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Gwyneth Paltrow Returns From London

Gwyneth Paltrow Returns From London

Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) after a long flight coming from London on Friday (January 8).

While in London, the 37-year-old actress got into a minor car accident on the icy roads.

In her latest GOOP newsletter, Gwyneth wrote about and interviewed Doug Evans and Denise Mari, co-founders of New York City’s Organic Avenue. “I discovered Organic Avenue a few years ago through a girlfriend who was about to do one of their fasts, and I joined her on the 5 day program,” Gwyneth said. “The result was pretty amazing and the juices and smoothies (esp. the coconut mylk and the cacao smoothie) were so delicious that I imbibe them whenever I’m in NYC. They make a cleanse easy with different degrees of gnarlyness and home delivery if you are in Manhattan. If you aren’t, like me, Denise Mari, the juice guru has given us some recipes for a DIY fast.”

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  • hollywoodgossip

    wow she 37, i suprised. She look like 25:)

  • ouch

    Oh Gwynnie, thanks for resolving the pressing matter of the cleansing problems after feasting on dry carrots and salat over the holidays! You are too good to be true!
    Life is really easy, he?

  • beautiful couple

    She looks older than 37. More like 45.

  • astro

    I thought it was Lizzie Grubman.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    Gwynnie is looking very butch these days.

  • gloop

    Does the gnarlyness come free with the home delivery. My home delivery has not come with any gnarlyness yet, least I didn’t find it in the bag. Gwyneth is such a div!

  • canuck

    I don’t think she looks very good but at least she did something about her hair colour. The light blond was really washing her out.

  • Sweet Pea

    So, she’s back in the State for filming?

  • Ninja

    GP was on one of Organic Avenue’ fasts when she was hospitalized. Aside from that, I’ve heard good things about them.

  • cute

    Her hair and outfit look super cute but her face looks plain and dour.

  • T Pain

    She has very thin lips.

  • g-spot

    Is it just me or is Gwyneth a dead ringer for her cousin who starred on the L Word??
    She’s like a blonde version of that girl.

  • JJ

    She has some nice legs but I find her really bland.
    I like her jacket, it’s pretty cute.

  • twitters

    her outfit is nice here but she is overrated

  • Santos

    She used to be adorable. What happened?

  • honey

    I would like to try this service though it’s very overpriced. But if it made her sick enough to go into the hospital, it make me hesitant.

  • Jenn

    I’m not sure all that cleansing and working out is doing Gwyngood.
    It looks like she’s overdone it.
    She’s starting to look too skinny.

  • licorice

    Gwynnie’s rocking the sour puss.
    She hates the paps and the camera doesn’t like her much in those shots.

  • Metro

    @g-spot: Yes, she’s like a less charismatic version of her cousin. Amazing how different she looks off the red carpet. Those two could pass for twins with different hair colors.

  • vestes

    I don’t find her particularly attractive but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

  • Farmer Ted

    She’s still a horsey face. Good legs though.

  • G-UNIT


  • G-UNIT


  • Blaze

    Gwyn looks pretty miserable.

  • Marvel Fan

    I like her style but she’s very, very plain.

    Am looking forward to seeing her and the gorgeous ScarJo in Iron Man 2.

  • Tomahto

    She will not age well being too thin. But flying from London to LAX takes about 11-12 hours. I wouldn’t look very good either. I think it’s odd she doesn’t have the kids with her. They are very young to be left behind while she is so far away! I hear the weather in the UK is hideous. All over Europe, actually. I also read where she is having MAJOR problems with her douchy husband, Chris Martin. Maybe if Gwynnie breaks away from him, she will be likeable again!

  • ace11

    i would love to see what all of the people that post here that call her “UGLY” look like

    she looks great at 37….especially after 2 kids

    nice firm body and legs to die for….

  • xfiles

    G.P. is looking a little on the thin side but I think her body is fine. It’s not like she ever had a weight problem. Plus, she’s very tall and has the money to pay a trainer to work out with her six days a week.

  • Jomm

    #1..but have you seen her up close and personal without botox? You would be singing a diff tune then.

  • trr

    She’s always walking with her big head down.

  • nysro

    She seems like she is just an oozing cunt. Everything she does and says, makes her sound like she thinks she’s better than the world.

  • she’s pretty

    She’s quite pretty. Amazing legs. She has a darling family & many loyal friends. She’s went to the best schools and comes from money, so sometimes she comes across as snobby. But the people who actually know her say she’s sweet, warm & genuine.

  • CanadaGirl

    Does this woman have nothing better to do than to report on how she tries to deflab herself via “cleansing”? Who cares?!
    I do not see her doing wonderful things like other celebrities and working with a cause. Hell, even I go do a lot of stuff (mostly environmental/recycling) and I have a full time job WITH NO HIRED HELP to wait on me hand and foot!

  • celine

    C’mon, people, she just got off a plane. She looks darn good for having sat on a cramped plane for 7 hours.

  • firemandatingsite

    She is such a glamourous woman

  • Chris

    She looks fine for sitting on a plane. Most people look a little rough after a long flight and she’s just very average looking when she’s not made up.

  • crocope

    @ouch: hahaha
    exactly!!! funny comment. When I read my GOOP email I found it really hard to believe that people actually make these recipes and feed themselves with that food

  • Uroboroscosmos

    Gwen is stunning, has fantastic taste, is socially & culturally conscious- she is smart, emotional, artistic.. She never claims to be perfect & does not act like a snot.. I can’t stand hollywood & celebrity- but her I respect.. To me she is an ‘it girl’ & I think she looks fantastic & will continue to be fit & youthful well into her 40′s & 50′s..

    Just watch.. it’s not a crime to take care of oneself- now yes, she has resources that most people don’t but that is not an excuse to not try to be a better human being, not for a celebrity, or fame or anyone else, but for you-..

    She is the perfect motivation for having a life, thinking of others, diet & exercise, & love- & humanity. The sadists posting here are just jealous sadists pure & simple.

    Does not change my opinion that fame & hollywood are a farce, but her I respect. I love her site too.

  • Cosmo

    @Uroboroscosmos: There is nothing to be jealous of here. The only thing sadistic is that poor excuse for a blog that she is trying to use to transition into a lifestyle guru. The woman is passably attractive and can look good with proper styling and makeup. Most of the time she looks desperate like she’s trying too hard. I think someone must have taken her aside — perhaps her mother, who is truly stunning unlike her daughter — and told her to stop with the desperate super short dresses.

    She is not a bad actress but seems to be a bit of a dilettante, something which also reflects in her newsletter. It’s constantly riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes and the majority of the content she hands off to others to create. She needs to hire a better ghost writer. For something supposed to be personal, it feels oddly impersonal.

  • Dr NYC

    The way she looks, it aint her first accident!