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Adam Sandler: Brentwood Breakfast

Adam Sandler: Brentwood Breakfast

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie take their kids — Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 1 — for breakfast at Montana Cafe on Sunday morning (January 10) in Brentwood, Calif.

Looks like breakfast at Montana Cafe has becoming a weekly tradition!

Adam‘s next role is in the high school reunion comedy Grown Ups, out June 2010. The 43-year-old funnyman stars as Salma Hayek‘s husband alongside Maria Bello, Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Sandler‘s Brentwood breakfast…

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adam sandler brentwood breakfast 01
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 02
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 03
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 04
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 05
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 06
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 07
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 08
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 09
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 10
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 11
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 12
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 13
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 14
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 15
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 16
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 17
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 18
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 19
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 20
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 21
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 22
adam sandler brentwood breakfast 23

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    Sadie looks about 63. She also looks like she birthed Sunny.

    Sandler should stop having kids.

  • Poopie

    I love Jewish kids, they are so adorable, much cuter than those pasty looking bland Anglos that I grew up with in Minnesota. They are refreshing and fun.

  • U slime

    How is saying a child is ugly any different than saying blacks and mexicans are ugly. Abuse. Child abuse.

  • g!na

    Sadie@NIKKI: Sadie has gotten cuter! she’s really blossoming! be nice-

  • jennifer

    How sad that the internet soldiers put that on a kid.

    They’re cuties.

  • 8888

    Hey, why is John Turturro dressed up like a little girl in those shots?

  • funny

    And they continue to think they are so witty.


    @U slime:

    No, it’s not. Saying all kids are ugly would be comparable to saying all blacks or mexicans are ugly. That aside, no one called her ugly. Are you saying that 63 year old women are ugly? AGEIST!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Sandler has strong genes. It would have been better for the children that they benefit more from their mother’s genes.
    Oh well, anyway, children are a blessing. So them being healthy is the most important thing.

  • MajorIndulgence

    Crap, Sandler’s genes are completely dominant over his wife’s recessive genes. I’ve always found it disturbing when girls look too much like their dads.

  • Hanna

    nice. I dont know that adam has two children?!
    I only kew about sadie. Sunny looks also cute!
    But they both according to they father! xD

  • hollywoodgossip

    They’re cutie guys.

  • Just Stop

    Not Cute!

  • Betty

    The gril is becoming cuter, she always has bad pic’s taken. You neven see her just smile/walking dressed cute normal.The boy is cute with a lot of baby fat. That’s dads genes…that long face and dubble chin.

  • Jen

    both girls are cuties, especially the baby. Adorable.

  • U slime

    @Nikki: you must be writing from a prison cell,

  • Humorist

    Sandler’s films attract lowlifes and scumbags, here they are with their their nastylife making disrespectful comments. Let’s keep making and promoting evil.


    Actually I am in a mental hospital since I was 14.

  • Andrea

    @8888…what’s the matter ; your weewee is only one inch??????

  • Sarah

    if sandler married A Jewish woman would have balanced out genes. Do these kids even have a mother? She must be some lazyaz only interested in Adams money, too lazy brainded freeloader parasite. Well that’s the kind of woman u get when guys just go for a hole.
    Oh yes that’s most men; stupid selfish animals.

  • matt

    sadie is really …. ugly.
    i’m sorry but that’s i know it’s not her fault and stuff but come on, the child’s not gifted!
    the little one looks way better though…

  • Mercy Said No

    LOL yup they look like their dad, not a good thing!

  • rainbow

    Sarah, read the post. Adam’s wife, Jackie was with them. She can be seen in pic #4. However, Jackie is not a celebrity so obviously the paps are going to be more focused on Adam.

  • abcdefg

    @Betty: LOL, Adam Sandler has two girls. Sunny is a little girl.

  • Sarah

    @rainbow: #24.
    Yes I saw the pic !!!!
    Theoretically no mother!!!!
    Look at the way the kid is dressed.
    Slovenly and unkempt. The mom is a pig.

  • Weird

    Some of you posters are really weird. What’s wrong with telling how these little girls look like? What planet do you live on that calling someone not good looking or cute should be considerd abuse? I doubt even Sabler would call his girls gorgeous. Although as father he adores them. They are not beautiul girls and nothing wrong with saying this. That’s just the way it is and it’s my opinion and some other posters in here. They are bless to their parents though.

  • Violet

    She still looks better than JLO’s ALL PUERTO RICAN kids. JLO”S kids are hideous and gross!!!

  • Ilia

    Wow, that child looks really unattractive. And by unattractive I of course mean UGLY!

  • Rachael


    Sorry, but JLo’s and Adam’s kids fit into the same category. Not attractive at all! They’ve taken after their father’s and that’s sad. Adam’s wife is pretty as is JLo, but they married yucky husbands and now their children are walking around with faces that only their parents can love.

  • Jane

    MajorIndulgence @ 01/11/2010 at 3:15 am #10

    Crap, Sandler’s genes are completely dominant over his wife’s recessive genes. I’ve always found it disturbing when girls look too much like their dads.
    That is the most ignorant statement. I know many girls who look like heir fathers who are beautiful, gorgeous.

  • Jenny

    Ugliest jew kids I’ve ever seen.

  • Gaydar for the straightdar

    100 bucks those kids will be so beautiful when that grow up all you losers will bite your tongues. I think it’s really weird that grown people will spend their time bad mouthing babies, I mean come on really how low can you go. Only a person with nothing inside can be that mean to a baby, to a baby she can’t even talk yet to defend herself. How weak are you that you have to go after a baby.

  • Weird

    Yes I look weird. Also I am ugly so I enjoy saying others are ugly. It gives me so much pleasure to know that others will suffer with the determination they are ugly just as I have.

  • Anne

    @weird. Are you trying to say these people are just plain stupid?

  • Abuse

    In my opinion they are stupid. Stupid because the dictionary defines ‘abuse’ as the exact behavior here from abusers.

  • Sam

    Don’t these people believe in pink or purple. Even yellow. The girls are always dressed so drab. And if they would just put her hair in a pony tail or clips it would make a difference. I think it’s more her clothes/hair then her actual looks. Also so drab looking.

  • tress

    One question:

    Why publish hateful comments about Jewish people?
    Why will not publish negative comments about Brangelina? These comments will be blocked or deleted!

  • An

    @U slime:
    It’s very easy, saying “all” blacks and mexicans are ugly is racist. This child in particular is ugly, she would be ugly as well is she were black, mexican or chinese.

  • Donkey Kong

    And you need to shut up, #1.

    Racist much, #2?

    Better how, #9? What does that mean?

    What the hell is wrong with you, #10?

    You’re an idiot, #20.

    If she is, why were you compelled to point that out, #21.

    You’re a moron, #26.

    You’re disgusting, #27 and #29 and #31.

    Right, #32.

    You’re also disgusting, #33 and #38.

  • neil

    I don’t see anything wrong with the appearance of the kids. As someone pointed out, they look drab, and I agree. Its the clothing and hair.
    Saddie’s dress and tights are ill fitting. A cute colorful dress and a ponytail or some cute hair clips and the kid will look cute.
    Sometimes cute kids do grow up to e ugly adults and supposedly ‘ugly’ kids shed their shell and become beautiful grown ups.
    Princes William and Harry, anyone?

  • donkey kong

    I hate myself. I am writing from my prison cell.

  • firemandatingsite

    What cute kids!

  • lakers fan in boston

    adam looks pretty harsh
    his youngest kid really looks like a boy so far
    sadie is cute now

  • to #39

    I didn’t know that looney bin has internet access.

  • drew

    geezz his kids are getting UGLIER by the day

  • Rosebud

    How will I ever qualify for ‘the bachelor’ if I am not beautiful…..
    Booo hoo ,boo who.

  • Dr NYC

    The girl looks like an Adam mini-me!

  • kaela

    aww his kids look just like hum
    i bet he has lots of money