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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard crosses his legs and reviews some paper work while lunching with a mystery male in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (January 11).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor was seen waiting for his food at Joan’s on Third restaurant with table setting #61.

Alex is expected to attend this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. True Blood is up for “Best Television Series – Drama” against Dexter, House, In Treatment and Mad Men.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at Joan’s on Third

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Credit: Fapian / Zodiac , Fame Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Apega/WENN
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# 1
interesting note @ 01/11/2010 at 9:33 pm

His great-grandfather invented Band-Aids

# 2

I like him

# 3

He’s so sexy!

# 4

do you hear that? Is the sound of a thousand gaydars going off

# 5

What a little fruitcake with his legs crossed like that.

# 6

Like his casual look, his sexy. He’s certainly a big boy, there’s hardly any room for him at that table LOL

# 7

Nelly Fang!

# 8
true blood @ 01/11/2010 at 9:55 pm

He looks good.
Thanks, Jared!

# 9

this is a tough one, dexter, house and true blood are all good shows, but i’m leaning towards dexter to win

I noticed he’s cut his hair which looks good on him, but this must mean he’s wearing a wig during season 3 of True Blood. Hope they get him a good one this time…

What is the big deal? Swedish men as a whole are not afraid of their sexuality and hugging in friendship another man.

Thanks JJ for the wonderful pixs.

So if a guy crosses his legs he’s considered gay? Grow up!

Hope they win a Globe on Sunday- they’re a great cast, and Alex is the best of the lot.

Here goes the gay rumors…”a mystery male”. Just because he isn’t dating anyone at the moment..per se a female doesn’t make him gay. And just because he crosses his legs doesn’t mean he’s gay. Brad Pitt cross his legs and so does George Clooney, does that make them gay? Nah. I don’t think Alex is gay.

beautiful! i love him

Erin you are knowledgeable that Sweden has the largest amount of homosexuals in any country right. Europeans are the reason why homosexuality is so prevalent there culture breeds homosexuality.

Sweden as whole has the largest case of Homosexuals, so Swedish men aren’t afraid of their sexuality because about 40% of them are gay.

so, does he swallow or spit the protein juice?

He is European…not gay…Whats wrong with you ppl.

Please do not come to London or Sweden we do not want your wack ideas infecting the rest of the world.

Use your brain…if he was gay he would pretend he was not.

Scandi’s are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. I am a half Danish and I cant believe the crap I read on these sites.

Yes, many Hollywood stars are gay or Bi…Brad P, Tom C, Huge J and those boys from Gossip Girl for sure…however, please add new batteries to your Gaydar Ladies…

It’s not about actors being comfortable with their sexuality, it’s about movie companies wanting to hire an out actor.

CanadaGirl @ 01/11/2010 at 10:24 pm

@Jason: The numbers are 1 in 10, Jason. Gays are everywhere. *gasp* Even, Jews and Christians and Muslims and people named Jason are gay.

U are totally NUTs.

I live in Malmo and clearly u have no clue what you are talking about.

Get your facts correct and then do not throw stones when most of Hollywood actors are 100% Gay.

Anyway, being Gay is not a bad thing.

Also, since Europeans built the USA …I find is funny how you can make such a remark unless you are from another race and even if you are I can still discuss my point and prove that you are the most stupid person that was ever born do not get anyone Preggs…pls

@Alice: you are the same idiot who has like 30 personalities and writes with a bunch of “… … …”

You are so wrong. I live in Malmo and they are more Gay in Hollywood then in Sweden.

Also, since Europeans are the Great Grand Fathers of the USA how can you be so ignorant.

He is soo hot!!

my highest hope for the Golden Globes would be for askars to parade his fine self past Mel Gibson and Leo DiCaprio and to get on their radar and end up in their viking film.

U will always be ignorant …so if u do not like what I write DO NOT READ ANYTHING FROM ALICE

@Alice: Well, well, look who crawled out of Alex’s IMDB page to post yet another … filled book.

I see you Nelly Fang

danish bastard @ 01/11/2010 at 10:49 pm

@Alice: I you really were danish you would know most of them live in the closet

LOL! What a bunch of hillbilies. Go to Paris or Rome and you will see a lot of men Sitting on cafes or bars and talking to each other, and they’re not gay. True fact!

kathy @ 01/11/2010 at 10:35 pm I see you Nelly Fang

Anna Paquin, is that you? I know you hate Skarsgard and want him out of the show but this is ridiculous.

@LEA: Not all of them, you probably meant.

@lurv: Trufax my friend ;)

well duh... @ 01/11/2010 at 11:04 pm

His legs are crossed because he’s so tall they won’t fit under that table… and why is it in Hollywood noone. is Friends their always ******** each other, the poor guy can’t hang out with anyone without people thinking they’re having sex..

He reminds me of Jim Kerry somehow. Take a look!

@LEA: I’m not sure who is the hillbilly here. In a related note gay men are a legend, they do not exist.

And about the Anna Paquin thing, I bet she has more interesting things to do, like IDK having a life. Go back to the IMBD forum please.

Just Don't know @ 01/11/2010 at 11:17 pm

Wow, he looks glum except for that one pic where he’s kind of smiling. His hair is messed up in back. Wonder what he was doing just prior to this lunch?

i love alexander skarsgars so much but lately it’s been overkill with him. it seems like everyday there’s a new post about him at some event and now he’s going to lunch at joan’s on third, which is a well known paparazzi hang out. i worry about some famewhore tendencies. i appreciate him as an actor and hope he stays away from all the hollywood attention.

hahaha “a mystery male” Jared you are evil

the man looks tired and worn out. Look at those bags under his eyes. And he is chalky white. I know he cannot tan because of the show but this pasty white is so ugly. Can’t he use like temp. spray or something.

the bulk of these comments are absolutely ridiculous and extraordinarily small minded. embarrassing. leave the guy alone. say something intelligent, that adds something or don’t post that garbage.

He’s beautiful. I hope he leaves that stupid show and starts doing movies.

why are his boobs sagging under his eyes?

I love how muscular his legs look in those pants…

He really needs to take off his clothes on season 3.

where, where @ 01/12/2010 at 12:05 am


How did you get so lucky?? I never ever see him. Yesterday and today is the most I’ve seen him in 6 months. Everyone says he’s a great guy and I hope he doesn’t destroy himself going H’weird”.

@ericko: because his ***** is erected right under them, in the middle of his face

@wowowow it’s not his fault that jared and all the other bloggers are obsessed with him and post the most trivial things about him, he shouldn’t stop living his life or going out.

And you know this how? I know many people from Sweden and Denmark. In my career I travel a lot. This is simply not true. Homosexuality is the same percentage of population in every country. Some countries are just a lot more grown up about what goes on in the bedroom.

JJ… I normally love you and think you are a cut above the other gossip sites… but honestly hun shame on you for the misleading headline you wrote just to get hits and… of course bring out the idiot homophobes. Not that long ago you gossip sites were screaming he is a manho and sleeps with every woman who crosses his path (alas I havent crossed his path yet)… so now he’s gay… wow.

Sorry to all the European posters. We are all not ridiculously narrow mined.

I was there the other day and wasn’t all that impressed. It sucked cause I had really been looking forward to their cupcakes..

thank you! i love!

the_boyfriend @ 01/12/2010 at 2:18 am

i can’t wait to see him on the Globes.

He looks greasy. They’re discussing who’s going to top.

@Anna: Yep. He is definitely Nelly.

@Monica: “What a little fruitcake with his legs crossed like that.” That had me cracking up! LOL European men need to understand that this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable in the U.S. unless they are gay. He would look so much more appealing to audiences and to women if he didn’t have so many gay mannerisms and a gay way of dressing. That’s just NOT sexy.

My girlfriend is crazy about him but even she admits that he needs to man up a bit. It’s not just that he’s crossing his legs but IT’S THE WAY he’s doing it that makes him look gay. When Brad Pitt and George Clooney cross their legs they don’t look gay. It’s just his whole body demeanor.

@Jason: “Erin you are knowledgeable that Sweden has the largest amount of homosexuals in any country right. Europeans are the reason why homosexuality is so prevalent there culture breeds homosexuality.
Sweden as whole has the largest case of Homosexuals, so Swedish men aren’t afraid of their sexuality because about 40% of them are gay.” Oh My God. Is this true??? Why is homosexuality so prevalant in Sweden? I have gay friends and I’m okay with that but if you’re straight you should be straight and not swing both ways or act feminine. Maybe Sweden needs to be a little less liberal.

He looks normal in the pic where he’s looking down at the paper with his legs crossed only at the ankles. But in the pics where he’s completely crossing his legs like a woman he looks very effeminate! That doesn’t mean he’s gay but it’s still a turn off. YUCK.

I guess he’s made it eh? You don’t make it in hollywood until someone calls you gay….

I love Vin Diesel @ 01/12/2010 at 4:14 am

It’s not a big deal that he’s having lunch with a male friend. That doesn’t mean anything. But I think the point some people are trying to get across is that he tends to behave in an effeminate kind of way sometimes. Women don’t find that sexy.

Is this a popular hairstyle in gay-friendly Sweden? I hate how his hair sticks up in the back in a choppy kind of way. It looks so naaaaaaasty. Please, Alex, for the love of everything that is good and kind in this world wear your hair in a normal way.

What is it about Alex that brings out the crazies in the comment section here?

BAD HAIR, I AGREE @ 01/12/2010 at 4:25 am

His hair looked real nice at the Dior Cocktails event just a few days ago. He looks very studdly in the picture from that event right here in this website. I wish he would wear his hair like that more often. Not that sticking up in the back style. Maybe it’s a European thing.

This is the problem with Alex. Sometimes he looks very masculine and hot. And sometimes he looks feminine which is very unnattractive on men. :(

Who is his friend?? @ 01/12/2010 at 4:30 am

Does anybody know who the black guy is? Perhaps a new guest actor on True Blood? I know it’s not romantic, they seem to just be friends. But I’m curious about who he is.

To all the people who are calling Americans hillbillies: Personally, I’m glad we don’t share the same beauty standards for men and women as the Europeans. Because if we did we would think yellow crooked teeth and body order were attractive. I’m glad a large majority of Americans frown on feminine behavior in men. Women are attracted to manly men not womenly men.

God, listen to some of you people talking about the way he’s crossing his legs. The man is 6’4 and can’t fit his legs under the table. So he has them turned away while the rest of his body is facing his friend. Get a damn grip. And how is a way a person crosses their legs gay? Seriously. How? Why does that even have to be considered gay, as if it’s something bad? Some of you are morons. Especially Tania. I’ve never heard anything so offensive in my life. It’s 2010, quite talking about being gay as if it’s a bad thing and like it’s some type of social disease. Audiences would like him better if he wasn’t so gay? Are you effing kidding me with that? I wish I had never clicked on this thread. There is so much stupidity that it’s mind boggling.

@@ Jason:

Dont you mean African Americans or even Native Americans!?!

Anyway… dont know of this guy or heard much about him.. nor do I find him attractive….all I know is that I want House to beat his show for the Golden Globe!

What so because he is with a “mystery man” that makes him Gay (gasp) no freaking way then its best that no man in the world have a lunch date ever do not want people to talk!!.

Get a clue just because of where he is from their standing of homosexuality does not make them gay.
And even if he was big deal there are loads of men out there with different enthnicty and relligion who are.
I say good on them!! as long as you are happy and no one is getting hurt who the hell cares because I don’t hell I got gay and Bi friends an love them to death and you do not see me freaking out if one of my girlfriends hug me who is bi “oh god she hugged me that means she thinks I am in love with her!!” freaking grow up and educate yourself.
A hug can be a hug and kiss just a kiss of many forms and meanings
and a dinner date can be a dinner date where people chat or heaven frobid are hungry and do not want to eat alone!!

I am not a big fan of Eric more towards Bill but got to say there is something about Alexander that makes me go wow! lol

Americans do it better @ 01/12/2010 at 5:42 am

Having lunch with a male friend doesn’t imply you are gay. But dressing like a gay and having a gay hairstyle and gay mannerisms DOES IMPLY you are gay. He needs to butch up and get rid of his European sissy ways. This is America not Sweden.

Is that his boyfriend??? No for real. This guy comes off very freaky to me if you know what I mean.

More in depth readings start as low as $5.00. Get yours today!!!

Sweden is THAT bad? @ 01/12/2010 at 5:48 am

Aren’t british men supposed to be very feminine? So why is Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill on True Blood and other Brits like Daniel Craig and Jason Statham a lot more manly than Alex Skarsgard? I thought the brits were the biggest fruitcakes around. Are the Swedes even worse??

@BAD HAIR, I AGREE: Or maybe he doesn’t want to play dress up for you. Maybe he doesn’t give a f*ck about some message board troll, who probably doesn’t look half as good as does with this hair.

What’s up with his hair sticking up like that? He looked so hot at the recent Dior event. But that hair’s gotta go.

youarecrazypeople @ 01/12/2010 at 6:42 am

What do you talk about? Don’t you see there is no place for his legs? You are seriously crazy!

I’ve getting a gayvibe from him for a while when I look at pics, but then again my gaydar is pretty much broken. Maybe he’s just really comfortable in his own skin.

Wow. Like someone above said I really can’t believe some of the comments on here. Let’s say that it turns out he is gay. What then?does that mean he gets banished back to sweden or that he shouldn’t be cast in any other shows/movies?should hbo fire him? Or is it just the twisted satisfaction of being able to point at him and laugh “oh he’s so gay”. Someone please enlighten me.
here. So let’s say that he is gay-what does that mean? He shouldn’t be allowed to act

And guys the hair sticking up in the back is probably because he scratched his head and it stuck up because he had some goop in it.

So, is it GAY to scratch one’s head? Is it GAY for a man to put goop in his hair? If so, alert all the haters on here: the US males may be 95% gay and even eclipse, gasp, Sweden!

LOL you people are hella provincial.

British Latin American @ 01/12/2010 at 8:48 am

God, a lot of these comments are just plain ignorant and stupid. How manly are US men anyway, when their wives and girlfriends control everything they do?

Seriously @ 01/12/2010 at 9:08 am

@British Latin American: YOu have a ppoint, in the USofA stereotypes run rampant. On one hand you have the Ultra conservatives who basically live their lives a whole lie. Also what American fail to admit alot of men are living down low, which is very common, and a lot of their wives don’t know or pertend they don’t. Even though I am American, please forgive some of these idots for their expressions, that is the way most Americans act when we don’t want to face the truth.

Seriously @ 01/12/2010 at 9:11 am

@Monica: why do you come onto an AS thread? What is your problem? Crossing legs is a sign of being a fruitcake?really? are you serious? Actually Monica you sound more like a fruitcake with nuts than he looks. How nutty can you be, than to constanly post on a thread of someone you despise.

Seriously @ 01/12/2010 at 9:18 am

@@ Jason: actually biggot, Different ethnicities built the USA, not Europeans, get your history facts straight . WTH what does having to be of another race have to with you proving your point. It amazes me the amount of ignorance on this site. It leads me to believe that some of you posting are doing so w/o your parents permission. LOL


Yep and my lord he is perfection! More Jared please, more ASkarsgard!

Of course it isn´t easy for a man as tall and broadshouldered as Alex S to sit comfortably in that tiny chair! Poor man, no wonder that he twists and turns his body in strange positions lol lol!

Just Don't know @ 01/12/2010 at 10:39 am

@sher: “So let’s say that he is gay-what does that mean? He shouldn’t be allowed to act”

No. If it does turn out he’s gay, the being gay part in itself isn’t the problem. It’s that he says he’s straight, likes natural girls, can’t wait to have a family, etc. He cultivates this persona of being a very sweet, humble man and women all over of the planet are swooning for it. Who knows if that’s really him or if it’s an act. If it turns out to be bullshit, his fans will feel betrayed. That’s the real issue.

If you like him as an actor, you like him as an actor–he doesn’t owe anyone more than that. He’s a gorgeous man and that doesn’t change. But as far as distrusting what he says himself, using a pic of him lunching with a friend and having crossed legs as evidence is about as idiotic as it’s possible to be. Body language is culturally influenced–Hugh Laurie did a great chat about it on Leno, as he starts to sit exactly like Alexander is in these pics and then catches himself and sits as wide legged as possible–American macho–while laughing at the different mores for male sitting between countries.

I hope Alexander S doesn’t get pushed into editing himself to fit the expectations of the more bigoted comments on this board. I think he’s great and incredibly sexy the way he is. More Alexander!

What does it matter if he’s gay or not. He has a reputation to be a very touchy person. . If you have ever seen footage of him You will actually see how touchy he is; 2009 Comic Con he was sitting next to Jessica Hamby and he was knocking his knees into hers fussing with her a little. He’s like that with almost everyone.

Jason @ 01/11/2010 at 10:17 pm
Are you kidding me? You don’t know what you are talking about, maybe it seems like there’s a lot of homosexuals in sweden but that’s maybe beacuse it’s more exepted there than in the US! 40%? Where did you get that from?

Not to mention that the Kate B. rumours all started because he was hugging and kissing her backstage and playing with her hair. He’s a touchy feely guy who’s comfortable with himself and his friends all seem to adore him. Go, Alexander.


Heidi, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Alexander is himself and I hope he stays that way. He’s waaayy hotter then most American actors, just for that very reason.

I don’t give a damn if he’s gay or not! he’s hot and talented who gives a damn about his personal life… Get a clue people, Get a damn clue!!!!

the guys in here saying he’s gay are the gay ones, ’cause my sister is a sexologue & told me 90% of men who are homophobc are GAY themselves, but just don’t want to face it, so they attack! So quit acting all bullsh!t a-aaghit? we all know yall ani’t that “manly” k? can’t stand fake people, what does a hair cut makes a dude gay?!!! get a clue, better yet get a life.

@Jason: Know what? you sound totally gay :)

@Jason: WOW you seem so well informed about “gays”!!! huh? u gay urself “mister manly”? u mad? u gay huh? mmmmmmhuh HuNEY don’t nobody currrrrr! go wash ur hurrrr must be nAsty with all them grease, trynna act all manly & sh!t, dressing trashy & lookin greasy so ppl think ur not gay…… sad

Some people are SO judgemental,
1) His legs are crossed cuz he’s like 6’7 (look at the table and look at his legs)
2) OOooOoOoh he’s having lunch with some dude…..Don’t we all??

**just add “Mystery male” and BAM!! let the rumours FLY!!!!****
And let’s just “SAY” he was in fact “gay”???? So what?! I think WE ARE ALL adult here…….

You people are terrible and have no lives at all!
So if you’re a girl you can’t go for lunch with another girl. Same applies to guys?
Geez, some of you are unbelievable!

Btw, thanks Jared. Alex looks GORGEOUS!

Christine @ 01/12/2010 at 1:21 pm

It appears that the fat, ugly Purse Forum fangirls have found the thread. LMFAO at you all. You regularly complain about Just Jared and call this blog trash, yet you have no problem (a) posting photos from here in PF, and (b) coming in to the comments to make 30 million “he’s NOT GAY, not gay!11!!” posts. Pathetic. Your Alexander Skarsgard thread provides great humor for other forums, just to let you know.


LOL!!! Oh they are going to get you now!!! Yeah they are a crazy bunch!!!

Or perhaps Alexander Skarsgard has some fans who enjoy pics of him and don’t get bent out of shape at the way he’s sitting and immediately decide they know his sexual preferences. Just a thought.

Christine @ 01/12/2010 at 1:52 pm

@heidi: Actually, it’s his rabid, delusional fans that come on here, bent out of shape, and write dissertations.

Alexander is going to be a HUGE star!!! He always gets the craziest posters!!! Hahahahaha.

Serious Biscuit @ 01/12/2010 at 1:59 pm

Why does his sexuality have any possible relevance to any one but him? Calm down people!!- He’s extremely hot, let’s just admire him from afar as a truly fit bloke and leave it at that!

So what “if” he was gay? Either way you crazy nutters he’s unattainable to you… lol


I agree, plus WE REALLY DONT KNOW IF HE IS DATING SOMEONE OR NOT! Jared is not an Oracle-he only reports what he thinks is going on/I also think Jared might SLANT things the way he WOULD LIKE them to be.
I like AS, I think he is a great actor and decent person…maybe we should give him a break!

I’m guessing that Jared won’t be getting any more “exclusive” interviews with askars with ****** insinuations like mystery male.

Right. So anyone who doesn’t think the guy should be called gay based on some pics is a rabid delusional fan? Got it.

i am not saying this guy is gay…and if he was who cares…but there is a lot of gay in hollywood. if you think about all the males in your HS who were in drama class….it is just a microcosom.
and it wouldnt surpirse me that there might be a lot of gay in Sweden…if you ever been most of the people there are all gorgeous…. it seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. I am not sure what happened here in the US.

heyeverybody @ 01/12/2010 at 3:28 pm

lol, always so nasty comments here. the power of talking trash. ok, that aside, im an european. yes, european men do cross their legs and are more sensual overall in their manners. it is not unmasculine. i cant believe im into this debate but its true facts. im sure not all american men are afraid of crossing their legs, too. alexander is so great and he looks hot here. peace xx

Is it just me, or are Alexander’s JJ topics always full of controversy?

I think he’s handsome, and I’ve enjoyed the work he’s done in the few films/shows I’ve seen, but maybe I’m still missing what’s so absolutely spellbinding here to illicit heated debates ranging from sexuality, to girls he’s seen with, to what hair cut he’s sporting.

Can someone please clue me in on WHY this guy get’s more sh** talk and love than Lilo??

Wow this is a lot of comments. What would Jesus say?

I think it’s a little silly. Now I’m off to read what Conan has to say. Toodles;)

@Christine: Many AS related sites and boards call this blog trash and still post the photos. That’s not unique to any one AS board. Unless you can see through computer screens, you have no idea what the people on other sites look like.

Agree with the majority here, having lunch with a friend of the same gender and sitting with your legs crossed does not make someone gay.

he’s adorable. he’s a big guy so it’s probably awkward trying to sit behind such a small table.

I hear that he is dating Michael McMillan from True Blood. Michael makes a point of posting tweets about him and adding pictures to stoke the flames of gossip. The gossip is that Michael wants him to come out and be with him but Alexander is not feeling it fully.
Personally don’t think he is fully gay at all but has partaken or is partaking in a little bi-action with McMillan and God knows who else. They act as if they are playing around but it is actually getting quite childish and immature.
In addition, I think Alex is enjoying all the attention he is getting from the gays. Like Samantha stated from Sex and the City, “First the gays like you, then the women!”,as the recipe for success in Hollywood. He goes to paparazzi haunts, lets his friends post twit pics of him, and tries to kiss the ass of his fangirls. Alex is working the Hollywood system. Bet he shows up at the Globes and SAG awards with Kate or some other chic to slow down the rumors.
He will end up married to a woman and have lots of kids. Ultimately Alex LOVES the p*ssy and will never give that up permanently.

Have everyone noticed that the gay rumors about Alex got feverishly worse AFTER HE dumped Evan for Kate. Not that anything seriously is going on with him and Kate (because he did not spend NYE and her birthday with her with her opting to go to St. Maarten).
Anyways, LaineyGossip stated today that Evan is going around telling people that Alex’s “sh*t was weak”. I mean DAYUM!! That is a low blow to say the sex was that bad.
I think Evan was more than addicted to that peen with her traveling to Shreveport, then New Orleans, and finally New York for one last ditch effort! She just can’t get over being dumped!!! And Marilyn Manson is pissed that she was holding out for Alex until finally going back to him after getting dumped.Poor pathetic ass!
Like that won’t be uncomfortable for Alex to work with her this coming season!!!
Not gay at all. Leave him alone he is just having coffee with a friend or colleague or industry person.

CanadianGal @ 01/12/2010 at 4:39 pm

To everyone who says ASKARS needs to ditch his European ways:

Why should he go out of his way to get approval from people like you. Let him be who he is. It’s actually really effing refreshing that he’s not conforming to boring North American mannerisms. He’s comfortable with who he is and thats oh-so-sexyyyyyy.


LoL are you from that cult that thinks everyone in Sweden are gay?

greenhell @ 01/12/2010 at 4:46 pm

@Sandra: Are these comments real? Whoa, stupidity has reached amazing levels, sad.

@Johnny: And this comment makes me proud of being euro


Umm gay rumors is because some blogger cooked up a story… lol

peter pan @ 01/12/2010 at 5:00 pm

u stupid americans! crossing legs is very common among men in europe , particularly in central and northern europe, and it’s not gay-associated!

Purse Forum used to be a fun place to talk Alex talk, but there are some people who took over and turned it into a joke. I’m sure there are still some nice people, but they’re few and far between. Just like I’m sure JJ can be a fun place to post until the crazies show up.

The saddest thing in this thread is that all of you are using gay thing as something offensive or a disease.

@Marie: He never dated Wood. It’s just some gossip blogger making up a story for hits. Ignore her. He’s not gay.

alexander is looking good!! hope true blood wins best drama!

And that’s why other countries think we Americas are stupid! Comments like these make us look real ignorant…. Man sometimes I wish people would educate themselves and stop being so slow.

Stephanie @ 01/12/2010 at 7:36 pm


Couldn’t agree with you more. Most of the people who post on PF now only do it to ***** about Kate Bosworth or pick fights with other people or boards. Not very attractive…or sane!

who craig? @ 01/12/2010 at 7:39 pm

wow youre not serious are you?

“lunch with mystery male in west hollywood” i can already see access hollywood, ET, extra, and the insider making stories about this in a couple of days -___________-’

Can I ask one question, Why does almost every single gay man want every single man in general to be gay? Even if they have no proof they will make up crap to make it look that way. It’s like they are seriously willing it to be so almost forcing the issue, especially in Hollywood where there are hot men everywhere. It’s like they do this to draw MORE attention to themselves. It makes gay men look so sad and pathetic! And as time goes on it makes them more of joke in society where they already face enough challenges.
Just think if everyone in the world were just like you then continuation of our species would not happen.
Pathetic Asses!!!

@Stephanie: No, it’s more like people from other board(s) are picking fights with the PF and using this blog to do it. I read the PF and their regs are not picking fights but they do have some strange newbies who probably came from other sites and are the ones starting the fights here.

He’s a cutie. He’s European not gay.
They don’t have the macho hang-ups some North American men do.

@cute: keep dreaming

hahaha, in 5th pic, he is totally giving the finger

I just think this guy is totally Hot…I have seen a few of his movies after season 2 of trueblood and I am a total addict now. Love the height and the board chest. Yes, European men have different mannerisms. Germans stand to close to you in queue it freaks me out and then after 6yrs it does not matter…its just different cultures.

Anyway Back to ASkars.

I did not even like Generation Kill until I found out he was in it…then I had to watch GK from the episode one and he is AMAZING…Go watch it and your comments will change…ASkars can act and I hope he gets great movies in the States.

Either way he wont be poor cos he can continue to work in Sweden. Although, I would miss the hell out of him in True blood. I really do not get some of the mean Alexander comments.

crazy above me @ 01/12/2010 at 10:20 pm

^ … … …

True Blood is awesome.

he’s not gay. he’s just sophisticated with mannerisms of a more open society.

@Emmy: I really take offense to that I am a newbie, and I am not picking a fight with anyone, It seems to be you older *** that are starting the fights. It has been going on for some time now. Please don’t start things, we have a right to post as well. I think thats ugly to say that for you were once a newbie yourself. The regs? Really? A little haughty aren’t we?

IHateTurdBurglars @ 01/12/2010 at 11:02 pm


LOL! I agree…he may be one of the signs of the second coming of Christ…or the rapture. Because he gets all the nuthuggers in a tizzy AND the ugly women who got rejected from The Swan. Personally I adore him and wish him the best.

@Denna: I’m not a reg there and I’m not old, just a reader and I call like I see it. I don’t recognize your name. Why don’t you post under your newbie name since you say you post there? There is nothing haughty about saying regs. It’s a common term for long term posters.

The women there are not starting fights. You don’t see anyone coming on Jared and calling women in other AS related forums ugly, old and fat.

@Emmy: actually Emmy Denna is my real nickname. I think I have a right to post as I want. However, I do not think its nice for you to try to cause trouble . It might be anybody thats picking fights . Maybe you would like to provide an example as to what you are speaking of. If you read the comments correctly, darling you will see that there are various people stating that the women are from PF, they have stated that from at least 6 months ago when JJ started posting Askars news. If you are not trying to cause confusion then exactly what are you doing? They could be starting fights, under assumed names. I did not say that they are, you are starting the **** so hey explain yourself. Why would newbies from the site you barely post on call them fat, ugly, and old? If you barely post how do you know thats not my name, and how do I know thats your posting name? Emmy?

@Emmy: the way regs was insinuated yes I deem it haughty, and its my right. You seem to not understand that people have the right and the freedom to do and say as they wish. I can post under Santa Claus if I wish, Its really none of your business. I would suggest that maybe you complete an employment application with JJ , I’m sure he might need a moderator for his site. You post under Emmy? mmmmm and what about on IMDB when you are called out for starting things there. You certanly do not use Emmy. Scat cat, go away!

@Denna: I read the blog that’s how I know you’re not using your name. I don’t post at imdb. For someone not doing anything, you sure are acting defensive. No one singled you out. There are some weird newcomers there and it’s obvious some of them are starting fights here. That has been going on for some time.

@crazy above me: LOL. She doesn’t get that you (and me) know who she is. Her misuse of ellipses is a dead giveaway. I think she spends ALL DAY, EVERY DAY on the internet in Alexander Skarsgard threads, posting under 30 different aliases, but always, always overusing the ellipses. Dear God, I hope for her sake English isn’t her first language, otherwise that is pathetic.

@Emmy: no its not defensive, you said newbies, strange newbies, and I am new, so yes I am defensive and I have the right to be, as well as other newbies. Yes it has been going on for some time. My point exactly. It made me very curious. So I did check it out and I like it. They have very good pics on the Askars site and they talk really nice about him. So I do enjoy the site tremendously and IMO they are not mean, possessive, just really big fans of Alex. However, there are other sites that are really possessive regarding Alex, but hey thats another story.

she shall remain nameless @ 01/13/2010 at 12:26 am

His sitting poses are really funny and awkward looking, but he’s still sexy!!!

@Emmy: You’re completely right and very astute. They’re laughing about it too on their board. It’s a big joke.

Sorry, but this guy you like is gay.

FluffyBunny @ 01/13/2010 at 1:34 am


Lol, you’re insane.

annaleemajor @ 01/13/2010 at 4:20 am

Why do people want him to get his faced tweaked out & plastic? The man does not need a nose job, he is fine the way he looks. He looks REAL, thank god! He would look awful if he started messing with his nose, men look awful when they get plastic surgery, they end up looking so fake & plastic. And Hollywood has enough of those plastic people to fill the oceans with plastic & botox. Gross….
His nose is fine, it is real. Why change it to look like another ski slope?? Every man I have seen who has gotten work done ends up looking so nasty, fake, rubber faced

He’s pretty unremarkable without his fangs and True Blood persona.

He’s so pretty. *sighs*

To all the Skarsgard fans: find us a photo of Alex holding an alleged girlfriend’s hand or kissing her. I can find plenty of photos of him kissing other guys but none of him with a girlfriend and being lovey-dovey. Kinda leads me to think that he’s gay and bearding.

lol just got over here from Ted’s. to Gary; life does not only exists on paparazzi boards so i think hes safe. oh, and crossed legs is sexy and sophisticated. nothin wrong with being gay tho’

nameless person @ 01/13/2010 at 4:57 pm

“find us a photo of Alex holding an alleged girlfriend’s hand”

Read more:

You are so right, I had never thought about it that way, but the truth is out there and so plain

cuz everyone knows that unless you see him in a pix holding hands with a girl he’s gotta be gay and if he crosses his legs while sitting he’s gotta be gay……hey everyone knows that…..
To quote the great Joy Bahar..’…So What…Who Cares’……

@Shar: get a life… ellipses-crazy…

All these pathetic gay ass men need to STOP trying to make out that every good looking guy is gay! Get the f*ck over it if a hot guy is not on your team. Alex appeals to the gays ALOT(PerezHilton, Ted Casablanca, and Just Jared jock his b*lls so bad it’s sad) and they are hoping against hope that he is gay.
Also, there are quite a few pics out there of him with girls. Google Sara Tun, Amelia Drake, ERW, and Kate B.
Hey pathetic gay boys…did you know that a devastating earthquake just hit Haiti and destroyed their country and possibly killed over 100,000 people. No, of course not, because it doesn’t have anything to do with fashion, clubbing, a** f*cking, d*ck s*cking, cross-dressing, pretending to be women when you are not, celebrities, red-carpet, gossiping, catty bullshit LYING, same sex marriage, or anything else base! You are destroying how people think of gay men. Sorry but true.

Dear Liar, you can’t possibly think Alexander Skarsgard would enjoy being the focus of a homophobic rant. You’re not doing him or yourself any favours with hatred like this.

On a more general note, I don’t see any reason to disbelieve AS’s statements on his orientation and yes, there are lots of pics in Sweden of him with his girlfriends and more casual dates. He’s only exploded onto the pap scene since season two of True Blood and he’s had wo “exposes” of relationships with girls since then. Poor Alexander has been the focus of every type of gossip since last summer, with every girl he’s seen with being his girlfriend and every pic with a male friend “proving” he’s gay. I guess it’s the price of sudden Hollywood fame.

I think Alex can have a very effeminate side to him as far as his style goes, and you’re either into it, or not.

Big deal.

Save yourself the intense disgust and only check out Tom Brady and Vin Diesel blog posts from now on.

OMG, the ignorance. It burns.

@Liars: You’re comment is probably the worst in this thread, it reeks of ignorance and hatred, and I feel sorry for you and those around you.

stop this @ 01/14/2010 at 9:22 pm

@Liars: I bet you come from the purse forum, for you are ignorant and live in the stone age and you are a homophobe. You must be that Blueberry or some other old fat **** that has a superiority complex.

“stop this”


I am BB , I have nothing to do with liars , but my girlfriend had a great laugh after reading your comment me being “homophobe” and “fat” based on that I am both gay & wear size 0.

Ps. to “stop this”

But as Rhett Buttler said : Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

@@ Jason:
that’s a good one!, I live in sweden aswell, and I don’t think being gay is that bad as everyone on this site assumes it is, alexander is not gay, no matter what american ppl says, we’re proud of our alex, and if you think he’s gay, why don’t anyone ask him?!? and sitting with crossed legs are pretty usual in sweden AND SEVERAL OTHER COUNTRIES, grow up!! and giving a hug to one of the same gender doesn’t mean that he’s gay, for real ppl, do you think he’s gay?

ALEXXX LOVER @ 01/16/2010 at 11:30 am

I didn’t realize that they had internet access available to mental patients at the funny farm! WOW! It’s proof that what everyone says about Alex on this site— needs Jesus! Everytime you guys say something negative about Alex, Chuck Norris sucker punches a kitten!!! WTF?

Has he come out of the closet yet?

I am completely enthralled by Alexander.. do not believe he is gay, am embarrassed by our homophobia and those stupid enough to fall for the gossip bait being thrown out to the bottom feeders. One minute he is a sexed crazed manho and the next he is gay. Wow. What I think he is, is a great looking, talented young straight actor who likes to drink beer from time to time and enjoy his friends and family, and could have a very bright future. I know I’d pay to watch him on the big screen.

Kibbles n Bits @ 02/03/2010 at 10:55 am

I love ALEX! Leave him alone! Go clean yo trailers!

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