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Rachel Bilson Feeds & Educates 1 Child For 1 School Year

Rachel Bilson Feeds & Educates 1 Child For 1 School Year

Rachel Bilson totes around an eco-friendly reusable FEED grocery bag as she does some grocery shopping at Gelson’s Market on Monday (January 11) in Glendale, Calif.

The FEED bag is designed to raise awareness and funds for hungry children and to help them get into school and out of hunger. Each FEED bag sold will provide a school year of meals for one child in need and give them the hope of an education and a regular meal. Pick up your own FEED bag at!

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Credit: Jonathan Friolo ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • Gloop

    So What! Do you really think she gives a sh*t!

  • jana

    that’s cool she does that

  • Cathy

    Oh wow. She really didn’t waste anytime now did she?

  • Viper

    Back from her big press attention canadian holiday and back press whoring. Your right Gloop she bought it b/c it was there at the check out. Most everyone supports the events when you shop at the markets. I doubt she understands what it’s for she collects shopping bags like she collects handbags. Maybe she is geering up for her future on the farm as the next bag lady in Canada or LA.

  • Bush Lover

    Is she getting married?

  • Amelia

    Ok, well, Rachel Bilson is relevant how? Justjared you follow her shopping habits for a year now of a girl who just cant act – period and the only roles she can get are because of Hayden.

  • voice of reason

    If JJ was so interested he would know he left a picture event out and could have 300 posts from all the same useless people.
    So much for being on the ball with your exclusives JJ , now I shall leave yet again because the 4 people who post here bore me to death.

  • Paula

    I loved her on How I Met Your Mother tonight. I wish the show was more than a half hour.

    I was disappointed that she wasn’t the mother but I read Carter Bays said they hope her character will be back.

  • brightside

    Another washed-up, redundant, has-been, tv actress showing us how much she cares, not by supporting a charity, not by donating her time and money, but by random acts of consumerism. How shallow, how superficial, but ultimately, how Rachel Bilson!

  • Sue

    Where are the pictures of Hayden and Rachel at the Toronto airport yesterday? They are more interesting than this. Please post them as well, they are really cute in them!

  • sidony

    Well get married already & freaking disappear in HW asap!
    And did Douchel ever have to go back here… as if there’s a line of serious jobs waiting for her out here. Bet sure even if she would go on vacation even for 2 years or so, she will still be the same… a jobless tart & a washed-up mediaH0!

  • sidony

    Douchel is 10% Accident + 30% Nepotism + 60% Stupid = no need to actually fill it completely as its way too obvious its end-results!

  • Ahari

    @#8–Are you serious? LMAO!! She was in this episode not longer than about three minutes, what a joke. This was clearly given to her and written just for her by someone doing someone else a favor. She has no acting talent whatsoever, all she has is giggling, batting her eyes and making that face she makes. That is not acting talent people. Please. I think it’s sad nearly middle aged no talent hacks like her get breaks when there are really talented people out there struggling to get a break., She’s pathetic.

  • Paula


    Somebody took an ugly pill today and it wasn’t Rachel Bilson. I wasn’t talking to you lip-schtick so talk to someone who cares.

  • Chuck

    @ Paula: Um, if you’re posting on this site, you’re posting to everyone dumba**. Did you think this was some private Rachel Bilson site? I can see how you’d think that. I think a lot of people care about this mess. Just wait, “LipSchtick.” Did you get that at Schull? Did you get a gold star? Like that little poser Rachel? Using her Jewism for her personal gain. What a joke. She makes me sick.

  • comrade

    Second to that…
    Even its leading lady Allison Haniggan commenting that she wish
    that “Jen Aniston” would the mother in HIMYM.
    You know a genuinely popular & a working actress like JA instead of this Lil’ Moe who cant even get an acting job w/ o phoning 1st her connections and if there’s no auditions needed.
    Her media & tabloids cronies just incessantly hyped her up out of nothing that she would tapped the coveted role of the mother but instead was just a random chick that Ted met on that another random episode.
    Lil’ Moe is truly talentless & so worthless. I utterly pity her!!!

  • zzz

    thanks jared! was wondering where rachel had gotten to! :D

  • Paula


    I didn’t call anyone names in my original post or put anyone down for having an opinion either but I see people here can’t stand to be disagreed with. You can’t even respect a different opinion.

    Not a private Rachel Bilson site but I see it’s where all the people who never learned any manners live. You’re so full of blind hate you have to attack anyone who posts here that doesn’t agree with all of you and you call me a dumba**.

    JJ needs a better class of posters.

  • Chuck

    Paula, I called you a dumba** because you told another poster that had a comment that you weren’t talking to them. The posting norm here is to address the latest post, or one a page away, get with the program. No one ever addressed you personally until I did, that I’m aware of, so that comment stands. You apparently are new here. lf you are a fan of Rachel Bilson, you’d better bulk up on your body armor, you’re going to need it. Bilson is a notorious no talent hack, and people don’t appreciate that. Here or anywhere else. Bilson is a notorious pap tipping fame wh*re that will do anything to get her picture taken. She’s pathetic.

  • trevise

    @ 11-And did Douchel ever have to go back here…
    Yeah its NOT YET time to come back here… till… she would be hit almost fatally by the “snowstorm”. And if that comes into fruition, she would be now truly a relevant news, that she’s dying to make it happen since she entered the biz – LOL!

    Well she couldnt be having some movie filming isnt she?! As that is not just miracle but would be a total madness. She’s probably gone off to somehere to raise some funds for her 2010 paparazi photo opps – and its effectively starting right now – LOL again!

  • Paula

    You’re not paying attention Chuck. Go back and read post #13 where Ahari was talking to #8 (that’s me). I’m a fan of How I Met You’re Mother and I liked the episode.
    You need to get out more Chuck. The only place i’m reading such disgusting comments is here.
    You can have your opinion of Rachel and if you can’t respect someone else’s opinion just keep to your own kind in the future when replying.

  • Paula

    Oh, and I liked Rachel Bilson in How I Met Your Mother too.

  • me

    what is going on? let the girl be,stop talking so rudely.There are so many celebs that you adore without explanaition,so why be so angry about Rachel Bilson? she’s cute.

  • lexy

    She was awful on HIMYM – no wonder she can’t get a job. I guess they had to limit her lines (since she can’t bothering remembering them) and they had to limit her to scenes with Josh b/c the other actors would have REALLY showed her lack of skills. Wonder how many takes they did to get that one line about her PhD???
    She’s probably so happy to be back in LA where she’s got the paparrazi on speed dial and not having to pretend to be interested in Canada. She was probably parading around there hoping the paps would mistake her for Rachel McAdams.
    As for her bag, she probably got it free from some low level event she was attending.

  • lexy

    ps – no pics of her at the airport with Hayden b/c he and his family were around. HC hates the press and he and his family might FINALLY be starting to figure out that it’s Rachel who calls the press to show up at these places. He probably wondered how on Earth they not only knew to follow her through LAX but how they knew exactly where to find them at the little airport in Canada where and when she landed!!

  • Sue

    @ 25 Lexy Check the internet and Hayden and Rachel websites–there are pictures from 1/10/10 at Toronto airport of Rachel and Hayden kissing goodbye before she boards her plane, and they are very good, smiling at one another, laughing. It also shows her at the airport. So your ps is irrelevent.

  • gilmorie

    NO big & popular internet tabloids had BITE it. They’re not & never will be in the league of the Brangelina, Zanessa, Robsten or even the Speidis (lol)! The don’t attract that attention, money or even glimpse interest that the tabloids (well except for J-Money, but then, JJ himself disregards it)would dig into matter how hard they tried to. They are just an “anonymous / non-entity BOLLYwood looking couplet who’s a hit & miss & under the radar if not for most of the time”, its all the time.

    @ #25
    HC wouldnt hooked up w/ a Nonsense Media Pig if he himself is not as low & tacky as her. Birds Of The Same Feather Do Realy Flock Together. The End.

  • gilmorie


    NO big & popular internet tabloids had BITE it. They’re not & never will be in the league of the Brangelina, Zanessa, Robsten or even the Speidis (lol)!
    The don’t attract that attention, money or even glimpse “of” interest that the tabloids (well except for J-Money, but then, JJ himself disregards it) would dig into “no” matter how hard they tried to.
    They are just & still an “anonymous / non-entity BOLLYwood looking couplet who’s a hit & miss & under the radar if not for most of the time”, its all the time.

  • reedley

    The OC-Relic absolutely missed being “deliberately” papped. And she even looked at them at that close-up shot huh!
    Way to different when her now-you-see-him-now-you-dont fiancee is in town.
    What a Little Scheming Chameleon!

  • Gasol16

    @ Voice Of Reason,
    Very well put mate. Their are pictures of Hayden and Rachel kissing in his truck in Toronto in other sites. Both look bored but, with all the cold I’m sure their is not that much to do. PPl will assume they are miserable and, bored and, kissing and smiling at each in the pictures b/c the paparazzi is taking their pictures and, let’s fake act happy for the paparazzi. LOL! How come JJ has not aired these pictures then if, he is supporting RB? I wish ppl could just stop speculating already about the two and, live and, live. The two have been together this long. So something must be going right. They, really should get married and, do it soon. It might end all these endless speculation but, I have a feeling that would not even change. Sigh…They have an arranged marriage or something. It is the damn 20th century and, I think arranged marriages are a thing in the past unless, you happen to live in a 3rd world country.

    I just wish all the speculations of Hayden being gay or, doing drugs is why he is with Bilson. He cannot be with her possibly b/c he is in love with her. Oh no no! We cannot have that. He has to be on drugs or gay to be with her. Hey. I’m not a Bilson fan either. I think he could have got a tall model type but, maybe he does not feel comfortable with that type of woman and, Rachel made him feel more at ease. Who knows?Why continue to speculate is all? It seems crazy to me. Who cares? They probably will end up married. Life goes on.

  • Gasol16

    Here is a pic. Both look bored but, happy I think. That is one Big A$$ truck he’s got. I don’t care for it but, that is what he likes I guess. On him.
    Rachel was supposed to appear on HIMYM last night. Anyone know who she did? Just curious.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ HIMYM Guest Stint…
    BARKson plays the same ol’ character in the same themed rom-com sitcoms – she has no range that is not so shocking to know. A 5 minutes appearance on a sitcom was passable but to have her much longer than that or even a recurring role on the same type of show are just too much and nauseating.
    And soon enough her so-called career will be finished because she will no longer be qualified for the twenty-something comedies as she never ever gets asks to do any serious roles because she couldn’t handle it w/o giggling first (lol) or anything & everything that has to do w/ it.
    BTW, can someone tell her that she badly needs a haircut – she’s always trying to hide half of her face. But w/ a face-less value just like that, you can’t really blame her…

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Barkson always go vacation (& sees to it that its all pap-documented) like she badly needs to unwind & have a total rest coz she’s working non-stop and jumping from one project to another which everyone knows that it’s damn too far from reality.
    And she cant damn to forget all the LA happenings that she would be missed when she’s not around… as LA is full of the most shallow, fake, materialistic people on earth. It’s also a city of superficial relationships. And Barkson loves everything about it that’s why she keeps on coming back in here & for more even if she don’t have/need to.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    She was awful on HIMYM, much worse than anyone in the cast. Why is she even around? She should get pregnant and disappear.

  • me

    I know a couple who got engaged at the same time as these two and they never look bored when they are together, especially, when one is leaving. They look comfortable together and happy, never bored and when one is leaving they both look sad and kiss but not laughing. HC and RB got all the wrong emotions on display for all to see.

  • @32 and 33

    regarding post 34
    meant to say @ no-kidding-sherlock

  • whizbang

    @No-Kidding… (jeeez your alias is quite too long – lol)
    How well “accurate & credible your posted comments are huh!
    If TV &/or movie directors/producers that are sane; would want significance, relevance & thought-provoking piece on their project/s… why would they cast this “Prank Creature”?!
    But since BilPooo’s HW radar as a d-zlister is still stagnant, running now for a decade, gladly to know that they are still “plenty” of discerning & money-wise directors / producers around who wont even give a crack on this tabloid junk.

  • jolene

    where’s hayden?? he’s extremely handsome and cute!!!

  • brightside

    Fake relationships annoy me almost as much as sub-lebritries who can’t act! So many talented actors and actresses struggling for work and we have what here, the dreaded part-time duo of no talent land, an actor who can’t and a shallow shopaholic who should never have been hired for an acting job by anyone, anywhere. When are people going to wise up and realise that acting involves so much more than standing in front of a camera looking pretty, giggling and mouthing lines that they struggle to remember without prompting. They are not the only ones but they are two of the worst offenders. Down with sub-lebrities and give the real actors/esses a chance to do what these two can’t. Act.


    HIMYM great.
    Funny 100th episode.
    RB’s HIMYM guest time very short; an other guest be better.
    No quality.
    Do think now JJ drop ‘HIMYM actress’ line next to her name.
    And back to ‘former OC actress’ instead.
    More apt.

  • ABC

    Jared – I live in Glendale, Ca, and there is no Gelson’s Market in this city!

  • Jane of the Jungle

    I thought she did well on How I Met Your Mother, and she was funny too. Also, loved the pictures of her and Hayden at the airport, they looked so cheerful. By the huge smile on Hayden’s face, she does seem to make him happy. I don’t care for her, but good for them. I can only guess their wedding is around the corner.

  • lexy

    Spence and Heidi were better on HIMYM! She was awful – those extras in the scene with her were funnier.
    BTW, Sue, sorry I didn’t check Desiring Hayden 1st thing this AM. But it’s good to see the poor guy still has a few fans despite his bad career choices.
    JJ will probably post the airport pics soon – especially if they look happy. You know RB pays the bills at this place.

  • me

    @Jane of the Jungle 42

    Of course the wedding is around the corner, who else would put up with him, Natalie Portman? Sienna Miller? let me see, who else dumped him?

  • Ahari

    @Brightside, “Struggling to remember her line,” she has said herself in interviews that due to her brain damage from that accident she was in, she doesn’t have the capacity to memorize lines. Therefore she has to read them off of cue cards. There is absolutely no way in the world she could EVER get a legitimate acting job because of this because she doesn’t have the talent to pull that off. That’s why every job she ever had and ever will have is handed to her as a favor to someone. That’s just pathetic.

  • me


    Can you imagine the level of intelligence of Hayden’s and Rachel’s children? Would you have children with a woman who is mentally impaired?

  • Jane of the Jungle

    Him and Natalie Portman never dated, as much as Star Wars fans wanted them to. Never happened. As for Sienna that was nothing more than a fling.

  • Jax

    @46, I believe Hayden is intelligent, I think he’s just lazy and settling for whatever reason. I guess even intelligent people can be real dumba**es. Having said that, I don’t know how anyone with even marginal intelligence could stand to be around this space cadet for more than a few minutes, she appears to be really, really challenged. And yes, I feel sorry for any children she every produces.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow jared, im surprised that u havent done on a post on her in days, good job =]
    meh, she looks alright, her usual look, but it works all the time
    i wont ever deny she’s cute and that she’s stylish but i just dont like her that much anymore

  • me

    @ Jane of the Jungle
    You make it sound as if he is so picky that over all these gorgeous working actresses he chose Rachel.

    The truth of the matter is that there were reports in the tabloids that Portman and Christensen dated and she dumped. If the reports were not true and they did not date it is only because Portman would not date him, no other reason is plausible.
    As to Sienna Miller, they dated and she dumped him for Jude Law. He seems to have a very consistent track record.
    Also, according to the reports, he was dumped by his gf in Canada too.