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Kate Gosselin: Long Hair Worth 20 Hour Process!

Kate Gosselin: Long Hair Worth 20 Hour Process!

Kate Gosselin sports her new “Kate Clean Slate” look while running errands on Sunday (January 10) in Reading, Penn.

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom shared. “I know this will be more upkeep than my old look, but I’m ready for it. I’m just grateful I don’t have to go through the awkward growing-out process of short hair. I get criticized for everything I do enough as it is!”

For more on the 20-hour process Kate took for her long hair, visit!

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103 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Long Hair Worth 20 Hour Process!”

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  1. 26
    Winster Says:


    She didn’t even pay for the hair extensions, it was all done for free.

  2. 27
    What an Accomplishment Says:

    From **** hair to 80′s trailer hair . You look a different way.

  3. 28
    1981 Says:

    @Sadie: how do you know she set away trust funds for the kids? you’re only going by what she says. I bet the farm when those kids turn 18 they wont have squat

  4. 29
    BrigConFan Says:

    She looks desperate. Long hair will not hide the ugly woman under it. Long hair will not change that she is a fame ***** wannabe masquerading as a Christian, stay at home Mom. this woman teaches her children to hate Santa Claus, that he is a bad guy. Who teaches their kids that? She is just evil.

  5. 30
    scam artist Says:

    She could have a buzz cut or a retro Afro, but it’s still the same old nasty scam artist bytch.

  6. 31
    a bit more criticism Says:

    Get your selfish azz home and take care of that litter you decided to bring into this world you low class ingrate.

  7. 32
    "20 Hour Process" Says:

    It only takes 5 minutes to stick your head in the oven and take the gas.
    Do your kids the favor.

  8. 33
    Melissa Says:

    The people who are all so pro Kate are the same type who would fawn over the “mean” popular girls in high school. The girls who may have been attractive but treated others like dirt..They always had their group of sycophant hangers on who enabled them. I don’t think it is nice for posters to swear about her or call her ugly as that is just mean in itself but the truth is that most people do not like her based on what she has shown to be her narcissistic personality and intense self focus even when her children obviously need her the most. Kate has the TLC PR team behind her and they are certainly doing their best to make John look as bad as possible and unfortunately, he is making it easier for them. They are as much to blame for the breakdown of this family as Jon and Kate are and are just feeding a media hungry, bitter woman. When they finally drop her when the public gets a clue and finally loses interest, I wonder how she will deal with it.

  9. 34
    Donna Says:

    @FAME WHORRE: hey, good comment! people are very ignorant! Though jon is kind of an idiot and seems to be a famewhore now, he is the one that knows all of the kids wants and needs. There’s a comment on the “reading eagle” RE an article about the Gosselins when the sextuplets were born and MAN, they’ve done so much damage in that community. I guarantee you there’s not one person in that community who’s not fed up w. kate her family. They’ve been asking for money fr. the government, asking churches for love offerings; and as peope continued to volunteer to help their family, they have been taking, taking, taking. Kate believed it “was not fair” that the government didn’t give them funds and volunteers…selfish woman

  10. 35
    eliza Says:

    She had a distinctive signature haircut and looked great. This new hairdo is nothing special. I hope she starts concentrating on the children and not on herself.

  11. 36
    lisali Says:

    so.. Kate is running around town.. and the kids are with a sitter…as usual.

  12. 37
    Go Ask Alice Says:


    You make a lot of sense here.

    Your post is really intelligent and speaks a lot of truth.

  13. 38
    JLuvBug Says:

    I liked Kate’s hair shorter; not the hairdo she had, but like the hairdo she was sporting when she guest hosted on The View. She had slightly curly hair then. If she wants long hair then she needs to do like us regular folks and let her natural hair grow out. Spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars is ridiculous for fake hair! She needs to put her money towards her kids and taking care of their needs!

  14. 39
    Kookabear Says:


  15. 40
    Kookabear Says:

    and the shoes with those jeans is atrocious !

  16. 41
    rlee Says:

    she looks great

  17. 42
    Melissa Says:

    Doesn’t a clean slate usually mean simplifying and paring down to the real you rather than adding a ton of artifice to yourself that makes your appearance super high maintenance. This is again an example of Kate Gosselin saying one thing and doing another, People with extensions do not like having their hair pulled or messed up. How does that work with 8 kids? Sometimes I think that TLC know she is going to implode at some point and want to keep her on the payroll to make sure they can be there to film it.

  18. 43
    Jacki Says:

    Oh lord and now she will be running around in January with these polyester blends of hair hanging from her head, ladies at the bus stop watch out for your hubbys cause they will want to tap that

  19. 44
    jaye Says:

    I’m not a Kate fan, but I doubt very much that she spent one penny on her extensions. She more than likely got everything free of charge like most things they got when they did the show. It’s not an attractive look though. I can’t believe the stylist was bragging about how much and how LONG it took to make this mess.
    As for the other matter, so what if she’s doing errands without the kids, let’s see some of you tag along 8 kids on every errand you have to do. Anyone who could afford a sitter would hire one. Just because you have a lot of kids doesn’t mean you don’t have a life yourself.

  20. 45
    Jane Says:

    She looks tacky no matter what she does to herself.

  21. 46
    Payson Says:

    I can understand why this woman is always alone…….bitterness. When was the last time she smiled? Anyone? I just bet UPS store loves to see her coming–NOT. Too surly for my taste……couldn’t stand to be around her very long……..guess no one else could either.

  22. 47
    Melissa Says:

    I think she looks AMAZING!! And lets be honest, she’s having her picture taken by the paps all the time, so she didn’t pay one cent for those extensions!!! Team Kate!!!

  23. 48
    Melissa Says:

    I now understand why they call the Kate lovers Sheeple. Of course, the extensions were free. That is how Ms. Gosselins rolls. Free haircuts for the kids until 6, free clothes from the Gap that she sold, free trips, free teeth whitening, free tummy tuck and the list goes on, all for the low, low price of filling her uterus with embryos when she already had twins. One day soon, we will all stop caring and the freebies will stop. Imagine the state her weave will be in by then.

  24. 49
    Payson Says:

    Today’s a new day and “not enough” khate is back to her same ol’ self.
    This hair looks more blonde than silver as in the People cover… this a wig to cover the extensions? The color just seems to be a little different. She looked so happy “for the cameras” but now is she having second thoughts about it all? Why the long face khate?
    What will you have done next? Will it EVER BE ENOUGH?

  25. 50
    OMG Says:

    Ok, so she deserved the tummy tuck. BUT now we have FAKE boobs, FAKE nails, FAKE hair so what’s next? I mean what happened to this “reality” star, there is nothing real about her anymore. I miss the Kate from the first 2 seasons of the show, the REAL Kate! I mean really if we wanted to watch a show about someone who thinks their a celebrity, let me watch a show with a real celebrity….show me Madonna and all her kids, or Angelina and all hers….. I mean what is reality about Kate Gosselin anymore? NOTHING! I mean we used to like watching Jon & Kate because we(average American families) could relate to them, but that is no longer the case. All we see is them jetting off on some new trip with the kids, or shopping, or hanging out in their million$+ house……who can relate to them anymore? Let’s not talk about the nannys, housekeepers and lawn guys. WHATEVER I am so over them, just go away!

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