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Kate Gosselin: Long Hair Worth 20 Hour Process!

Kate Gosselin: Long Hair Worth 20 Hour Process!

Kate Gosselin sports her new “Kate Clean Slate” look while running errands on Sunday (January 10) in Reading, Penn.

“It’s good to have hair again,” the 34-year-old reality TV mom shared. “I know this will be more upkeep than my old look, but I’m ready for it. I’m just grateful I don’t have to go through the awkward growing-out process of short hair. I get criticized for everything I do enough as it is!”

For more on the 20-hour process Kate took for her long hair, visit!

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  • firemandatingsite

    She looks kinda ugly

  • Christy

    Softens her looks, but she still has the bitchy look on her face. As far as Jon is concerned, apparently, he’ not going to score with any woman who has an ounce of maturity. Check out his new girlfriend. His thing is wayward, rich 20-year-olds.

  • lakers fan in boston

    looks like even her bodyguard left her, he probably couldnt stand the bitzch
    she really loves the attention
    what’s worse is she is a hypocrite saying how she didnt wanna be in these magazines and guess what the stupid ho goes running back when no1 cares about her anymore

  • Jill

    20 freaking hours?! Jesus, buy a wig.

  • Truthfully

    All that fake hair ain’t going to hide the fug it frames…..Just saying. She looks uber desperate.

  • idontknow

    her extensions looked awful on the people cover, but they look great here. its a nice style like what everyone else is wearing today. her old hairdo was nice, when the spikes were down, that made her face look thinnner. but she’s a pretty lady anyway. you guys hating on her are losers, i doubt you ever watched the show, and it is common knowledge that all her kids have money in an account for their education. they can probably afford to go to ivy league schools, unlike you nimrods. you guys are jumping on the hate kate bandwagon, you dont know anything about her, nor do you care. this is just an opportunity to bash someone without consequences and it makes you idiots look pathetic.

  • dawne

    Nothing like ‘new money’ to define tacky…….How is Reading P.A. going to keep this fame ho happy……… that she’ got the ‘star’ look, might be time to talk to some realtor in Malibu, non?

    I loved the post my OMG, it was right on! Funny thing, a real star like Mia Farrow had a brood of children; most adopted and she managed to get her errands done without the Jennifer Aniston and Khate Gosselin daily papz strut.

    This naricssist has been touting she’s all about the kids; right, after herself. The whole reality show schtick and writing banal books went right to her inflated head. She ended the marriage and then does the eye dabbing Kleenex talk show circuit………she’s as phoney as a nine dollar bill………shame on TLC, shame on People……they just used her because she was salacious but now she thinks she is A List…….LMFAO. Can’t stand her, never could……..too OCD for my palette. Always felt sorry for Jon. Glad he got out.

  • lily

    I think she looks better with long hair…I hated her short spiky look!!!!

  • so obvious

    she still got that “I’m going to cut ur nuts off” look.


    When the cameras stop, Jon will have trhe children in a modest house and Kate will on TV in some small town.

    She will blame Jon for having to work and support her children as she sets her fake hair, nails, etc. appointments,

  • Melissa

    It is comical how a lot (but certainly not all)of the Kate fans call the people who don’t like her idiots, jealous and stupid, even when the comments aren’t insulting but simply bringing up questions, stating concern for the state of mind of the children or saying they don’t love her new hair. I have not noticed the people who aren’t impressed with her calling anyone stupid or idiotic other than her. As you do not know her personally and this is an open opinion comment section, maybe you should stop reading it and start a pro Kate blog so that you can just read one gushing opinion after another about her or possibly you could become friends with her, As she has alienated most of her family and friends maybe she wouldn’t be picky if she knew that you would tell her how wonderful she was no matter what she did. Plus you would have the over the top insulting of people and high opinion of Kate in common already. Maybe she could arrange it so that you could all get matching hair to show your undying support.

  • celebgawking

    Love, love, love Kate’s new hair! Now she really can move on from Jon once and for all.

  • jon?.. jon who?

    plastic trailer ho

  • longchamp

    didn’t think she could look any more trailer trash than she did w/the cockatoo hair, but lo and behold… yes, she can!

  • celebgawking

    @jon?.. jon who?:

    Exactly! We want to see her get a hotman that blow that icky ex of hers away…

  • Who cares

    who cares? Why is this woman famous. she has done nothing to be famous but just expose her kids to tv for cash. She still looks sad.

  • ashleyy


    You’re stupid, the embryo didn’t fully develop.
    Karma’s a biatch, so itll probably happen to you too.

  • ashleyy



  • Anon

    I wonder how much Kate Gosselin is willing to pay to maintain those extensions every 3-4 months? Did she get her breasts done again?
    Personally I think TLC needed to keep Kate in the public eye and to promote What Not To Wear so they paid this new stylist (bring back the British guy.).
    It appears Jon exposes his skeletons for all to see while Kate keeps hers carefully hidden but it all will surface sooner or later. Kate lost control awhile back and she’s never getting it back.
    Like Piers said, can either of the two dance, sing, juggle, parent, be a partner in marriage….nope. They both create drama or something to put them back in the spotlight on a tabloid. Kate would love to see her children behind the cameras again, Jon probably secretly too. Living off the backs of their babes….just to be rich, never work a day in their lives again, just like they bragged before the sextuplets were born. Shame on Jon Gosselin and Kate Kreider. Your greed knows no bounds, narcissism consumes both of you.

  • Anon

    Hey Melissa…..You rock! great comments.

  • shelby

    She looks fabulous! LOVE the hair! Yeah, she’ll get criticized no matter what she does. How anyone can have anything bad to say about a woman looking her best is beyond me. Go KATE!

  • dwayne

    @Melissa: Hey Melissa please do something with your looks cause I bet your one with the mullett and yes Kate won’t pay for you to get your side head fixed. Kate is hot bet your not…hahahahahahaha

  • http://JustJared Nicole

    If you think she had the hair extensions for free…well then you are an IDIOT…She has snowballed this country, I wish she wouls fly off on the broom she flew in on!!!

  • inquiring

    Wonder if @ 7 grand that was real hair? Surely, the little cancer victims Kate Gosselin proclaims to care about would be better helped by the locks then extensions to help her failing career.

  • Mirdeb

    Sister enjoy it while you still can… your fifteen minutes is almost up…

  • Linda

    Long hair is not good as we get older. She was much more stylish with short hair.

  • Gaydar for the straightdar

    Jon knew how Kate was when he married her… He knew she was a neat freak and bossy he knew it, they have been married for like 11 years. My grandmom is like Kate she bossy and ocd about everything my grandpop know how she is. He loves her and they are happy. Jon is not a victim, he married her and stay with her and had 8 kids with her he got alittle bit of fame and wanted out. He use the fact kate was kate like she always been to say she was a bad person but why did he married her, why did he have kids with her, and stay with her for all that time is she was this crazy bad person. I pretty sure that there is alot more that happen that we never see on tv. In the End John show himself to be a dirt bag and a less than loving dad, He moved far away from his kids and running around with all these young girls. I feel women on these site hate other women and like to put them down . We all are flawed but jon is fake. I veiw the world by what i see and I see jon hundrends of mile away from his kids with a 22 year old girl and kate at home taking care of her family. She didnt push him away he decide to leave he wanted fun and I hate that Kate is getting blamed for it.

  • Gaydar for the straightdar

    I like the long hair and I think that she should go out and have fun Jon sure is, I mean he has a new girl in Utah he met her while skiing there while his kids are back in pa yeah

  • nunya

    Hey Me, dummy…she’s every bit as bad as he is..they’re both monsters and all we are saying is stop giving them what they want… profit from the USE of their children..which is the only reason this hideous fat cow is on this site right now….

  • mamasam

    @OMG: Well said OMG. I’m with you.

  • Brooke

    i don’t see how she is possibly getting critisized for this! i think it looks good, give her a break

  • Melissa

    Well Dwayne, as I never said anything negative about how Kate looked but on how her fans like to call those who question her motives idiots, ignorant, stupid etc, I want to thank you for adding insulting people’s appearances when you have not seem then to the list. Did you have a hard time comprehending the post as I did not see any mention of “side hair” whatever the hell that is. Maybe you could be a candidate for her new dating show that is rumored to be in the works, Of course, you would probably have to be able to read and understand the application and as you do not seem to be able to understand what you read, it might sadly, not work out for you. m

  • Tara the cat

    In one of the pictures she reminds me of a young Farah Faucett. I like Kate, I met her, she is down to earth and wants to support her kids. The haters out there, either hate or are jealous of women in general who achieve any sort of financial security or fame…why else would you have that kind of anger for anyone you dont know?

  • jeneca

    The issue is that her children are what have financially supported HER, not the other way around. She and Jon would be nobody’s without their brood of cute little money makers. The kids do not receive paychecks and the network puts money into trusts for them because it is required by law. No one with compassion would begrudge someone supporting their children but using their children to support themselves is another matter.

  • Lorrie

    She looks awesome!! New look, new guy!!!

  • Dion

    Love it! She looks much younger (she is after all only 34!) and less harsh… Another couple of months and she’ll have a smile when she walks around being hounded by the PZ. Maybe some day they will leave her alone… Jon is making a fool of himself and he is going to regret it… just as all cheaters with families do… LOSER…




    Why isn’t She spending time and $$ with Children?
    Give Them to Jon if You are too busy!
    TEAM JON!!!!!

  • Houston

    I love it! I think she looks younger and I’m glad she did it! We all need a change in our lifetime and I’m sure her children are feaking out. I miss her show very much. We really don’t need Jon in the picture. That’s my opinion.

  • jeneca

    I am not a Jon fan in any way, shape or form and think he needs to lay low and stop being photographed with young women, but if he had the TLC machine behind him and not Kate, you would all feel very differently about him, Charlie Sheen reportedly tried to choke his wife and with the help of a savvy PR team, has come out with people calling “professional” and quotes of how much he loves his family abounding. The bad quotes by “sources” about Jon are mostly bad PR plants from TLC while they cut off his income from whatever scummy reality project or tell all deal he was planning. Basically he will be forced into allowing the kids to be filmed again in order to get them to back off. The whole situation with this family is really tragic. They made a deal with the devil aka TLC and it cost them their family unit and will certainly have a huge negative impact on those kids in the future.

  • cancer patient

    why didnt tlc just donate the hair to cancer centers. why did she need this anyway, i think that a cancer patient would enjoy a new look on life also.get over yourself.

  • whatadrag

    She looks terribly depressed. Look at that face – or is that her new sexy look? Her hair looks like a mop and notice the perfect manicured nails. WOW she has a huge house, 8, yes I said 8 children and she spends all her free time primping. Most moms use their free time to prepare dinner, clean house, do laundry, actually go into their children’s bedrooms to clean, etc. Oh that’s right, the first time Kate went into Mady and Cara’s room in MONTHS, she was surprised it was a mess. She now has fake hair to match her fake smile, fake boobs and fake persona of being there for her children. Her children are in therapy – because she didn’t want to be married to their father anymore and move ahead with her career. Maybe this would be a great time to spend with her children instead of trolling the streets looking for love – I mean the paps.

  • amyjo

    I think everyone should leave her alone… JEALOUS!!!! I think she is a wonderful mom and puts up with alot. if you dont like hearing about it then why did you take the time to come onto this website and blog about it???? you all that are being mean should mind your own business and worry about something else. and those who are nice about it all, you are wonderful people who are very happy and content with your lives!!!

  • Jennifer

    Most people are not jealous of Kate Gosselin. They genuinely do not like her because of what she has morphed into. Why is that so difficult for people to grasp? Many people go through hard times and do not come across the way she does. I wish every member of this family well and that includes Kate and Jon. They both need to get their priorities straight for the sake of the children. Those kids do not need fancy trips, deluxe playhouses or a huge house with a pool to make them happy. They need a simple, normal life that is lived without their every move shadowed by photographers and cameramen like they are freaks of nature rather than a family. I do not think that Kate is being realistic if she thinks she has a huge future in show business. I guess she could just do reality show after reality show, but again, that is not realistic because the public gets tired of reality “stars” pretty quickly and I am sure TLC will throw her under the bus like they did Jon as soon and she is no longer profitable to them.

  • I tell the truth

    @FAME WHORRE: You are a moron! They have funds for their children already! Get a life! Her kids are probably richer than you!

  • carol wong

    I too am a pennsylvanian, and that’s what made me watch the show more then anything. As i began watching on a regular basis, i began to really like kate. However the constant verbal bashing of her husband made me like her a lot less. She showed lots of disrespect to him, and a constant “take charge of everything attitude. I thought she looked more down to earth with her real hair and everyday garb.Now it looks as though she’s trying every attention getting sheme she can think of to hang in that spotlight. I think it’s sad and shallow. No man is going to put up with being emasculated like that, especially in front of a camera. In my opinion she made her bed where her marriage is concerned. You can’t spend all of your time trying to be a glamorous celebrity when you have eight kids to take care of.

  • carol

    @celebgawking: Yeah, like hair has anything to do with being able to move on!!!



  • When did mothers go wrong!

    Wow I don’t usally read these things but for some reason this one seemed interesting to me. I am a mother of 4 myself and I may not be a follower of Kate but to all you haters I will tell you what i tell my kids and what your mother has seemed to have forgoten to tell you…If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all!!!!!

  • Dr NYC

    She needs to go away!