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Alexander Skarsgard & Marion Cotillard: Dior Cocktails!

Alexander Skarsgard & Marion Cotillard: Dior Cocktails!

Alexander Skarsgard comes out to support French actress Marion Cotillard and her new movie musical Nine — in theaters now — at the Dior Cocktails event held at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont on Saturday night (January 9).

The 33-year-old French actress is featured in Fall 2009 ads for the Lady Dior bag. Marion will also featured in a six-and-a-half-minute Dior short that will hit the Internet this spring.

Alex is expected to attend the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, which will air live on Sunday (January 17) @ 6PM PT / 8PM ET on NBC from The Beverly Hilton.

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Photos: John Shearer/Wireimage
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  • Afrika

    To bad NINE is flopping at the box office…big time.

  • Squirrel

    Well, now I’m looking forward to the Golden Globes. Alex looks amazing as usual.

  • Afrika

    …and by the way Jared I really love your site. I like the fact that you are not mean and nasty and you are very respectable in the way in cover celeb news. However, I wish you gave coverage to a more diverse group of artists ( more asian, black, latino etc celebs and some independent/underground artists).

  • Mileena

    Hmmm Marion looks different…… I know it’s the hair….but I don’t like it. That hairstyle doesn’t suit her that much. She’s still very pretty though. I like her =) Alexander is a handsome man but his nose and eyes area is weird. He’s also still hot though =) And btw, I agree with #3 Afrika

  • ems412

    Alex is so hot, can’t wait to see him at the Golden Globes

  • Just Jared

    @Afrika: Duly noted, thanks for the suggestion!

  • sweetness

    french poodle hairstyle. bad.

  • Shar


    I agree Mileena, he has that dead look around his eyes area. And I thought it was TB makeup, but after seeing several pictures and videos of him in general, I see that’s not the case. He needs to get some sun so he can look alive.

  • True?

    @Afrika: and it should, IMO the characters were not diverse enough, not one Asian or Black face in the cast.@Afrika: I agree, more diverse all the way around.

  • Sarah

    Jared, are the Golden Globes tonight or next Sunday? You mentioned that it airs at 8 p.m., so I’m assuming that it’s tonight? Thanks!

  • barbie

    Marion looks quite different from her previous photographs here. Actually quite ‘ethnic’, i.e. reflecting her heritage (Algerian) perhaps? Nevertheless, she is a beautiful lady and a great actress.

  • True?

    @Shar: I agree, but its written into their contract, they cannot tan, and they must remain pasty during the filming of True Blood, , and they are filming Season 3 now

  • Shar


  • Shar


    Thanks True, that explains why he looks like that.

  • Claire

    LOVE HIM, hate her. Cotillard said the US govt had caused the WTC bombings and also denied we actually put a man on the moon. SHUT UP Poodle Hair biatch!!

  • Jen

    she looks different and I dont think its the hair, something about her face

  • true blood

    Great pics, a return to form after Friday’s flub. ;-P Nice to see their names linked together — both are gorgeous and super talented.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Deedz

    Now, I certainly wouldn’t mind if they dated. Ditch Bosworth kthnx.

  • zee

    The GG are the 17th i think, not tonight. Only wtching the GG for True Blood. These award shows are getting so boring.

  • Thatiana


  • Sarafina

    Afrika i totally agree with you,thanks for making that statement.

  • no bosworth

    He is not dating Bosworth. They did not spend NYE or her Birthday together since she opted to go to St. Maarten with her friend. He was spotted in L.A. on January 2nd which is her actual birthday even though True Blood shooting was on hiatus for the holidays. In addition, Bosworth is now in Australia for a spell. If they are dating he is a crappy boyfriend for not even spending NYE or her birthday with her. And Kate is so damn clingy that if she were super secure with the amazing Viking she would have stayed in L.A. But you never know with Hollywood- they view things so differently than the regular person. Things are not so good for Kate right now with all these failed relationships, movies, and then the Chris Martin debacle. And if reports are true that Gwyneth is most likely going to divorce him you know that will bring all that crap right back up.
    Alexander is far too talented, beautiful, and sweet to get involved with someone like Kate or Evan for that matter. He needs to keep his nose super clean in Hollywood so he can raise his caliber even more.
    So glad to see him in a pic with a classy woman. It definitely suits him.

  • no bosworth

    @Afrika Great statement!
    Jared definitely needs to take that and run with it.

  • More Minorites

    Yeah, Jared…you hardly ever include minority actors in your posts.
    There are so many beautiful, talented celebrities who never get noticed. Of course, there is alwasy Halle Berry but what about Paula Patton, Sanaa Lathan, Thandie Newton, Rutina Wesley, etc.
    And not to forget about Latinos, Asians, Middle Eastern, Indian(Aishwarya Rai is AMAZING)!!! Your page would be so much better.
    Not to mention that you are a minority and could be doing so much better to help the cause.

  • nana

    @Claire: You don’t speak French so I think YOU should shut up… You get your source from gossip magasine.She his not anti-Americans , her brother his married to an American woman. That interview you are talking about was made a year before she won the oscar and it was about Conspiracy theory in general, I speak french and there was nothing Anti-american about what she said. She just mentioned Conspiracy theories about 9-11 and she also spoke about a conspiracy theory in France (like a French comic who rumors as it, was killed by the French government for knowing too much) and that was pretty much it. The example of conspiracy theory she talked about was written by Americans so blame them , she just mentioned what they said. If she didnt like the U.S she wouldnt make movie there. MORON She looks good and I love him!! :D Fantastic actress, her face looks strange because she has probably had to do A LOT of smiling that night

    Read more:

  • CanadaGirl

    I love seeing him; he’s such a handsome man, but I have to ask, “Where did post go that pictured him with his Generation Kill co-stars?” I looked for it and it seems to have disappeared.

  • Monica

    Why do psychos come into AS threads and write DISSERTATIONS? Don’t you people have lives, jobs, or friends?

  • Anne

    Marion is a very attractive lady and a good actress. Alex and Marion would make a cute couple, but unless things have changed she is dating a French actor by the name of Guillaume Canet. Look forward to seeing Alex at the Golden Globe Awards next Sunday. I wonder if he will bring a date!

  • no bosworth

    @Monica OH SHUT UP KATE!!!! Hahahaha….stupid no one cares what you think! You are obviously on here so you are not one to talk.
    God, some people…..

  • americandream

    @Monica, 12:51 pm

    You may not write “dissertations” but you are posting comments here as well so I guess the 2nd question should be asked to you too… jeez … it’s not like it takes hours to write a comment anyway

    Love her by the way

  • Monica

    @americandream: Are you the one… who posts on AS’s imdb board… all the time…. and has major overuse of ellipses….? It’s a dead… giveaway….

  • Monica

    “no bosworth” & “american dream” & “nana” are most likely the same delusional, deranged person. same obsessed person comes into all the AS threads and rants a book

  • Erica

    oooh II have missed the see thru shirt!

  • Liz86000

    You’re so right. I’m French and I saw that show, and she only gave examples of conspiracy theories, that’s all! Then, every trashy magazines, to make money because she had just won her Oscar, said that she believed that!

  • Liz86000

    Btw, they look great together. But she’s with Guilaume Canet…

  • americandream


    ahah HILARIOUS!! I don’t even know what “AS’s thread” means, but you seem to be more informed than me… I guess truth hurts though (no life for you as well)
    Believe what you want, it’s not like I give importance to what you think anyway…
    I don’t know who are “nana” or “no botworth” ahahaha you’re so funny, unfortunately for you I don’t think it’s on purpose!

  • hans

    I heard that they are dating.

  • transformya

    Doubt they are dating, as he is gay.

  • Shazam

    Alex brings out all the crazy b*tches and secret cutters on forums. LOL

  • True?

    @hans: and you also heard that Alex and ERW were dating, again you are wrong, she took the same type of pic with Jake G. check JJ. Dang the level of moronistic people that post on here. @Shazam: exactly, you find them ALL here.!! LMAO

  • Oceane

    I would watch anything with Alex in it. He’s a great actor just like his dad

  • True?

    Monica, are u from the purse forum board, you itches are so fricking bossy, people can post whatever they like,and why don’t u itches stay in your forum , you are so dang possesive of Alex. He does not belong to any of you and he can pretty much date whomever the hell he wants, he does not need you to matchmake for him, crazy itches, you all have no frickin life.

    and you’re right itch I don’t have a life at the moment cause I wanted to frick with yours LMAO

  • hans


    Dont catch the Sarcasm I see. And yes Evan and Alex had a fling, and no I didnt get that from looking at some photos… lol

  • True?

    @hans: no how would I get the sarcasm , from that one liner? well hell of course they did the kitty kat dance, everyone knows she’s an easy piece. I would not blame the guy. Paper bags are always in overabundance. LOL

  • the_boyfriend

    that shirt on him is right on the money.

    i like when he looks a bit more strung out but i’ll take this.

  • Story

    @hans: Sorry but that’s not true. At least hans tried to make a funny.

  • beautiful couple

    Alex looks great. Marion and him would make a beautiful couple but she has a boyfriend.

  • gamerdatingsite

    Wow, she is so pretty, i’m sure she gets a lot of men

  • Serious Biscuit

    Am loving the body language of Alex here- the thumb tucked in to the front pocket of his jeans making his hand look like it’s doing a nice cupping gesture!! hehe. He’s all alpha male here! I love it!! Ahh the man is a dream!! (I’m not obsessed in any way!! lol) also think her hair looks really lovely!

  • firemenfriends

    He seems to know how to satisfy Marion and has the confidence and experience to provide her with the pleasure she most richly deserves. She looks like a woman who is only fulfilled with partners who can handle her physical needs and muscular body.