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Elisabetta Canalis: Robert Cavalli Underwear Model!

Elisabetta Canalis: Robert Cavalli Underwear Model!

The new Roberto Cavalli Underwear ad campaign will star Elisabetta Canalis, the 31-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney.

Elisabetta said, “It was a great pleasure and huge privilege to work for Roberto and [artistic director Eva Cavalli]. The Cavalli brand has always been synonymous with the made in Italy excellence and known all over the world. I am proud to represent it in this campaign, shot by two of the world’s greatest photographers, [Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott‘”.

The campaign was shot in London in November 2009. Styled by Panos Yiapanis, make-up by Charlotte Tilbury and hair by Paul Hanlon.

Click inside for more Elisabetta behind-the-scenes shots…

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elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 01
elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 02
elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 03
elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 04
elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 05
elisabetta canalis robert cavalli ad 06
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  • Marla


  • Colleen

    I don’t find her attractive. There is something “tranny” about her. Sure, she’s got a killer body but her face is a little manly.

  • suspicious package

    Yowza! Worthy of our George, I’d say. I approve.

  • fresh

    Wonder who she had to sleep with to get this gig? George Clooney.

  • Mark

    She’s a man with boobs! Freak!

  • simon

    Awful! how much make up does it occur? Why Cavalli choose her? She’s not a model! She’s a Clooney’s skank!

  • Kiki

    George Clooney is gay, this is the proof, men!

  • Samantha

    Don’t like Cavalli, it’s not fine at all, so the models….. but is she a model? For real? I saw she’s short and tha face isn’t pretty, she’s a little horsy…

  • chrissysnow



  • Katie

    Is she really only 31? I can’t believe it! For me she’s 35 at least…

  • roberta from atlanta

    Agree, she’s for show, George’s gay!

  • Alex

    She’s a bit rough. All that make-up can make a horse look pretty, too.

    Cavalli is hyping her for publicity obviously.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    not impressive. george has done better, and will again.. very soon.

  • rhonda

    she really is not that pretty in some of those pictures! That second picture in downright tranny! Poor George, all these women are just for show anyway! HOLLYWOOD=homosexual and commie!

  • hollywoodgossip

    I think she attractive.

  • wilma


  • lea

    E brava Elisabetta, clearly, playing girlfriend to Clooney is paying off. She helps him sustain the playboy image, he gets her a deal with Cavalli. This is business.

  • isabella

    manly face … that’s all I’m gonna say about her physic!

    She’s fake … only with him to get publicity and a “career” in the US!!

  • Kookabear


  • to kiki

    if there is one thing that we who work in the industry here in LA know for a fact it is that george clooney is most definitely not gay!! he likes his women too much. george is definitley against the idea of getting married again. and don’t even bring up the subject of him having children.

  • cehl

    The new Roberto Cavalli Underwear ad campaign will star Elisabetta Canalis, the 31-year-old beard of George Clooney.

    Wow! So she gets what she wants, he he doesnt have to show that he likes to suck d*ck

  • mimi

    She looks like a man, and not even a handsome one.

  • lakers fan in boston

    elisabetta actually looks really good in these pics
    i agree she has a manly face but it’s not that distincitive
    my god she has an amazing body
    nice boobs, great legs, and nice lil butt =]

  • clay

    I don’t think George is gay. I hope he is not. I kinda like the idea of romanticising about leading men in the movies. It would take the top off of the flower for me if he didn’t like ladies. So yes, Elisabetta is perfect for George. And if it turns out the other way, let that information stay private until we are long gone off this earth! Nothing personal, but I like guys!

  • mimi

    Would you prefer to believe he has such emotional problems and such insecurities that he can’t date a woman who is not getting paid?
    What’s so bad about being gay? At least we would know he is not so sexist and insecure. He is not even a good actor, so why not live your life in the open and be real about who you are?

  • eshter

    she has not these boobs for real, in normal pics she has small boobs…

  • ……………………

    Horrible face, fake bod

  • foodiedatingsite

    George is a lucky man

  • Whatever

    Look another one of George Clooney’s whores!

  • COCO

    She perfect for he she new boos
    ….bevore ” c’etait pire “fr
    VIP information :INDIAFOX@AOL.COM

  • Nikki

    Given that the current ideal of beauty for women in America is for them to look like teenage prostitutes, then I guess this woman wouldn’t be attractive to a lot of people. And by what people are saying, tranny means woman who looks her age.

    Thank God Cavalli chose her. She looks like an adult woman.

  • bellinas


  • lele sold like gold!

  • Marcus Italy

    pity she is not so in reality!
    a horse-man-face with a lot of make-up and a great body only with photoshop!
    she isn’t a model, she is 160 cm tall very skinny and not beautiful! ugly face!
    Cavalli choose her for publicity because she ‘s famous for to be Clooney’s gf! she needed George to become a model, she made photoshopped photo in the past showing tits! these is not a professional model for me!
    she’s is a big…nothing more!

  • Stella

    bad choice Roberto Cavalli!
    people don’t like these!
    she is not good even in these professional photos! I see a horse-man-face with photoshopped boobs!

  • belinda

    Gay, Gay, Gay, that is what they say. Who cares and what the hell has it to do with you?! And it pissed me off the way some write it as though it is a fact and as though they were there actually witnessing his gay encounters. Yes, all attractive American actors are gay if we were to believe those rumors. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Brad Pit, Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffmann, bla bla bla!
    So, about Elisabetta: to call her ugly, a whore and whatever is so low. She is not ugly at all. Here in Europe she is considered beautiful, self confident, mature by most or at least many people. You obviously don’t know what ugly means: GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND FIND OUT!!!

  • Ilaria

    Why did Cavalli choose her? simply, he paid nothing, maybe George paid the foreign pubblicity to save his immage.
    photoshop for add boobs and young and mask s horse face is less expensive than Bar Rafaeli!

  • Lela

    In Europe people likes little Elisabruta , no one think she’s really beautiful and talented. People know her only for former boy friends…
    5 kg of make-up, a lot of photoshop and the miracle is done!
    and George serves to give her new visibility when no one remembered her…

  • Dr NYC

    She be lookin GOOD!

  • NINA

    no way! i’m italian and she’s a good reputation in italy…she’s totally natural ,has no botox in her body at all…she’s smart..clever..funny…and not a babydoll like other stupid girls such as a lot of escort in hollywood…
    finally..i don’t know if they act to be in love to eachother…but please you can’t say that she’s ugly because you’re insane!or jealous….