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Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!

Alexander Skarsgard crosses his legs and reviews some paper work while lunching with a mystery male in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (January 11).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor was seen waiting for his food at Joan’s on Third restaurant with table setting #61.

Alex is expected to attend this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. True Blood is up for “Best Television Series – Drama” against Dexter, House, In Treatment and Mad Men.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at Joan’s on Third

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177 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Joan's on Third!”

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  1. 76
    youarecrazypeople Says:

    What do you talk about? Don’t you see there is no place for his legs? You are seriously crazy!

  2. 77
    Jeff Says:

    I’ve getting a gayvibe from him for a while when I look at pics, but then again my gaydar is pretty much broken. Maybe he’s just really comfortable in his own skin.

  3. 78
    sher Says:

    Wow. Like someone above said I really can’t believe some of the comments on here. Let’s say that it turns out he is gay. What then?does that mean he gets banished back to sweden or that he shouldn’t be cast in any other shows/movies?should hbo fire him? Or is it just the twisted satisfaction of being able to point at him and laugh “oh he’s so gay”. Someone please enlighten me.
    here. So let’s say that he is gay-what does that mean? He shouldn’t be allowed to act

  4. 79
    Erica Says:

    And guys the hair sticking up in the back is probably because he scratched his head and it stuck up because he had some goop in it.

    So, is it GAY to scratch one’s head? Is it GAY for a man to put goop in his hair? If so, alert all the haters on here: the US males may be 95% gay and even eclipse, gasp, Sweden!

    LOL you people are hella provincial.

  5. 80
    British Latin American Says:

    God, a lot of these comments are just plain ignorant and stupid. How manly are US men anyway, when their wives and girlfriends control everything they do?

  6. 81
    Seriously Says:

    @British Latin American: YOu have a ppoint, in the USofA stereotypes run rampant. On one hand you have the Ultra conservatives who basically live their lives a whole lie. Also what American fail to admit alot of men are living down low, which is very common, and a lot of their wives don’t know or pertend they don’t. Even though I am American, please forgive some of these idots for their expressions, that is the way most Americans act when we don’t want to face the truth.

  7. 82
    Seriously Says:

    @Monica: why do you come onto an AS thread? What is your problem? Crossing legs is a sign of being a fruitcake?really? are you serious? Actually Monica you sound more like a fruitcake with nuts than he looks. How nutty can you be, than to constanly post on a thread of someone you despise.

  8. 83
    Seriously Says:

    @@ Jason: actually biggot, Different ethnicities built the USA, not Europeans, get your history facts straight . WTH what does having to be of another race have to with you proving your point. It amazes me the amount of ignorance on this site. It leads me to believe that some of you posting are doing so w/o your parents permission. LOL

  9. 84
    yeah Says:


    Yep and my lord he is perfection! More Jared please, more ASkarsgard!

  10. 85
    mouche Says:

    Of course it isn´t easy for a man as tall and broadshouldered as Alex S to sit comfortably in that tiny chair! Poor man, no wonder that he twists and turns his body in strange positions lol lol!

  11. 86
    Just Don't know Says:

    @sher: “So let’s say that he is gay-what does that mean? He shouldn’t be allowed to act”

    No. If it does turn out he’s gay, the being gay part in itself isn’t the problem. It’s that he says he’s straight, likes natural girls, can’t wait to have a family, etc. He cultivates this persona of being a very sweet, humble man and women all over of the planet are swooning for it. Who knows if that’s really him or if it’s an act. If it turns out to be bullshit, his fans will feel betrayed. That’s the real issue.

  12. 87
    heidi Says:

    If you like him as an actor, you like him as an actor–he doesn’t owe anyone more than that. He’s a gorgeous man and that doesn’t change. But as far as distrusting what he says himself, using a pic of him lunching with a friend and having crossed legs as evidence is about as idiotic as it’s possible to be. Body language is culturally influenced–Hugh Laurie did a great chat about it on Leno, as he starts to sit exactly like Alexander is in these pics and then catches himself and sits as wide legged as possible–American macho–while laughing at the different mores for male sitting between countries.

    I hope Alexander S doesn’t get pushed into editing himself to fit the expectations of the more bigoted comments on this board. I think he’s great and incredibly sexy the way he is. More Alexander!

  13. 88
    jenn Says:

    What does it matter if he’s gay or not. He has a reputation to be a very touchy person. . If you have ever seen footage of him You will actually see how touchy he is; 2009 Comic Con he was sitting next to Jessica Hamby and he was knocking his knees into hers fussing with her a little. He’s like that with almost everyone.

  14. 89
    Annie Says:

    Jason @ 01/11/2010 at 10:17 pm
    Are you kidding me? You don’t know what you are talking about, maybe it seems like there’s a lot of homosexuals in sweden but that’s maybe beacuse it’s more exepted there than in the US! 40%? Where did you get that from?

  15. 90
    stacy Says:

    Not to mention that the Kate B. rumours all started because he was hugging and kissing her backstage and playing with her hair. He’s a touchy feely guy who’s comfortable with himself and his friends all seem to adore him. Go, Alexander.

  16. 91
    R&M Says:


    Heidi, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Alexander is himself and I hope he stays that way. He’s waaayy hotter then most American actors, just for that very reason.

  17. 92
    Janeth Says:

    I don’t give a damn if he’s gay or not! he’s hot and talented who gives a damn about his personal life… Get a clue people, Get a damn clue!!!!

  18. 93
    yo sista Says:

    the guys in here saying he’s gay are the gay ones, ’cause my sister is a sexologue & told me 90% of men who are homophobc are GAY themselves, but just don’t want to face it, so they attack! So quit acting all bullsh!t a-aaghit? we all know yall ani’t that “manly” k? can’t stand fake people, what does a hair cut makes a dude gay?!!! get a clue, better yet get a life.

  19. 94
    yo sista Says:

    @Jason: Know what? you sound totally gay :)

  20. 95
    yo sista Says:

    @Jason: WOW you seem so well informed about “gays”!!! huh? u gay urself “mister manly”? u mad? u gay huh? mmmmmmhuh HuNEY don’t nobody currrrrr! go wash ur hurrrr must be nAsty with all them grease, trynna act all manly & sh!t, dressing trashy & lookin greasy so ppl think ur not gay…… sad

  21. 96
    JiJi Says:

    Some people are SO judgemental,
    1) His legs are crossed cuz he’s like 6’7 (look at the table and look at his legs)
    2) OOooOoOoh he’s having lunch with some dude…..Don’t we all??

    **just add “Mystery male” and BAM!! let the rumours FLY!!!!****
    And let’s just “SAY” he was in fact “gay”???? So what?! I think WE ARE ALL adult here…….

  22. 97
    Sintia Says:

    You people are terrible and have no lives at all!
    So if you’re a girl you can’t go for lunch with another girl. Same applies to guys?
    Geez, some of you are unbelievable!

    Btw, thanks Jared. Alex looks GORGEOUS!

  23. 98
    Christine Says:

    It appears that the fat, ugly Purse Forum fangirls have found the thread. LMFAO at you all. You regularly complain about Just Jared and call this blog trash, yet you have no problem (a) posting photos from here in PF, and (b) coming in to the comments to make 30 million “he’s NOT GAY, not gay!11!!” posts. Pathetic. Your Alexander Skarsgard thread provides great humor for other forums, just to let you know.

  24. 99
    True? Says:


    LOL!!! Oh they are going to get you now!!! Yeah they are a crazy bunch!!!

  25. 100
    heidi Says:

    Or perhaps Alexander Skarsgard has some fans who enjoy pics of him and don’t get bent out of shape at the way he’s sitting and immediately decide they know his sexual preferences. Just a thought.

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