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Jennifer Connelly: 'Creation' Photocall with Paul Bettany!

Jennifer Connelly: 'Creation' Photocall with Paul Bettany!

Jennifer Connelly and her husband, Paul Bettany, get close at the photocall for Creation at New York City’s Regency Hotel on Tuesday (January 12).

The 39-year-old actress, who looked stunning in Stella McCartney, posed for photos with Paul, who’s also her co-star in the film, director Jon Amiel and Randal Keynes, one of Charles Darwin‘s great-great-grandsons.

Creation opens in selected cities on Friday, January 22! Learn more about the film at its official site,

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany at the Creation photocall…

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jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 01
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 02
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 03
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 04
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 05
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 06
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 07
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 08
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 09
jennifer connelly paul bettany creation photocall 10

Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty
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  • mai

    oh damn

  • JDW

    that guy looks like a scary q-tip

  • julia

    He’s scary!! Silas from the Davinci code! he looks like a ghost!!

  • she has everything

    She is so beautiful and talented. She has a loving husband and a sweet family. Lucky lady.

  • Fab couple

    She is stunning but her choice of outfits is terrible. The blouse is pretty but when you see the rest of it, oh lordy lordy.

    His fairness is such a stark contrast to her darkness.

  • doggossips

    It’s a beauty !!!

  • mimi

    she’s absolutely flawless. I want to look like her when I’m her age.
    I agree – the choice of outfit is not the best one, especially that she can easily pull off some pretty extravagant dresses.

    also, they are my fave celebrity couple, they just seem a perfect match and genuinely kind people. apparently they both left their spouses for each other, but THEM – I could easily forgive ;)

  • they’re beautiful@

    How beautiful she is! Her outfit is perfect. she has a very manly husband and beautiful sons. I love this couple so much!

  • Dragonfly

    Love them!!!
    And Paul’s not scary, he’s a real fun guy and totally adorable.
    Jennifer is a Goddess!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @Dragonfly: just because you like him doesn’t mean you cant keep it real and admit his complexion’s a bit creepy. i like him and can admit it.

  • Dragonfly

    I agree he’s very pale (that’s pretty obvious, right), but if you see him in interviews and stuff, he’s not scary at all. Only because he’s pale in pictures, doesn’t mean he’s an overall scary person.

  • Fab couple

    @mimi – it was his first marriage. She was in a relationship but not married.

  • Fab couple

    He’s a natural red-head that’s why he’s so pale! We aren’t aliens from outer space (I’m one too)

  • Gingers are not cool

    Red heads are creepy. They have red hair because their parents are cousins or something gross like that

  • Mileena

    Damn, her hubby is so scary-looking. I remember him from the Da Vinci Code movie lol. He’s seriously creepy-looking. His complexion …..he’s so PALE. I know redheads are like that but well….ugh, I don’t wanna sound rude but I really don’t think redheads are attractive. But don’t jump on me for that, everyone is entitled to have an opinion, right? It’s just not my type but if he loves her right and makes her happy…well….

  • Memei

    I am so late I didn’t know they where married. What a nice couple i love Paul

  • Anon

    Paul isn’t a red-head! He’s a natural blond. Seriously, there is nothing scary about having pale/imperfect skin – the only reason it sticks out here is because Jennifer’s skin is looking so flawless here. They make a great couple, they seem really close.

  • Fab couple

    But we look so cute when all our freckles come out in the summer :-)

    Check him out in “Wimbledon” – not scary at all.

  • Shakes

    Finally one of the more low-key and enduring celebrity couples. They have a beautiful family and always seem very loving and devoted to one another. Good for them!

  • Fab couple

    He’s definitely a redhead!

    (the strawberry blonde variation)

  • Anon

    I might have been too quick to jump to the defensive there (not that being a red-head is a bad thing, I think it’s a fab hair colour), it’s just I could have sworn Paul referred to himself as a ‘born blonde’ in an interview somewhere…

  • eliza

    Beautiful, talented couple. Hope their film is well received.

  • aquame

    I still think he’s hotter than hot, pale skin and all!!!

    *whispers* He looks like a natural blonde to me, though.

  • white as a cloud

    Is Paul Bettany an albiono? He must be.

  • aquame

    Anon: he is a natural blonde. Fab is gettin’ all excited about nothing, really. I have dozens of pics of him and he is blonde. Period.

  • Anon

    Thanks for that, I’m not hallucinating!

  • laurie

    They don’t fit as a couple.

  • f

    He is so white!! I wonder how Jennifer can find him under the covers…

  • SubSub

    Skeletor & the albino.

  • Sam

    Well I must say, Skeletor has certainly got a whole lot prettier recently.

  • infamous

    she’s way too thin, it was scary to see her on Letterman last night.

  • she shall remain nameless

    They’re a gorgeous and breathtaking couple. They both have really pretty eyes!!!!

  • Abby

    Um, for the earlier comments, neither of them were married to other people. They are each other’s first marriage. Paul had been dating actress Laura Fraser (blacksmith chick from A Knight’s Tale) but broke up with her when he and Jenn were friends. Jennifer had been dating actor Josh Charles, who famously dumped her the day before the Oscars. He was jealous over her success and rumors of a romance with costar Russell Crowe. After she got dumped, she got together with Paul and they got married within a year.

  • firemenfriends

    She is so pretty

  • groundcontrol

    mimi @ 01/12/2010 at 4:51 pm
    apparently they both left their spouses for each other, but THEM – I could easily forgive ;)
    What is wroing with you people? Neither of them left a spouse. This was a first marriage for both of them. In fact, Jennifer was dumped the night before she won her Oscar by her idiot and d i c k of a boyfriend, Josh Charles, who was having a real time because her career was soaring and his was not.
    Can people just try to stop making things up or repeating misinformation. It is offensive.
    They both look great. Jennifer is an incredible beauty. Paul is one of the funniest actors around. And they both adore Conan.

  • Kookabear

    lovely woman – just beautiful .. dreadful outfit though.

  • Fab couple

    Well, I have dozens of pictures of him and he’s definitely ginger. And mine are bigger than yours!

    Even his stubble is ginger.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty good
    dont really like her outfit that much, it’s a bit 2 plain yet she looks nice
    i kinda wanna see the movie now, it looks decent

  • mailey

    they look horrid. she is scary-skinny and he looks like a serial killer.


    Horrid? Because you’re so HOT right? LMAO!

  • Jen

    he was cute in a dorky way in Wimbledon and I liked him in Inkheart too. He doesn’t look creepy all the time.

  • Dr NYC

    She should stick with STELLA!

  • Kashfia

    He is definitely a natural strawberry blonde. He had long strawberry blonde hair down the middle of his back when he was a teenager. He was so hot then. His beard and mustache are strawberry blonde too.