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David Beckham Changes Shorts... On The Field!

David Beckham Changes Shorts... On The Field!

David Beckham of AC Milan gives fans quite the eyeful, changing athletic shorts in the middle of a soccer game at the Olympic stadium in Turin, Italy on Sunday (January 10).

Later in the game, the 34-year-old soccer stud celebrated the team’s victory by going shirtless after the Series A match between Juventus FC and AC Milan.

10+ shirtless pictures inside of David Beckham and his shorts-changing antics…

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david beckham changing shorts 01
david beckham changing shorts 02
david beckham changing shorts 03
david beckham changing shorts 04
david beckham changing shorts 05
david beckham changing shorts 06
david beckham changing shorts 07
david beckham changing shorts 08
david beckham changing shorts 09
david beckham changing shorts 10
david beckham changing shorts 11
david beckham changing shorts 12
david beckham changing shorts 13

Photos: Valerio Pennicino/Getty, Luca Bruno/AP Photo
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  • Diana

    Omg that should be illegal cuz lord knows how lethal that is to my hormones ;p lol

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..i’m not gay (not even close) and i can say this dude is hot. ahahahahahahaha.. hope that doesn’t make me kind of sort`a partially gay. ahahaha.. nahhhhhhhhhh..

  • camie

    he’s hotttt *drooling*….victoria is one lucky person….:)

  • lily

    is it even possible to be hotter than me?
    a beautiful creature
    go becks! im happy your in europe

  • lisa (not the real one)

    I always think his name is so appropriate – David – like the statue of David – male perfection! Victoria is one lucky woman!

  • Pablo

    He knows Tom Cruise will be watching.

  • GP

    i’m having cardial alert!

  • Joycc


    david what are you doing?????????????

  • jana


  • Allie

    What I would have given to be there on that field…

  • ivanka

    omg omg.. vicky you are lucky!

  • shelby

    OMG – wish I was there! He has an incredible body! One of the best I’ve EVER seen!

  • Kerri

    I’m turning 39 (!) in five weeks. I’ve been happily married for eleven years. I know I’m going to have a rockin’ birthday party because my lovely husband always throws me a hell of a party. I would like to thank David Beckham for doing what he did on the pitch (hubby’s a Brit) in advance of my big day – a feat even my guy couldn’t have orchestrated!

  • Abigail


  • Gerard

    David looks so old,

  • Venom

    This was obviously deliberate.
    He is under contract with Armani I belive to sell their underwear.
    So surprise surprise they concoct something like this.
    Kind of low class and desperate if you ask me.

  • Giuliano


    I’ve seen the game, he had to change them, maybe you’re a low-life, and that’s why you post this trash…

  • =Logan=

    I love David, BUT why do they complain about the papparrazi if they are going to change in front of them?? ofcourse paps are going to take photos of half naked beckham. The beckhams try to sell their sexuality way way too much.

  • Mia

    I like David, but I can’t help but think this looks like a cheap stunt. He didn’t have to change his shorts in front of the crowd.

  • Marta

    I don’t care about Beckham but Forza Milan!!We won 3-0!!

  • rachael


    This happens a lot in soccer because the rules are you can’t leave the pitch during a game unless your being subsituted or injured, if you do leave then your disqualified and your team is a man down

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love U David Beckham Forever
    He’s Hot ;)

  • Marieme

    God, I really have to start watching soccer. Grrrr.

  • Moon

    @Mia: LOL..talking about IGNORANCE people and a shame face when they start criticizing over something they DON’T even know!

    He was in the MIDDLE of the game – he couldn’t go out of the pitch to change his pants, even his shirt (or his hair if he wanted to) while he’s still playing. And he HAD to change it – so no option except to do it ON the pitch. Even if he’s on the bench and had to change to play – he HAS TO DO IT ON THE PITCH SIDE, not in the dressing room. Alessandro Del Pierro did that last night. And this is NOT an awkward situation at all, except it happens only sometimes, not all the time. And he was not the only player to do so. ALL of the footballers has done this at least once in their playing life. I think they do this ALL THE TIME!

    Please..get a life before you criticize about anything you don’t know. Or better yet – please go and EDUCATE yourself!

  • p3rp3tu4

    Awesome that he does what he has to do for the love of his game!

  • AllForUSophia

    @Moon: couldn’t have said it better myself. He’s a footballer for crying out loud. Get a life!



  • atrium

    Damn Hot…

  • 123

    he has a new tattoo on his side of jesus

  • Jen

    well that surely is not something you see in every every day. LOL

    like his Jesus tattoo

  • ry

    Always HOT

  • Mousse

    Wake up.
    This man is only drooling for attention and publicity.
    No one changes shorts on the field, so why does he??
    And btw it doesn’t give him more style.
    Rather the opposite.

  • Natural

    @Mousse: Please..go back and watch more, would you! Almost every player changes short ON the field. For those who not..they changes OUTSIDE the pitch line, which is ON the field too. And this is not the 1st time that he did this. And he is NOT the only one. were saying…??! Yeah..thought so.

  • Mousse

    @Natural. I said what I said, even if the changing shorts could be common to do. Let me see pics of other soccer players doing that then eheh..

    I will never watch their games, because I don’t like soccer, but that is apart from the entire circus about the Beckhams. I know what I see in these pics, and even if the rest of the world finds Beckham a sexy hunk , I do not have to follow that opinion, do I?
    So…? Any more remarks to the fact I have my own opinion??

  • ter

    I guess the media have been portraying him as a playboy for the longest while and have gone to great lengths to tarnish and destroy him (without any credible evidence) as being anything but a prof footballer and family man………so if he plays up to that image they have created of him and exploits it to his own benefit, whether through endorsements or otherwise, then so what?

    As long as anyone think they have the divine right to use him and his name to sell their newspapers for their own profit and to say whatever they want about him, then he is free to take back that power however he wants…….

    He is having the last laugh because to this day he is still doing what he loves – playing top football for a top club with some of the greatest players in the game. That is his calling and that is how he started.

    He has walked into a top team on the basis of his footballing and athletic ability and he is still an England international player and he is clearly enjoying himself.

  • shayandinho

    david … do you know anzali chi is aabaay????????

  • Lazlo

    I have a secret man-crush on Becks. But I think lots of guys think that way.

  • Shut-Up

    My Question is this – Why would he NEED to change? DId he not know he was going to be playing? Would he not have his proper uniform on? I really don’t watch the sport but I would think that for a player of his caliber he would know beeter not to be prepared. Could he not have been wearing his shorts under his pants? Basketball players wear does jarseys that you just rip off, don’t they have that in soccer (football)? This is just a no BRAINER

    I mean come on His Becham and all eye will be on him. He knew this and yet, there he is changing his shorts in front of millions of people. That just don’t seem right or is he really as dumb as people claim he is?

  • jake

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Its Ok to look. We need more straight guys like you.

  • lulu

    OMG, lots and lots of football (soccer) players do that, it happens, Del Piero did it in that exact same game, i don’t see any fuss being made about him.
    If you’d watch soccer regulary, you’d see it happens often.
    Something must have been bothering him (maybe the underwear thingy that are in these shorts, or maybe he wore something underneath his shorts because it was cold and it bothered him while playing, who the hell knows), he took it off, no big deal, we didn’t even see it on TV.

  • baba

    He knows he is hot and that is all he has. He is working is to the max.

  • TV test

    So what was the reason he had to change them in the middle of a game. Did he pee in them? or they got torn for some reason?

  • TV test

    #39 Lulu
    O.k. I got it.

  • Chili Pepper

    I don’t get his appeal at all.

  • Yes

    Venom, NO ONE will ask you, a moron , for your opinion.

  • vito

    Footballer do this all the time. The under layer of his shorts got wet and irritated him so he removed them.

    + And hes hot. Im glad he stripped down, his thighs are delicious!

  • Somma

    God, there is a reason why sometimes some Americans are thought to be stupid and ignorant. It doesn’t hurt to just educate yourself on something before giving an opinion.

    In Europe, in football, during a match when players for whatever reason need to change their short or shirt, they have to do it on the pitch or on the side. They cannot leave a field of play. And not surprising this happens regularly in football, changing of clothes that is.

    And you know sometimes when they game is over, some players also strip down.

    No one other than you Americans take notice it or think there’s some ulterior motive. It’s just part of football. Just stop giving opinions on a game you clearly know nothing about. It’s stupid.

  • lauren

    w o w

  • shelby


    No need to make a generalization or an offensive comment like that. It is possible to state your opinion and/or facts without insults.

  • Jenni

    does anyone have a spoon? he’s delicious!