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Jude Law: Sledding with the Kids!

Jude Law: Sledding with the Kids!

Jude Law takes his children — son Rafferty, 13, daughter Iris, 9, and son Rudy, 7 — for some family fun time sledding down Parliament Hill in London’s Hampstead on Saturday afternoon (January 9).

The 37-year-old Sherlock Holmes actor recently reunited with fellow British star Sienna Miller. The couple recently rekindled their relationship and vacationed together in Barbados.

Both Jude and Sienna are temporarily based in New York City, acting in their own respective Broadway plays, Hamlet and After Miss Julie.

15+ pictures inside of Jude Law sledding with the kids…

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jude law sledding kids 01
jude law sledding kids 02
jude law sledding kids 03
jude law sledding kids 04
jude law sledding kids 05
jude law sledding kids 06
jude law sledding kids 07
jude law sledding kids 08
jude law sledding kids 09
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jude law sledding kids 11
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jude law sledding kids 13
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  • Claudy

    NO! They are not based in NYC anymore…both playes ended in Dec!

  • sheryl

    Aw, what fun!
    Jared, Jude is not in New York anymore. He’s in London now. Both plays ended December 6.

  • sheryl

    Aw, what fun!
    Jared, Jude is not in New York anymore. He’s in London now. Both plays ended December 6.

  • Jen

    I don’t think Jude and Sienna are back together. They’re just friends. They both had a very tough last year, because their personal lives were all over the press and made them both look very bad, so I think they’re bonding over that, but I think any romantic relationship between them is long over.

  • to 4

    both love f***ing around, so it’s only natural to f*** each other

  • suze

    has this DEADBEAT even seen his new kid yet? loser deadbeat

  • CanadaGirl

    This looks like the same hill Katie and Russell were on several days ago.
    He’s a good dad. :)

  • sheryl

    Well, see, Suze, I’ve heard from “sources” (aka, people I made up in my head) that Jude was going to have Sophia flown all the way from Florida to particpate in this little sledding adventure, but her mother wouldn’t permit it. She felt she was a bit too young. Good call. Jude even had this little harness thingy where he could strap the newborn child to his back and go sailing down the hill with her, but it was subsequently felt that this would constitute child endangerment if Jude somehow wrecked on the sled and squashed the little cherub into the ground. I’ve heard from sources that Jude is planning a water skiing excursion this summer, and hopes Sophia is old enough by then to strap to a boogie board.

  • remember da truth

    Sheryl, so funny!!
    Jude is FAMOUSLY a great dad, so calling him a deadbeat because some bitch tried to trap him after some brief fling is ridiculous.

    This is sooo cute! Love how he has so much fun with his kids, and he and Sadie are a model divorced couple. Jude seems to be able to keep friendships with his exes — he is a really good guy.

  • elle

    cute pics thanks Jared :)

  • shamrock

    I’m totally LOVING these photos of Jude and the kiddies!!! He really makes my heart melt to see the Daddy out spending a good ol’ time with the most important people in his life. Kudos to Jude and thank you for the wonderful photos of adventure, fun, and love~

    ciao bella*

    Really want to take my little ones to the SNOW***

  • ugly

    @sheryl: LAMO…..good one ROFL

  • ouch

    This is the cutest thing ever, so sweet and adorable. Good thing London is covered in snow, without it we wouldn’t be able enjoy such nice pics and more importantly, they wouldn’t have fun sleigh riding!

  • @sheryl


  • dolorescraegt

    thanks jared….jude is like a kid himself. this is one guy who loves being with these kids and they obviously adore their dad……have fun with them jude. you deaserve some time off after hamlet and sherlock…’tho i understand you’ll be in madrid with robert downey for the world premiere of sherlock and to paris as well…..good luck kiddo….

  • icecream

    Sledging surely…or is sledding the American way of saying it?

  • brrrrr

    shiver me timbers
    happy birthday!

  • hot chocolate

    hi icecream
    yes in america we call it sledding.

  • T.

    Honestly NONE of you actually know anything that has gone on with his newest child

  • eliott

    Enjoyed watching Sherlock. Law & RDJ did a great job. I like Jude Law. Good actor, good dad, good-looking.
    I know, I know . . . macbeth to eliott.

  • Brenda

    I loved Sherlock Holmes, Jude as Watson in particular

  • Daphne

    Those photos are adorable!

  • Sofia

    Thank you, Just Jared. These pictures are so sweet. Iris’s so lucky. She had a Jude Law Toboggan. Look how happy she is. Jude’s really a fantastic daddy, just like Graham in THE HOLIDAY. Best wishes. Hope to see you soon. Really miss you.

  • Julie

    I think the point is that this sumbich loser arshole has had time to run all over the freaking planet and boff around with one of the stupidest women on the planet and has STILL not made time to drop by and he his newvorn child. This man who shut down a freaking movie so he could be present at the birth of his youngest son. I don’t care if his mother is a famewhore. He picked her when he put his pecker inside her and now he needs to step up like a man instead of the incredible man ho he’s has been for the last 20 years and go meet his daughter. The fist year of a child’s life is very important and this dipshit needs to take one less vacation and take his place as one of the most important poeple in this new person’s life

    What a worthless rotton loser pig!!!!!!

  • kate

    on those pictures looks like Jude Law is such a doting dad, too bad, he can’t even remember how many children he has when asked.

  • emily

    jude the douchebag knew there were cameras around him, he acted like a doting dad. please sienna miller, leave that maniac alone. you can have bright future.

  • ericap

    So sweet, Iris riding on Jude’s back! I love seeing him with his kids.

  • Zina

    Very true, but why let that small little detail stop them?

  • Gerard

    this guy is the biggest douche!!

  • Sam the man

    Bump to #41

    This douche makes all men look bad. Balding asshole.

  • ffun

    Jude Law hit up London’s Hampstead on Saturday to frolick on the Parliament Hill and play with his three kids. Jude’s fourth is still somewhere in the US locked in a basement.
    I’m not even sure he remembers he had a fourth.

  • Mia

    These pictures are adorable!
    But what’s with wierd posts LOL??? It’s pretty creepy.

  • Chili Pepper

    The crazy mad chick comments are always the best, I don’t care who y’are.

  • Celebwatcher

    Jude is definitely one of the best dad in Hollywood/London. I hope he treats the “other” one just as good as his previous 3 kids.

    Read it then weep!

  • Fiona

    Is it not a bit dangerous to go sledging that way? It’s like extreme sledging lol. That poor little girl is clinging on for dear life! It looks like Rudy drew the short straw with his sledge…it looks about 50 years old lol

  • Nicole

    He’s so good looking! HE seems like such a great Dad, been a huge fan of his for so many years, and enjoy seeing pictures of him on here over the years. His kids have sure grown! I hope he finds true love once and for all soon. Love you Jude!

  • Nicole

    That park is only down the road from Primrose Hills regent park, the area where Jude Lives. (Yes Ive done my Jude research) :D

  • kate

    Ahh bless! Snow is such fun……

  • Penelope

    Oooh, love him so much! Watson is such a babe, surely there will be a sequal.

  • beth

    @Chili Pepper: Thank you!!
    if you only knew how crazy and mad
    I am in the bed
    and to all imdb whoooores
    your lives are ffake

  • macbeth

    one big ugly f fake

  • macbeth

    I feel for your bfs and husbands
    that is if you’ve got them
    if they only knew what f ugliness is living inside your heads

  • to macbeth 42

    they do know how ugly they are
    you are one of them

  • to macbeth 41-42

    the macbeth imposter is back on 40-42

    while i do agree with some of your views you should name yourself “macbeth imposter” in the future

  • attention

    #40,41,42 waited to post until after *I*
    1. logged back on and
    2. copied and pasted the changes from last night to today on my word documents
    3. so it is someone from imdb

    #40 41 42 is the bad guy and posts on imdb and sounds like a man with a beard. i think its simon hammerstein…i think the person is a sagittarius becuase of the way he comes across in writing.

  • dating-doctors

    He is such a good father

  • Julie

    Maybe…to some of his kids.

  • macbeth

    you truly have a problem
    with your own head

  • Heart

    I don’t get why everybody is hating on Jude. He is human like all of us and he makes his mistakes. Does this make him a bad person? I tell ya, NO.
    So, have you ever stopped to think that he is a human being after all?

  • macbeth

    aww macbeth i mean miles ny_pythoner = warmonger playing for wrong team
    i am not interested in you other than having you arrested and suing you you

    take a hike loser