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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard crosses his legs and reviews some paper work while lunching with a mystery male in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (January 11).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor was seen waiting for his food at Joan’s on Third restaurant with table setting #61.

Alex is expected to attend this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. True Blood is up for “Best Television Series – Drama” against Dexter, House, In Treatment and Mad Men.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at Joan’s on Third

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alexander skarsgard joans on third 01
alexander skarsgard joans on third 02
alexander skarsgard joans on third 03
alexander skarsgard joans on third 04
alexander skarsgard joans on third 05
alexander skarsgard joans on third 06
alexander skarsgard joans on third 07
alexander skarsgard joans on third 08
alexander skarsgard joans on third 09
alexander skarsgard joans on third 10

Credit: Fapian / Zodiac , Fame Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Apega/WENN
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  • interesting note

    His great-grandfather invented Band-Aids

  • Nicki

    I like him

  • Celia

    He’s so sexy!

  • me

    do you hear that? Is the sound of a thousand gaydars going off

  • Monica

    What a little fruitcake with his legs crossed like that.

  • Squirrel

    Like his casual look, his sexy. He’s certainly a big boy, there’s hardly any room for him at that table LOL

  • Anna

    Nelly Fang!

  • true blood

    He looks good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • bruin

    this is a tough one, dexter, house and true blood are all good shows, but i’m leaning towards dexter to win

  • VikingGod

    I noticed he’s cut his hair which looks good on him, but this must mean he’s wearing a wig during season 3 of True Blood. Hope they get him a good one this time…

  • ErinN

    What is the big deal? Swedish men as a whole are not afraid of their sexuality and hugging in friendship another man.

    Thanks JJ for the wonderful pixs.

  • Sophy

    So if a guy crosses his legs he’s considered gay? Grow up!

    Hope they win a Globe on Sunday- they’re a great cast, and Alex is the best of the lot.

  • BooBoo

    Here goes the gay rumors…”a mystery male”. Just because he isn’t dating anyone at the moment..per se a female doesn’t make him gay. And just because he crosses his legs doesn’t mean he’s gay. Brad Pitt cross his legs and so does George Clooney, does that make them gay? Nah. I don’t think Alex is gay.

  • rpatzfan

    beautiful! i love him

  • yo

    nelly fang!

  • Jason

    Erin you are knowledgeable that Sweden has the largest amount of homosexuals in any country right. Europeans are the reason why homosexuality is so prevalent there culture breeds homosexuality.

    Sweden as whole has the largest case of Homosexuals, so Swedish men aren’t afraid of their sexuality because about 40% of them are gay.

  • kiss

    so, does he swallow or spit the protein juice?

  • Alice

    He is European…not gay…Whats wrong with you ppl.

    Please do not come to London or Sweden we do not want your wack ideas infecting the rest of the world.

    Use your brain…if he was gay he would pretend he was not.

    Scandi’s are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. I am a half Danish and I cant believe the crap I read on these sites.

    Yes, many Hollywood stars are gay or Bi…Brad P, Tom C, Huge J and those boys from Gossip Girl for sure…however, please add new batteries to your Gaydar Ladies…

  • mink

    It’s not about actors being comfortable with their sexuality, it’s about movie companies wanting to hire an out actor.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Jason: The numbers are 1 in 10, Jason. Gays are everywhere. *gasp* Even, Jews and Christians and Muslims and people named Jason are gay.

  • @ Jason

    U are totally NUTs.

    I live in Malmo and clearly u have no clue what you are talking about.

    Get your facts correct and then do not throw stones when most of Hollywood actors are 100% Gay.

    Anyway, being Gay is not a bad thing.

    Also, since Europeans built the USA …I find is funny how you can make such a remark unless you are from another race and even if you are I can still discuss my point and prove that you are the most stupid person that was ever born do not get anyone Preggs…pls

  • mink

    @Alice: you are the same idiot who has like 30 personalities and writes with a bunch of “… … …”

  • To Jason

    You are so wrong. I live in Malmo and they are more Gay in Hollywood then in Sweden.

    Also, since Europeans are the Great Grand Fathers of the USA how can you be so ignorant.

  • omg

    He is soo hot!!

  • icky

    my highest hope for the Golden Globes would be for askars to parade his fine self past Mel Gibson and Leo DiCaprio and to get on their radar and end up in their viking film.

  • To Mink

    U will always be ignorant …so if u do not like what I write DO NOT READ ANYTHING FROM ALICE

  • Anna

    @Alice: Well, well, look who crawled out of Alex’s IMDB page to post yet another … filled book.

  • kathy

    I see you Nelly Fang

  • danish bastard

    @Alice: I you really were danish you would know most of them live in the closet

  • LEA

    LOL! What a bunch of hillbilies. Go to Paris or Rome and you will see a lot of men Sitting on cafes or bars and talking to each other, and they’re not gay. True fact!

    kathy @ 01/11/2010 at 10:35 pm I see you Nelly Fang

    Anna Paquin, is that you? I know you hate Skarsgard and want him out of the show but this is ridiculous.

  • lurv

    @LEA: Not all of them, you probably meant.

  • ice

    @lurv: Trufax my friend ;)

  • well duh…

    His legs are crossed because he’s so tall they won’t fit under that table… and why is it in Hollywood noone. is Friends their always screwing each other, the poor guy can’t hang out with anyone without people thinking they’re having sex..

  • me

    He reminds me of Jim Kerry somehow. Take a look!

  • ice

    @LEA: I’m not sure who is the hillbilly here. In a related note gay men are a legend, they do not exist.

    And about the Anna Paquin thing, I bet she has more interesting things to do, like IDK having a life. Go back to the IMBD forum please.

  • Just Don’t know

    Wow, he looks glum except for that one pic where he’s kind of smiling. His hair is messed up in back. Wonder what he was doing just prior to this lunch?

  • wowowow

    i love alexander skarsgars so much but lately it’s been overkill with him. it seems like everyday there’s a new post about him at some event and now he’s going to lunch at joan’s on third, which is a well known paparazzi hang out. i worry about some famewhore tendencies. i appreciate him as an actor and hope he stays away from all the hollywood attention.

  • Bush Lover

    Wow, a secret lover

  • crimson

    hahaha “a mystery male” Jared you are evil

  • TV test

    the man looks tired and worn out. Look at those bags under his eyes. And he is chalky white. I know he cannot tan because of the show but this pasty white is so ugly. Can’t he use like temp. spray or something.

  • Erica

    the bulk of these comments are absolutely ridiculous and extraordinarily small minded. embarrassing. leave the guy alone. say something intelligent, that adds something or don’t post that garbage.

  • hmmmm

    He’s beautiful. I hope he leaves that stupid show and starts doing movies.

  • ericko

    why are his boobs sagging under his eyes?

  • Sarah

    I love how muscular his legs look in those pants…

    He really needs to take off his clothes on season 3.

  • where, where


    How did you get so lucky?? I never ever see him. Yesterday and today is the most I’ve seen him in 6 months. Everyone says he’s a great guy and I hope he doesn’t destroy himself going H’weird”.

  • greenhell

    @ericko: because his penis is erected right under them, in the middle of his face

  • Amintad

    @wowowow it’s not his fault that jared and all the other bloggers are obsessed with him and post the most trivial things about him, he shouldn’t stop living his life or going out.

  • ErinN

    And you know this how? I know many people from Sweden and Denmark. In my career I travel a lot. This is simply not true. Homosexuality is the same percentage of population in every country. Some countries are just a lot more grown up about what goes on in the bedroom.

  • ErinN

    JJ… I normally love you and think you are a cut above the other gossip sites… but honestly hun shame on you for the misleading headline you wrote just to get hits and… of course bring out the idiot homophobes. Not that long ago you gossip sites were screaming he is a manho and sleeps with every woman who crosses his path (alas I havent crossed his path yet)… so now he’s gay… wow.

    Sorry to all the European posters. We are all not ridiculously narrow mined.

  • lila

    I was there the other day and wasn’t all that impressed. It sucked cause I had really been looking forward to their cupcakes..