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Miley Cyrus Dons Cobwebs Shirt

Miley Cyrus Dons Cobwebs Shirt

Miley Cyrus picks up an iced coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf before heading to the Andy LeCompte hair salon on Saturday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

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The 17-year-old Disney starlet showed off a bit of her bra in a sexy cobweb-like shirt by Obesity and Speed. She finished off her look with a Balenciaga bag, ripped paint-spattered jeans and black studded boots.

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Miley was later seen shopping up a storm at the upscale shopping boutique, Maxfields.

Watch the video below of Miley trying to hop back into her car… but into the wrong Prius!

Miley Cyrus: Wrong Prius!

10+ pictures inside of Miley‘s cobwebs shirt…

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miley cyrus cobweb shirt 01
miley cyrus cobweb shirt 02
miley cyrus cobweb shirt 03
miley cyrus cobweb shirt 04
miley cyrus cobweb shirt 05
miley cyrus cobweb shirt 06
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Credit: AUZ; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • sarah

    I love her outfit! I wish I could pull it off. :)

  • mika_says_hi

    geez… her her whole life she has been normal. normal. normal. and now S-L-U-T.

  • Liv

    Can’t we all just forsee a flock of eight year olds cutting up their shirts with their safety scissors?

  • Yelena

    she pulls this look off

  • Septembre

    While I love the outfit isn’t it a little inappropriate for a 17-year-old who is a role model for preteen girls to be walking around with her bra showing?

  • aleshkiiah

    shes not a good role model at all.sad,beautiful tho,mind u most 17yr olds are out clubbing,drinking,posting drunk photos on fb etc ,shes just a 17 yr old after all
    btw im from nz so 17yr olds do go clubbing here =D

  • ann

    i second that

  • Shawna

    She’s 17 years old and she isn’t trying to be a role model for anyone, she’s just trying to live her life. I’m sure most of you had interesting outfits when you were that age. Yes my 7 and 4 year old daughters watch Hannah Montana but they certainly aren’t seeing the paparazzi photos of her and if your young girls are then you need to worry more about your parenting and less abou Miley.

  • dundies

    no wait…let me guess if you will *ahem* ..every 17 year old dresses like a hooker?

  • pouty


  • audrey

    hahahahahahaha, what white trash. honestly. i cannot wait until she’s irrelevant.

  • CoryS

    I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan but yall are being a little harsh. It’s not like it’s some sexy bra that’s shoingw, just a kind of camisole. I don’t think the shirt’s that bad….maybe she should have waited for night to wear it but it’s not that bad.

  • Q

    i like the outfit from the front. the back kinda ruins it for me.

  • Asha

    I am not going to chastise her for wearing that unbelievably inappropriate shirt b/c Miley is growing up. In less than a year she is be 18 and will be an adult. I am glad she realizes that it is time for Hannah Montana to end. She can’t have it both ways. If she wants to be looked at as an adult then she can’t still make money off of kids and tweens. Really though if I had a 17 year old daughter there is no way in hell I would let her wear that shirt.

  • audrey


    not really, no. i mean, she KNOWS there’s paparazzi, so she dresses how she WANTS to be seen. i’m 20 years old and i think she just looks classless. and that’s the way she wants people to see her.

    she thinks she’s “growing up”. but she’s just acting childish, with the way she dances/dresses on stage, and now out in public. if she actually wanted to grow up, she’d do it with a little bit of dignity, and with more clothes on.

  • bebe

    WHITE Trash wearing TRASH no Surprise here.

  • Tomax

    What is wrong with that outfit? It shows her back. How the hell is that sexual?

  • LuckyL

    I guess she’s old enough to be on this site now that she’s dressing like a wh*re.

  • andy

    didn’t lindsay lohan start out with the same fashion sense as miley right now?? I feel it. She’s going to do a lohan in time.

  • marisa

    i like the outfit. the jeans are really cute, and the top is very avant garde and asymmetrical. she’s a trendsetter. props miley. love you!

  • hannah adams

    slut!! i hate miley . .

  • Robert R

    hahaha that was funny she got confused… about her car, oh well it happens to me all the time…

  • lindsay

    i doubt she is a virgin

  • sweetness

    First she’s pudgy and should not be wearing this revealing spiderweb top.

    Second, it’s an outfit for someone insecure and seeking attention. She’s losing her reign as young country American sweetheart reign to Taylor Swift…

    Does anyone NOT believe the reason she didn’t show up at The People’s Choice Award was because she knows she’s yesterday’s news, next to Ms. Swift.

  • =)=)=)

    @Septembre: so is lady gaga beyonce and rihanna you dont see people whining about it like they do about miley

  • xxx

    She loves the attention… hahaa
    and wtf is up with that shirt? She is 17!!!
    And she’s kinda fat … and that looks like a training bra!! hahahahahaah/

  • =)=)=)

    i think the front of the outfit looks good . but the back not my style

  • cry no more

    love her.

  • cry no more

    and shes very pretty .

  • cry no more

    shes so nice to her fans

  • Just Me

    I love Miley and i hate that people judge her foreverything
    shes not trying to be a role model shes just trying to do her job which is to act and sing unfortuneately shes doing it on Disney which for some reason people think every single star from there should be a role model(i mean seriously why dont YOU just try parenting your kid instead of blaming it on a girl on TV)

    shes 17 shes gonna show some skin

    now with all that said i do love the shirt but with the bra hanging out and everything i do think its a bit much it wouldve been better with a tank top but i still like it

  • alison

    please i’ve seen 13 year olds wear worse stuff than that jeez i’m not a fan because she hasn’t done anything worthy of being this famous but its so annoying when people say she is a bad role model, nobody cares about her showing her stupid back and she’s not fat

  • Headless Obama

    what a great role model disney

  • nim

    i actually do like the outfit, i’d love to know where i can get a shirt like that :)
    however, girl needs to lose her lovehandles before putting that on. miley’s getting too pudgy, time for her to hit the gym, big time!

  • justmy2cents

    i don’t know…at times it does seem like miley’s just being a “teenager” and normal and thats okay..but the truth is she is not normal. she’s rich and famous and a disney star. obviously being a disney star doesn’t mean your perfect, but it does mean that you have to think of your fan base. it’s gonna affect your decisions whether you like it or not. criticism is a price you have to pay for putting yourself out there. I don’t necessarily agree that **every young person is getting wasted/clubbing/taking sexy pics either because thats generalizing. teens get a different kick out of different things. so i think every teen celebrity is also different..but when she’s washed up and no one cares anymore, she’s gonna miss people writing articles about her nose rings/ripped up clothes/quitting twitter lol

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    i like the outfit but not her ! ppl give her a break she is 17 not 10 ! it’s the parents’ jobs to be rolemodels for kids not cyrus’ job ! gosh i wouldn’t immagine living my life to be a rolemodel for kids ! cool pants the shirt is cool too i love the ensemble but she is still talentless i dont like her at all !!!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @alison: thank you !

  • losers

    please who gives a f**** how old she is. Please we got 17 yr olds that a having babies, that shirt is the least of our problems.
    the only thing that makes her different from other 17 yr olds is she’s on Disney, f*** that.

    its whatever makes her happy, if she wants to leave the house in a bathing suit. so be it.


  • alex p

    i totally took her for megan fox.. dunno if that’s good or bad :D

  • its me

    @pouty: S T F U ! SMH

  • natalie

    miley roxs and y do they follow her and she should know her own number plate

  • Faye

    She is 17 not 12, this is hardly a scandalous outfit for someone that age. It is clearly NOT a bra but a camisole designed to be worn with the shirt. Those of you calling her fat are the reason that we have so many girls in this country with self esteem issues. If you think that she’s fat then I suppose you think those bikini picutres of rachel Zoe’s near anorexic frame are beautiful. Leave her alone she looks fine for someone who will be 18 on her next birthday!!

  • mariah

    what the hell is going on..?!

  • Houmaira

    She dresses like a whore

  • Whoever

    She look cute!

  • steph

    UGH! gross! enough miley bull**** just jared!

  • destiny

    I think miley is very beatiful and sweet girl.she is love joe jonas…
    bacuse joe and miley photos see ..

  • hilary


  • me me me

    that shirt is ridiculous (and ugly) and it makes her look cheap. awful outfit, she has absolutely no sense of style.

  • bebe

    WHILE Taylor Swift IS out there MAKING a name FOR her SELF and winning a WHOLE LOT OF awards with MAYBE the same VOCAL talent, THIS one is BUSY chasing boys ARROUND. Yes she is seventeen and the best time for HER to make SOME DEPOSITS for the future OR else there WILL be NOTHING to withdraw from WHEN she gets to 25 and THERE IS a NEW “Brittney”. She needs TO give up THE trashy CLOTHES, PDAs, SEMI naked pictures, and get to work, Trust me,these boys will still be THERE.