friend Danielle Stori (?) although, they still found him and hounded him. Top guy.

  • Joey

    *cough* someone is slacking on their journalism *cough*

  • um

    @gamerdatingsite: They’re not a couple : 3

  • amy


    “This guy is surrounded by so much love and talent.”

    His friends are all so talented.

    He lives a fulfilling life, surrounds himself with positive, colourful people and as ex-bigot Michael Sarver said “always has something positive to say, no matter what we’re faced.” His life outlook is inspiring and the way he handles himself in the face of adversity is admirable.

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Love life & life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.”

    “Courage, it would seem, is nothing less than the power to overcome danger, misfortune, fear, injustice while continuing to affirm inwardly
    that life with all its sorrows is good; that everything is meaningful even if in a sense beyond our understanding and that there is aways tomorrow.”

    “Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

    Ilh :’)

  • hi

    his bff danielle is gorgeous and he looks stunning. i’m jealous of his legs.

  • :(

    what happened to alisan? why aren’t there any pics of her?

  • not that i’m complaining

    @James: It’s interesting there are no shots of her here

  • Hotel Cafe

    Hotel Cafe is so lovely, 50 – 100 people max.

    Lyndsey Lohan was all up Adam’s Koolaid.

    And at one point she lit a cigarette making smoke go everywhere then put it away and apologized after a few people looked at her like girl are you serious.

  • hmm

    adam’s so pretty and hot and danielle is so gorgeous, there’s something lush about her

  • hannah

    @Dear Just Jared: I hope he DOES befriend her, she could use some guidance. She already admitted she had a crush on him plus I know her ex Sam Ronson is friends with him (they’re both Jewish gays yayl), maybe she’s trying to win Sam back. One of Adam’s strengths is helping others so maybe he can help her to get better so she doesn’t have to go to rehab again. She’s still drinking and smoking crap, I know people hate her for it but it’s sad to see.

  • repost

    my comment’s not going through…
    in reply to someone who asked why alisan’s not in these pics, she went to a family dinner i believe, she stayed inside awhile i think

  • lawd

    I’m waiting for the Kim Kardashian pics, I want to know what she was wearing because some woman in a black outfit and long dark hair stuck her huuuuuge a$$ in my face as she pushed her way to talk to Adam

  • Alison

    Adam’s looking really good in these pics! I’ve got his album stuck in my head. lol. It’s addicting.

  • Ben

    Wear your seatbelt kids.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who cares about glamberace, he’s really boring and his music sucks
    another AI failure

  • Caitlin

    @lakers fan in boston:

    LOL. Yet you comment about him in every post! As far as who cares about Adam? Me and a lot of my friends do. His music is awesome! As a hater, I doubt you’ve taken the time to listen. Give it a shot, you just might enjoy it. :)

  • Gene
  • Sas

    Adam continues to show time and time again what a class act he is. That was very thoughtful of him not to steal anyone’s limelight by going up on stage when invited. I’m sure it would have been seen as just a little guest appearance, but still, he was diplomatic and didn’t go. I love his positive attitude, his sensitivity, and he is a good example for many of us to follow.

  • Kelly

    Holy crap, that second to last picture of him walking out of that stairwell. Oh my God, does he look good in those tight jeans!!!

  • carol

    All those pics were from the PARKING GARAGE next door, not inside…i know cuz I was there when they came out. Ferras was riding in the same car with them.
    Linday Lohan hardly paid attention to anything she was so spaced out. Alison Porter was the final performer of the nite and was stellar! Check out her ubute.

  • supersonic

    OMW Adam Lambert gets more MESMERISINGLY GORGEOUS by the day! getting so skinny though…he must stop losing weight now! no manorexia please! as for Ferras…my mom walked past the desktop and i was like “OMW how hot does Adam Lambert look” and she was like “yes…but who is that girl he is wish (referring to Ferras)” and i was like LOL!! (sorry ferras but u do kinda look like K Osbourne here :( (but u also look like a puppy)

  • elin

    I want adam’s legs!

  • Lyra

    Lucky Fans! Adam come to Russia!!!!

  • jolentini
  • dating-doctors

    They look fab together

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)