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Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Giorgio Baldi Dinner Date

Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Giorgio Baldi Dinner Date

Rihanna dines out at Italian eatery Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on Sunday (January 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 21-year-old “Hard” singer reportedly was on a romantic dinner date with her boyfriend, L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp (he reportedly pulled in $5 million last year). Rihanna‘s BFF Melissa was also spotted at the restaurant.

Rihanna loves Giorgio Baldi — she takes all of her friends and family there to feast!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s cut-out leggings — HOT or NOT?

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# 1

love her =)

# 3
Pining for Chris @ 01/11/2010 at 1:25 pm

Does she not have a mirror wherever she stays?
She is not that attractive.

# 4

what happened

thought she and timberlake had something going on?

# 5

Mi Gurl Rih is Back, thkx God
Her leegings is firreeeeeee, want the same^_^.
She is so “Hard”. She was also at Tyrese B-day .

# 6

two man on a date…gay…hate wannabe talent less rihanna

# 7

Haterz in 5,4,3,2,1……Humm Start lmao

# 8
just say no @ 01/11/2010 at 1:37 pm

Forget the leggins.
The hair has got to go!

# 9

Is it me or does this mat kemp look a little like Chris Brown, He looks almost identical in color and look. I guess Rhianna is keeping it in her color scheme.

She has to know that she is a trick trail for this guy,Kemp is a known star chaser on the dodgers. No real man would date Rhianna in her little child state anyway. She doesn’t even look or have a demeanor of a woman that is holding her life together. she looks and sounds like a little kid.

I put money Rhianna is dead from cocaine or heroine in a few years. It might be for the best because we will no longer have to hear her yodel R&B songs.

Here is my future bet that this little Barbadian girl is dead in 3 years of a drug overdose.

tacky as usual…

@rih4: Same stan, different day.

She’s fug and looks like a dude.

Is Melissa going by Matt now a days?

Look at all that hair they glued to the top of her head.
Nice try but we know she’s bald.

luce genial……!!!!!!! imponente como siempre, y porsupuesto que muy sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! SUPER ATRACTIVA…..que envidia matt kemp….

NO Drug For Rih may be in Ur dreams. Her Dad was addict, So she will never take dis ****.
In 3 years, she will earn more money, so 2 new house lmao.

Matt is a man , not a little coward Boy, please n he earn more Ca$h than Chris OmG. Rih kill it with 15 Million last years.

Best skin in the business.
Now it’s time for a stylist who won’t dress her like an 80s reject or a clown.

what’s up with her hair? does she have a stylist?

She’s swagger jacking Michael J and Pepe Le Pew.

Those two have only been dating a few weeks and the guy is already doing spoofs of their relationship. Seems fame whorey and not very encouraging.


She’s worn those leggings before.
They’re ok but she seems to go for shock value on how she dresses but doesn’t quite pull it off.

stupid asses that was not him in the spoff.. it was a comedian! smh..there are still stupid ppl in the world!

Another photo-op.

@Jason: what an awful thing to wish on anybody…evidently you are a charming person. But it does actually look like a weave on her head. Poor girl. Whatever happened to that awesome bob cut she had a couple of years back..even her black road runner quiffs are preferable to this.

I don’t think Rihanna does drugs so I doubt she’ll be dead in a few years. I do think she’ll eventually be replaced by a younger model which is common in the industry. She has not distinguished herself with talent or vocals, just sexy marketing and hype. Her label is smart and knows they have a winning formula/the upper financial hand and will probably trade her in for a new model once the public grows tired of her gimmicks.

She will not have the longevity of a Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. There simply isn’t enough talent to back it up.

Rihanna is the new Katie Holmes of this blog.

She needs a wig

Well, they say Rihanna drinks excessively, though I never heard of her doing drugs. She says she’s a “rock star” and enjoys that lifestyle. She doesn’t like to rehearse for shows but instead go for it in the moment. lol Have you seen her live shows? She’s got to be the worst performer of all the popular pop stars today. Even Ke$ha, a newcomer, shows more life than her. Rihanna acts like she’s in a trance or daze when she performs. Her Carson Daly New Year’s Eve show was sooooo awful even Carson couldn’t muster up any time of hype for her. She just walked around in her special key of “FLAT” grabbing her crotch and thinking she was cute.

I used to like Rihanna until it became apparent that she does not deserve her slot at all. Her lack of desire for wanting to improve her craft as a performer shows how completely arrogant and clueless she is. And it’s one of the main reason that Rihanna will get left behind as a pop star.

@tealeaf She basically has a wig glued to the top of her lightbulb shaped head! So give the girl a break!!!

enoughalready @ 01/11/2010 at 3:10 pm

@JASON that was real mean! @Neville why rehearse when you lip sync? But her overall look reveals one thing, she is no longer with her stylist and someone said something about her complexion or skin it’s called Maybelline. That outfit is ugly! them leggins with those shoes are a major No! No!

every second day she gonno be uglier and uglier. Girl, look into a mirrow. You will get a shock.


both Rihanna and fame ***** Matt Kemp can suck a ****!

Does she seriously think her hair looks good like that???

That is by far the ugliest hairstyle I have every seen.

Well her and matt must of road in separate cars.. b/c their is video of only Rih and Melissa leaving the place.

I hope what Jason said doesn’t come true. I do think she will have her real “Britney moment” soon enough. But i do agree about her lack of talent. I hate the situation with Chris left him pretty much starting from scratch and her getting all these gigs. Because he is the real talent and performer. Yes it was his own fault but i just can’t buy into her hype. Her label and team have done a great job in brainwashing those that believe this should past for talent in this day and age.

Michael Jones @ 01/11/2010 at 11:29 pm

When you have as many haters as Rihanna seems to have, and are pulling in the millions that she does annually, see how far hating will get you. Not too far, does it?

Rihanna’s hair shows that she wants Justin still now. Justin also wants Rihanna even the time he was going with Jessica. Though they can’t open their relationship in public. He is so ….. if he wants Rihanna, he must not go with Jessica or another girl. He is just …..

No need to hate just be realistic. All good things must come to an end. Even the Rihanna crotch sniffers should understand that. The world will wake up and understand they had a very blonde moment. She is not a talent by any means and all gimmicks get old and boring.
Just hope that she invests wisely because the checks will stop coming in in a few years if not sooner.

I agree with JJ, Rihanna is a baldi.

I keeep saying people say Jared used to post about Katie Holmes…. Im glad I was not a visitor…. I definitely would not have came back! When has she ever been relevant? She wasn’t when she was on Dawson’s creek and she’s not now… with whatever she is doing!

Anyway I love Rihanna face in these pictures! She looks great…. best I seen her look in a hot minute!

Its still the nappy on the sides and a dozen pack of weave stapled to her head!

jason….im not agree w / u on the drugs thing but i think matt looks like chris…..

Can’t someone make this girl go away!

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