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Gerard Butler Has Nice Golden Globes

Gerard Butler Has Nice Golden Globes

Gerard Butler keeps it casual in a t-shirt and jeans as he leaves a business meeting on Monday (January 11) in Century City, Calif.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor, who met up with his assistant after the meeting, will be on TV this weekend as a presenter at the 2010 Golden Globes!

Gerry will join his Bounty Hunter co-star Jennifer Aniston and other big name celebs on stage this Sunday at 8/7c on NBC!

For more pics, check out!

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gerard butler business meeting studio city 01
gerard butler business meeting studio city 02
gerard butler business meeting studio city 03
gerard butler business meeting studio city 04

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  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Looking good Butler!

  • JewelryMaker

    Looks like he’s sucking in his tummy. It’s okay, Gerry, take a breath. You are still gorgeous…

  • x

    He must be wearing a mirdle, or sucking in his gut because he looks slimmer in just a week.
    Alan needs to lay off the plastic surgery before he looks like a woman…

  • golden globes?

    How about the triple chin?

    Chubby Gerry.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    What is amazing to me is we all saw the moobs on Friday and here it is Monday and they are gone! What secret potion does the dude take to make that happen? Like the great line from Harry Met Sally…”I’ll have what he’s having.”

  • ugh

    How nice of him to wear something appropriate for a business meeting….

    He would look so much better if he would grow his hair out a little (short hair accentuates his chubby cheeks and chins), shave or trim the scruff a bit, have a scrub and dress like a 40 year old man going to a business meeting. Instead he looks like a slob and a middle- aged man trying to seem younger than he is (and his immature antics don’t help).
    When he does clean up, he can be stunning. Somebody help this man/trainwreck!!! I need some eye candy!!!!

  • Lilac

    he is probably on the strict diet before the globes
    as for the manboobs he just has to wear right clothes to conceal any flaws that his body has. sometimes he just chooses the wrong clothes! but he still looks ok!

  • moobs

    Maybe he and the stripper worked off his moobs.

    Or she lent him her bra.

  • cacey

    WE ALL have bad dayS especially with BLOATING, BUT THE good thing is we do not have PAPARAZZI snapping away on those DAYS. poor GUY.

  • @lilac


    he is probably on the strict diet before the globes

    Pu/ssy diet?

    He looks like he smells — always dirty looking. Add in the strippers, the clothing that looks straight from the floor etc, and I bet he has a stank about him.

  • ellie’

    you look great…

  • Obideck

    maybe he had the lipo/breast reduction on the weekend and is all bandaged up under the t shirt.

    He is going to look better and better every day up to the GG. my bet is he is going for clean shaven (yepeeee). I do hope he will behave like a mature man not just a mature aged man and not try to draw attention to himself all the time. For Gerry the motto should be “less is more”.

  • cubedweller

    Huh? Jared, that is a cringe-worthy title.

  • amen

    @x: I agree X – looks like a Mirdle – even the wrinkles of his t-shirt seem to be unnaturally arranged on his torso…if you study the picture. The fact that the moobs seem to be almost gone in little more than a week tells me that he has some kind of a foundation garment on. I could be wrong – just my observation. In pic #2 he looks like he’s going to pass out from holding in his gut, poor guy LOL

  • Stinkylouise

    I saw the pics , enlarged, on ONTD. He definitely has something on underneath the shirt.

  • nah

    i don’t think he’s wearing a mirdle he looks like the type who don’t really give a sh*t I mean he can’t care that much look at em

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    OMG you are so right. No magic potion, a mirdle. Here I’m busting my a$$ to lose the five pounds I put on over the holidays and I could just spanx my way to my target. What a relief, exercise and diet are so hard. Nice to know I can take the easy way out… *winks*

  • Aceskker

    But his arm muscles look nice and more defined than what the beach pics show. Altho he may very well be wearing a mirdle he could also have been killing himself work out at the gym past few days. Maybe his mirdle is made of the same high tech material used for the Olympic swimmers, ultra thin and tight and comfy. Hollywood’s beauty weaponry is formidable.

  • JewelryMaker

    He actually looks like he is hiding something under his shirt. It is sticking out behind his arm. A mirdle would be closer to his body. What the devil is he hiding?

  • amen

    @Stinkylouise: Oh yeah – that enlargement looks as he’s cinched in to just under the moobs….yikes!
    Alan is looking more and more like Octomom to me ;-)

  • Bluejean

    Well, after my mistake earlier, I see JJ finally got a thread up.

    Stinky: I don’t see anything underneath the shirt. But, I’d like to get under there and find out!

  • ForTheNewbies

    These are posts from the girl who worked with GB and gave an interview about it to Grazia. Remember Sophie Diver? She came here to give more information about her experience.
    Sophie Diver @ 10/21/2009 at 8:57 pm
    haha, oh dear. It would appear my little interview has caused quite a ruckus amongst both fans and haters alike! In order to explain how this opportunity came about: I was overseas backpacking in Europe for 2 months, when I returned, I was given a copy of Grazia in a welcome home basket, which to my utmost amusement, had a story on Jen and her new love-rat Gerard. Normally, I would dismiss stories such as these- information coming from “a close source’.. but given my experience with Butler, I had to agree with all that was said about his character and behvaiour. In my jet lag induce insomnia, I wrote an email to Grazia applauding their sources on this one- and explained my experience (in all honesty- I had hoped to win letter of the week and the sweet sunglasses that came with it). Thinking nothing of it, I did not check my email for another week, I in no way expected a reply from the editor of the magazine herself!. When I checked it, I had recieved an email asking if I would like to do an interview on my experience for the magazine. It sounded low key, so I thought, why not? you never know where these things can lead. I ensured it would be an honest republication and went ahead with it. Little to my knowledge, it was going to be a photo shoot, in depth article and two page spread, with a massive (and I must say, hideous and smug) photo in the next edition of Grazia! I sort of regretted it after as I was driving home from the interview- worrying about what people would think. But everything I said in the article was true- I had no motivation to lie. Grazia did not reward me financially for this interview as I wished not to accept any money for it. Also, as for the 15 seconds of fame comments- that is the worst picture I have ever seen of myself! As a former model, I would have much preferred the article going to print WITHOUT a picture, as it was terrible and in no way looked like me (oh, and inescapably huge to boot!)- any exposure is not necessarily GOOD exposure in my opinion. Grazia did an honest job of portraying my story, whilst still polishing it to entertainment standards- I was a professional at the time and lying about my experience could have had significantly detrimental professional consequences for myself, my former company, and my future career. So I guess I felt a little like I had to clear my name on that one- if I were t read it, I may also have the same suspicions about the article. But I guess sometimes, these things can come about on a whim, to normal everyday people and from honest experience.
    Sophie Diver @ 10/21/2009 at 9:36 pm
    as for those who still question as to whether I took him up on his ‘propositions?’
    1. I had my first, very serious (love of my life) boyfriend at the time- who ALSO worked in the company, and dealt with Gerry also.
    2. Gerard was a slimeball- famous or not- he is still a slimeball- and that just doesn’t do it for me! I have far too much self esteem and I was raised better than that. Also, I am and always have been deeply feminist! The mere thought of his behaviour and attitudes to women still disgusts me now!
    3. I was barely 18! I was fresh out of school, it was my first serious job, I was not going to throw it away, Gerry had no regard for my professional position. I found his advances scary, not in any way enticing. I may have looked older in the article but I am only just 20 now- the purpose of the photo was to make me look 30!
    4. call me old fashioned, but I am all for love, not sex and fame.
    anyway, I should leave it there. I just hope people understand I am an ordinary person, still living an ordinary life, not out looking for fame- I see what that does to people (ahem- Gerry!) :) x

    Sophie Diver @ 10/21/2009 at 9:52 pm
    and as for his co-stars saying he was ‘lovely’ -he’s not an idiot- he is certainly not going to ’sh!t where he eats’ so to speak. He values so much about what the rest of Hollywood thinks of him (from the way he raved on about his celeb pals to me) because he is desperate for approval and fame. Gerry has the least personal substance of anyone I have ever met. I was just a young girl- a nobody- of no influence- therefore he thought he could do as he pleased and walk all over me. How you treat the sh!t-kickers you meet in life is a true reflection of your essence as a human being.

  • ForTheNewbies


    Sophie Diver @ 10/21/2009 at 10:07 pm
    also (and lastly)- as for his minor demands- RE: towels, frypans etc. Those were just examples. It wasn’t his complaints as such- as you say they may seem like reasonable requests for such an expensive rental property. It was rather the way in which he went about making them- rudely, and at ridiculous times. He misdirected his frustrations at me- it was not my job to ensure every little thing was up to his satisfaction- I had little to do with the property itself. It was my job to welcome him, make him feel at home and show him around- professional courtesy. What I did for him was as a FAVOUR to my boss- (for whom I was a P.A for) Gerry had his own P.A, she just hadn’t arrived yet. The fact the property was listed as self-contained, not professionally serviced was not my problem, he should have taken it up with the company.
    Sorry girls (and boys), you may think he is sexy, lovely and charming- and I hate to burst your bubble on that one. But he was just not my cup of tea. Each to their own!

  • cubedweller

    Mirdles and moobs and Octomom, oh my. You guys rock. See ya tomorrow, JJ’rs. xoxo

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Why are we visiting old news? That topic was forever ago. Her 15 minutes are up okay?
    Now back to the current… Amen, ITAWY. But in Butler’s defense he has lost some, only two rolls on the chin instead of the three from Barbados.
    To the poster that says he doesn’t care what people think…I say think again. He wants his celebrity in the worst way possible. If he didn’t would we be seeing these current pics with him trussed up like a mummy if he didn’t care what anyone thought after the entire media world was fanning his pudgy pics as quickly as the public could buy it? That is why we have seen paps pics twice in four days. He wants the public to forget the Barbados pics as quickly as possible. Don’t be surprised if we see him out and about a couple more times before the weekend… IMO

  • Bluejean

    Will the real Sophie please stand up. If she was ever real at all, she’s covering for a bad rental. Again, if she’s real, he probably paid a LOT for this place and didn’t get what was promised. As I remember, he wanted clean pans. I would have thrown a hissy, too, if I rented an expensive place and ended up with dirty pans in the cupboard or sink. Yuck. Sophie, honey, if you are real, get over it. Do more property checking next time.

  • engineersdating

    He is so lucky to be with Anistan!

  • Darlin’

    That’s not his assistant! That’s his manager, Alan. LOL

    He looks gorgeous, has nothing but that beautiful body under those clothes! It’s a shame that men lose weight so much faster then women. LOL

  • spadesrule

    Who hasn’t come across a barely adult-aged young person at the customer service counter who is frustrated and feeling mistreated and put-upon by her boss and the complaining customer? Sophie good custmer service is really not your cupa tea if you really exists.

  • Mia

    He’s NOT with Aniston, but he likes her as a person/friend. Why does everything have to be so silly? I don’t get why people really buy into the gossip stuff. What we REALLY know: he’s an actor; he grew up in Paisley’; he went to law school; he was fired as an intern because he got drunk a lot; then he got motivated and saw the money plastered all over his pretty face; he really wanted to be an actor; he starred in a lot of BBC stuff; he went on to movies, some good some bad; he has Alan; he wore a ring from a former gf for a long time; he can have a tummy or not in pap photos; his mother loves him; he loves his mother; he likes to hang with people in pubs or bars; he has a friend known as nick or fryguy; he has a super fan known as fram; and on a lot of Internet places people talk about him and analyze him 24/7. Well, he must have something. Butler, enjoy it. I know I do.

  • christians-match

    I hope he marries jenifer, she wants kids

  • Trying to figure it out

    I that a purple dress Alan has hanging over his arm? Will he wear it to the GG’s or is it for Gerry?

  • Elain

    Take a pill and chill Mia. But I guess that about says it.

  • Fritz

    What’s with the blue meanies posting nonsense about Aniston? Nobody gives a shet!

    I just had a bad case of deja vu with blue what’s her face post, too. the newbie/former lurker. Bad….bad…..

  • Must say

    There are just too many threads on too many boards about this guy. I’m really confused. IMDb is a jumble. Threads, pages, are a mess. You get into a few and you don’t know who is saying what and responding to who.
    My first and last post here is to say that I thnk GJB is hot and a really good actor. And JJ threads make the most sense. Carry on.

  • sugar

    I love how Sophie Diver slipped it in that she is a former model. I actually have a copy of that mag which I bought when it came out and Sophie is nowhere near a model. I don’t care if the makeup is bad or they didn’t dress her well. She does NOT look like a model.

  • Fritz

    I caught that too, sugar.. And babbling on and on about how moralistic she is….*gasp* what would people think? Sophie, your fifteen minutes of fame has turned into an epic. You come across as a whiner. And a big mouth.

  • interesting

    @ForTheNewbies: that’s interesting. i never saw the garzia article.
    cool that she came here to comment. it seems he hasn’t changed much since then. lol

  • Benie

    Gerry´s face is way too fat looking and those chins, ROTFL… I don´t consider him attractive anymore.

  • hahaha

    Good for Sophie for speaking out
    What a sh!t Gerry is for trying to pick up a kid
    Doesn’t he know they’ll talk
    the internet is going to do him in

  • BBoy

    Didn’t know ’300′ stands for 300 pounds, Gerr.

  • olie

    unattractive!!!! Ugly face and body.

  • Alexa

    Who makes those shoes?

  • sugar

    Fritz, yeah that girl is not right. She’s too eager to “share”

  • Hypocrisy at it’s finest

    @sugar: I love how Sophie Diver slipped it in that she is a former model.

    Read more:

    Agreed. So because she was a “model” she has more credibility than those who aren’t “models”? What is it with “models” and their superiority complexes? The whole “feminist” thing comes up again, too. Most feminists are hypocrites; they encourage women to behave like men while simultaneously castigating men for behaving like the knuckledragging neanderthals that men naturally (Testosterone)are. If feminists don’t like the way men generally behave then why encourage women to mimic the very behavior they find so offensive in men? Why encourage women to play up to the very nature of men they find so offensive by mainstreaming the stripper, porn star and prostitution culture? Were these not the things “feminists” of the 60′s wanted to do away with because they rejected the sexual objectification and degradation of the female gender. Feminists of the 60′s and 70′s sought to do away with “beauty” pageants for the same reason. “Beauty” pageants created a one size fits all standard for female beauty. I understand not ALL “feminists” support this…but this is what is happening. Women are being coarsened while men are being feminized and it’s being passed off as “equality”.

  • Al Toid

    @@lilac: He tries to cover the stank with breath mints.

  • http://guido guido

    strange as it muscled in 10 days. is impossible,or photos of Barbados and aspen are the oldest.

  • not again

    @Hypocrisy at it’s finest: highcottonquinn – shut up.

  • @not again

    @not again: highcottonquinn – shut up.

    Make me, b*tch.

  • Whatcha gonna do?

    @not again:

    Oh whatsa matta? STD got your tongue? What R U going 2 do 2 make me shut up, slut?