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Jake Gyllenhaal: Dior Cocktails with Marion Cotillard!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Dior Cocktails with Marion Cotillard!

Newly single Jake Gyllenhaal lends his star power to French actress Marion Cotillard and her new movie musical Nine – in theaters now – at the Dior Cocktails event held at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont on Saturday night (January 9).

Jake recently shared with UK’s Telegraph that he often gets mistaken for his Brothers co-star Tobey Maguire, aka Spider-Man.

“People have often said to me that I look like Tobey, so I thought it was perfect casting. They really just made Brothers so it could be said that I look different from Tobey. In fact, to all those cab drivers out in New York, I am not Spider-Man,” joked Jake.

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Photos: John Shearer/WireImage
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  • lara

    She is so pretty and Jake looks so old! He also looks sad, dead eyes.

  • Mai

    They are both gorgeous! But Jake is single now, I thought they didn’t break up? I can’t keep up :/

  • Kate

    Awww, Jakey is tired, his boyfriend must be very demanding!

  • done

    @Mai: Showmance is over.

  • hans

    The Tom Selleck in him is coming out more and more the older he gets… lol

  • Monk

    He looks like he’s 40, what the hell happened??? Missing Reese’s pieces??

  • Jake G

    @Monk: LMAO!!!

  • celebrating

    21 December 2009
    Justin Theroux, Mark Ronson and Scott Campbell hosted a holiday party to benefit “God’s Love We Deliver” at Thompson Hotel’s Smyth Tribeca on Saturday night. The whole room danced up a storm while Mark deejayed, having braved the Blizzard of ‘09 to get there. Attendees included: photographer Terry Richardson, model Agyness Deyn, and actors Will Arnett, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Matt Dillon, Mary Louise Parker, Josh Hartnett and newly single Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • karen

    Marion is very pretty.. don’t like her hair that way.. does nothing for her.. JMO

    Jake looks tired, but I imagine a break up and family issues can take their toll.. He has another film coming out, and he really needs to be seen out and about. We did not see much of him when he and Reese were together..just working out, shopping and hanging with her and the kids..

    so.. I am not a big fan, but he seems like a nice guy..

  • karen

    Ohhh and looking at the picture.. they could make a cute couple.. but I think she already has a boyfriend…. too bad..

  • AutumnM

    Jake looks like an ugly mountain man here. I for one have never thought he was good looking either way, though still better looking than his sis Maggie.

  • to be precise

    “Jake and Reese” didn’t break up, their fauxmance contract expired.

  • Yenta

    So nice that the depressed looking Rabbi posed for a photo with that pretty lady Marion. Maybe he was depressed because he lost his yamake.

  • f

    Neither of them are expressing any interest in possing for that photo.

    And why is JG wearing a scarf? He is indoors!

  • Documented Dig

    The most interesting thing about these fotos is the guy standing behind Jake picking his nose.

  • gamerdatingsite

    Jake should marry dunst and have a three way with Tobey

  • Mileena

    Why does Marion smile like she is constipated ?????!!!!!

  • Mileena

    I mean…. I smile like that when I don’t feel like smiling….. you get the picture!

  • Mileena

    …..And Spider man is way hotter than ….that.

  • Mileena

    # 15 : @Documented Dig: LMFAO !!!!!

  • Dee Dee

    Neither one of them look very good in these photos. But Jake does look old in a not good way. I’m glad he lost the beard that was hanging on his arm the past couple of years, now I wish he would lose the beard on his face .

  • isabella

    she smiles like that because she probably had to smile during the whole evening and after a while it’s really boring… that’s why … and I would do the same!

    I love these two though so I’m happy to get a picture!

  • Ooo0

    Does JG lie about his age? He looks a lot older for a man of just 27. He looks closer to 37.

  • Ooo0

    @Dee Dee: He looks even uglier without facial hair. His lips are way too thin.

  • firemenfriends

    I think he enjoys licking his desserts to ensure a satisfying ending to the nights festivities with his date

  • alison

    i just saw brothers it was really good, i’ve always thought jake was cute. him and natalie portman would make a cute couple

  • Separate!
  • Tish

    The spit with Reese seems to have hurt Jake, the last few pics of him we have seen of him he seems to have lost all his spark, even his appearances on Jimmy Fallon and the Games Awards seemed forced.

  • Dee Dee

    Pretending to be straight, hiding your boyfriend and baby, yeah, I’d look tired and hurt too. Jake needs to be true to himself and then he’ll look young and get that spark back.

  • huh?

    Jake has “star power”?
    You could have fooled me.
    All of his last few films, includung Brothers, have BOMBED at the box office.
    That doesn’t show “star power” to me.

  • OooO

    @Dee Dee: lol @ people who beleive Jake is toothy tile and he’s hiding his kid. Rotflmao Ted cakablanca made that blind up just like pretty much all of his blinds.

  • remember da truth

    You all WISH you had a guy as nice, talented, and good-looking at Jake! I love how he’s close with his family, too. He’s just waiting for the right woman.

    The gay stuff…. give it a rest already, You sound like little kids.

  • Jake fans

    Jake is gay and there is nothing wrong with that!

  • Lola

    @Tish: LOL, nonsense.
    Jake looked great and was very happy during Brothers promotion, he was happy that PR sham with Reese Witherspoon was over.

  • LOL!

    Jake has fans???

  • IHJ

    @LOL!: Yes, check out his fan sites and blogs.

  • Celia

    I think Jake and Reese are still secretly dating each other. They just want to keep the tabloids out of it.

  • $$$

    Jake and Reese never dated, they were using each other for PR and selling fake public images.

  • $$$

    “They just want to keep the tabloids out of it.”
    Fangirls are so clueless!
    Reese Witherspoon used tabloids to promote the fauxmance, Avon lady is selling cheap perfumes for God’s sake, she did her best to get tabloid press because publicity is more $$$ for her.

  • bonnie

    I wish Jake and Michelle wood hook up and have a couple of kids and then all you dead beats wood really have a lot to talk about!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    jakey poo looks tired, he probably misses reese =\
    once again
    marion doesnt looks so great, she’s kinda been disappointing these past months

  • Maya

    Jake you finally got rid of the blond beard, now shave and get rid of the beard on your face. The beard (on his face) makes him look 25 years older.

  • jen’s #1 fan

    I think Jen Aniston & Jake would make such a cute couple. They worked together on that movie about the Good Girl & she was sooo amazing in it. I could tell there was some chemistry between them two. She needs a date for GGs & he’s not dating Reece anymore. I think Reece is to stuck-up for him but Jen isn’t .

  • cbme

    I am a fan of Jake and a fan of Reese. You people just make up that stuff about Jake being gay because he was in Brokeback Mtn.” You don’t know personal things about the lives of others – give it a rest. I was really disappointed when Reese and Jake broke up. By the way, there is nothing cheap about what Avon pays Reese to represent that company. It is one of the biggest cosmetic places going. Some of you make me sick – blowhards!

  • nooooooooo!

    @jen’s #1 fan:

    No. Just. No.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Jake seems happier when he was datuing Kristen Dunst than with Reese.
    The guy was too young for a thirtie something MOTHER with children. He was too young for a relationship that requires for him to play the STEP FATHER. I mean he was just 26 when they began to date !
    I don’t believe he is gay but i beleive that he was a rebound and that engaging yourself in a new relationship where there are children is not the same, the children, always coming at number one, you cannot have those extensive romantic time and build a great relationship unless you are both mature and agree to go to he enxt step^.
    He should date a twenty something. Hell he could date Nathalie Portman if she is single they have many things in common : both 28, both jewish, both singles without children,both calm, both with short frame type of bodies.
    After the many pictures in the Internet he had with Kristen where he was cool, smiling, hugging, kissing, behaving like a real boyfriend, it’s clear as water that with Reese who seems colder, it was a total MISMATCH

  • Alissa

    so gaaaay
    new beard

  • coco

    Jake please don’t look so sad. This will pass. Someday you will be happy again. Lots of women would love to be your girlfriend. Keep your chin up – I am rooting for you!!! Think of all you have to be happy about in this horrible economy. You are handsome and talented. New love will come soon.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    nooooooooo! @ 01/10/2010 at 7:52 pm @jen’s #1 fan:

    No. Just. No.

    Jen Aniston should stop running after young men and let them live their life at their pace and rythm. He is young, he doesn’t need the drama brought by a self proclaimed neurotic moddle age woman.
    She should date a 40 or a 50 something who is mature and strong enough to put up with all the drama she will bring in…and it will actually make her grow up at last !

  • slambang

    Jake, please stop covering up your beautiful face!