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NBC to Jay Leno Show: You're Canceled!

NBC to Jay Leno Show: You're Canceled!

The Jay Leno Show is getting the boot from primetime!

“I can confirm that starting Feb. 12, Jay Leno will no longer air at 10 p.m.,” NBC Universal TV chairman Jeff Gaspin shared during the TV Critics Association press tour. “My goal right now is to keep Jay, Conan [O'Brien] and Jimmy [Fallon] as part of our late-night lineup. As much as I’d like to tell you we have a done deal, we know that’s not true.”

In the short-term, Gaspin said that instead of the Leno Show, we can expect “two hours of scripted, another reality hour and combination of Dateline or repeats.”

Gaspin hopes to have Leno host a half-hour show at 11:35, followed by The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien at 12:05 and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at 1:05. What will become of Last Call with Carson Daly? That remains unclear.

NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics will commence when Leno‘s show goes off the air.

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  • namers

    Good, now can NBC please put some adult programming each night in it’s place?

  • marisa

    omg no, jay leno has been the best thing NBC has ever had. he needs to have the 11:35 slot if anything!

  • karen

    I feel sorry for Conan.. this is all Leno and NBC fault. Jay should have just rode into the night after his contract he was supposed to do.. BUT nooooo he could not let that big fat EGO of his leave the airwaves.. WELL I guess time slot is the factor in Jay’s success.. The audience did not want to see him 5 days a night (DUMB). plus his EGO got pissed that David was winning. NOW they are tiring to combine Jay/Conan/Jimmy .. gosh they need 3 men to beat David.. Well it seems NBC is re-making the Late Night Wars all over again.. this time with Jay and Conan..

    THAT suck for CO.. he was supposed to have is shot.. then Jay came in and took the thunder away.. that was just Rotten all around.. Conan should tell them to shove it and head over to cable.. John and Steven are doing great on cable.. NBC is Sucks just like their program decisions..

    I hope David continues to kick major as*s.. and I will sit back and enjoy the Late Night Wars once again.. this time thank goodness my David is not in it..

  • LOLmaker

    NBC may not have been able to save Jay’s 10pm show but they did save the drama for your mama.

  • alison

    conan should continue hosting the tonight show at his normal time because he rocks at it he’s ten times funnier and likable, jay should go away he already gave the tonight show and his time up now it’s over let conan do it

  • Chau

    Meh, Jay’s show sucked anyway.

  • G

    I cannot believe a network can bungle up a business decision like this.

    For all the readers – please handle your own business problems more professionally, in a way that does not offend your money-makers. NBC screwed up and offended ALL their moneymakers. If I were the head boss, I’d be looking for blood and groveling to get Conan and Leno happy with NBC once more.

    I don’t know the solutions, but I know a bungled up a situation when I see one.

  • al

    he’s not being canceled, they’re just moving his show back.

  • Halli


    He IS getting the NBC 11:35 slot, try reading. Also, Jay Leno is about as funny as my dead hamster. Its his ratings that are doing the worst and making it worse for any other show to follow it. Its was Jay’s job to bring in higher ratings and he failed miserably. Why NBC is so serious in keeping someone as unfunny as Jay is the real mystery.

  • Randolph

    To give you an idea of how badly NBC night-time slot is doing. David Letterman is averaging 2 million MORE viewers a night. Double the viewers that Jay or Conan get. But bringing back Jay Leno is not the answer. He seriously sucks.

  • gamerdatingsite

    I think Conan is okay. I wonder what will happen to Carson, he’s not really a comedian, he can do Idol

  • tiffany

    Team Conan!

  • hello

    just take jimmy off the air. he really sucks.

  • Albercrombie

    I would watch the jay leno show some nights of there was nothing on .It wasent anything to write home about .There was alot of racist comments in it.Not cool To do the great white moments in black history.I did not like that at all!I hope they have something good to put on the 10 o’clock showing

  • mimi

    Jimmy Fallon? There’s nothing funny about his show, he doesn’t know how to interview and he is so lame.
    Cancel him instead!

  • Rhodes

    I actually like JImmy Fallon. He has the best late-night band with the roots, gets great musical guests and has funny games on where you win carpet samples and a christmas sweater. Its Jay that painfully sucks.
    I think Conan should sign on the CBS, he and Letterman would dominate late night and I know Conan really admires Letterman so maybe he’ll do it.

  • jana

    aww i like jimmy fallon he’s funny Conan rocks too

  • Laura Leissner

    Jay Leno on the Tonight Show was just fine. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I believe that if he had done at 9 what he did on the Tonight Show, he would not be getting canned. I watched Leno and Letterman (Tivo) but had to stop watching Jay in his new prime time show because it just wasn’t good. I don’t care what time a show is on I just care about the content. I record everything and watch it when I have time. As long as Conan and Jimmy are still on, I’m cool with whatever time slot they get. As for Jay, if he doesn’t return to what worked, I won’t watch.

  • Milkin

    Jay is a has-been, so is Conan. Fallon is a never-will-be.
    And Letterman is a sleezebag. And hence they are all on tv.



  • bohemeballerine

    They never should have made Jay leave the show and move in the first place…geesh…if Conan is smart, he’ll run – not walk – over to Fox irregardless of the millions NBC will throw at him to stay. Go to a network that’s known for good programming, long-running shows, and who might run a hit show like an extended American Idol episode as a lead-in for his show. Conan don’t stay at a network where for years they’ve jerked around their late-night hosts. It’ll be worth it in the long run to go to a network that’s behind you for the long haul.

  • hello

    just jimmy a half hour show then

  • lakers fan in boston

    the show sucked anyway, i never liked it, all the jokes were forced
    i have a feeling that at the end conan is gonna end up not working at nbc
    but the good thing is he might be picked up by another network that might appreciate him

  • jj

    cancel jimmy! who watches him! His not funny and his jokes are lame

  • lisa

    Jay Leno show was getting 5.8 million viewers, same as when he hosted the Tonight Show.

    Letterman gets 4.2 million a night.

    Conan is getting 2.5 million hosting the Tonight Show.

    Leno is their money maker. Conan will enjoy the Fox channel. That is where he should have gone in the first place.

  • Honeybunn

    Why are Conan’s ratings lower then Letterman’s if so many people hate Leno so much?

    It just doesn’t add up. Leno’s audience are 11:30pm watchers (they watch from bed before they go to sleep). Conan’s audience are still awake and go to bed later. This has nothing to do with Leno wanting to move back to 11:30pm. This about NBC not wanting Leno to move to another Network……. after they asked him leave. Leno should have left NBC and moved to another Network at the same 11:30pm time slot. He would taken his good ratings and audience with him. He probably would have beat Letterman and Conan in the ratings game.

    I don’t like Conan. So all you Conan fans better start watching regularly if you want his ratings to go up. NBC would not be moving Leno if Conan was beating Letterman in the nightly ratings. NBC can let Leno go at any time. And Leno would move on to ABC, CBS, CW, or FOX at the 11:30pm time slot. Then all the late night Viewers will be happy.

  • Anon

    Jay Leno has been a little manipulator dating back to the Carson days and when his manager and him would blackball guests so they wouldn’t be able to do other talk shows. Now because he has failed and the NBC suits right along with him, Conan once again gets uprooted. Hope NBC/Leno gets squashed like a bug. Leno is not funny and has become filthier every day.

    NBC/Leno is too busy kissing the baby exploiter Kate Gosselin’s a$$ and teaming up with kid peddler, TLC to be taken seriously anymore. They’ve destroyed their 9/10 pm drama slot with the Leno 10 show. Perhaps the execs wanted to fatten their own paychecks instead of paying real actors for quality workmanship. NBC has slid down hill for awhile now, it is too late.

  • Anon

    The news stations wanted Leno gone, as they were losing their viewers/ads because of him (when Jay’s show led off to the news). Jay/NBC bombed at 10pm, where were his fans?

  • Anon
  • jello

    I feel bad for Jay BUT his time is now up. Conan & Jimmy should not have to suffer. Jay had his time and also was given another chance but now its time to let Conan and Jimmy do their thing.

    Everynight I watch Conan and then it leads into Jimmy Fallon and that suits me fine. I use to watch David Letterman who I really like but when Conan went to LA I started watching him more frequently and then along came Jimmy and I now just leave channel 5 on for the two shows. I usually go by what guests are on and I happen to like Conan and Jimmys guests. Then I usually switch to Jimmy Kimmel for the last half hr. of his show when Fallon is over. Jay was on the air for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and even Johnny Carson gave it up after awhile. I’m not saying that Jay is old and should retire because he isn’t, I mean he’s younger than David Letterman its just that he was given a second chance with the 9:00 slot and it didn’t work BUT that doesn’t mean the other guys jobs and time slots should be played with now. Jay will be fine and will get alot of other jobs elsewhere.

  • dating-doctors

    I hope they bring Leno back

  • Mo

    about time! lately, jay’s show sucks so much!

  • Mansour

    its so sad to see Conan go, he`s the one who make me watch the tonight show

    i hope Conan continue in the tonight show and if someone needs to go let it be jimmy Fallon cause he sucks