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Tokio Hotel Covers 'GQ Germany' February 2010

Tokio Hotel Covers 'GQ Germany' February 2010

Tom and Bill Kaulitz — from the German megaband Tokio Hotel — are true blue on the February 2010 cover of GQ Germany, on stands January 13.

The 20-year-old super twins shared how much of a connection they have each other other. Bill said, “We are like one person with 4 ears.”

When asked what his worst habit is, Bill told another publication, “I am a bit of a control freak. That is my most obvious negative trait, but at the same time it’s also one of my best traits. It goes both ways.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • eww

    if they could write some good music i may like them but they haven’t succeeded in the least i find them disgusting

  • Jen


  • Cindy

    lol stupid haters ^
    Gotta love TH. :)

  • Bush Lover

    They are a pretty couple

  • kidz

    Cindy, betcha you’re about 14-16 yrs old. Check out Just Jared Jr. It’s probably more your speed.

  • Ronda

    Bill is gorgeous….Love TH….and no, I’m not a teenager, lol. Can’t wait to read this article…and see the hot pictures.

  • Leah

    little did tokio hotel know this magazine would sell out in the u.s. they are not a “couple,” they are just extremely good-looking twins who happen to be soul mates, have kind, genuine personalities and deserve every one of the many music awards they’ve won.

  • Kaylee


  • nonamecomestomind

    They look gorgeous, great cover!! Can’t wait to read whats inside!!!

  • Gina

    Love that cover. What beautiful boys.

  • lisa

    haters lol… love the cover … thanks for the mini article justjared

  • erick

    what a awesome cover.. i like this band…

  • yariana

    the cover is amazing.,,can’t wait to have this magazine in my hands

    thanks for the article JustJared!

  • Zowye

    For those who doubt they were going to fade away boy were they wrong. I myself doubt them as if they are just one more but with time I’ve seen how they had mature and evolve into band to be taken seriously not to be mess with unlike some artists and bands.They do have talent and had work their @sses off to get to the place they are. Am glad they had proved me wrong.

  • Emmie

    That is a stunning cover.

  • rpatzfan

    ewww! are they girls ?

  • ann

    Love them.

  • Steinsgrrl

    This is a gorgeous cover. Many U.S. fans are finding ways to get their hands on this magazine and I can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks for the article!

  • BananaNinja


    ewww rpatz? is he a hobo?

    seriously T_T

  • Xander

    Whether or not you like their music, Bill is a style icon. And Tom wears XXL clothing but is lovely underneath it all.

  • Juli

    Love this band!!! Tom is gorgeous and Bill is fierce! Love for the twins.

  • Linda

    I became a fan of tokio hotel after I listened to their latest album Humanoid! Their newest album is truly well produced. Loving the pop/rock/electro sounds. Tokio Hotel is also a band that I find cares for their fans alot. Great personalities and great people overall. I’m loving the GQ cover.

    And for all those immature ‘haters’ that bash artists that they do not even know, I am NOT a preteen or a teenager. Get that stupid stereotype that you have of Tokio Hotel out of your miniature minds!

  • Jenny

    Bunch of fags.

  • Susanne

    What a amazing Cover from Tokio Hotel!!! EPIC!!!

  • JK

    Bill Kaulitz looks so Gorgeous! He’s so sexy!
    I want this GQ magazine ASAP!

  • ORIGINALHoustonTHfanteam

    I’m so excited to see Bill and Tom Kaulitz on the cover of GQ. If you’re a fan of Tokio Hotel you know they have fans all over the world of all ages. I’m also not a teenager or preteen. I run a fan team for Tokio Hotel in a very large US city, Houston. I can say that our members range in age from 3 to 50. Their music is amazing and the band members themselves are even more incredible. We’re so proud of them!

    Danke GQ!! I expect this issue to FLY off the news stands.

    Peace, love & Tokio Hotel,
    ORIGINAL Houston Texas Tokio Hotel Fan Team

  • Susanne

    I like the mix of the Color from the whole Cover. Black-White-Ice Blue. Maybee it´s getting a new trend!

  • rpatzfan

    atleast he is a Man!

  • Dee

    They look fantastic , but im not a big fan of Bills hair down. They are truly amazing and Tokio Hotel deserve all the media attention that they are getting because their new Album is mind-blowing. Im just hating the stereo-type that haters have about the Tokio Hotel fans. Im not a teenager, and haters you make me laugh at your own stupidity!

  • ORIGINALHoustonTHfanteam

    Btw, we have found a way to get this issue in the US if anyone would like that information. Message us!

  • nelda

    that cover is just WOW! :)
    double the sexy ! i cant wait to have my hands on it. :D

  • Claudia

    Love, Love that cover! Bill and Tom are absolutely stunning! Thanks for posting this.

  • digga

    Same haters, different day.

    Love this band, love this cover. Can’t wait til they score a cover in the US.

  • LindseyRae

    I love it! Bill and Tom couldn’t get any sexier. And I love how on the cover it says “Sex Sells” cause this issue is definetly gonna sell out… It already almost has.

    We even have stores saying they’ve never see anything like this, because so many people want this magazine and are going to great lengths to try to find it.

    Thanks for posting this.

    And haters, shut up, Im sure you dont like us going and bashing your favorite people, like JB, the Bieber kid, and Pattinson. So leave the Twins and Tokio Hotel alone.

  • MissShell

    This GQ cover is epic! Bill and Tom Kaulitz look so hot on the cover. I’m really excited for it to be released. Tokio Hotel fans around world wants a copy of this. I can’t wait to get my copy. Tokio Hotel is amazing band. And truly deserves the media attention. :)

  • Agnes

    lol @ people thinking all Tokio Hotel fans are teenagers. Do you believe everything the media tells you?

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this magazine.

  • Nora


    That’s okay, you’re probably also disgusted that their English is better than yours.

    >Jen & Jenny

    Bunch of haters with a really unoriginal name.


    Maybe they’re girls, but at least they’re properly washed girls, which is more than can be said for the hobo.



  • eli

    who’s that, the thin twin brother of Adam Lambert?

  • Nora


    For now. If his crazypants fans scare him a little more, maybe he’ll switch sides.

  • Nora

    @Bush Lover:

    That they are,

  • dgdlol

    I’d buy this only because of the cover. I don’t really know who they are.

  • VEE

    I wish this magazine was sold in the states,
    this issue would fly off the stands!

  • Susanne

    No, actually is Bill Kaulitz the original! Adam Lamberts transformed step by step to Bills Look.

  • reya

    just superb!!!..Hotness!!… luv u Tokio Hotel…n luv u more Bill n Tom Kaulitz.. :)

  • Oceane

    Bill looks like he goes both ways …

  • Phoenix120

    Now that’s an eye-catching cover. I’m looking forward to the interview.

  • roeseann

    That’s a great cover! If only GQ UK had nice covers like that. Bill and Tom are gorgeous guys.

  • Whoever

    Adam Lambert and a White wangsta…. interesting…. Dude that look like Adam Lambert is pretty hot in a very odd way… Somethinig about his pretty little face

  • sara

    @kidz: you seriously think TH fans are all around that age? You really need to upgrade your brains dear, we’re in the 21th century, open your mind. ;)

    The cover is awesome, can’t wait to read the interview and see more pictures from this photoshoot.

  • ecem

    this cover hot hot hot *_*